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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - April 29, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 944 25 Stop for school buses. It is a state Law. Kingsport times vol. Al no. 85 phone 6-8121 Kingsport tenn., thursday april 29, 1954 24 pages five cents the weather occasional showers this after noon and tonight. Friday Cloudy and warm with thundershowers Over the mountains. Wednes Day s High 79 last night s Low 60 noon temperature 74 Traca of rain. Stevens denies knowledge of charge be Renews Legeon War opposes limits on Power about new movements Washington Eisenhower declared anew today that the United states is not go ing to get into any War in indo China unless Congress declares it. However the president told a news conference that a proposal in Congress to forbid the Send ing of american troops to Incio China or any other place in the without prior congressional approval could not fail to damage his flexibility in handling the situation. The president was asked for his evaluation of the possibility of american combat forces hav ing to be sent to Indochina. He replied that he already has expressed his views on that mat Ter rather emphatically. At a news conference about a month ago he recalled he said the United states would not get into a War except through constitutional processes. And that Means Eisenhower said Only through a declaration of War by Congress. He said this country has pro a tided technical assistance Money arid equipment to Bol Ster the fight against communism in Indochina. That is As much As the present foreign assistance Law permits he added. Police continue search for Auto containing Trio the temporary teen agers who will take Over Kingsport s City government during boys and girls City Day Fri d. W. Moulton City second from and mayor John fourth rom left cite leaders Are seated left to right Alex Anderson City manager Don e. Brown mayor Eleanore tailor recorder mayor standing Dick gift. Betsy Latimer. Martha Meyer and Hal Johnson aldermen. To photo by Kesterson red Cross car Hanoi Insi High command the French reported today so far As speculation on the that an american red Cross Sta teenagers take Over City posts on Friday King sports City will rest in the hands of two dozen teen age officials Friday american legion boys future is concerned the presi Tion marked As Dent said he did t want to attacked by vie Minh j rebels yesterday Northwest of and girls Uty too much talking at this time. He noted the Geneva Confer ence dealing with Indochina now Hanoi. The vietnamese Driver was the annual program is de signed to provide an Opportunity is in session and said it would be killed in the ambush. The Sta for tomorrow s inappropriate for him to specs it Ion Wagon went off the Road j close up View of their City late under those circumstances. Into a Ricefield carrying two eminent legion officials Exon other matters the president i vietnamese nurses. The women planned. Sikes would Juse atom bomb Washington rep. Dickenson trial nears end today Washington ins the army court martial trial of up Edward s. Dickenson neared a end today without Assurance that he will take the witness stand to testify in full in i own defense. Guy Emery his chief Counse was unwilling to say whether the half dozen witnesses remaining to testify will include the accused Corporal himself. Instead Emery said he would Schine ordered to attend probe Washington Secretary Robert t. Ste Trace of a Vens denied today that he knew of an alleged attempt by audit car containing two men army Counselor John g. Adams to halt action on a num and a girl had been found of Security risk cases at fort Monmouth n. J. His Vicinity up to noon thurs Jan a Surprise move special counsel Ray h. Jenkins m a. Sheriff Dan Anderson said Traduce at the Mccarthy army hearings a memorandum Ere. By maj. Gen. Kirke b. All indications Are now that Lawton fort Monmouth com hey headed into Kentucky or i i q a manding officer referring to he said. U. O. My Illy i Luo Adams purported intervention. The search for the three was Lawton a Central figure in the tarted after a 19-year-old i i controversy Between sen. To Mira n. A. Girl fed up with a Yujo r. Mccarthy and the army 2-Day crime spree fled three j in the memo that Adams amp Anions when they i Smarte the withdrawal request heir car seven Miles West of Iff Juit Ticino Early last november at a time Rogersville wednesday morn i when Mccarthy s probe of com no. Frankfurt Germany w Monist infiltration at fort Mon ithe u. Army disclosed today after the girl Mary Bixby told sheriff Dan Anderson of num. Rous robberies throughout the that it now has 30 of its giant South three state alarm was 290 my. Atomic cannons in Ger ent out for Fred Phillips Pat Many Hendricks or Kendricks. And the first Batta Liori of Between 6-year-old North Carolina girl Betty Ann Thomas. 