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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 1, 1955, Kingsport, Tennessee4 monday. August 1. Kingsport times an Independent Dera critic newspaper c. T or. Thl Dent Haden Vic. Pm Dent for Unertl w j Nickau Lolff. Kollor of Eil Llort till. By Klej. Of merry go round Hollywood Una Btl ill Tel Kui port. Int. prom Nevi new. Noon fic rpt saturday and sunday the associated Pren la entitled to the for publication of All new. Slim Thra credited to it or not other Vale credited in this october and the local published herein. Entered at r 27. Under the act of March 1111. Rational advert sent Shannon associate. Inc. Wlton Olla in in York. . Detroit. A until. St. Cut. and Sao Francisco. Subscription rate by mall first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year 113.00. By Carrier Dally and sunday one week 40c. Today s Bible thought and them that Are turned Back from the lord and those that have not sought the lord nor enquired for Zephaniah the times daily tonic Man is arrogant in proportion to his ignorance. Man s natural tendency is to egotism. Man in his infancy of knowledge. Thinks that All creation was formed for Bulwer Lytton. Highway program the president s cry to Congress to please pass the Highway Bill or some Highway Bill goes unheard so this major item on the president s Agenda seems to be deader than a door Nail or a Mackerel. There will be no Highway program at All this year and maybe not next year. And this is passing strange because everybody really wanted a Highway pro Gram republicans and democrats liberals and conservatives. Everybody agrees that the country needs the roads very badly. Everybody agrees that the Money it would take to build them would be Money Well spent. No one questions the statement that the National defense picture is bad and will be bad until we have the Means of fast efficient transportation in Case of emergency by reason of air attack. And there is agreement that such a great system of superhighways would stimulate business and increase the productive capacity of the nation. So Why no program what stymied it there is no Highway program in Prospect because there was Complete disagree ment As to How it would be paid for. And would have to be paid for. The president s original proposal called for a Bond Issue which would to set aside in a special compartment and c not considered part of the National debt. Actually this seemed like playing tricks with words. However the real opposition to the president s plan developed of or the idea that the Bonds would carry interest and Many democrats looked askance at the idea of the government paying inter est to the kind of people who would be holding the Bonds. So the president s plan was killed. The democrats came up with the idea of paying for the Bonds with the proceeds of some special taxes. Quite Natu rally those who were going to have to pay these taxes were very much interested. The trucking Industry the tire Industry the Gas and Oil Industry All Hud Tail i a to give. And no tax program could be de Vised on Short notice that somebody did not take exception to. So there is no Bill at All. Perhaps if More careful study is Given to the subject a workable program can be arranged. But there will be much better Chance of this if there is a Little by parti san Effort so that there is no question of which party is going to gel the credit. Politics is at last partly to blame for the present stalemate. If the president and the democratic leaders had put their Heads together in the first place and proposed the idea As the joint work of both parties without giving credit to either one. It might have had clearer sailing. As it is regardless of whose fault it is the fact remains that a program which everyone agrees is needed is not being carried out. Parallel it is inti to not Trio parallel be tween the work of Tennessee s two Sena tors in recent weeks. Senator Kefauver led the fight against the present Dixon Yates contract. Senator Gore led the fight against the president s Highway Bill. Senator Kefauver succeeded in writing the private Power contract soil lord senator Gore succeeded in killing the Highway Bill. But senator Kefauver failed in his positive objective of getting an other steam Plant for Tva. Senator Gore failed to put Over his own Highway Bill. By Ukko Farson Washington president Eisenhower was planning to ire Harold Talbott Secretary of the air Force at his press conference last wednes Day when Talbott called on him at . And put up such an or eminent that Ike Fili ally Uriech to delay pc ton until he had the Accord further. Here or. President is some of the amazing record which you will find Only partially in the files of the Senate committee but in Lull in the confidential files of the air Force itself. One letter already made Public but not the Story behind it was written by to Nebolt on air Force stationery May 20. 