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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 3, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeKings Post s oldest resident bet Craw lord 95, died at Holston Valley Community Hospital sunday night. She bad lived Here since 1858 when she moved to Kings port at the age of six months. The above photo shows mrs. Crawford after she was named Kingsport s oldest resident in a times news contest held in 1952 defense dept. Studies Best plans to use super weapons of future doctors lawyers oppose coverage by Security Laws Chicago up organizations of doctors lawyers and dentists objected today to presi Dent Eisenhower s plan to bring their members under social Security. A spokesman for the american medical association said his group is definitely and officially opposed to including doctors in social Security. Frank of the Ama s Bureau of medical eco nomic research estimated that to of the nation s doctors would receive coverage under the proposal. But the plan does t fit the economic pattern of the physician s Dickinson said. The american dental association reported officials of that group have not had sufficient time to study the president s proposal but an executive of the Ada said the dental group has been on record against social Security for dentists since 1949. A spokesman for the american bar association said the lawyers of the association have opposed social Security for some time. Or. Eisenhower Blu printed to Congress social Security plans in which he proposed to make inclusion under the Law Manda tory for self employed Farmers physicians dentists lawyers and others not now covered. Dickinson in explaining the Ama s stand said that under the plan if you earn More than a month after you re 65 you Don t collect and Many doctors Republican tech accepts debate Challenge by Elton c. Fay Washington de sense department is making a new exhaustive study of How to Mold into a smooth fighting machine such weapons As us per carriers and bombers atomic cannons and guided and even devices not yet past the Laboratory stage. This new study it was Learned today has been undertaken by the Pentagon s weapons system evaluation group a provide the groundwork for recommendations by the new joint chiefs of staff As requested by Secretary of defense Wilson. The new joint chiefs take Over in two weeks. The weapons evaluation group is headed by army u. Gen Geof Frey Keyes. Besides military members the defense depart ment says it includes a Small staff of outstanding scientists and the defense department declined to say specifically whether the weapons group had previously made any special study of the use of super carriers like the Forrestal class of which two Are now being built or of atomic cannons which the army now has ready Lor troop delivery. When the controversy Between the Navy and air Force Over building of the intercontinental b-36 bombers was at its height the group made an exhaustive analysis of the capabilities of the huge bombers. Decisions since then have included to go ahead with the Forrestal class carriers Complete the first 280-mm atomic can-1 Nons for the army and develop a number of new guided missiles a once raging dispute Over another defense department Cut Back air Force funds and to a quiet Climax Over the week end. Eisenhower signed saturday a Bill appropriating for the the year which began july 1. Rep. Yory the most outspoken House critic of the Cut Back issued a statement yesterday contending Republican congressmen plan to continue the argument via pre pared television programs. Yory said he had a copy of a professionally written script de signed probably to be peddled to to stations throughout the nation As an individual Republican congressman s non parti san report on National he said the script was full of misleading he demanded equal time to reply from any to stations which do Nate time for the program. The defense spending rate is now running about four billion dollars a month but assistant Secretary Wilfred j. Mcneil said that should be shaved if the korean truce holds Good. Mcneil the Pentagon s chief budget officer said he sees no sudden slashes in store for Mili tary buying such As swept Industry at the end of world War ammunition buying will be reduced first he said but it May be two months before the steel Industry will feel the effect. He said he saw no immediate Cut Hacks in aircraft and ship construction or army procurement. Former Sewanee or. Gass Dies Sewanee Tenn. Death came yesterday to or. Henry Markley Gass former acting vice Chancellor at the University of the