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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - April 30, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 945 26 Over the River and through the it easy. Kingsport times vol. Al no. 86 phone 6-s131 Kingsport tenn., Friday april 30, 1954 12 pages five cents the weather scattered thundershowers today and tonight. Saturday partly Cloudy and warm with occasional thunderstorms. Cooler saturday night or sunday. Thursday s High 83 last night s Taw 59 noon Reading 75 rain fall .19 Inch. Testimony continues on Schine photo fluoridation 3rd in series hat would be the annual Cost of fluoridation in Kingsport fro the machinery Cost for Kingsport is about s6.000.00 and the annual expense for mate rials would be about con s30.000 the first year and to annually thereafter children Only Are the Dulles to return to Washington from conference Geneva Secretary of state John Foster Dulles reportedly unwilling to be a party i to an agreement to partition Indochina As the Price of peace announced today he would re turn to Washington monday. Officers on jury Ponder Fate of Cpl Dickenson supposed to Benefit if under Aye eight. Figuring them As Lott of the population and Al of the water pumped and fluoridated is consumed for drinking and cooking you can figure 31 would go to children or of err of per year is claimed to be of Benefit. This would be an indefensible waste of Public funds. Taxes and Iroler rates be higher if Kings port adopts fluoridation pro neither taxes nor water rates in Kingsport would be in creased since the City s budget Lor the past year already pro tides for fluoridation. Announce ment As great Britain taking Washington Case of 23-year-old Cpl. Edward s. Dickenson goes today to an eight officer court martial panel which will find him guilty or innocent of violating the articles of War As a prisoner in Korea. Closing arguments for and against the Youthful Corporal never before was in any Trou self be captured again and ble. Dickenson himself decided not to testify in his own be half. Told by the court martial Law officer who acts As judge that the accused personally must make this Choice Dick said his own conduct As a pow in Korea was not in strict compliance with Mili tary regulations. The action of the court martial in accepting Over de sense protests a statement Enson Rose from his place at made by Dickenson in Tokyo the defense table and said i the Lead in seeking a negotiated started during the morning choose to remain silent earlier in a Surprise re Versal in which the army withdrew its objections the court martial accepted As Evi Dence a statement in Dicken son s behalf by maj. Gen. Wil Liam f. Dean. Dean repeated previous statements that he would cum Mit suicide before letting him Indochina peace at the Geneva conference held an informal conference with the top soviet j and communist chinese Dele Gates. An american spokesman Saivii undersecretary Walter Bedell Smith would leave Washington at noon not today to take his chief s place at the conference table. The spokesman pointed out that Dulles had planned to re main Only a week or 10 Days in Geneva when he arrived last week end. F nevertheless Western leaders and the jury was expected to receive the Case before noon. Nearly two solid weeks of steady testimony ended thurs Day when a number of Dicken son s neighbors from Cracker s neck va., took the stand to say that his reputation was always Good and that he after his release in Korea last fall is believed to have changed earlier plans to put him on the witness stand. In the Tokyo statement at a time when he was being welcomed lavishly As a prodigal he admitted writing articles and carrying on other activities for the communists. He would have been asked to elaborate if lie had testified. Expressed Hope today that the Indochina talks could begin monday the Day of Dulles scheduled departure. And they theorized that the con certainly. A lot of Money will have to be spent for supervision of the Experiment. A graduate chemist would have to be employed to t St the water for fluoride concentration which should be done hourly. Appropriation of funds will have to be made for dental and medical Aid in the program for examinations s. Did not wish to participate reports of the operation of the Experiment mass water rates will have to be raised to pay for the additional water department expense of fluoridation storage and Pur Chase of fluorides protective equipment for workmen handling the Poison to prevent Dis Abling or fatal effects of handling it. Rates will be raised in any agreement which might hand Over indochinese territory1, to the vie Minh rebels or leave the past 24 hours hampering the door open for eventual redaction by French War and sup War torn p y planes. Once again the French High domination of the country. As the u. S. Made the an French planes halted by torrential Rains Martha Meyer wins City award Hanoi ins Rains heralding the onslaught of the Monsoon season fell embattled Dien Bien Phu during Tak out the Poison fluorides fluoridation supposed to Benefit children or adults pro it does its most effective work while the child s Teeth Are being formed and helps to a lesser extent children whose Teeth Are already formed. But As hese children reach adult Hood with better Teeth i an average of three instead of thirteen missing Teeth at 40 years of the health Bene fits from controlled fluoridation extends throughout their entire Span of life. Command reported today there nou Cement. British foreign i was no significant