1953, to his partner Paul Mulligan. The better rends Paul i Haven t forgotten the Ford mat Ter but i am a Little worried about the Best approach in there. Therefore i Haven t come. To any decision. I enclose herewith a note from Clinton David son who is a Friend of mine. You inight drop him a note and ask him at some convenient time when he is in new York to drop by and see you in our offices. I think if you explain to him in detail the line of work that you Are Doinik that he might really be of assistance to you. A Mere by. this reference to Clinton Davidson led to n Brief Cross examination it the july 21 Senate hearing As follows Tel Lott that Man is in the investment counsel ing work of some kind and i Don t sen. Mundl you mean or. Davidson is in in vestment Counselor Talbott i think that is he business he is in. I Don t know what else he has. And i ran into him in a very Peculiar Way. In other words. To Nebolt shrugged off his acquaintance with Davidson and even were under oath i Don t know what else he the True facts however make this statement look like a lie. More Talbott letters tile first incriminating fact is the note Talbott included in his letter to Mulligan. Dated May a 1953. It reads dear Harold i just came across a memorandum in my file to the effect that about six or seven months ago you introduced me to n or. Paul Mulligan. I said that i thought i could be of some assistance to or. Mulligan and you told me that he would get in touch with me by Tele phone. I have heard nothing from him since then but i still believe that i might be Able to assist him. With All Best wishes 1 am the letter was written on the stationery of Clin Ion Davidson. Box .190. Madison. N. J. Now let s see who is Clinton Davidson. It turns out that he is close to an old Friend o mine whom i exposed to the Truman administration Gen. In Rev Vaughnn and having reported in treat Delall on the unusual activities of general Vaughan it s Only fair to examine closely the activities of or. Davidson in connection with the Secretary of the air Force. Davidson knew Vaughan Well while Vaughn was around the while House and Vaughan once got the unsuspecting Harry Truman to write a letter to the civil aeronautics Board granting presiden tial permission in effect for Davidson s resort airlines to make stopovers in Miami. But having used the democrats Davidson turned on the democrats and contributed heavily to the republicans to Knock them nut of office. He contributed through chief gop Money Raiser Tal Boll to the reported tune of Davidson operates what s known As Estyle management corp. An investment counselling service lie also runs a Mcsorl airlines of Delaware which in turn owns so per cent of Heroit airlines of North Carolina. This airline has always specialized in package or charter flights to and from vacation areas. Suddenly and mysteriously be snarl airlines got into the Domestic freight business in 19m with some help from Talbott. This was a year alter Talbott had introduced Davidson in his partner Mulligan and Davidson had promised to be of Home assistance to Mulligan. Planes to a Friend resort airlines was Low bidder in n a nov earn in july. 1954. The Al Range incl is that it swirl bid in the contract he Rire it inv cargo planes. Davidson therefore must have Tell confident be would get the equipment. In any . He was Able to lease six an Force Mirs practically nver night. This might seem like a simple thing to do Muc c the air Force is with old s and ordinarily it does t take much pull to gel chg s from the air Force. However. The air Force s leasing policy has been Incon Sislene. And at the time Davidson wangled the six it happened to be agn Insl. Air Force policy to lease these planes to private nor lines. Hurriedly however. The policy was changed. And just to make the record the air Force also leased one c-411 apiece to iwo other Small airlines. More contracts on lop of this on Jan. 1. n so called log air contract from the air love to carry Jet engines Between air Force i Mulh Lynns. In february incidentally one of Kes ifs planes crashed it Hill air Force old ii Utah. Meanwhile. Talb Olfs Friend Daudson begun Nick log to get n couple of in Rte pm s from the air Force. These arc really hard to get for 18 months the an Force has been sufficiently Short of c-54 s thus. Ii has refused to lease any to private airlines and Talbot had made this Plain at a House appropriations heal ing on feb. A. 1955 in answer 10 question us to whether the air Force planned to Tuin any indie Lra Sporl. Planes Over to commercial operators he replied 1 think we can. Not Nuino. N depends on Llic want. If they want the pm a two Ninnis inter and despite his Flat no Tal Bolt made two pm s available to Davidson air line in Panl the lawyers came up with a fancy word to get around an Force polu a technically the two c a s Wen no leased but were to a lines a nigh n the same think. While putting across c-54 Deal. Davidson called la boil on the phone and my an assistant. Hubert c Perry Over to Talb Olfs office escorted Aizumi my office introducing him to associates and in intr Tenero is hints Friend and we should take Cine Niiva Pili. Icons he do spin ail to Nebolt had the nerve in Lily under Iha he did t much about Clinton him Rosmi. The Man or helped so tin up do Nih eni in ill n to Imp Hopr. Of nil a Poplar i. Of mrs Pru pin pre or a Al can. I t Hienl. Rut me Parr nov Dnn t Hothi Vujih nov Rah it in. O. I cnii.