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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - April 20, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeBeatrice Fairfax says husband s spoiling of child creating tension in Home a curious situation in which the coming of a child has Cre ated trouble Between a husband and wife is this my husband and i got along Fine together until our Little girl came along. J Donnie is not quite two. But is really Well on the Way to being completely spoiled by her father. She is smart enough to know that when dad comes Home she can get away with anything and everything and i say to her does t mean a thing when he is around. When things get too bad he just walks out and i am left with her screaming. True it Only takes me about five min utes to get things under control again after he has left but the tension is really getting me Down. I be thought of walking out and just leaving my Hus band to Cope Wilh the situation for a few Days by himself to see child he has a new toy to play with. So he plays with it in the Way that gives him the greatest pleasure regardless of what it does to the child. I wonder if it might help mat ters if the Mother would get hold of some Good Book on bringing up children and with week s club events monday Iota chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma society at Kingsport inn at . For dinner meet ing. I Delta chapter of Beta Sigma Phi . With mrs. S. L. Showker 1102 Watauga St. Eastern Hawkins count civic club supper 7 . For parents of scouts and civic club members at Liberty Hill school John Hawkins of Johnson City scout executive will be guest speaker out saying a word leave it on town and country Garden the living room table where Herl club . With mrs. Fred husband might see it and per haps be interested enough to pick it up and look it Over. If he is not nagged into doing so if she does not even Call his at Tention to the Book there might be a Good Chance of his doing just that. Here then Are two suggestions to make a beginning at Hawkins 1844 fair Oaks Road mrs. R. L. Peters or. Will be guest speaker. Circle 11 of first presbyterian Church 8 . In the ladies Par Lor. Tuesday Cedar Grove improvement league p. M. At the school. To her Library and ask the librarian to recommend a Book of this kind i be mentioned. These haps she will write me again and broken ill me know if they have been solving her problem. To do a pcs of Morrison Chapel something definite always makes Church . With mrs. Sam one feel better so let this an make an appointment with Garden Guild 8 . With mrs. Her doctor at once and also Goia e Greene sr., 201 w. Wanola. I might find myself locked out of my Home for Good. I myself came from a Home and i Don t want any so thing like that to happen to my Donnie. I realize that people often say it is better for children to have their parents separated if they cannot agree but i know to go to from my own experience that Ai broken marriage does not always Kingsley school will hold its Lynn Garden hoc . At Lynn Garden presbyterian Church. 1 Long Island chapter Dar . At the Home of mrs. Robert h. Hasek 1553 Crescent or. Assistant hostesses will be mrs. James b. Parsley miss Effie bean and mrs. Robert Meredith. If. I n i i i morning Star class of the found up Highland methodist Church at the Home of mrs. W. L. Jones 2320 Bloomingdale ave. Kingsport Art Guild at the of tavern is pilgrimage offer tour ends tues. As Early As 1785 an old store Kingsport times monday april 20, 1953 3 Kingsport child study club sees film the common of Meef the common parents and the child him film on Tennessee s Library Fa-1 self if he has been exposed to stood in what is now Blountville h pc f variety of books play an in and today the dining room of t the recent important part. The old tavern Home of judge j q the Kingsport ,.the librarian uses lists the study club by mrs. Anne sum which have been prepared by sex was moved in 1800 mers Kingsport City librarian perts who have examined and in is by retain mrs James k Hudson program read the books used them with no try chairman introduced mrs. Sum children and recorded their re William Peery. Action to the Blok alld then this old mansion and store is Summers in her talk on evaluated them and recorded the one