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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - April 29, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeKingsport it id res at in class Competition Eisenhower is certain that from the previous in Shiv i95i on the morning of the final the first time her husband and trouble vowed to his wife that j Dav the word travelled All Over son entered the White house1 As Long a he was in pans he major Eisenhower s work was to i Xvi Kim Shower s first1" grounds would enforce a Rule at the com seek out and Chart accurately resettled the past Biser Howe s pounds. Mission and one clerk or Gen Battle areas preliminary to Wyoming in Ike thanked Mamie from his off la 6 be met by a staff history which would keep mod ious two bathroom heart for All she had Pone say or. And mrs. Loud Rej Omeo member o time the memory of those who fell in i apartment. Milton Eisenhower ins that he could t have driven he Eisenhower in 1928. On a Ival lie made the Rule world War 1. Married to pretty Helen Eakim himself during the Dolif Vult Sticky july Day Jor the Stock alld mor Hail went mamlf., life revolved whom he met while attending months of study without of the overseas journey himself to Ilieen new staff people j Circle of Kansas state College was work patient understanding and would soon be making Wuh curls Mas ponne0 Eri w the the at the department of agr effacement. I their grandson and his parents. Wem Oul and culture and lived in the Sam "1 knew Ike would come out Ike had been tapped for a won the first few months. A rom of the City. Mamie number says mis. Eisen Kerful foreign he my warmed with affection Hower now. But when he made was to report to Paris i ouch of Lull Lerlo a i ii 1c pack up and this time they n Ance. Ards it was a Superior modern never happened none of the the War department for the were headed for fort Benning. The Ocean crossing was in had the Adan Man among their next five years. Georgia. Best of weather until heavy fog 0 being a Short walk sufficient rank to tomorrow Macarthur in january. 18 j7. Major up the liner America s of the Battle on no j list or important Hower was ordered to washing nature from Southampton. Ments commission major risen be dinners balls and recep ton to the Battle monuments England for the Short Channel Hower always went Home for . There would he m Havre. They did j e of to the living on an army Post Dock in the French port i this tour. Mamie Smicen Trameri unit after dark. Alter a Long language difficulty i Eisenhower apartment there to like any housewife living Plano in this tour. Mamie concentrate i mull after dark. After a Long Jap ally housewife living Mamp Arnond the piano in on locating an apartment. She wait for the discharge of for the first time. Mrs. A homesick settled on the Wyoming apart there was the baffling Cus unable to convey Nearls Liki went Menis on a residential examination. Ii was Afier her wants in a foreign language he of american1 of the Samp name just behind Midnight before the America pm.i1ticri by strange Cus a ump _ _ i i a Triff in i i _ i a. J to treasure a distinctive photograph by Broad Connecticut Avenue the passengers were permitted to at. First Liat she embassy Row of that Era. An imposing six Story building encrusted with heavy Stone Cor Nices and with a pillared in take seats on the would Ever get her i Aris Home and . When they got to on an even eel. Owing to the Paris. Ike had expected that it 1-pfligeration. It was in some one from the commission would meet them but no. Nei truce. Llie Wyoming was in luxury class in pc Reihing Ike Mamie nor the Douds rent. There was a Little a Goiri of French. A hotel All Onk near by where Johnnie could reservation had been made for play 11 hem bin where major risen Kenneth White i Hower and his father in Law mrs. Eisenhower s first favor swore with exasperation Able impression of the Wyoming possible 10 carry fresh food Over. for the Day. Dabs of butter milk in old wine bottles. Selling used to. Worse still the Cook of the moment unable to speak English would assert her rugged individualism Iby refusing to tackle american a. _ now came the time for a bold recipes. Has never changed. Not Long should they spend the Mamie tried her hardest to she recommended it to a Psi of the night in the station. Learn French. While they still assenting there were no Betler attempt to find a lived in the hotel she began apartments in Washington. She operation taxi won. Ike lessons in the Hope of should know. She lived at Johnnie against Able to communicate her Wyoming for a total of growled taxi several wants in the Kitchen Aud Loi heirs. Lilies Al the porters. His temper Deal with tradesmen. She bogged moving in delighted Johnnie. Was rr0wlng fouler by the min Down on French grammar and in the course of exploration a battered lax pulled forced to cull rudimentary. Johnnie made conversation with Driver signed to Ike that he i verbs and nouns from a pocket i Kenneth White the building s Musl wedge himself in on top of dictionary. Meanwhile. Janitor. The suitcases in the Back Eom a Pupil at Madam Macj Annessi i Iii in Friendship Beuan. After hip usual wild Ipi irate Day school. Was rattling along at a great rate. Ike. Brush ing up on his own school French was t doing too badly either. The looking. Of everyday american food steaming of the Buffet Lable where every one Ike