-e.1 m r Thiv Chin re i heir Pulire is a print Rel in Uhn you have to thru Ernie Chinn Wil Libni a. Cowart cd twin cleaned by red Hwi i the a in id run nip in11 you Cui f put n Polne iffy i a Giulei evil . I s Tori bar when you can t place Inri in bed tied ennui t Nyrl. A Kon Ikuhei i civil using in reps. Chr Pony Irinda it Fiona in Winum Missouri to California m Days hut k Marr Willio Al u lakes Arnnal to i Arthur Rummy of ipod from tour to six to Cir m f in univ sprig a a plur by Clur 2n a Loren in k in ctn rep a m n i i tin on a x if Unni Mic thiner for a Horn a i Neyr i Don or Lippy i support i d i i in John i i int a a Erh Kink Johnson Hollywood Lull Winta she did t it s Errol Flynn s private he crossed off Hollywood from his u. S. Itinerary before flying Back to Europe. He nixed a movie town visit be cause first wife Lull Camlla moved into his Home Here and had All sorts of Legal ammunition ready to fire at him in Case he showed up. But Mil s not a link up in her Battle with Errol on Back Alimony and child support. She intends to occupy the Flynn mansion with their son Sean until Errol squares up. The Star s next overseas film venture by the Way. Will be a fresh Start on his ill fated Wil Liam a a. A. Betty Field is in Hollywood and Hubby Elmer Rise is in Europe wry their two eldest children but it does t add up to a divorce por tent. Well aware of newsprint speculation about her marriage to the famed playwright Betty told me on the picnic set every Hizik s Fine Between us. I Don t know Why these rumours have started. We or ranked it this Way. Elmer find the children Are touring Europe. I la meet them in new York in Betty s sound reason for cutting her ties with Hollywood i 1949 i had three children and it was difficult to lug them Back and Forth from new York to Holly Wood. I be never had anything against Hollywood. T adore doing o Rood picture picnic is the Hap Piest i Liivik i be Ever done Here. It s my first Mother exclusively yours French Nurt italian film sirens have developed n look that in pcs u. S. Men want to claw their Way thro Iirth movie screens and a Holly Wood Glamor doll is acting like a feminine Paul Revere about the whole thing. Ring Lar a warning Bell about the celluloid invasion of the and other Continental sirens sultry Virginia Leith sounded off to me of Oichun film him s an steal ing our movie inns away from us because they actually flirt with our men from the screen. Holly Wood needs a special course in set pen Virginia recently seen in vol int Saturn ii and now emoting opposite Bob Wagner in a kiss before is an sex Modi l from Cleveland who received most of her dramatic training from Marilyn Monroe s coach a Plasha Lyness. Says Virginia she did t teach either of us How to flirt from the screen european style. Men flip Over Marilyn but she had to use More than an inviting look. Bul it s the inviting look developed by the French and Ila Linns that starts theater a the Johnson Pold plated Button Hook Tiwarri for the Best net ing performance of the month a Bernap. Ostensibly under an half n Inin in operating table. Without smiling. 11 was for h scene in sincerely Kern in unconscious Libin rare Somr wit run1 set workers were betting would Millie smile smile. Grul Russell the picture of health Haj vat a worn in a unit to Pilot her return to the screen. Jen n Peters is Buck in Holly Wood with tier Florida suntan. She in t talking but it s to doughnuts she. Fins her free Dom from Stuart Crump r Iii. They re serving every i lung pm a a hitter to Mirin it War Ner Bros. I ency dressing room Privato office private rehearsal Hull and now a private gymnasium fur his figure. This is Hollywood Jones after Back sen Tiisik it to h int her Haik All these years Bob Crosby 1ms n now problem with daughter Cathy stir Iii on his to show. This newspaper head Imp greeted them in Minneapolis Cathy Crosby and dad arrive next Stop Washington calling the u. S. Passport office is mov ing into new quarters around la Bor Day but it Hopes to leave us cockroaches behind. Literally. The passport of fir Scalf has been sweating it out in the old civil War relic Winder building on nth Street across from old state wince Early world War ii. They refer to one Section of he file rooms As the cowshed and to another As the hog House. All this within n Block of the White House showplace of Washington. Tio cd that u. S. Forces shot Down to Jap planes during the dec. 7 attack red quipped you should make n bin Point of that Man. Columbia studio Only not six in from Here to eternity.1 skip the rift rumours about hurry Belafonte and his wife. Her Kuro Pean trip while he s on a u. S. Night club tour adds up to nothing. He s till Kisir a movie Deal his first since Carmen at Fox. The sinery Hollywood tried to kill Kim Novak Mark Krim in a cur rent motion Pic Ture Magazine Nuu Iii be in n movie plot. Parn mount s remake of the