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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - April 20, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies Sunset . First Quarter . Moons it tuesday a a. Prominent stars Capella. Low in Northwest 10-42 a line drawn through the sky tonight from Capella to Moon will pass very close to Castor and Pollux the Twansi All times Eastern Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 78 Kingsport Tenn., monday april 20, 1953 16 pages five cents the weather partly Cloudy and cold with Frost Likely tonight Low about 32. Tuesday mostly sunny becoming warmer. Local noon temperature 39 last night s Low 33 sunday s High 56. Snowfall .10 Inch. 30 freed americans will Fly Home Poston to seek to raise county finance rating magistrates to get request for school Bond Issue today by Neal o Steen Blountville re quest for a school Bond Issue was to be made at the county court session Mon Day afternoon. County judge Howard Poston revealed in his quarterly report Here today. Included in the proposed Bond Issue will be for actual Cost of constructing additions to four county High schools and building a new High school plus As the cities share. Kingsport and Bristol share in county Bond issues on the basis of Scholastic population. The school census shows county students and in City schools. J judge Poston informed the court that the Low bid for construction works at Sullivan hol Ston Mary Hughes and Blount Ville High schools totalled 000. Added to this amount will be 5 per cent for architects fees 5 per cent for contingencies 31.25 per cent for Kingsport and Bris Tol and about for the construction of a new Blooming Dale High school. An Effort to improve the county s financial rating will be made in connection with proposed Bond Issue Poston said. The judge said he had discussed the county s financial rating see court Page 5 Tafi Woich smooth exchanges boost truce Hope others protest housing slash republicans demos claim House Economy plan goes too far 35 More americans to be released tuesday u. N. Speeds up processing Panmunjom Korea american soldiers freed in the first prisoner Exchange of the korean War Washington up two will Start the Long journey Home tuesday. I Republican congressional Lead they Are expected to take off for Tokyo in a giant hos ers protested today that the Pital plane shortly after . Est monday. In House appropriations commit Tokyo they will enter army hospitals for final processing Sullivan county 4-h group shown above recently took a Home electric course at the Kingsport utilities. Fred s. Larue was instructor. Included in the group Are Ranny Hilton Jimmy Kite Johnny Hurley Jerry Light Leon Logan Jake Snapp Ephie Shulor Lowell Strong Bobby Upchurch Ryland Miller Bonnie Cox Charles necessary Brenda Green Trula Hicks Betty Ketron Neshma Ward Jessie May roller and Peggy Hicks. Photo by Lyle tee carried its Economy drive too far in applying the axe to government housing programs. Senate gop Leader Robert a. Taft took Issue with the com Mittee s decision to bar new Public housing. He told reporters be will support president Eisen Hower s request for authority to Start new Public housing of asks big Jet planes Strat Jet bombers to Cost billion fire Levels Snow in april meet set tues. Delegates arriving for Tenn. Convention Nashville to Tennessee s limited constitutional convention were arriving Here today amid intensive Cam Washington up air plans Call for production of than 2.000 b-47 Strat Jet bombers at an estimated Cost of it was Learned to Day. The figures cover planes Al ready produced those on and a Large new order to be placed if approval is granted in the Eisenhower administration s i forthcoming defense budget. Final budget decisions Are expected in a week to 10 Days. The air Force has attached highest importance to the More than 600-mile an hour Strat jets Dur ing the defense department s store in Pound a. Norton a. Blaze levelled the two Story Mill Creek Supply company building near Pound Early sunday night. Four families living in apartments Over the store were made homeless. The fire of undetermined origin apparently broke out in the store building at . Fire departments from Clintwood and Norton arriving about one hour Congress Roundup tidelands Bill f l l i hits filibuster Kefauver prepared to resume his talk later fought the Blaze for an hour but were unable to do More than keep it from spread ing. Water had to be drawn from a Small Creek nearby with from Chattanooga eastward to a in to Ltd Imp Trtan hits it areas storms in Southern states fatal to 10 from press dispatches scattered Snow fell briefly to Day in Kingsport Knoxville and other East Tennessee Points. The weather Bureau said traces of Snow fell All the Way a gasoline . Peter Davis owner of the building and occupant of one of Tri cities Airport in the upstate Rea. The thermometer Reading and rest before they Fly Back across the Pacific to their Home land. Besides the 30 americans 70 other ailing Allied radians British turkish