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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 3, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee2 Kingsport time tuesday. August 3. 1954 . Drafts demand for compensation service open 18 hours daily Gnu class cell or Clivi Les Cloud Field boys club is times news -5-00 Hill. School Field Ell Dobyns-j-Lor-5 00 View Flold civic auditorium or Colllns in main auditorium. Chess club in Corner room. Ria ground Clivilles. Thursday civic auditorium Shower party in club rooms 1 and Clu Woc Douclas Center playground Aci Lilues. Washington Field Munal clinic is Alliue giants Cherokee motors v3 elks club-6-00 kit. Press is Moose boo doth school Field Optimist is boys Blue. Ridge by Dobyns Taylor is Penn-Dixle-8-30 Lynn View Field Lynn Garden is kit. Pavlne-5 00 Boji club Field cd Luni it Etc report inn cd Titan club. Lunch. Noon club room. Friday dam scr club Boom cd rec auditorium no activities scheduled. Donor lass recreation Center Flumo Iii activities. Nigh school Field Boyi club is Cloua Park Lynn Garden is times news so 4 sinner Otis Pendleton describes Progress istra Tiou. I Don Zlaia Field Elki club is w. B. Greens Jim King port inn noon club room. Pm club room. Civic Andl Johnm quartet concert in main auditorium Mourlaas Center playground activities. Bristol vow Post , aug. 2 if awards totalling almost too were made today the winning posts in the veterans of foreign wars 1953-54 Community service contest. The awards made by com Mander in chief Wayne one of the in the opening Day of the 55th National Encampment Here. The winners were selected by a gathering for Kefauver sen. Estes of Fauver extreme right brought his Campaign for re election . Kingsport yesterday. A crowd of approximately 150 were gathered before the senator who is opposed by rep Pat Button in the primary fim sned his strongly worded speech. At extreme left is mrs. Nancyj Kefauver who took a very Active part in the handshaking. Mccarthy is being probed for third time As senator a vote. By James 1marlow Washington. Aug. 3 u Mccarthy and three alarm have one thing in common instead of staying away he expressed great eagerness Cross examine the senators who made these latest accusations against him. The select committee will of too but not for refusing dont have much tune get bored answer questions. I it had nto the third investigation of chafes Aga Iraq gators m three years i and his staff and when mixed up in uie third one j responded with counter charges the before the second one is finished. I members of his own Senate in tabled a parliamentary device for shut off debate and calling for an i Ediale vote. It seemed certain Nio Usu Ouave in Voie. It seemed i this probably sets a record for Vestiga ions subcommittee decided that the Senate would not he Senate. No one there in recent the Case. The Public censure and that if protests lipstick ban Tokyo new ruling by school principals in Centra Japan Las women teachers seeing Rod. They just Don understand the teachers said in a i coition opposing the ban against lipstick. Ita sni of her Brand baby found in new b-29 Houston. Tex. Ingenuity has i Vised a new Type baby Dia per that is shaped like a 15-29 and fits All age babies without folding. Arc Small enough carry in a purse enough keep baby hone dry All night enough be used As training so Long lasting and so easy Wash and dry indoors on Rainy Days that just 3 dozen Only per dozen will take care of baby from birth the Mir training period and actually eliminate most of the work and All training Pantie expense. The manufacturer has named his creation the Dexter readers May write direct the Dex Ter diaper factory Ouston s. Fleas for names of local stores and diaper service companies with Genuina Dexter diapers in and enclose this clipping plus 50? in Coin for a Sample Dexter diaper postpaid packaged As a gift with a handsome set of pins on Cham for baby and the famous doctor Booklet at last an easier Way diaper for Mother. A statement the voters i tried see As Many of you As possible in my Tours of the Lith District but if i failed see you i make this statement and Appeal you personally As it is each of Yon voters that can make it possible give me a Chance serve you. All my Nercy will be devoted this office. If you vote for me. I Promise your Confidence in me will not be Bel raved. Ejmer e. Franklin candidate for Constable for the Lith civil District. Pm. Pol. Adv y a committee of judges in washing -j52, with a report which maae top each too inspired the Post and auxiliary went i by former sen. Benton a Conn Patton Crosswhite Post 6975, accused Mccarthy of various to1 . J forms of misconduct the other awards included Mittee which investigated Mccar i Andrew Johnson Post 1930, Jolby investigated Benton too. I be Senate. No one there in recent 100k the Case. The Public censure and that if a vote were memory has taken up so much of i televised hearings took weeks. That forced on a motion table me the Senate s time. All three in committee still has made its re Mcarthy would win. Strangely none quiries were forced on Mccarthy of Mccarthy s friends tried by fellow senators. I sen. Plan Lars kidney slow own May bring restless nights que by fellow senators. Jut , unlike a list Ruiea of at has been put out yet. At this the Senate censure Fain in no Rilva ii Vior a. Has accuse Atlois Munro rear com Fiat uni v it. Jii Riib no Oile can predict where highlights Itne la est investigation will Lead or How Long it will last. Weeks possibly months More Likely. The first investigation of Ben. Flanders a it started my fire i Carthy s latest troubles by de Mandog these his accusations were More Gen it took 18 months and ended Jan. General Daniel Morgan democrats senators Hennings and Hayden Goodu s when Kidner function slows Down Many folks complain of nac inc backache head aches. Dizziness and ions of Ami Quercy. Don suffer restless Nichta with the comforts if reduced kidney fund on Ting you due such common and Strain Over exert Ion o nun t., cold Elinor bladder irritation lil or v. Rune diet May cause Kett r for aim. Don Nukk it your kidneys if .-se tons Hothir you. Try Doan s diuretic. Us a Success fully by Milli Over no years. It s Ania Zizik How Many times Dnan spice Happy Relief from three Dir rom tubes and Fil ters Flash out waste. Get Doan s pills today s800 Alvon c. Neat . 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