of the outstanding places is being opened to the this week under the Spon of the Kings of Anu Sultie the first la months Orbe examined at your City Library the House Rel be each div 1952 10 947 new books were Are recommended children s the House be open each l q being the Chilers Home i Venile books. The Horn Book. Chil the average child during the Ciren s books too Good to seven years Between age 7 to and four to can read Between 400 to 600 the Board appoint children and said that results in bibliographies in Mak p Sunn of the new books publish i eng her final mrs. Chartered in 1951 not Bunting new Edi a Summers concluded. Some of the 1-072 were juvenile Book lists mentioned which can during the week from o clock and hostesses will be on hand at All times to give the i history of the House and its i furnishings. I m the most this old mansion so he has a wide the fou owing nominating known As inn offered ton which to committee to prepare a of As Deriv inn offered ,.several outstanding i divid officers for the coming year . Urls participate in the selection James k. Hudson Chai Marj of children s mrs. J0hn w. Campbell and mrs. Mers continued. The Atkins Library committee the teacher. New mrs. Soilis annual Spring round up for pre school children tuesday be ginning at ., according to mrs. Virgil Green Pat health Kingsport ians relaxing amid the Palms at Florida s famed Silver Springs where they visited recently Are or. And mrs. Harold Campbell 1540 Pineola ave. Photo by Mozert Silver i hospitality to Many weary trav Elers among whom were Andrew Jackson. William Blount John Sevier. Samuel Doak James k. Polk. Andrew Johnson Lafayette and Louis Phillipe. Of France. I the Fine craftsmanship of the Dickson Schnoo mantels door facings and Wains i coming throughout the House Are i i 11- noteworthy As Well As the rare nos Kounou up pieces of furniture Luster pitch chairman. Parents of children who will Linden drive he my Vears of Aee by dec 31 2 mrs Joe Creasy Highway 81 de six years 01 age of dec. Jii aug Ivan should Theo he comic mrs. Gene Bowers is club hostess the Home gardeners met monday with mrs. Gene Bowers mean Happy children. Brothers and Sisters and not Happy As children with our parents but their divorce did t make us Happy either. All we Ever Felt was that terrible feel ing of insecurity. I am in my late twenties and my husband in his Middle forties. He is a Good Man but a stubborn one and no one can talk to him about the mistake he is making with our child. What has brought All this to a head right now is that my brother was killed last sunday in an Accident and the Shock on lop of everything else has pot me in such a state that i am afraid i May have a nervous Here is a woman who needs a doctor badly. Not Only does she need medication and rest to tide her Over the acute nervous Shock of her brother s death but she needs to Tell her mrs. Gene Bowers and to someone who can have a talk honorable mention mrs. Adrian with her husband and the Doc Felknor. Tor May be just the right per-1 son. If the doctor is a Man of insight and wide he should be since Large City he should and doubt j less will be perfectly aware Tenute sales Din Home of mrs. David Hedburg at 8 . A. G. Wynn Art instructor at Dobyns Bennett High school will be the speaker. Glen Alpine methodist Church circles . As follows 1, mrs. Sam Sullivan gardens. Wednesday Litz Manor hoc p. M. With miss Stella Couch 2820 i Johnson City Highway. Change in Date. I Woodrow hoc 1 p. By. With on Pineola Avenue. Marga Meyer Circle of holy speaker for the evening lutheran Church Watt Backer who gave pointers i p. M. In Church social rooms. On How to time our Flowers Joe Eusea and mrs a a that they will produce their hostesses at a Given time. Arrangements were judged As follows first mrs. Gene Bowers second mrs. Kenneth Eggers r is a Man of experience As i v Foj. E she lives in Ai the maladjustment in her Home is at the Bottom of her present nervous crisis and should know How to Deal with it. Or if she does not feel competent to do so himself he should be Able to direct her to someone who can. But it is not at All impossible i that if he has the right kind of talk with her husband he can himself do much to improve the whole situation. Ner. Opt mrs. Bridge. Wednesday it is quite