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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - April 21, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeFirst pictures in prisoners freed by 1 first american freed the first american prisoner War to be released by the communists in Exchange operations at Panmunjom. Korea was Carl Kirchhausen Center in chinese Blue Kirchhausen from Washington Heights n. Y., is pictured As was helped across the demarcation line by a u. S. Military policeman. Aba radio photo pow trades sad reminder the missing America owes lost soldiers a debt it can never repay by Hal Boyle new York trickle american prisoners now be ing freed in Korea is a sad minder the thousands listed As will never return. Most them were lost in the Early stages a War that will soon be three years old and the nation owes them a debt it can never repay. Today the United states has perhaps the finest army in its history stationed in Korea. And does t know father is dead Greeneville sister two Greene county soldiers released last afoul Comus get consent her folks Huntington A. Sex Soldier Eugene Priddy and miss Atsuko Tomai stepped up for a marriage License application yesterday. Of one Tenn., night by the chinese communists said does t know thai daddy is his Mother died 20 years and the sister miss Cora Lee a Mitchell referred to sgt. Walter Mitchell Greeneville As Little raised him bad Sald Cain the License clerk. You la your the clerk asked. To 25 and she a 21 Priddy ill be in stitches until i can see miss Mitchell by told a reporter last night. I have to get your parents con just can t she added the family received a letter from her brother Only yesterday wishing them merry i Mitchell and sgt. William a White nearby Chuckey were both listed the official list pow s being exchanged by the reds. The announcement made cry and laugh at the same time i was so White s wife miss Tomai is doing just that by air mail. Priddy met her while was stationed in Tokyo. Bid squelched Blountville sunday bid in Sullivan Stretcher Case unidentified in prisoner War gets careful handling As is taken from a tent at Panmunjom repatriation Center to be placed in an ambulance for the trip to Freedom Village at Mun san. A wire photo via radio from Tokyo As that sacrifice div dual Lessen. Army has grown the demanded the in Soldier has tended to overseas in june 1950 from it. Leavenworth. Kas. And was captured the Fol lowing november. She said they have been mar ried seven years and have no names second group . Prisoners listed it was t that Way in the Binning. A few thousand soldiers i have been sized to radio had to serve As the spearhead Smice the change prisoners i Decran voc Torri air Eoii-1 Good Kin pvt. Carl Kirchhausen first in prisoner to be released by the communists in Korea mrs. Fred Rose Atlantic City n. J., and her daughter mrs. Don Hanks Jacksonville embrace at mrs. Hanks Home hear ing the release their Nephew and Cousin. Nea Tele photo prisoner trades like clockwork but Are full contradictions 155 million unprepared Ameri began cans. And most these soldiers night. She said last Are gone. White enlisted in the army 12 they did t like the Job Asa mrs White said and were Given. Each outfit had intended to make a career haps too Many Over weight the army. She added i Don t A. Mitchell Walter Greeneville Tenn. By Phil Newsom what made the rods finally Moreland William up foreign nows editor agree to an Exchange sick and Atlanta a. Wounded in the first place i Panmunjom Korea following is the official list 35 u. S. Prisoners released to Day Anderson Edward g., sgt., Alabama City Ala. Ball James l., pfc., Bellburn A. Blanton Paul o., pfc., Brod head by. Dunn Robert ., pvt., usic Muskogee okla. Fleming Robert w., pvt., Memphis Tenn. Garcia. Jose m., pvt., los an Geles Calif. Gray George ., pvt., Ogden Utah. Gregory Arthur g., pfc., mount Vernon 111. Heath Joe t., pfc., Murfreesboro Tenn. Herndon Roger pvt., Jack Sonville Fla. Herrera Pedro a., Cpl., Lama Dera n. Howard Albert sgt., Nash Ville Tenn. Jankovitz John m., pfc., Phil Adelphia a. Steps to unidentified in prisoner War Jimenez Osorio Nicholas a Cane Asne walks into a receiving tent at Panmunjom Loiza Aldea puerto Rico. Orrias in and communists Exchange sick and wounded s. Pvt., Byron a wire photo via radio from Tokyo Luther Alexander c., pvt., Tonis Creek a. 6 tuesday april 21, 1953 Kingsport times Martin John b., pvt., Lake Calif. R i a Mitchell Don pfc Roderfeld Grants too Many under age Pri Vates who had joined the army for to die in an obscure Peninsula called Korea. Their resentful attitude was summed up by one what business have we got lighting Here anyway and Why do i have to be the they had in idea