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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - April 20, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee4 monday. April 20, 1953__________ Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c. P. A Kords. Jr., put Luwi j. W. Wist a Tern Minim w. J. Caul lilt ctr Loti Illus by Culitis Bucu to 49 i. Stir tit Itrat inn. Member o Tea Assoc sted Preu South tra Cwi Piper publishers ask Clivon audit Bureau of circulation. An Eddow nost Democrat la newspaper pull used tact after noon except saturday and sunday. Associated entitled to the use Tor publication of All do patches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Entered at Post office in Ken sport Tenn. As second class mall . October 37. 1m4, under Uit act of March i. National advertising Brannon As relates. Inc., with in new York. Chlomo. Detroit. Atlanta. St. Louis. Kansas Cluj. Los Angeles and san subscription rate by mall first and second pwt a zones Dally and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday week today s Bible thought and he went Forward a Little and fell on the ground and prayed that ii it were possible the hour might pass from times daily tonic the human body of Christ is the veil which hides the glory of god. On which we could not look with unveiled Rodgers. Letter to editor Stop fretting by Peter Edson just As the big budget cutters in the Eisenhower administration thought they were getting a Nice Start on lopping off appropriations for government Public works along come a couple of rude awakenings to upset their Sweet dreams of Economy. The rude awakenings All Stem from the brightened prospects for an armistice in Korea and better relations with the new regime in Russia following the death of Premier Stalin. As a result of these two developments the Stock Market does a nose dive. It is feared that defense production orders will be Cut Back. The worriers begin won Dering if that will cause a mild recession in the u. S. The upshot of All these things is that there have begun to rain Down on Washington requests for the Eisenhower administration to. Make some plans to re Lieve a possible depression. Demands for this kind of action come not just from people like Cio president Walter Reuther who wants president Eisenhower to Call a conference to draft a worksheet for full production and full Republican politicians from various Industrial areas around the country Are writing to their congressmen probably Button holing those who went Home for easter week vacation. This new development reverses the pressure exerted on Washington before Stalin died. The line then was Cut to the Bone All that awful waste and extravagance in Washington to give the taxpayers a now its Good grief Why does t Washington plan something to break a the answer to the worriers is that they can Stop fretting. Washington has on tap plans for at least billion Worth of Public works. Actual construction could be started just As fast As Congress appropriated the Money. The Eisenhower administration had nothing to do with the making of these plans. They were made by new dealers and fair dealers. The republicans might not want to use these particular plans for that reason. But if they wanted to Start something in a hurry All they d have to do is reach into the nearest filing Cabi nets to pull out a whole sheaf of plans in various stages of readiness. Breakdown of the billion estimate for Public works is roughly As follows army corps of projects Worth s3 billion at 1951 prices Bureau of Public plus Federal Aid plans for Miles of highways Esti mated to Cost billion As of april 1, 1951 Bureau of seven year program involving 350 projects Cost ing an estimated s2 billion. This is the big shelf of Reserve plans. A shelf of Small projects includes these general services administration plans to build Jor remodel Many u. S. Post office and Federal office buildings. Costs might Range anywhere from million to billion. Civil aeronautics administration Airport program has million unallocated out of its original seven year million program which has four years to run. In addition Caa has a million backing of unauthorized Airport improvement plans. Many of the projects planned several years ago As postwar depression stoppers might be found undesirable today. This would apply particularly to corps of engineers projects All of which have been authorized by Congress but Lack appropriation of Money. The authorized corps of engineers plans include 370 Rivers and harbours projects estimated to Cost billion and 580 flood control projects estimated to Cost billion. Today s construction costs Are higher. The billion reclamation program for the Western states includes 20 projects authorized by Congress for a total Cost of million. Of these three projects estimated to Cost million Are now being re studied to make sure they Are feasible. Incidentally rep. John p. By Drew Pearson one in Washington has had More ups and Downs during the last h months than president Eisenhower s brother in Law it. Col. Gordon Moore u. S. Army re tired. His ups and Downs Are unique even in Washington s unstable society. But As of today his ups far exceed his and As brother in Law Ike climbed to the peaks colonel Moore was mounting the Hills. Here in Brief is the colonel s Success Story. In february of 1952, colonel Moore and his attractive wife Mike sister hard put to meet their monthly Bills. They d recently bought a rather impressive Home and the going was Tough. They were even consider ing Selling their new Home for some ready Cash. At this crucial moment however o. Roy Chalk head of the newly organized inde pendent military air transport association offered colonel Moore a Job. He accepted at once. Chalk assigned the colonel to handle the association s relations with the Pentagon also Public relations of the association s 17-member . Chalk s selection of colonel Moore was not exactly an Accident. He had been thoroughly briefed on Moore s relationship to Ike and had handpicked the colonel