South Here. Or. Ass who had been connected with Sewanee for More than 50 years died at 65. Funeral services will be help at 3 . Tomorrow in All saints Chapel. The body will lie in St by the associated frets Ted Dalton Republican Candi Date for governor reiterated response to another Telegram from Independent candidate Howard he was willing to debate the issues of the Campaign with both car Wile an d democratic nominee Thomas b. Stanley. But i consider or. Stanley is he main opponent and i Don t want to be Shadow boxing in a Side Dalton said in repeating that he wanted Stanley on the platform if he appeared. Carwile had wired Dalton thut Stanley is not famous for talc ing Public stands on Public is and suggested that Yon and i or without Dalton had not received car Wile s latest Telegram when a re Porter called him from Rich mond where Carwile had re leased a copy to the press. But after listening As it was read to him Dalton said he wanted to make two Points Clear. First he said he did t think Carwile had Given Stanley ample time to reach a decision on a Public debate and secondly Dalton would insist that the Dis Cussion be about the issues of the Campaign generally and not simply on racial segregation. The people Are not interested in one thing Only but Are interested in Many Dalton said. Carwile wired Dalton that he accepted Dalton s acceptance of my Challenge to debate the is sues of racial segregation in Vir saturday Dalton had said be would appear on the radio or a platform with his two opponents so Long As All three were present on the same program said Carwile yesterday in his Telegram it is indeed inspiring to Dis cover one politician in Virginia who has sufficient political Cour age to debate a momentous so Cial Issue. You apparently make or Stanley s acceptance of my Chal Lenge a condition precedent to your participation. You perhaps Washington c. J know from personal experience grew u. 8. Ambassador to a that Thomas b. Stanley is not pan before world War ii fore. Famous for taking Public stands saw six years before Pearl har j on Public issues Bor that Japan might have a i know that you will not per tremendous clash with the West Mit the silence of Stanley to be Ern Powers in which presume come a criterion for your Cam ably Japan would be pain strategy. I suggest that but such a vigorous nation you and i or with As Japan would Rise again aft out Stanley. I recommend that Ala. Man claims two robbed him abducted woman Mobile Ala. Com Anion of a 32-year-old Mother would never Benefit from the he said that Many doctors earn the biggest share of their life income in their later years be cause of their lengthy education and As a result they figure on working longer. Grew foresaw War documents reveal of three children told police that two armed men robbed nun and abducted the woman at Rifle joint on a lonely Road near Here John a. Faulk of Prichard Ala., described the incident to police chief e. C. Anderson of Prichard and sheriff Herman Blake of Mobile county. Both officers said last Nigel the woman mrs. Nell Williams had not yet been found. They said Faulk told them he and mrs. Williams drove to a lonely unpaved Road Early yesterday and that when he walked around to the rear of the car he was confronted by two men armed with rifles. One of the men robbed him o his Wallet containing about Faulk was quoted and the other marched mrs. Williams away a Rill Point. The officers further quote Faulk As saying he heard an automobile engine Start and the Man with him left and drove off with his companion and mrs Williams. The officers said the worn an s husband r. L. Williams told them the last time he saw his wife was saturday night when she left Home to go to Chickasaw Ala. Difference Between Selling and buying Albuquerque cur rent drouth was emphasize again at a week end meeting o the new Mexico state Fai Board. Rancher John Morrow told Fel Low Board members that he sol a cow last week for i Normal times it. Would bring my exclaimed Board chairman Clyde Tingley i paid for a at the Butcher s Only children Fariz. Polygamy Colony Phoenix Ariz. Ceil Ren of Short Creek Arizona s Colony had their first ook at a City yesterday. Officers evacuated the 152 youngsters and their 38 mothers n buses after sheriff Frank Porer said he heard the men of the Community plotting to take their families away from Short Creek after being released from jail on omd. Authorities raided the polygamy Colony a week ago sunday. Thirty one men and nine women were jailed. The children who were brought Here yesterday appeared wide eyed and enthusiastic on their arrival. They stood