lady eve with George Gobel has him playing Hen to a Sau Satio Fortune instead of Beer millions. Is Henry Fonda was identified in the original. Gobel linked with Beer is in the you know Why must be avoided rept. Mari Len motive Bairn Nirize by to publicity stunts m new York could indicate the Nett of her movie sit Down strike. Hut it s still a no comment Tami miss wik hips it Fox. A divird Morris. Director of the s. S. Who has taught passengers to dance the Hula leaves he sea for the lecture platform in sept. Hell tour the u. S. With a movie there is the Story of the Psi the wit net during his Honolulu can Popist who Airi. Over suppers in Cairn. Red Skellon poured Pearl Sion can lend to All sorts of be Harbor As guest of rear Admiral Cul rarities and make a completely c. K. Olson the naval District Boss abnormal duh i Oucht to know. When red s Navy Nan guide men i was a suppressed child myself Side glances to or a. R it. The Mdini Harry Truman. As postwar travel has increased the passport office has expanded into two adjacent Annex buildings then into three floors Over a restaurant. I be thousands of tile Cabi nets Are now crowded on 11 floors in three buildings. There is a master Index file in the main building with nearly 17 million cards in it. There is a card and a file for everyone who Ever applied for a passport. For the fiscal year ending june 30. The staff turned out a record 499.9-11 passports and renewals. This was Over four a minute Lor every working Day. In june there was a record or nearly a. Minute. Gradually Over the years dead files in card boxes have been crowded into the cellars of the old buildings. cellars Hud served As cells for Confederate captives brought to Washington for questioning by whatever brass served As g-2 in or. Lincoln s army. The cockroaches in these cellars Are some of the largest and most aristocratic in Washington. Their ancestors used to see or. Lincoln himself walk across the Street from Ilie while huiim1 Urile out in Long Lind his messages to be sent by that wonderful new invention he Telegraph. When miss Frances Knight took Over As director of the passport office on june 1. She called in a management Survey team from general services administration for a cleanup. It Lound in a spot Check that 13 pci1 cent of the papers in those in Mill Ion files were in the wrong place. Rush hour phone Calls were backed up 22 deep waiting. Heir was Why it took so Long to pet a passport in Spile of the fact the state worked la hours six Days in Hie Lucrist season. There room that intrigued miss Knight. Girls sat in Here pasting Identa fic Liim photos in passports and then stamping them with he u. S. There an old fashioned hot glue pot really an an tunic. The girls brushed the hot glue on the Back of the photo Ihen pressed and dried it with a hot electric Iron. U took a couple More operations to apply the Seal. One Llund was modern about this process. It seems the glue did t dry if the humidity was High so one Concession was made to modernity. An air conditioner was in stalled. Director Knight and the rest of the staff of around 300 employees simply sweat and sit in it. The civil War Wood shutters Are shut on the East and South exposures to keep out the broiling Washington sum Mer Sun. They work in Semi darkness in the High Sci linked rooms because that s cooler. There Are floor fans for the fee. 1. They can t have overhead fans because they might blow the passport papers out the unscreened windows. June was t so bad but july has been a scorcher. The hotter blonde miss Knight got the madder she got. She went to Congress for rent Money so she could move. She called in Bureau of stand Ards and census Bureau to design her some new machinery for record handling. She thinks one machine could be built to do this photo past ing and sealing in one operation like that. It May take a couple of years to get these machines. But sometime about then it should be possible to get an american passport in a hurry. Sen. George w. Malone. For Nev went out to his Home state a while Back to hold hearings on a project. As one of the witnesses was Mak ing a Long winded speech Malone frowned and asked Why Haven t you presented these views in a let Ter to your congressman or Sena Tor came the answer i did i wrote a of a hostesses Mesta and Cafritz bet Ter yet Back to town fast. Other gals Are stealing their stuff. Mrs. Harry Davidow wife of local department store executive recently hired r yacht and staged a luxury cruise Down the Potomac River to it. Vernon. It was for ladies Only. Enough Champagne served to have flouted the boat to it. Vernon sans the Potomac. Mrs. Gladys Jeselsohn socialite and Interior decorator gives parties at which All the food and drink match the color Motif of her Georgetown House. Pink Cham pagne to match the wallpaper. Chartreuse aspic to match the drapes. Pears dyed Lavender to Mac s window w. J. Macau lift the ire it tent to Gether quite of weapons to use in the next they have the Dixon Watts Bui nest tha Folio serum business the Talbott business. And a few More. The trouble is that to