500 and 600 men and Sherif f Anderson said the girl j which fire either atomic or con came to the Home of Walter car vent ional shells arrived last of Penter about . Wednes-1tober the Sec Orui arrived last Day an told him to Contact the january the army confirmed in. I last night that a the girl told Anderson theist it so arrived roup was in a 1954 Sedan t Ould say when. Said the men told her the car was stolen. Anderson said the girl stated the men told her they were escapees from a prison at Kan Sas City. To. Tennessee Highway patrol of. Flyers said the car was last seen j heading for Kentucky on High Way 33. The girl said Hendricks had been shot in the Side while at tempting a robbery monday night. Officers were checking to see if the Man could have been aussie minister says in must remain in Korea hath Toad rescued from their rebel Aoa the Campaign pursuers by a French armoured Eisenhower reiterated that has no intention of engaging in the French said Wiems regu state and local contests but he Lar troops and guerrillas oper War won so we wounded during a break in at Ewing va., monday night. Jonesville officers said a Thea Ter had been broken into and robbed of and some men were scared from another place when a Man fired a gun at the bandits. Officers reported that the men were spotted in Middlesboro late tuesday night at a Beer tavern. Anderson said the Small five foot girl told of meeting the men while hitchhiking with Betty Indochina to get neck a. On the stand to Thomas in Kentucky on april 16. Of Robt Lull 1-. A. Of said he does intend to get around rating in the Hanoi area Latimer. And Martna the country to talk about his ad-1now so Active that 10 americans Meyers All of ministration s program. He to the u. Eleanore Taylor Dob dieted the overriding Issue of the j Aid Mission in Indochina were yes Bennett recorder Campaign will be whether to stay in Hanoi Alex Anderson Dobyns bin administration has made a All yesterday and Sikes a Fla proposed today put one of the explainer sent elected to serve As mayor Dur. That log unwed states Supply l Korea and several of Dick. Ing the Observance is Don wry atomic bombs neighbors from crack Dobyns Bennett. Others Horace Sneed. Douglass vice mayor Dick gift Hal won t have to end american boys we have All kinds and All Ord of accomplishment or As last night. He put Dilly dallied along the communist led the Way. Stepped up their drive to disrupt Nile judge the Oppenheimer Case vital French Supply line be president said he always has had tween Hanoi and Haiphong Nett City manager Locke car Ter Dobyns Bennett City rebels James Donald Douglass Juve i sizes of a bombs that have never been tested in conventional Sikes said in an inter net s see if they he said the incl chinese War. Which French and native Day and would try to wind up the trial by Nightfall. Dickenson accused of collaborating with the enemy and act ing As a Stool Pigeon while a prisoner of War in Korea Testi fied briefly last week under a limited privilege stipulation. Sara the greatest admiration for or. J. Robert Oppenheimer from the standpoint of his professional and scientific accomplishments the bases for supplying encircled Dien Bien Phu. All through wednesday the rebels ambushed French Supply but that he did not want to and mined roads. Weat Ner worsened at Dien Lou Basinger. Troops have been Bennett a and Bravell enough so that we had bet . Ter use every weapon we be got time he could be Only about a state the go 1 said the men identified themselves As Jim and Kyle Bennett and were posing As father and son. Anderson said the girl told him the group spent several Days in Florida and then headed North. She told of robbing a store in Georgia. Douglass recreation directors. Joyce Good Soti Douglass librarian Carl Kirkpatrick Dob yes Bennett assistant Cay Man too much about his Case while it is under investigation. Bin Phu where for fifth Oppenheimer has been night there was a Dobyns Bennett tax assessor. Fighting. 1111 Ter use every to win Sikes a me appropriations s u b c o m m i t tee which handles army funds been Pended As an adviser to the atomic Energy commission and barred from Access to atomic data pending a hearing on whether he might be a Security risk. Ager John Palmer Dobyns Ben Amer Nett City attorney Betsy Tice a Sochina without lean forces to Indochina prior congressional approval but would Back maximum material like Hopes for Early fid i 0 declined to plate on whether he might veto a farm Bill which continue mandatory gov Raymond Thomas Dobyns Bennett director of Public works French. Fonnie Turner Douglass director of Public welfare David Wilcox Dobyns Bennett police chief Willard Long Douglass fire chief Doyle Burdine Dob yes Bennett City Engineer to die Scott. Dobyns Bennett Washington building on Ciai Charles Brooks. First round of test ends without hitch cent of parity Basic Corn Hopes the Senate hearings modifies. The administration into the mc0arthy-army Row Are y to abandon rigid Price very quickly. Supports at the end of this president declined at a in favor of a flexible program news conference to be drawn which would permit supports Burtner on the matter Teri be fixed according to whether j reporters he hoped was desired to encourage or Dis courage production. Correction Elk report appearing some 1650 Sullivan county Sec Ond graders with trial polio Cine was completed without any difficulties. Or. J. W. Erwin health director said at that questioned Only about a state after returning to this Section ment he made in Tokyo after she said the group had been his release in Korea last fall in j travelling the Back roads of Ken which he admitted that he wrote i Tucky and Virginia articles distributed peace Peti banking committee maps investigation Washington ins the Senate banking committee meets today to map the next step in its investigation of the Federal housing administration and assess its effects on presi Dent Eisenhower s pending hous ing program. Chairman Homer e. Capehart