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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - April 28, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee2 tuesday april 28, 1953 Kingsport times Devoes believe woodchucks have real personalities by Harman w. Nichols up staff correspondent Washington up the Way Alan Devoe and his Lovely wife Mary look at it woodchucks have personalities. Not Only that they Are smarter than a lot of people including the Devoes. Alan and Mary live on a plot in the berkshires and look at woodchucks like Mortimer the chucker first hand and even have come up with a Book like this fascinating animal the naturalists set out to out they did t get done. Morty it seems had Cut him self a vast Burrow. It was Mary s idea really to smoke him out. She thought it would be fun to lug a Heap of rocks and dump them into the see if Morty was smart enough to clean his own House or get out stationery continued from Page 1 the report covering the period from july 1.-1952, to last Jan. 3, did t show what the members did with the Cash they with Drew. They Don t have to use it for stationery and they Don t have to account for it. Several members listed As hav ing made Cash withdrawals said they had used the Money for various office expenses. For example chairman Lecompte a Iowa of the House administration committee said he believed he had bought two typewriters for an office maintains in his District. He he noted that the Only requirement imposed by the House is that the Money be used for office expense. Rep. Thomas in a draws the stationery Money As fast As it expense becomes of it. Not that we were fiendish about said Mary. We just the team of Devoe and Devoe tamped the rocks tight with an axe handle. The next morning they Kinda wished they had t. Morty had toted off every Stone and was sitting there at the Entrance to his Burrow lick ing his fur and like a woodchuck. We were a Little Alan said. Naturalists Are not sup posed to be sentimental. We decided to try so the Devoes gathered a Bas Ket of broken Glass carried it to the Burrow and dumped that in thinking a Little woodchuck s paws would be no match for the Sharp edges of broken Glass. The naturalists naturally were wrong again. The next morning there was no sign of busted Glass and Morty was Licking in wounded paws while eating a meal. I Felt like a fool for what i did Alan said. This time i broke up a whole wheel bar Row of old bottles. With cunning i did it. I made jagged Butts and razor slivers of the remains of available and then pays his expenses by Check. He said that method makes it easier to keep track of office expenses. Each year an appropriation is made for stationery and it stays in the fund until used. Heavy withdrawals in Cash came after the House voted an additional stationery allowance during the 1952 session for each of its members on the ground there had been an unanticipated in crease in previously it had voted per member for the year. As of Jan. 3, Warren reported 80 House members had Over drawn their stationery accounts by a total of and former members owed for the present 83rd Congress South koreans voice koreans Many of them carrying signs stage a noisy demonstration in Seoul South korean capital As full scale armistice talks were resumed by in and communist negotiators at Panmunjom. Some of the signs Are in English. The Large sign in front reads gives us unification or a wire photo via radio from Tokyo stationery allowance of that amount could be increased later in the year. British papers see Booby traps in red proposals London British newspapers take the View that Russia s latest offer of talks to Settle outstanding world prob lems May hold Booby traps but nevertheless urged the West to r explore the offer without delay dinsm0re of pravda. Official newspaper of _ death notices William h. Lyons natural Tunnel a. Spa h. Lyons 64, died at his Home Here at 2 . Monday. He had been in poor health for several years. He was a Farmer and livestock grower. He was a son of the late Robert f. And Betty Dishner Lyons both of Scott county a. He is survived by his widow Korea continued from Page 1 and honorable armistice which would protect the human rights of the prisoners of War that caused us to consent to resume Harrison said. We do not intend to become involved in protracted and use less arguments. From your experience in previous negotiations with us you should be Well aware that we mean what we the meeting was adjourned bottles. I put them in the Burrow carefully. I had the jagged Butts the to which facing inward with slivers stick Harrison referred was the action until 9 . Tuesday est. Ing out Here and there. The axe handle surely again Morty came into play was trapped. To top it off i stuffed a Ball of barbed wire into the Den and put rocks on top of next morning the