Over the association s other candidate maj. Gen. Henry b. Sayler u. S. A., retired. At this Point Genera Eisenhower was still in Paris and even such supporters As sen. Henry Cabot Lodge were on tenterhooks As to whether he would return in time to give Battle to senator Taft for the Republican Nomina Tion. Then suddenly without warning on april 23, months after he was Moore was fired. He received the unexpected notice from Ben b. Managing director of the military air transport association informing him that he and the other employees in the Public relations office were fired with two weeks pay. Within a couple of Days however colonel Moore was rehired at the insistence of the association s Ike will win 1 faction led by Roy Chalk. A few weeks passed. Taft s strength seemed to be growing. To Many association members Taft was certain to get the nomination. Again with equal abruptness colonel Moore was fired. By now the Republican convention was Only a few Days away and the astute Roy Clark retained colonel Moore for another Job. He be came Washington representative of Chalk s own millionaire Chalk had not however put All his eggs in one political Basket. Only a few months previous he had also induced the in dependent military air transport association to buy a thousand Dollar table at the democrats Jefferson Jackson Day dinner. Full of Hope Chalk and colonel Moore went to Chicago for the Republican convention. Ike won. And Chalk who had bet on the right horse was Only too Happy to pick up the hotel Bill for the brother in Law of the Winner. Following the convention. Chalk returned to new York and his representative colonel Moore resumed work in Washington. A week later however Roy Chalk flew to Washington and made colonel Moore vice president of the trans Caribbean airlines. In less than six months colonel Moore had been hired three times fired twice and wound up As a vice president. Today colonel Moore is doing quite Well. He s no longer associated with Roy Chalk. But he s still in the airlines Money As a broker to the nonscheduled air lines. And just recently pan american airways the biggest in the business and the most expert at lobbying was making attractive Over Tures in his direction. War crimes prosecutor it often that who sends other people to jail is welcomed later by those he jailed. However such a tribute has just been paid to Joseph b. Keenan former no. 2 Man in the Justice department and former u. S. War crimes prosecutor in Japan. Keenan spent Many months in Tokyo after the end of the War. Sent some of its top Lead ers to jail for atrocities in the Philippines and for the attack on Pearl Harbor. But the other he went Back was cordially received by the emperor in the Japa Nese press and called on one of the War criminals he had convicted. He was Mamoru Shigemitsu Japan s foreign minister All during the War and sentenced to seven years in jail by Keenan s court. Shigemitsu. Whom i knew in peking when he was a second Secretary of the japanese embassy and i was a Young Newspaperman always seemed to me pro american. Keenan confirmed this impression said he did t want to prosecute him but the russians and other members of the court insisted on we were trying to get along with the russians in those Days. Whether Shigemitsu is pro american or not happens to be of great importance these for he May be the next Premier of Premier Yoshida fails of re election this month. Significantly. Shigemitsu received Keenan without bitterness said he Felt Japan s Only course was with the United states. Bouncing mayor Fahrettin gokay of Istanbul bounced into Washington the other Day then bounced on to Chicago and the West coast to attend various medical conventions. Mayor gokay sometimes called the la Guardia of Turkey has the Energy As the late mayor of new York and the same reputation for honesty. But mayor go Kay goes la Guardia one better. He is a doctor is in the United states to meet various psychiatric experts. Saylor of Pennsylvania has a Bill Pend ing to reauthorize All previous Recla mation projects and Start afresh. Bureau of Public roads stopped trying to tabulate state Highway construction plans two years ago because they changed so much. One of the big factors now holding up state Road programs is a shortage of engineers As Well As a shortage of state and Matching Federal funds. At the end of the War general services administration compiled a list of projects that might be built in every congressional District. Few of them of course will Ever be authorized. Out of Mil lion authorized for planning Only million has been appropriated. With this Money Osa has acquired Sites on 110 projects and has plans ready to Start building from 125 to Congress appropriates the Money. There has been Only million in Federal building since the War and Over Mil lion of that was in Washington. Editor Kingsport times dear sir please print the enclosed open letter to the Board of mayor and aldermen. W. B. Deacon Jones to the Board of mayor and aldermen of Kingsport honorable sirs it is gradually transpiring that during the past several months you gentlemen have been under tremendous pressure to author ize without the vote of the peo ple the addition of what i con Sider another Poison to our City water. It seems to be a hush hush Campaign. You Are sup posed to sneak it in like they did at Nashville. This confirms a statement of Wight Bryan president of the american society of newspaper editors in today s april 16 times the fight for Freedom of Access to news of Public interest is far from As he called for a continuing Battle to protect the people s right to Why not have All the known facts placed before the custom ers of thu Kingsport water works about the idea of dump ing an inorganic poisonous As i believe substance into the water Supply with the idea that it will prevent tooth decay in very Small children who drink the water most Urban water supplies these Days contain chlorine. Fluoridation supporters claim that adding fluorine is just like adding chlorine hence not even