in Awe of the All downtown buildings. For most in was the first time they had seen Neon lights pave ments or modern buildings. State welfare officers hurried them off to Foster Homes where they will remain until juvenile court officers decide their futures. Minutes after Arizona authorities removed the children from Short Creek 31 men and 9 women freed from Kingman jail on Bond began to return Home. Favorite Kingsport theatres Kingsport times monday August 7 Ulles statement dismay iranian Washington up Iran s ambassador says he is dismayed y Secretary of state Dulles statement that activities of the Legal communist Udeh party might cause Iran to lose Amer Aid. Ambassador Allar Yar Saleh said in a statement yesterday hat the Udeh party has been dissolved since 1947. Besides he Aid to withhold Aid because of extremist activities would be like withholding a transfusion from a patient dying for Lack of blood. Dulles told his news Confer nce last tuesday that the United states is concerned Over pre Mier Mossadegh s tolerance of Udeh party activities. Dulles said this would make it More Dif cult to Grant the iranian government assistance. A y t o Gate City today us boy warning Silver Creek n. Y. Took a bus boy to think up this sign in a tavern Here please do not stand Whilt ivern is in Tamo Iona strand phom 2m Grant in dream wife musical and news Center phone 200 Kirk Douglas the Juggler Novelty news Rialto phone 354 Augustine s Chapel today. Burial or one or two generations grew the debate be held in a Public will be in the University Ceme said to one o line hitherto Sej school auditorium in Richmond Tery. Cret documents made Public j and that an open forum question period follow the formal debate. I shall insist that meeting be none segregated. To debate an Ssue of human Liberty before a segregated audience would be an appalling Paradox. If you five conscientious scruples against speaking before a non segregated audience i propose that we debate this Issue of racial segregation on radio station Wrol in the City Richmond during the first week in septem Ber. In the meantime i Pray that you assist me in my Endeavor to prevail upon or. Stanley to participate in this grave i t j Irful Cluj or. Gass also retired Dean of Over the week end by the Stolte men at Sewanee always was department. Known to his students j included were eased under the policy of Mak no significant record s Public after 15 or More grew former Secretary of state Jordell Hull and others urged resident Roosevelt to expand he u. S. Navy to counter a Ian s growing sea Power. Physicist declares loons not informed this title was acquired when he became headmaster of Sewanee military Academy. He was born dec. 26, 1887, in Augusta ga., and moved to Sewanee in 1899. He was graduated in 1907 with top honors and was selected for a Rhodes scholar ship. Or. Gass joined the faculty of the University in 1922 and for the rest of his life taught classical languages. Survivors include the widow two Sisters mrs. William d. Brat ton Sewanee and mrs. James Mcdowell Memphis and two sons Currin rather Gass hous ton tex., and John Gass Chattanooga. Today monday carte amyl Jerlim violin lesson on stage. American in main auditorium. Pat Council in club rooms. Cha in Corner room. De Flass Center playground and recreation Center activities. Frank l. Recreation Center playground and recreation Center a. Tiv Lyles. Tuesday cd tic add Sorlom Shower party in club rooms. Darlass Deere asian Center playground and recreation Center activities. Frank l. Clued Center playground and recreation Center activities. Wednesday civic chess club in Corner room. Dans lass recreation Center playground and recreation activities. Frank l. Could recreation Center playground and recreation activities. Thursday Cilc a Durlam gospel singing in main auditorium. Shower party in club rooms. Duglass recreation Center playground and recreation Center activities. Frank l. Clead recreation Center playground and recreation activities. Friday cd tic Aadla Wertam building closed for painting. King Short inn manday Optimist club club room-6 . To essay kiwanis directors dinner club room 6 . Lions club club room noon. Lumber dealers room noon. Wednesday rotary club club room noon. Thursday cd Veltan club club room noon. Jaycees club room-6 . Friday of Janis club club room noon. He current defense budget cuts e it were Well informed on the of this country to atomic says atomic physicist Ralph Lapp. Lapp postwar adviser to the armed forces said the russian stockpile of atomic bombs is now approaching the 300 during a television interview on Abc s at