south1, african greek filipino and South exchanged today for 400 North koreans and 100 chinese communist troops. Units in the coming fiscal year. Thirty five More americans chairman Jesse p. Wolcott of Are to be freed in the second the House banking committee j Exchange of sick and criticized the committees prisoners with the to halt government purchases of Home mortgages insured by the veterans administration or the Federal housing administration. He said it is More important for the government to encourage private Home building than to balance the budget. Names of first 30 americans freed by reds Panmunjom up follow communists starting at 7 is the official United a est monday. The announcement by i Lions command list of 30 Ameri an cans freed in the first prisoner army Seoul Hospital that All spokesman in the americans freed monday Are Able to Fly to Tokyo meant that none of them Korea. Was in such serious condition As were embodied in the first fed to need emergency treatment in eral spending Bill for the 1954 fiscal year. As it emerged from the House appropriations com Mittee last week it carried to run 23 Independent agencies during the year be ginning july 1. The measure comes up for House floor action1 tuesday. J rep. Clarence Cannon a ranking democratic Mem Ber of the appropriations com Mittee disputed gop claims that the Money Bill was slashed 61 per cent below former presi Dent Truman s budget estimates. He asserted that most of the the apartments estimated its plunged to 33 degrees last night value at stocks of Gro Jin Kingsport and the Low economies were "fake.1 Ceries furniture hardware 32._bvit the or Truman recommended a Public housing pro Gram for the coming year but or. Eisenhower in revising the Federal budget dropped the re quest to Small ammunition which were destroyed amounted to about he said. He carried no insurance. The building was located on route 83, two Miles Northeast Bureau said the cold snap should end tomorrow with the tempera Ture rising in the afternoon. Pint sized tornadoes and strange Hurricane like winds battered three Southern states overhauling of former president Washington week of Truman s fiscal 1954 spending 12-hour Senate sessions today traffic was the week end killing 10 faced a determined group of for about 45 minutes on the persons and injuring More than slivered to the air Force and the average Cost of a b-47, de senators opposing a Bill to establish state ownership of off paining by three of them for its production plan were 0 Tlona r ready for combat units is Esti Shore submerged lands which mated at about Are Rich in Oil. Details of the giant size b-47 Republican Leader Taft of Learned presidency. Sullivan county s delegates to the constitutional Conven Tion Are attorneys John r. Todd and Ernest f. Smith the convention opens in the state House chamber tomorrow. The three leading candidates for convention president Are former gov. Prentice. Cooper Shelbyville Cecil Sims and Ray mond Denny both of Nashville. All three expressed Confidence Over the week end they would win. The 99 delegates to this meet Ine will attempt to change some _ parts of the state s 83-year-old ing Ranee unamended charter. A dozen other attempts to modify it have failed in the past. Sections of the Constitution which the convention will study and possibly recommend changes to Are those dealing with Home Rule for towns and cities the governor s term of office and veto Powers legislators pay Ohio after twice failing to get after the defense department Al an agreement to limit debate Lowed Boeing air plane co. To publicize recent feats of a Strat Jet which flew 432.000 Miles during a Shakedown test. For one 30-minute period the plane s Crew latched onto an abnormal Tail wind and were borne Over the ground at a Speed of 794 Miles an hour. On the Long est of its 121 flights the b-47 stayed aloft 14 hours 25 min utes with the Aid of in flight re fueling. It dropped called for 12-hour sessions from 11 . To 11 . Daily. Sen. Kefauver who made one four hour speech sat urday was prepared to Lead off Pound Clintwood Road because 400. Of danger from falling Walls and explosions of Small ammunition. No one was Hurt. Besides or. And mrs. Peter property damage climbed into the millions of dollars. Countless Homes were wrecked. Hundreds were left jobless when again today on the 13th Day of apartments was saved. Senate debate on the submerged lands Issue. Taft accused foes of the Pend ing Bill of j to talk it to death. I witnesses chairman William Langer . Said his Senate Davis others living in the build the winds devastated an Ala ing were or. And mrs. Pet Sta Bama Cotton Mill. Three Gram Pleton and two children or. And mar schools in Columbus ga., mrs. A. E. Smith and three Chil were so heavily damaged that Dren and or. And mrs. Children were being reas Davis and four children. J signed to other classrooms on a most of the furniture from the double session basis. Russia backs Burma protest on chinese in a tragic sidelight eight per sons were killed in an Automo bile collision near Jackson a. Four of the victims were in route to inspect the damage to the Dent Eisenhower kept in close see housing Page 5 Ike keeps Eye on Korea swaps ambassador Bohlen presents credentials Augusta a. Up presi Exchange 1. John p. Porter e. Co., 24th regiment 25th division Lecompte la. Mrs. Margaret Porter wife 332 Bor Den St., Bordentown n. J. 2. Pfc. Robert c. Stell Balti in Tokyo it was announced More my. That they will be available for i 3 Cpl. Vernon l. Warren St. Interviews with correspondents1 l0msi to. Wednesday. 