worthy of debate. However chlorine is added to water to kill the germs of certain communicable diseases. Anyone refusing t this Protection and contracting such a disease becomes a men Ace to the Community. Dental decay is not contagious. Therefore on what moral or ethical grounds can we Force Washington the House Are nov being punished. But the that is part of the club spirit on everyone in a Community to tax investigating committee is suspicion persists that thus far Capitol Hill drink fluoridated water which is up shag on in its exploration of it is Only the Little Fellows who no Bunici no Man s land Washington calling Marquis Childs Mac s window by w. I. Mcaulffe the investigation of whether there has been a shortage of am munition in the past is very interesting but something in the nature of spilt milk or water Over the dam. A More urgent question is is there now a Short age Gonna be is More important than and is is More important than there is a past tense but the present and future is even tenser. The Only Way to find out what an Oriental is going to do is to let him do it. Or Start to. Speaking of playing into the hands ol.1 the reds that nationalist chinese army in Burma is made to order for them. A but Chiang Kai Shek with hi.1? Tongue in his sleek. Says lie has no control Over that army and we say. We can t control Chiang Kai Shek. Uncle Sam should talk More like a dutch Uncle to some of his friends. There is the Story of the two opticians who went to a Conven Tion and had a Good time Mak ing a pair of spectacles of them selves. A an englishman heard that Story and went Home and told his wife about two opticians who made a pair of eyeglasses of themselves. A. The old woman hater said Adam would have been better off if he had acted like the three Little monkeys. Hear no eve see no eve and speak to no eve. Is Milwaukee going to be the Bridges is now president pro place that makes the Bee raves which Mav do him untold harm w vice president tie is Aiso Cnair it frequently takes More furthermore chlorine is added Rol Cal meddling in the by Coats and the deep freezes they Man of the Al powerful approx Dom to ask advice than to rive to water areas much of it Reau of internal Revenue began Are the Small Fry of the influence a relations committee. In View of it. And it sometimes takes even escape when the water is drawn shortly before the and the Eminence of his official to greater Wisdom to refuse advice find Tan Ami All of it Riu ministration. It became a habit the committee has now re sit Ion he should surely ask to that is Given bolted when the water is heated in the Truman the a line of inquiry that appear again before the House Sjef to hearings have produced one seems to Lead to something big committee if Only to explain the a. Fellow spoke of a certain remains in the water spa tort he nip As trip piece of evidence after another Ger Afler a previously Hunsuc relationship with Lewis Mayber russian As a shadowy figure like water boils away the fluorine be us6d the Bride at a wed comes More concentrated. Medicine is Given to prevent cure or alleviate disease. Fluor i Dation is for the purpose of pre venting or alleviating dental Dis ease. Fluorides Are poisonous chemicals which a Layman can not buy for self medication except by prescription. Since Hollywood to fax tax cases. Tortious Henry w. The dutch judge Goldsborough. He has told Ding. Ooh. Some of the influence paddlers Man Grunewald the tax invest reporters that this is merely a a to gators have had him on the re hash of old testimony. A radio comedian said he. Again. Grunewald is await representative Robert w. Kean dreamed that he was in hell ing sentence for contempt of a no chairman of the House and somebody said How Aid Congress with the nature of his group has so far shown both Vou know it was hell he said sentence apparently depending tenacity and courage in trying he was strapped in a chair and on his response to current ques to get at the facts. But commit a fellow in a red suit with a Tail Cesar Romero complaining tons. Tee members Are hearing of was telling him his own jokes. Medication refers to Imp Regna about Hollywood s system of once again the committee has great pressure brought on the Tion with anything medical or doling out the big roles run into an obstacle that earlier chairman to Stop the inquiry. A smart business Man should with a drug or chemical and Good parts Are hard to find brought the inquiry up Short. It should not be stopped. If the keep his dealings with his Secre since fluoridation is for the Pur hard to get. The producers at this is the involvement of sen trails opened up once again Are tary strictly business Between poise of impregnating the Public the moment want Monty Clift Ator styles Bridges a no and not followed through then the 9 and 5, says one of those smart itself with fluorides it appears Marlon Brando or Burt Lancas his role in the tax Case Cloud of suspicion will never be Fellows who offer advice. In other pointless to deny that this novel Ter. It All settles Down to that of Hyman Klein a Baltimore cleared away. The doubt will words never kiss her during prophylactic procedure is a form no other actors get a crack at it. Liquor dealer. Grunewald has car persist that while the Little fish business hours of mass says or. V. In 16 years i be done Only two ried this curious Story one step get caught the big fish get away. O. Hurme of the Forsyth dental parts that were show further. Congressional Courtesy May there Are stories about the infirmary for children in bos them no mercy and Captain in his testimony he linked prevent any interrogation of meanest Man in the world but ton from Bridges with Lowell Mayberry senator Bridges but Mayberry there is a Story already in print fluorine is stored in the body a a one of John l. Lewis lawyers should be called. Representative once about the meanest woman in the form of insoluble Calcium Esther Williams not too Many he told the committee that the Hale Boggs

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