Likely that the Basic i banquet. Club dinner and District meeting dinner. East Tenn. Machine account ing dinner. Ladies Day Golf and Bridge. Executives club dinner. High school pee school round up at fort Robinson school at 1 . Chil Drin should be accorn pained Byi their birth certificates and one Parent. J women s Council first Chris Church meeting and covered dish luncheon at noon. Westview Park methodist a pcs at 2 . For general meeting. Sunnyside Baptist wms 2 . With mrs. J. C. Fletcher. Thursday Virginia currens Circle of holy Trinity lutheran Church 8 p. M. In Church social rooms. Ers. Aude on plates hand Woven curtains and coverlets As Well As Many other things handed Down through judge and mrs. Cald Well s family for Many generations. D. Moore or. And mrs. Kyle Kine Werr introduced and mrs. A e b. Chestney and mrs. Lacy West were welcomed As visitors. Hostesses for the social hour were mrs. James a. Brockman the Spring pre school round mrs Marshall , and mrs. E. Up will be held at Dickson school l. Scranton. Wednesday from 9 to 11 This round up is for children who plan to enter school for the first time in the fall. The Conn 3. Men tit child is required to bring a a birth certificate and should be student at Wesleyan College other houses in by Elf rent Athens her schoolmates which will be open today i re i ii Doris weary of Chatham n. Tuesday include Rother a it sch cqq6s p1uiiov miss Betty colmes. Nome o or. And mrs. M Tenn., miss Ann g. Stone i aspirin for Tennis trophy amazing Cwm shampoo re colors flair in 17 minutes a i Chattanooga. Roy led Ord. Ath Home of or. And mrs. Harvey. Ions and Don Mcelroy Home of. Havana up mrs. Frances Mckee of and mrs. C. P. Edwards or. or. And mrs. R. The Armstrong Home Gan Calif won Miller of Rogersville. Or. And mrs. C. B. Singles use a t the w. R. Pendleton my veda do Tennis club invitation 1.0 his Home on gravely w11cox tournament sunday by defeating from a week s visit with his the old Fresby Tenan brother h. L. Pendleton in is also for inspection Andis player from Miami Fla., 6-4. Now change streaked. Gray straying or hair to a new Jum Rou Youthful looking color. Iry Timz Creme shampoo tint . It s i new colouring Rwjr re colors Hai Home m it Bonita Springs Fla. Barefooted refugee women of the Church will serve a 1 sandwiches and Coffee from Thelma Long of Australia until monday and won the women s by defeat Creme shampoo Mir Couming Ridge Fields country club will be closed today but Selb Germany i Bare anyone wishing to lunch there rooted czech Border guard fully Ion tuesday May do so. The Pil armed strolled into West Many today and asked for tical Asylum. The Audi Lorum serves a the guard surrendered i Headquarters for the pilgrimage Eims and ammunition and told arid Here tickets May be obtained Frontier police he had thrown information received. The away his shoes to make tickets for All six houses March More Are priced at s2 and each individual House is 50c, the admission fee to be payed at the Gate. Block tickets May also be of ing Marta Barnett of Miami 6-0, 6-1. Drug stores u i j i music Leader Dies Nashville up a promo trained the of each place mrs. H. W. Combsjr. And mrs. Every stitch gives double Bob Bennett co hostesses. M. You sew this Urquiza will show slides nent Nashville civic music Lead 10 be shown Andrew Ponder died here1 South America. Perennial Garden with mrs. Sam Miller onic try twosome inhere for now and All summer c p Fessor Nad been n club 8 p. designed for the Shorter Sirice a Ril 12 he was acute i Iller 1609 car Fuller figure Cut m Nashville and Melddie Tennesse trouble Here lies in the wide Dif Ference in age Between this wife and her husband so that their Points of View Are far apart. A saturday school banquet. Church Hill High to u. _ ill uric 1 it i i Tiina ave. Members Are asked j no alteration worries when fit . To bring Small line diamonds exclusively at w. B. Greene co. Attention High school seniors Lincoln memorial University is now of Epting applications for september enrolment. Founded in 1897 As a living memorial to Abraham Lincoln. Grants . And . Degrees in seventeen major subjects and eight pre professional Fields. Write for catalogue View Book and application. For further information write administrative Secretary Lincoln memorial University