ground action Secretary Anthony Eden was Between the French and the conferring at luncheon with so vie Minh rebels surrounding Viet foreign minister v. M. Molo Blen pm artillery fire was described As sporadic yesterday and was not it was the first time during j even mentioned in the comm the five Day conference that reporting on action last v in Tui Agam when the sewage disposal i Tov and red chinese Premier. Big three statesman had talked with Chou. And the meeting at night and this morning the French admitted their Molotov s residence was seen planes were prevented Don t guess the idea will get the first real Western Effort to j the driving Rains from carrying into action for about 30 or 40 out the usual number of she said but strikes against the vie Minh i added the Femme in Kingsport negro elks hold convention Here members of the association of negro elks from throughout Tennessee will meet in Kings port saturday through tuesday for their annual convention. Highlights of the meet will be a patriotic Parade sunday at 2 ., with the Douglass High school band the All elks band of Knoxville and other bands student Alderman Chattanooga and Johnson Meyer of the student. Council Friday won the american legion City Day award for her proposed City Ordi Nance. The Blond went to Bat for movement that s been underfoot about two years Here with the late col. E. W. Palmer s support and that of about 450 a teens. Con first reports were it sound out the red bloc on their would Benefit children under views on an Indochina Settle 3 years old. Lately that Agel ment has risen to 16. Then the Dren have to continue Drinkin the treated water the rest o their lives in Kingsport. _ the 19 nations at me Geneva conference. There was. However virtually no Confidence that a korean Supply lines. Have real need for recreational similarly the bad weather be p slowed air drops of reinforce investigation has been made to determine How much harm will be done to the health of adults. Defenders. The award was made As the the soviet foreign minister v. Mydien bin Phu has continued legion Home for luncheon. The i and girls according to Post some reason we find every-1molotov made it Clear run commander Bill Todd. Composed the beginning of the week. Max to. One in Kingsport sick or the communist bloc would a communist communique getting Over a sickness or withdraw its korean pro claimed that three French of their family Are sick and the i Powals which Are unacceptable planes were shot Down by anti new Hospital is full and has a waiting list. Mental health week proclaimed by mayor big Stone girl first fatality mayor John Wimberly issued a proclamation proclaim ing the week of May 2-8 As men Tal health week in Kingsport. Big Stone four year old girl thursday became to the United nations allies. Aircraft gunners on april 25-26. As today s fifth session at the enemy claimed made palais Des nations was about total of 54 French planes de were studying strayed since the beginning of the authoritative French reports March that vietnamese chief of state Brig. Gen. Christian de Cas the most outstanding students at Dobyns Bennett and Douglass High schools. He predicted Youthful student mayor Don Brown of Dobyns Bennett would some Day be mayor of Kingsport if he chooses to stay in the City. After the introduction of following will be a Good will program at Bethel . Zion Church Maple Street. A bathing Beauty contest is scheduled for 10 Sunday at the masonic Hall Lincoln Street. A joint session will be con ducted at the masonic Hall at ., and the Public is invited to attend. Set for monday at 8 Is an oratorical contest at Douglass High school. Winner of the con test will receive a scholar ship. The scholarship will be awarded by the education department of the organization headed by it. G. W. Lee of Memphis. Sunday s Parade will Start at the Corner of main and Chero Kee streets proceeding to Broad Street to Center Street and Down Center Street to the old Doug lass High school building. The Parade will feature floats and marching units including the k recently organized Junior elks and the juvenile class. Kingsport mayor John Wim Kingsport s City officials Todd Berly will the Welcome to lives to Geneva to talk peace. Girl is removed he heroic spoke on the duties of citizen Vlasi Tiriro elks during the program took he said the legion is the i following the Parade. Music will Bao Dai had agreed with two tries commander of the heroic conditions to Send represents Dien Bien Phu Garrison Vantage of the Lull to stage hit-1 largest patriotic organization in j do. And run sorties against the the world and one of its primary vie Minh forces around Dien concerns is citizenship. Bien Phu. To be a Good citizen he said from Hawkins jail the City will join the nation in i the first traffic fatality in big special activities next week Gap in Over seven years the prevention of mental illness. Patricia Ann Mccrary Daugh a or. E. Gibson Davis. President of or. And mrs. John h. Of the Kingsport mental health Crary jr., was pronounced dead Rogersville sheriff Dan association said television and Ion arrival at Appalachia hos i Anderson said the Hancock radio program Are among the Pital after being struck by a car county sheriff George Taylor features planned. I in front of her Home on Shawnee came after Mary Bixby. 