Burrow was open with no sign of a Sliver or a Rock or a scar on the Wood Chuck s Paw. We left Mortimer alone after said Alan. How the Wood Chuck did it Well never know. But we know that our Friend would just As soon stick around. And As a matter of fact he s right flying Home continued from Page 1 or. W. A. Fleming jr., in Memphis said he had not received notification of just when his son pvt. R. W. Fleming would arrive Home. But he said the family was planning a real Celebration when he reached Memphis. The Happy father said he had talked with his son in Tokyo and although he was feel ing Well another operation was said the plane will land in Honolulu across the International dateline this after noon hawaiian time. After rest ing about two hours the men will leave for California. No definite schedule was announced. But the plane Proba Bly will land at Travis air Force base 40 Miles Northeast of san san Francisco Early thursday. Other american prisoners freed last week Are still under treatment at army hospitals in Japan. There has been no announcement when a second plane would leave for the u. S. Continue trial inline trouble Pikeville by. Up the opening of u. S. District court required. Reports of the u. N. Command in break ing off truce talks last oct. 8 because insisted on forced repatriation. Nam ii did not heed Harri son s warning. He insisted during the meeting that the communist prisoners who refuse repatriation must be moved to a Neutral coun try where indoctrination officers could work them Over and try to induce them to go Home. He said he did not believe that thousands of the prisoners have refused repatriation. But blustering Nam ii was pravda official newspaper the communist party published a Long statement replying to president Eisenhower s foreign policy speech of april 16. Al though the statement showed no sign of a Retreat of As much As Kingsport Tenn., mrs. M. M. Brady of Baltimore md., and miss Mattie Lyons of natural Tunnel five sons Dan of Clinch port Kenneth of Gate City Billie of Peoria 111., Jimmie and Clyde rewards an Inch from any soviet Posi Sisters Ess Yuemei Lulu us Macao tpnt1i_ffc. Kine snort discussions. In effect it s Tion it nevertheless declared readiness to enter into business like appeared to toss the Ball Back to the West for the next play. Communist Hungary followed up the pravda statement with a reply of its own to president Eisenhower. An editorial in Szabad Nep official Budapest newspaper of the hungarian communist party like the pravda statement was notably even tempered. But it supported pravda in nearly All particulars. Szabad Nep said of the president s ques Tion As to whether Russia was prepared to How the nations of Eastern Europe a free Choice of their own form of government the soviet Union has no such program of interference. Our people chose the form of government which suits them Best without american most editorials in the British press cautioned that a full settlement of All outstanding issues Between East and West was too continued from Page 1 de by an american officer in Kort i a year ago and outlined in a United press dispatch. Senators generally applauded the plan although fear was expressed that the psychological warfare move might backfire. Chairman Saltonstall r mass of the Senate armed services committee said in an interview he regarded the offer As a bold stroke. Any step however unusual and unprecedented that leads in the direction of a satisfactory solution of the War in Korea is worthwhile and should be he said. Sen. Morse ind Ore said the another exam Lyons of natural Tunnel the initiative in of demonstrating to the people be Kerns of had the Iron curtain that the Western nations Are seeking Only South Carolina and mrs. Gale two of Kine snort peace and to brins the Henry of Korea to an end blood and Conley Lyons of funeral services will be held i but sen Sparkman a j Ucli Cecii Chaoi Miu Voca comparatively mild and on the much to Hope for now defensive. But the Independent Influent _ i talc Jil Ilucile the bloody War that is Tua times summed up the Over. Nelv Rod urine prisoners _. Santly producing prisoners the do of the War can be speedily brought to an end Nam ii said. At the moment the chances press even if a single area of Fric for a Quick armistice or any Tion could be regulated the of Lor a f0rt would be armistice did not seem Bright. Roii but Harrison who talked so roughly to the communists to Day said monday it was far too Early to talk about another rup Ture in negotiations. Unless Harrison has changed his mind drastically within 44 hours he is prepared to give the communists time to save face before they give in to the u. N. In its stand that no prisoner shall be made to go Home against his will. Bruer is appointed state entomologist Nashville h o w a r d Bruer a native of Obion county has been