Issue program Lapp added our defences Are so Vulner Able that unless something can constructively be done to Stop xes sible enemy atomic bomber rom getting through Surv Lva of this country is itching eczema Why Are huh and suffer hopelessly medicated Resnol in in place of missing natural Oil softens Eoo thee and fives Toai Leatine Relief. Taylor drive in theatre Moccasin a. Tonight of ail the reckless legends of the foreign legion this is the great new York the u. S. Helps you overcome false Teeth looseness and worry no longer be annoyed or feel 111-at because of Loose wobbly tabs Teeth. Portable. Improved Ai Aslina your pistes Al More Eom soothing and Cooling to Gums i Aster to an improved alas mid powder sprinkled on it holds them inner so they feel i made sore by excessive acid Mouth. Avoid embarrassment caused by Loose plates. Out party jct today at any Druc store powder River with Rory Calhoun Corinne Calvet oem phone 2s a and a Kettle at the fair serial Short pm sport Green clue Hwy. Of. Area at on i go to i in Fita two tilt at tin Tor. Rifle Fink. Tit kit Al til he Walitt also cartoon 2 shows Nichter suru at sure Ottto Komu now direct from the world in a Croxville the concur Fillod Story of Grace Moore so this is love starring Kathryn Crayson color by technicolor features at color cartoon Duck dodgers in the 24hth Century world news i. 1 i s i i s tonight first showing in Kingsport per person Buster s troubles always come double Winston Salem n. C. Trouble s always double for Little Buster Andrews. Another boy hit 9-year-old Buster in the head with a Rock. It took two operations to repair the damage. Buster had to have his appendix out. It took the doctor two incisions to find it. This week end Buster fell out of a swing. His parents feared an Arm was broken. They were wrong. Both arms were broken. Radio programs wept wept pm 14m to. to. Pm. Tobej we diet brew the Weman in Afy my o clock Shadow doctor s Wue Newi interlude pm Plotle news 41-sleepy Joe no gel stand of the world one mat s Pamilia Abc the Railroad bout Kaye 00 1 Eleonone your Abc in Hollywood showcase Cassidy of the air 11 m tomorrow s froze win 13m be. Monday Jamboree Star of the Day to swing Shipley news party Parade March novelties too suppertime variety off to treasure a distinctive photograph by Sis Cherokee St. Trial get hot Rod Gloria Winters James Lydon f o x Tod at Dean Martin Jerry Lewis scared stiff 7 big Days starting Friday Sparkler k the a Ekhard starts Friday for 7 Days a.1l on Coaler Chaser barrel Roundup Chaser Naset Miller gloom Chaser Chaser news Roundup Abc tha Newa Calendar Como me darts a a cart and gilts Abc travellers in Blue 10.4s-u pays to be married it Rich phrase thai pass Mulla . _ Melody time time serenade Frederick Abc Paul final Crane Alusic r. Lavine in life can be Keau Tofal or Lite Youfe a Atli music Wue Dallas Tounch Widder 4 a the woman in my House o clock Shadow Jonn Deetor i wite us interlude wet schedule Uon at Carson Norman v. Peale top tunes lbs reporter studio Weatt Terman i Studlo pm vespers studio Aileo hubs t-30-voice of Firestone Coo Racket Bousd lbs part Cobai theatre Arnold show Abc and sports Kane Imby harried Jean tract pattern Newi tabs Godfrey Obsi 10. 00-Guldlng la get lbs touch 10 -.30 strike ii Rich ices Croom Abii of life Obsi for tomorrow Cefi 11 45-Carouna cookery Garry Moore Obsi rings Obsi Art Linkletter Godfrey Talent scouts Obsi travellers Abc 3 00 you Are what you eat Feezor show Choice Abc am. On news for the Day up time news and temperature up time a. S Feldl of time news gospel favourites 7-15-tlme, temperature top tunes or the Day 8pon blow Newa 1 s5-ap Newl matinee la Swap shop 30-Tradlng Post in Sonc news club pop. Muscle devotional club pop. Music news Jamboree Jamboree Hicks and the hillbilly mountaineers Law Necke Riboud Rouda 13 of Lap mews sent Tisne hate too a 1-05-Center St. Music Kail St. Music Kail news St. Music Kail St. Music Hall Jamboree Reno Essec Jamboree 15-band of the Day swing Shipley and the rain Bow Valley boys news party Parade March novelties variety on tet works monday August Ivy inf for 16 old Lea or. Discussion newscast by Bej news and and family Newa Abe news a Dally the Lone Ranger Newa mba Man n Newa news Elton crime Henna Taylor the Sammy Alto to Talent also to Chautauqua Hall or Voorhees summer news of on or Bill Cullen Newa it comment in mba Paris comment Cuba news concert Eddie Fisher Nau Gate City Highway tonight Gates open p. M. First show admission 6tc us lodes tax and plus Addil attraction follies in 3-d a Maum Suitum Muu

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