19. To the or. Davis Avenue at 1 Wednesday. I Day to answer for her part in bodies need Mccrary is an employee of the the robbery of six or seven Busi theme of the week said is healthy bodies a ii us c me healthy stressing store in Kingsport. Ness places in the Sneedville idea that total health Means the Driver of the car. Millard area tuesday night. The commando style attacks one must have a flame burning were designer primarily to Cap interest information and pursue Ture prisoners and destroy too Many people assume automatic weapons which the the role of spectators in govern rebels have placed As close aliment. More important than vol 100 Yards at some Points on the i ing is maintaining an Active and j or Robert Taft for president of provided by the Douglass High school glee club. Local officers said the Conven Tion is expected to be one of the largest Ever held in Kingsport. Among out of town officers present will be it. G. W. Lee who had the Honor of seconding the nomination of the late Sena defense . Natl m our my s Agency France Presse report j affairs he said de that 20 rebels were killed in he cited the Happy Welcome hand to hand fighting with n City Hall to All visitors and and grenades in five such j his Pride in personal physical health plus mental in the proclamation mayor Wimberly declared whereas Many of cur peo ple in the world Are living through a period of great anxiety since there is so much eco knives raids yesterday. I me Utti. Mullal u i ill Ca 1 uc.1ud.y Arl Kreeger Greeneville tenn., was the Elmira n. A. Girl had but the rebels continued knowledge of every City official. Kingsport Are state officers. Thi the United states and James e. Derricks Knoxville president of the state association. Charles Lindsay Joseph l. Stinson and Hugh Stacy All of charged with involuntary Man-1 been held in Hawkins their network of trenches Slaughter and placed under a jail since she gave up an Al Bond officers reported. Alleged 10-Day crime spree with officers said the child was1 two men and a girl travelling the crossing the Street to a grocery Back roads of Kentucky and store when struck by the car. Virginia into Tennessee. She Kreeger told officers the to the Home of Walter nomic unrest broken Homes into the Street from wednesday morning on the increase political sup-1hind a parked car and he told him to Contact the Law pression exists in so Many parts not see her until it was too late Here of the world and the spectre of War Ever looms on the horizon. Whereas there Are Many questions on the needed and. Influence on the youth of our country in certain Media of communication i do hereby proclaim a week during we should be aware of the j existing anxieties pressures and and foxhole digging c Oser and closer to the French Union de sense posts. Agency France Presse also re ported that the communist led vie Minh forces appeared to be strengthening their position in the associated state of cambo Dia. Approves huge Money Bill without limit of troop moves standards and the problems Washington big which must be met and Money Bill of the import Allhan any of a Herevi i billion or Ousby named conditions through its congressional should be cognizant of the Many journey Oclay with the Mani. Materials and methods which Jemous and almost dispute free Are available As an Aid in our at of the House tempt to Lead a full Well bal what controversy there was Rii ced life in which the main of revolved Niaj Niy around a non Mcclive is a deeply fell happiness. Mauer an Effort to therefore i proclaim ule authority week of May 2-8 As mental to american troop health week in Kingsport join movements abroad. And this ing the nation m observing a was Down yesterday on week during which we should 2h_37 Small Der vote. Especially conscious of the value of wholesome Peggy Castle granted divorce from mate Hollywood ins film actress Peggie Castle obtained a then the congressmen sent the big measure to the Senate by Roll Call. 377-0. The provided in the annual defense department appropriation Bill is 514 less than president Eisen Hower asked. It will give the divorce Loday from casting do military an estimated Rector Robert h. Rains , carry Over testifying that her mate funds from previous years for her your style of acting the fiscal year starting next went out with Mary july 1. Displaying but Lille interest in the actual Money allotments the House followed the recommendations of its appropriations committee in All but one instance. It gave the army an extra to keep in operation the Murphy general Hospital at most attention was devoted to a proposal by rep. Co Widert r Nyi for a ban on use of u. S. Military forces abroad without the consent of Congress except in defense of nations bound to his country by Mutual Security agreements or following a for Mal declaration of War. Co Widert said he wanted to make certain that u. S. Troops Aren t sent to Indochina with out the approval of Congress. Since the administration has said it does t intend to Send troops to that French area. Cou clerk said it should t object to the limitation. But Eisenhower at his news conference yesterday morning spoke out against the Amend ment before the House voted and his House Leader rep. Hal Leek of Indiana led the fight against it. and other administration leaders in the House called the amendment unnecessary and unwise and said it amounted to notifying potential enemies in Advance where the United states would or would not Light. Eisenhower said any artificial restraint on his Power to Send troops anywhere in the world could not fail to damage his flexibility in trying to protect the United states. The air Force was Given the largest allotment of new funds under the House Bill. Its share was a Cut of from the president s budget requests. The army was Given a Cut of the