bring Down an elephant you need an elephant gun. And the Arsenal so far does not look like it contained such a thing. Particularly since the Geneva conference seems to have Tough ened the elephant s hide quite a bit. Robin Hood s men not quite uns Ober by drinking the ale called Broun october. Marriage is not necessarily on a High scale because there is dough on both ends. A lot of people who claim of ret Ting a bum steer Are really just Drifting. There was the couple who decided to get a divorce because they wars embarrassed by being the Only couple in their set who Van t been. At some beaches they Rule Oft bathing suits that show too much girl. How do they decide use a barometer Joey never used tobacco Cigar or cigarette. Me said that from the pungent Leaf. No pleasure did he get. But Joey jell for Mary hard with love he was on fire and every time he meet his girl his temperature went higher. So naturally it happened and this is True no since he was All on fire with he naturally started smoking. Men Are like wine. Good of age. A fellow insisted on seeing How his own funeral would be con dulled. That is what you Call real rehearsing. Or porn hearing and then there was the fellow who got a medal for reckless driving. Grandma who used to stick a Masher wit i a Hatpin Lias a Prand in ureter who Sticks him with a luncheon chock. If congressmen were grilled to All their past activities boors big allowed to take their scats in Congress if everything they did was subject to such ethical Ron Truls As they put upon business my volunteering for of re ice. How Many red faces would there be Wilh the crinoline and the hoop skirts. A male onlooker says he arts that before this fashion Yiirs away girls will Wear Panta Peltcs. People who want to live on nun Tain tops should be willing to Lead lonely lives. He pair Tirpy he hoped he d reach the top but he failed when on Hie tryout his flip became a Flop. Mil re the hostess dress yet. Mrs. Robert Whitney Tambrie wealthy widow of a former Diplo mat. Wowed new turkish Ambas Sador any Der Cork and his wife with a lavish Surprise lunch Fea Turing Joseph s special a near East Type concoction nine to of in Iii imported from All Over the world. Paramount Sicord enl rep mini i who hoofed it up for a Yrne As a chorus Rirl a the Sands hotel in Ccpas. Doctor says Edwin p. Jordan . An turn Copi i. If that s the casserole of Lima bean and Ham he s Hay i Don t want if . Or brain fever As it. Is Annie lines called has been found All Over the world. There Are Sev eral varieties which Are caused by different kinds of viruses but All forms of encephalitis Are relatively uncommon. The various kinds of the disease have been Given Peculiar names such Assi. Is. Japanese a Western Equine. And russian Spring summer encephalitis. A Paren by Only the Equine forms. Which Are primarily diseases of horses Ted the St. Louis variety a e it great importance in North America. The signs of acute illness Are not alike. If the victim in inf Iii sudden fever and refusal o eat Are often symptoms which come Early in the disease. These Are soon full need by vomiting twitching muscular stiff Ness and a stiff neck. Of torn it Ftp n can ii received. I should like to the fact the chances of a Quinni encephalitis Are lather Remnick. And Many of who do get it recover without any per manent ill effects. The letter comes from a Young lady says she was hospitalized with encephalitis recently at which time her speech was affected. To in the Hospital two and a half she said. The License left me with n Maie of melancholy. 1 cry Lor in Rea son at All. 1 do not have the patience with my Small children that i should have and my husband does t the i am i is not surprising that this Vic Tim of m emotionally upset her serums illness. It. Is to h in expect the three Small children in Undril stand their ninth i s problem hut her husband hint his wife n disease and u ill nerd Sam path Moriei and to fru a to Jan cart a food in order to improve. We still in not have really Good methods of preventing encephalitis and there is also need to develop improved treatment measures. No single serum or Medicine has been devised for the various forms of encephalitis although the use of serum obtained from convalescent and sometimes drugs or general seem to be of Benefit at least during the acute illness. One of the things which is Neces sary is to treat the unpleasant symptoms depending on what they Are even though the underlying disease has to wait for nature to effect a cure. More information is needed in How the various types of encephalitis Are spread Whai. Causes in outbreak to develop what people Are immune and Why As Well As improved methods of prevention and treatment. These Are All complicated prob lems but. There Are some similarities Between encephalitis and. Poliomyelitis so that at least some Steps Forward in the not too Dis Lant future can be anticipated in View of the remarkable Progress which has been made in the under standing and control of the latter disease. Out our Way he Olp

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