Harro Etc Tennessee ments not exceeding 12 inches. Pattern 9150 half sizes Xvi. Kingsport Book club 3 p. A lsv2, size at the Home of mrs. J. Fred dress Yards 39-Inch fab s Man who has his first child when japanese is written in Johnson Watauga Street. Tic Bolero a Yards when he is in his forties does j chinese characters it can be Book review of Paauw 8 . This easy to use pattern gives not always make the Wisest sort by a chinese although mrs. J. W. Thompson. M. Complete illustrated of father. In fact this fault of does not speak japanese and St., mrs. C. V. Haggman sew Chart shows you every spoiling a child is very Apt to i would give the characters a to will review god s Graves and Send cents in coins occur in just such a Parent who i tally different phonetic value scholars by c. W. Ceram. For this 5 cents for j feels although he does t1 from what they had in Japa i Friendship social club from each pattern if you wish 1st class realize it himself that in his Nese. 3-5 . At Kingsport utilities for mailing. Send to Marian Martin Spring Tea. I care of Kingsport times 62 Pat i St. Dominic s Guild fashion Tern dept., 232 West 18th St. Show and Bridge . For new York 11. N. Y. Print plainly reservations Call mrs. W. H. Har name. Address with one size risen. 3508-w or mrs. Herbert land style number. I Merrill 2033. I a mrs. Helen Ottenfeld addresses Dickson Pat on speech hearing i speech is a function of the l Gram. They Sang whole child and anything which affects the child s growth physical mental social or emotional May result in defective speech mrs. Helen Ottenfeld speech and hearing therapist for the Sulli Van county schools told Mem Bers of the Dickson school Pat tuesday evening. . Ottenfeld discussed the shucking of the and of Friday dinner meeting of United Imay with breakfast rain or Shine. Mrs Neal Ketron. Rock Springs Road. . Luther Cari co and mrs. Bill Stewart assist ing hostesses. Members Are asked speech and hearing program i accompanied by mrs. H. Which was started in the county d. Dale. Schools this year and explained some of the underlying causes of defective speech in children. She stressed particularly the role parents play in determining the speech pattern of their Chil Dren. She cited emotional immaturity which May result from the child s Over dependence in Security or fears As an important cause. Miss phys is Hampton music teacher presented some sixth Prade students in a musical pro new arrivals Ralph Donald Glymp son of or. And mrs. Forest Church Hill route 4, at Holston Valley Community Hospital april 17, weighing 7y2 pounds. Janice Kay Calhoun daughter of or. And mrs. William t. Cai Houn Kingsport route 9, at Hych april 17, weighing pounds 8y2 ounces. I mrs. Homer Abbott installed world federalists . At the new officers for the Paul s Parish House. Speak 1vjci11ucio Aie mum year president mrs. Carl Sykes on United Nat on revision to Bari t arrangements vice president mrs. Kenneth i was half crazy from torture and pain until Pazo gave Relief " Tynt my. A. A. It Huffman Secretary . W. C. Davis treasurer mrs. Carl Van . At the close of the instal lation miss Hampton Sang mrs. Willard Duncan presi Dent was in charge of the Busi i m. L. Gemert. Open to the Public. I Golda memorial a pcs . With mrs. Marshall Beverly. Skyline drive. Grange Hall Pat fathers night . At the school. Medical doctors wives . With mrs. W. A. Wiley 1701 or in Hurt a nov and itching pain of Simp e piles Init Jelly to Rel Irv Amain Nuj i crts Tonj Ness meeting. She reminded Par mrs m d. Massengill assisting s ends of the Spring round up be held at the school wednes Jris Garden club For Day april 22. A social hour followed the meeting. The Pat colors of blues and Gold were carried out in the table decorations. Mothers and teachers of the second and third grades served. I i get Comfort. Doctor about it. Suppository form or with Pirfo Raifort Pip to treasure a distinctive photograph of it s Here bread fresh from the oven for nutria Toloui Elict a Wight. My Picton cd try loaf Tram Quality. Got it at your Tioy and Day i phone 622 113 Cherokee St. Extra fast headache Relief extra rut Relief Whit 7011 mat when headache is pounding away and dial s exactly what you get when you use Tablet or powders. 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