attended to sending hatches major Eisenhower was ordered to strict duly in Washington in i october and so the Paris visit cd i-5551 us Cherokee St. New floor care ends waxing Jamul. Line sum i it pi.k., an enduring Friendship began part sent. After the usual wild i private Day school. Was rattling that Day Between the chattering French taxi ride the cabby Lour Yeier old and the soft spoken negro. Christmas and birthdays they still Exchange cards. on his Days Oil he is still a fixture at the Lound a hotel. Next morning Ike. Still Seth Riib of the most difficult of housekeeping w to keep linoleum and Asphalt tile floors waxed and gleaming. Now. Thanks to , it is no longer necessary to Wax and Cruh. All you do is apply Glaxo with in Brush about twice n year. It maintains a High Lustre non slip Coaling that seals out dirt. Glaxo dries in one hour and is Waler Clear. It s cheaper than Wax in ions run. Besides saving Terrie amount of work plus truly a Beautiful floor. Glaxo is w. B. Greeno company. A when ire and Mamie honeymooned to Abilene in 1916. Her first sight As they entered the Eisenhower family Home was the grinning Ace of Ike s youngest brother. Milton. Their Frieri ship has grown through the years. Here the president and mrs. Eisenhower and Milton Are shown with the Rev. Harrison ka1 Anderson of Abilene after a Church service. Mamie Doud Eisenhower portrait of a first lady on following is the thirteenth in r series condensing the Forth coming Book. Mamie Doud Eisenhower portrait of a first. Lady by Dorothy Brandon. J by Dorothy Brandon j major Eisenhower s three year association with Gen. Fox Conner in the Panama canal zone ended late in 1924 when the general left for Washington. Conner promised to use his in fluence to assure Ike the Opportunity to qualify for the com Mand and general staff school at fort Leavenworth. Kan. There was a year s delay be fore the coveted appointment came through. Part of the time the Eisenhower were Back at Camp Meade in Maryland then in fort Logan in Colorado. Finally they settled Down in fort Leavenworth Tor the nine month grind of study. The men were free of classes Only on sat urday afternoons and sundays. Ike would come Home eat a Quick dinner then seclude him self with his books and papers until around Midnight. The desk bound routine was a source of physical staleness. And so a part of their Brief Leisure was needed for outdoor exercise. When the weather was Fine Oul came the Golf clubs and off went the husbands. Some wives played the course with their husbands Bill most of the women include Ine Mamie disliked walking particularly Over open country. I when he went to Ike did t know a Brassie from a cared less. Mrs. Eisenhower does not remember who induced him first to try balls Down the fair Way. But once he got the feel of it the game became his principal recreation. J Eisenhower s first As graduation Day Drew near for the 1926 class student offi cers went around either in a state of repressed nervous ten Sion or openly a Jitter. Wonder ing what class standing their Marks would Merit. Ike was Nei ther jittery nor tense. His Marks had been consistently High hut he had no of knowing How his nver All average would stand up to Date the president. Mrs. Eisenhower and John when he goes out to work part time at the Klingle Road residence of mrs. s aunt mrs. Eisenhower and her Mother often motor out front the White House for what mrs. Moore Calls sitting around As we always have one afternoon shortly after the inauguration mrs. Eisenhower s Sharp ears Aud sharper memory i caught Whitie s voice in the rear of the House. Instantly she asked sister. In t that Kenneth not waiting for a reply she was on her feet and greeting him through the breakfast room. Door. I knew Mamie had a Good memory but not that re marked mrs. Moore. A Good dozen years had passed since she last saw Whitie. I had not mentioned he was helping j on Johnnie s first easter As a City Dweller he joined the crush of squealing children who plunged and straggled Over the j White House Lawn after presi Dent Calvin Coolidge gave the starting signal for the Arndi Fionnu easter eeg Hunt. Mrs. Mis. Filberts College men with decrees in horticulture and experienced dirt Farmers work together at Lay s own experimental farms to grow even finer Chip potatoes. The information they gather on seeds planting cultivating and harvesting is passed along to contract Farmers. This constant research pays dividends. Lay s buyers find Premium crops on their regular inspection trips to the Fields of contract Farmers and you in turn get the Best potato chips Money can buy. The old fashioned tarness is gone qualify or. M. V. Filbert now for the first time enjoy the delicious taste of genuine Mayonnaise without the heaviness mrs. Filbert s new Mayonnaise is Light with delicate egg Whites. Light with Foamy egg Yolks. Light with salad Oil so Fine and thin it fluffs away you taste the Rich Neier the Oil. Only tiie gun tics , Light coloured Light Flavoured Yolks Are Choice enough for this fresher taste. Even the spices Are soft Flavoured. And there s real Lemon juice for sparkle. If i do say it says mrs. Filbert my new Light Mayonnaise is the Best i Ever tasted. Just try it will some today coif ii never want to go Back to old fashioned heavy Mayonnaise. Who would a woman could make if Teste so Good

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