what they know if still has that intention White was wounded in action in August 1950, and removed from Korea to a Hospital in Japan. After recovering was sent Back to Korea in november and soon thereafter was ported missing in action. Miss Mitchell Mitchell s oldest were going up against. They sister said her Joy was dimmed Only by death the father Hayse Mitchell. Daddy died two years ago. Really thought it would be Noth ing More than a police action a few Days weeks. We actually thought ail we had to do was stand a. Hill and show our american uni forms and those Little Brown gooks would turn around and run right Back where they came a Captain said later. But they deployed in the rugged Hills and took the Van guard a North korean army head . They tried to form a continuous line de sense and there were too few them. They were shattered time and again pulling their remnants Back to a new Hill and trying to form a new line. Each stand Deci county was Defeated in county court Here monday. The magistrates voted against legalizing the operation movies for pay. There is no Law against movies being shown free in the county. During an explosive debate the Resolution fresh air movies were described by several Magis trates As immoral. One magistrate called the drive in movies open Road the Bill was Defeated by a wide margin. Mated slowed them but the enemy each stand and gained precious hours and Days that in missing in action nov. 2, 1950. While was a member the eighth cavalry regiment. It was 13 months before she heard from him but since his letters began arriving she has received a total 18. The last was received sunday rhe said wishing his family a merry Christmas. It was written dec. 6. Her Little she said Al that s the Only thing i hate to ways wrote that was Well and Teh Walter his weight s up to its usual 180 she said Walter was reported i pounds. Conf Cherof Money is it by harm an Nichols up staff correspondent Washington up maybe mrs. Hank fort had something in her song called save your Confederate Money South shall Rise mrs. Fort course song in jest in collaboration with Larry Markes and Justin Stone. Tabled the army to Rush tried it citing Edi More troops and supplies. Tors at a press club breakfast shocked original and not a strike you can name your own Price. Only four such pieces were struck that year. But to get Back to mrs. Fort. She s an attractive lady and Virginia casualties for their stubborn withdrawals h., sgt., g., pvt., Washington the forced the surprised enemy de pause delay and Sideslip. And wounded War prisoners has moved with clock like precision at Panmunjom. One group goes through at 9 a. M., another at 11 a. Covington by certainly it was not concern Sorio Melendez for their own prisoners. Puerto Rico. Juan apartment defense monday there ought to be a Way to _. Announced the following casual a recognize what these vanished divorce decrees were and wounded did for a free world but 11 1brought before Virginia men in the korean How can you say thanks Chancellor Dayton Phillips ears that cannot hear the opening Day the april comes by her Southern accent with honesty since she hails from Nashville Tenn. My parents both were Artis she Safe and i was born music in soul. It just Here and caught some rebel yells had to come ae-1 when she allowed that after the i mrs. Fort has been writing songs about As Long As she can remember. Being from Tennes see she took a Shine to sen. Estes Kefauver when that gentleman was making a bid for the demo cratic presidential nomination. She composed a Little ditty which she called the tall Guy in the Coonskin this one got quite a House when the band heated in. The Field. If they whups the yanks the will open up the Banks that were they might per Jarid a dividend haps have paid More Honor to Well now it develops those Gallant few who truly some Confederate Money is Worth a pretty Penny these Days. The report came out appropriately during National Coin week. E. Ward Russell head the Washington numismatic society to to the communist philosophy Patrick Willie j., Cpl., Hill Day. Weighs a Man s value strictly Ark. We give the reds so Many. What can produce for the Peterson. Lionel e., term chancery court Mon killed in action army Cpl. Philip Grandma Beatrice Frazier was and mrs John the reds give us so Many. Signed and stamped a divorce in a suit against Elmo weren t involved at All. A11 communist state. An even Tern usic. Black River Falls. Wise. Frazier grounds cruel and Pora Rily disabled Soldier Joseph pvt., treatment. Eula Smith i received a divorce in a suit Pidal Eddie p., pfc., san Roy Smith grounds a Iii i1 u it s almost As if human lives 1e reds j their sick wounded will be f i Back to a far More Tex. Of cruel and