Navy a Cut of is a Model he de a you can see this because have been interested Pat selects site in it. In Knoxville up Nashville will be the site of the 1955 meeting of the Tennessee con Gress of parents and teachers. A total of 1.507 delegates rep resenting Pat members in local units attended the Congress 41st annual meeting which closed Here last night. Education this City is at the top. We have the right to enjoy All the benefits of our City and we have a Good duty to be Good the teen age Alderman re turned to City Hall for the rest of the Day to see close up How the City government works. The City Hall was turned Over to youth Friday morning for the annual event which is intended j to give tomorrow s officials a close up of their City govern ment today. The group elected by students from both Kingsport High schools opened their Day s work by observing the City court in action. Following a briefing on their duties the student officials be Gan a Model meeting of the Board of mayor and aldermen Tom Browder Browder elected pc president Tom Browder was elected president of the Junior Cham Ber of Commerce last night at a meeting at the Kingsport inn. Browder is a native of Kings port and has been a member of the organization since 1946. Other officers elected were e. Lllan Wilson first vice president John Campbell Sec Ond vice president Frank Brog Den Secretary Norman Fugate treasurer. Sam Gordon was elected As a member of the state Board of directors. Local directors Are Herb Ball Ben Smith and Edwin Norris. Low bids listed for state roads Nashville up the slate Highway department opened bids today on 36 construction projects in 32 counties covering 248 Miles of Roadway. Apparent Low bidders by counties include Hawkins surfacing 9.1 Miles secondary route 2462 from Church Hill to Horton River j. E. Hood Bell buckle surfacing 7.2 Miles secondary route 2367 eastward from North Fork Creek. W. T. Ratliff Knox Ville Sullivan surfacing 1.4 Miles secondary route 2443 near East 3rt, j. H. Hood Bell buckle Sullivan surfacing 12.6 Miles Mccarthy names Man who Cut disputed picture Washington Mccarthy a wis told Senate investigators today that James Juliana a member of his staff altered a picture to make it show Only Secretary of the army Stevens and pvt. G. David Schine standing together. Mccarthy interrupted Testi Mony in the televised hearings of his dispute with Stevens and other army officials to say that Juliana handled the disputed picture. Army counsel Joseph n. Welch called it sen. Mccarthy s announce ment came dramatically after Welch himself had announced that he would try to have Mccarthy called As the next major witness in the controversy after Stevens completes his testimony. The army Secretary left the stand yesterday when the com Mittee decided to pursue the matter of the cropped photograph. With George Anastos a Mccarthy staff member on the stand Mccarthy protested that a filibuster was in Progress. He said the committee should Call the Man who handled the removal of the colonel Jack t Bradley from the photograph of Stevens Schine and Bradley. Mccarthy said Juliana would testify that he received a Pic Ture with three people in it and explain How when and where the third Man was Cut off of the print which was submitted to the committee. Chairman Mundt red ruled that the committee will decide when to Call Juliana and ordered the questioning of Anastos to be continued. Anastos and another member of the Mccarthy staff had testified they knew nothing about any cropping of the picture but they gave conflicting ver Sions of its handling. Anastos said he. Accompanied Schine from Washington National Airport to the subcommittee s offices last tuesday and Schine put the photograph on a desk there. Anastos said mrs. Frances p. Mims a Secretary was in the room and took a peek at the picture which was wrapped when placed on the desk. Mrs. Mims following Anastos to the witness chair said he was wrong about her looking at the she did t even know the package contained a photograph. Anastos was in error in his m three separate j statement she declared projects on Rural route 3197, the birr Fri. 1207 and 1701 w t Ratliff picture has become a a Knox Vule 550407 Jor Issue in the Senate hearings Knoxville on the Row Between Mccarthy Washington surfacing 2.9 and army officials. As turned Over to the invest Miles Rural Road 3329 Between state route 34 and Conklin Road surfacing 5 Miles Rural Road 3341 Between state route 81 and Greene county line and surfacing 2 Miles Rural Road 3348 Neav Lamar school Hobart Greene and sons Johnson City s37.778. Wiiliams appointed Nashville of James a. Williams of Kingsport was appointed to the slate game and fish commission today to fill the unexpired term of w. Lee Cross of Morristown who resigned. Williams will serve until april 19, 1959. He was appointed by gov. Frank Clement from the top five candidates in a recent election in 13 East Tennessee counties. Williams ran third in the election. Gating Commilles by the Mccar Why Camp a blown up print showed Only the Secretary of the army and a smiling pvt. Schine standing by an air plane. Called to the witness chair at Senate hearings on the Row be tween sen. Mccarthy a wis and army officials Anas los said it was Correct As Schine had testified that he received the picture from Schine. Anastos said Schine gave him the picture at the Washington National Airport last thursday immediately after Schine had brought it from York. Miss. Legislature has new plan for schools us

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