Rind called the group to a 10 a. M. Edt closed door con Ference to decide procedures on handling the Cha scandals and to set a target Date for be tons and made broadcast re .1, for the communists. Ember of the House the suffered a wednesday when the court martial rejected a statement offered in Dickenson s behalf by maj. Gen. William f. Dean. The text of Dean s statement was withheld. Col. John f. Scarborough the court martial acts As judge Law officer who held that Dean s experiences As a pow Are not material to Dickenson s Case. Scarborough cited As a precedent the trial of Tokyo world War ii propagandist for the japanese who was permitted 1 to introduce evidence about the issues that were put on her experiences Jap anese control. Certain articles in scientific journals describing interviews probe of the Auto Industry scheduled new York Gen. Herbert Brownell or. Says the Justice department is starting a probe of the Auto Industry for possible antitrust violations be a cause of a developing pattern o j speaking last night before the economic club of new Brownell said we know Well that increasing subject. Or. Ever that Charles e. Eisenhower denied How defense Wilson Secretary had Ever was in error according to child s Mother mrs. John Waugh 1605 Newbern Road. Spoken to him about the favored mrs. Waugh said her son was. M nov a nov a non non it existed from the re h quest forms turned in by Par Lents last week. Treatment allegedly Given pvt. Ill last year with a non con g. David Schine by the army. Ragious disease. The vaccinations were Han or. Erwin i clinics and they encountered no free world will Pray thrown out under the ruling. Ginning work on the president s housing legislation. After the committee meeting. Capehart scheduled a Public hearing to take testimony from acting Cha commissioner nor Man p. Mason and other Mem same j hers of the new team in the i scandal rocked Agency. Geneva Richard g. Ca sey foreign minister of austra Lia told the Geneva conference today that United nations forces May have to remain in Korea until that divided Peninsula has been United under a democratic government. Casey s declaration to the 19 nation conference preceded a scheduled major speech on Korea by soviet foreign min Ster v. M. Molotov his firs since the Parley opened Mon Day. Outside the conference Hall a French source reported talks be Ween Russia and France for a Ruce at Dien Bien Phu to per Mit evacuation of French Union wounded have virtually col lapsed. Informants said Molotov Ani French foreign minister George Bidault exchanged heated word at a dinner last night with tin soviet Diplomat expressing sur prise that Bidault had injected the truce question into a discus Sion of what parties should participate in settlement of the indochinese question. Bidault replied that he a just As surprised that the rus sians had violated Confidence by disclosing his request with out notifying the French before hand. Molotov Sairaj he did so t counteract what he called ten Dentious articles in the Worl press. The russians repeat that a truce should be arrange Here the French said it should be done by Field commanders in Indochina neither Side would Budge and there the matter rests with no further meetings on schedule. The australian Diplomat said the dangers of an Over Hasty withdrawal from Korea have been All too bitterly Demon he added that the heavy sacrifices that this has involved must surely preclude the United nations from agreeing to withdrawals before United nations interests and objectives Are properly lout i was in full swing Washington g. David Schine was ordered today to report immediately to the Senate investigating subcommittee hearing the Mccarthy army feud. An army spokesman said the order came from army Secretary Robert t. Stevens and that at noon Schine was in route from fort myer va., to the Capitol. Schine had been invited by the subcommittee to attend the hearings but he said he would not go unless ordered to. Stevens after a clash Between counsel. In which the army Sec teary s attorney Joseph Welch caused Jenkins of using Mur Ier trial tactics said he had no recollection of authorizing dams to make such a request and that he had never heard of t. Later however Stevens said t was entirely conceivable hat he had instructed Adams o take Steps against a Stam Pede which might result in the wholesale suspension of peo ple on the basis of guilt by As he declared i did t want j trouble. No reactions of any sort have been or. Erwin reminded All Par ends of children who received the vaccine that it is very important for the youngsters to receive the second shot in the series next week. The second american people get comparison of u. S., russian air strength any commander to jump to an extreme which might result in unfairness to an employee of the Stevens testified that he asked to maj. Gen. George i. Back chief of the signal corps last oct. 31 and told him to make sure that Lawton exercised careful and Good judg ment and did t suspend fort Monmouth civilians without sufficient information to justify such action. The Secretary added that he told Back who was Lawton s Superior that i was apprehensive that Gen. Lawton might be moving in that direction i was afraid unfair suspensions might take place at fort Mon he then said it was entirely possible that he might have talked with Adams and might have said John you might Call Gen. the Secretary on the stand for the sixth