appointed state entomologist succeeding j. C. Moser who has resigned. Agriculture commissioner by rum Gnu tartan entomologist s duties consist Pri Marily of the control of insects and Plant diseases and ment of regulations governing j the Sale of plants to prevent the spread of diseases. The new official years service with the conservative mail declared snags May be hidden in the Milder messages from behind the Iron curtain. These May be intended to Lull us into a false Security to Divide Britain from America or to end the War in Korea because the reds want to concentrate on Indochina x x x. Yet there still remains some thing we have not had since 1946 spirit of reasonableness which has been completely absent from the communist Seoul rally demands unification in Korea Seoul South koreans marched through Seoul again about members unions and of Kodai has had 17 the Federal 12 Pike of Tennessee. United mine yesterday brought a continuance in the trial of Letcher county us thu workers accused of intimidating non Union miners. Judge Mac Swinford reset the Case for june 1 because of com plications in calling witnesses department of agriculture and is a graduate of the University Tion or give us peace i without unification is death to i the and let s March North for the unification of the tuesday City court seven men received excessive smoking new York the City s department of air pollution control says it May serve a court ones i summons on the operators of and a conflict in the schedule after pleading guilty to Public the Tho i a Fin be us Menuier Eunicea Ai aies unless they curb excessive smoking by the liner in port. Of the attorneys. Drunkenness charges in City the trial had been scheduled court tuesday morning for the present term after a forfeitures completed the Day s jury failed to reach a verdict docket. They included a s50 Bond last january. The ump members Are accused of using threats to or non Union miners in nearby Virginia two years ago. The charge against a 13th ump organizer was dropped last year. For Drunken driving a Bond for speeding in a school zone one Bond for Public drunkenness a Bond for reckless driving two s3.50 Bonds for illegal Park ing and 29 Bonds of each for meter violations. Summit a. The Rev. W. H. Frazier will officiate. Burial will be in the fam ily cemetery in natural Tunnel. Of on Tim of Taille u the relations committee said he wonders if the psychological warfare move might Boomerang no communist Pilot takes up the body willbe taken from me the Ocer Connell funeral Home to the family residence tuesday after noon. Floyd counts Ray what happens then do we lose face and is communist morale he asked. I Don t want to be in the position of criticizing but i Hope the High command has thought this j through and weighed All the soldiers faint Kuala Bumpur Malaya British Jungle fighters former Lola Ball two children fainted but schoolgirls were during of the sex education film Street Cor a. He was the son of mrs. Kate Ray of Lebanon and the late Henry Ray. He is survived by his wife the Brenda Carol and Floyd or. He is also survived by four Sisters mrs. Clyde Mccormick of Detroit Mich. Mrs. Mitchell of Summit n. J. Mrs. A. A completely unmoved showing Here recently four candidates seek Bristol Job Bristol Tenn. H. Reynolds who refused to Tell a Cong ression Lal committee whether he was a communist has been suspended from the University staff. Or. J. Hillis Miller University president said in a prepared statement last night that i have no alternative at this time but to suspend or. Reynolds from the staff of the univer Flowers Backer Bros. Cha Arlemon and its. Scr race Day end Elf i phone 2200 Groseclose Flowers for All occasion phone 6 All guaranteed Cherokee Monument co. If. Center a Shelby its. Clat b. Both. 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Neral services for Donald quil Len 23, killed in an automobile wreck at Dayton Ohio sunday will be held wednesday at mor Gan s Chapel Church at Midway Community near Here. Burial will be in Holston View cemetery at Moccasin Gap. A grandmother mrs. Abraham Smith Gate City route 2, was omitted from a previous list of survivors. Innisfail is a poetic name Ireland. For make your Purchase at Dobyns Taylor the Wax o Bojuc for Wood floors and linoleum c of. Hardware Bruce clean ins Wax Shires Floon brighter it s extra Rich in Quality waxes. Saves time work owner or your Money Back dept. Downstairs w. B. Greene co., inc. The Best place to gel it nothing Ever made Hardwood floors gleam the Way Bruce cleaning Wax does. It gets pm really clean with no scrubbing to bleach away their natural 4 Beauty. Gives extra heavy Wax Protection As it cleans. Try Bruce floor charter. It gives tile same easy clean As you Ajax results. Leates a lighter Coal of Wax. 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