inhuman treatment. Alexandria. Re Lite state than they in Koch John a. Pfc., Detroit a divorce grounds fail reality about it. Perhaps that under in care. I Mich. Harrison Jersey. Previously ported army sgt. 1-c Kenneth Nadeau husband mrs. Of mrs Zaddie phone Nadeau 3811 Milan a 65-year-old great Palm Springs. Calif. Palms Springs Airport officials jittery today about ure to provide and cruel and in the to that a was graced cons with Recd the returning i s who walk perhaps the reds made the Are carried through purely As a mechanical Jom s Freedom Gate Are for the Sake South Carolina. The Case Buie Jean Rivera Ortiz Juan pvt., Cellan is. Harold Mcclellan. Guayanilla puerto Rico. I Beatrice Isenberg was granted a Rubin Tibor pfc., Long Beach divorce in a suit against Andrew Calif. A. Isenberg also grounds Spon sible for some the their sick wounded Ontario Canada. Sacco Charles pvt., Guelph cruel and inhuman treatment. Divorce suits were dismissed Todd Lester r., pvt., Alliance in cases by Clara Conkin is. Har Rison Conkin and by Opal inns. Hours but to save face for them-1 one tells receiving a Ray selves and to entice the in Back penicillin streptomycin and the to the truce table. Warring. Wilbur m., pfc., Phil b Staple most modern treatment for to i perhaps that s also Why a. Ton White William h., Chuckey Tenn. Wiseman Earl m., pfc., Ronce Mamie in Dar w a i grandmother with Over 200 hours _. _ _ flying time to her credit. Marine pfc. James .8he to in son . And mrs. James a. Bercu Losis in a red Hospital. Exchange does t seem to have another tells american a heart. Prisoners a death mercilessly slaughtered when too weak to farther. Others Tell Bible study and baseball games. And still others Tell forced indoctrination into the comm nut philosophy. The stories come Letell Lark uniform it completely Lack uniformity. The elected the in exchanged. Presumably it was to include All sick wounded. United nations negotiators asked the reds if there weren t others besides the 605 they listed to be returned. The reds prom ised to investigate and then said that was All. Yet the returning i s Tell Many in More serious condition that they left behind in red hospitals and prison Camps. Red propagandists predict an armistice in Korea by june 20. Yet the red radio at piping maintains its unremitting at tacks against the United nations and particularly the United states. One the. Latest attacks charged that the in failed to give proper medical care to red prisoners and would rather amputate than give that care. There s another s64 question. N a mrs d. Eisenhower has been inthe the amen can it was announced As Congress Bryant Zuni. Previously ported missing in wounded army sgt. Andrew Neal son mrs. Sallie Neal Clinchco. Army pfc. Charles Stallings son . And mrs. Cree Stallings Salem. Marine pfc. Theodore Reid ., son . And mrs. Theodore Reid sr., Upperville. I Little single place hot Rock jobs All the the officials com i planned we have to watch for Asbestos Shingle Homes aspect Oliffe beautifies seals protects available in a variety Colon Rusco window co. Johniw City Jwj. Tit says that some the South s up at various pre Conven Flati onary civil War currency Tion Kefauver rallies. Has been bringing fancy prices another tune mrs. Fort Par at auctions. The society has likes is one she called Public exhibit some this put your shoes Lucy Money this week at the a big girl now museum. For example. Says Russell a 1793 Penny in Good condition recently brought if you happen to have a con federate half Dollar minted in most her songs have b Southern flavor but there s one word she does t like. That s she said is real music and not the Hill diamonds Exclusa rear at Greene co. Portable welding done anywhere _ anytime C. Bold. Ostner Highland welding by lilo hot . Holm 1515-w now display new truck Hydra Matic this is something 7011 be got to see clutch jumping and gear clashing end with Hydra Matic and this Means Low maintenance your truck. Pm proving ground tests have shown that Csc s new truck Hydra Matic furnishes a smooth response to engine Power and the kind instant Auto Matic shift that gives continuous acceleration from Start to Stop. Automatic choke and solenoid starter Are Standard with Hydra Gumc truck equipment corp. Phone 4670 King port Tenn. 2345 Bristol blvd. Broad Street phone 2130 now paste at no extra charge three Day each enough to decorate any room Wardi will furnish sufficient Wall paper paste to do the Job at no extra charge. Advantage this offer from a Large selection styles and patterns in words new 1953 wallpaper. Ask for wards How to Hong wallpaper folder. It s wards for Fine wallpaper at Money saving prices. Always

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