consecutive Day of intensive testimony showed definite signs of Strain. He seemed Pale and betrayed indications of fatigue. Welch s reference to murder rial methods brought this Sharp statement from acting chairman Karl e. Mundt generals and privates Sena tors and secretaries will get equal treatment Here. Counsel is just attempting to develop the Welch complained that in questioning Stevens Jenkins had failed to exhibit the Courtesy due a Man of the Secretary s official stature. The memorandum which Jen Kins said Lowton dictated this morning to an aide capt. Joseph Corr referred to a Telephone Call from Adams and the general said he rejected the request saying let the Secretary take the by Elton c. Fay Washington new series next d estimates were before the Ameri doses will be Given tuesday and. Congress was considering the 22 divisions Are armoured outfits with nearly a Complete annual air Force appropriation Bill. Adm. Arthur Radford chair Man of the joint chiefs of staff the communist Holiday. May All citizens of the noses we get can people today on How their Man of the joint chiefs of staff at the same up against had just talked Witri president we know ecu Iii 11101 concentration in an important Day will take on a new urged to Pray individually c Cance saturday when the Junior for peace on saturday White land times. Industry contains dangerous potentialities. Chamber of Commerce leads the said we do not know what is of a Day of special explanation of the for world peace pattern of concentration in the on May 1, Jaycees will Pray automobile Industry. We want that god bring communist Lead to find out whether this pattern hers and. Leaders of other nations is nothing More than the Conse together in the search for ast nuance of competitive forces at j ing Keene White local work or whether anyone or More Jaycee president explained. Of the facts which amount to col a Lus Lori or the suppression of com petition has been at recently the antitrust division of the Justice department disc closed it was looking into four by this we will the most powerful Force at our disposal prayer toward world he ministers priests and rabbis in Cedering steer have been asked to Lead creations in the special May congregations in the special May Day prayer or a similar one on the first Sabbath of May. San Francisco its took to a sidewalk along Alemany Boulevard in the Rush Ter National Jaycee program hour yesterday As an animal soviet Russia s 1. Word from u. Diplomatic sources that there has been a rapid increase in soviet air potential through the conversion of much of Russia s Force to modern Jet planes. 2. A statement by rep. Scriv Ner chairman of a May Day Pray Day is an in uie Many Boulevard in the Rush i House appropriations sub com no. 011 handling air Force funds that the United states Putnum aimed having All people the Auto support the special observe the phases were not which will be called May a cd. Throughout the world Pray for resolutions from each have Vuk dais for delivery to the communist presidium in Moscow. Ance we w i Day Pray they thought was a Bull loped through Stop lights and disrupted traffic. Patrolman Joseph Oliver tried to Lasso the animal. But it charged. Oliver retreated he shot the beast. It turned out to be a steer escaped from a ranch a few Miles away. Complement of tanks and self propelled guns. Backing up the 22 divisions Are Eisenhower alter a hurried trip i another 60 soviet divisions based to Europe and a visit with British i in Western Russia and Eastern prime minister Churchett. The North Atlantic treaty Organiza Tion nato was reassessing its own and soviet strength in the air on the ground and at sea. The diplomatic officials who May not be named yesterday made available an Over All sum Mary of communist military million men under be r s Russia 3-2 in the air and i arms in Russia Eastern Ger satellite nations. And the Satel Lites themselves have about 80 divisions twice the strength of 1947. Communist air strength was calculated this Way by the dip that the soviets have no Long Range bombers Able to reach the Many and the satellite countries. They figured that million United states and return to i of the six million Are in ground Home bases. Forces that 22 divisions Are in the views were Given out at Germany constituting a ready the time of these events in made spearhead for a rapid and Washington and Vance into Europe that the bulk somatic officials new heavy types of bombers medium and including Jet models have been observed these presumably would include at least two new designs of Long Range planes one four engined another six engined powered with propellers driven by Jet engines. The six engine bomber obviously is intended to counter the u. Air Force b-36. Two bandits steal in jewels new York bandits rushed and robbed a jeweler of Ems he estimates were Worth and in Cash last night police said. Joseph Goldblatt reported he was accosted by the men As he entered his i6th floor offices in Manhattan building. Other employees had gone Home. One Man shoved a gun in his Back the jeweler said forced him to open his Safe grabbed the Cash and then scooped in set stones and Gold and Plati num up things into a Pouch. The bandits ignored a handful of gems which slipped through their fingers and scattered about the floor. The pair tied up Goldblatt with Yards of twine and fled. He broke free and telephoned police

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