4. Pvt. Antonio Matos Rod the smoothness with which Santurce puerto Rico. See pos Page 5 5. Cpl. Richard o. Morrison Burlington Iowa. 6. Pvt. Robert f. Philpot he 2nd battalion 2nd division to vile a. Thomas Floyd Philpot father Rte. 3, hogans Villega. 7. Pfc. Almond l. Nolan Rex Ville n. Y. 8. Pfc. Raymond h. Medina the Bronx n. Y. 9. Cpl. Theodore Jackson Palestine Tex. 10. Pfc. David w. Ludlum it. Wayne ind. 11. Cpl. Kenyon l. Wagner Detroit Mich. 12. Pvt. Carl w. Kirchhausen Atlantic cily n. J. 13. Pfc. Donald k. Legay Leominster mass. 14. Cpl. James Lee Pinkston e. Co., 8th cavalry regiment 1st cavalry regiment 1st cavalry division Salisbury n. C. Olga e. Pinkston Mother p. O. Box fighting Falls weather grounds most u. N. Air planes Seoul fighting along the 155-mile korean Battlefront the authors of sputtered mealy then a11 but family Home hit by stiff winds at Montezuma. With surveys still in Progress 625 Homes in Arkansas Alabama Dummy bombs accurately from judiciary committee today United nations n. Y. Up and Georgia were reported de feet and at High Speed would consider legislation that Russia put to fun support polished. Approximately Over a mexican Gulf coast bomb would authorize a congressional today behind Burma s complaint1 others were damaged at least methods of amending the Constitution and women suffrage. The group is expected to meet for at least two weeks and pos Yoshida s liberals win shaky Victory Tokyo pro american committee to Grant a witness in immunity from prosecution for the any crime that might be re just United nations against half of them extensively. Sealed by his testimony. Ammunition the Senate armed services subcommittee investigating ammunition Short Ages called Gen. J. Lawton col Lins army chief of staff at a prime to pro american Public hearing today. Minister Shigeru Yoshida s color to sen. Edwi soil. Soviet Delegate Georgi n. A Rubin told the political com Mittee that the general Assem a Bly should take Steps to put an end to the acts of aggression of which the Kuomintang chinese nationalist group is Burma has asked the in to Brand the Formosa regime an aggressor. The complaint concerns an the As Ever present sets to receive color Sig army of irregulars which fled in pay and in sex Complete returns showed to Jenals in Black and White. Jinto Burma when the Cornu Pense Money a Day. The convention meets Edwin c John son a Colo said he is con Vinced the government will authorize a compatible color Tele Japan s political picture was system which would allow Liberal party won 42 per cent of the seats in the powerful House fit representatives yesterday but presence of National. Chinese irregulars on its gov. Gordon persons of Ala see weather Page 5 Street scenes . A Senate approx Ria lists overran China. The a after election in seven months gave tons subcommittee began Public Tion lists contend they have no two of the state so the liberals 199 seats in the 446 he hangs on the state depart two Oeck Lons of the state enough to tiao.521.337 budget re preme court and the second of two popular votes gave it approval. Bandleader forced to quit u. S. Tour Boston up bandleader member enough form a single party government. It was a loss of five seats. Yoshida had staked his Polit ical future on the balloting hop ing for a majority. However his Foremost rivals lost strength and j it was possible Yoshida would j Nick up enough outside strength to form his fifth Cabinet. J with Only three seats in doubt i this was the lineup 199 progressives 76 left so-1 Cia lists 72 right socialists 66 i liberals 35 co Nunu a come Back tour to go to new nist 1 others York by ambulance for medical slightly More ment s budget re quest for the coming 1954 fiscal control Over this army but they admit that Chiang Kai Shek s government has some influence with its Leader. Touch with Washington today on the korean War prisoner Exchange As he and Republican Senate Leader Robert a. Taft planned another Day of private talks and Golf. For the first time since the armies swapped disabled prison ers at Panmunjom. Aside from a few patrol contacts the reds threw Only three Light probing attacks against Allied Forward positions the eighth army said. Murky weather grounded most 396, Jacksonville n. C. 15. First it. Roy m. Jones White House set up its own private Telephone switchboard. A special teletype circuit linked the golfing White House with Washington and couriers brought highly confidential matters to Pede stans trying to ignore president by air. Snow flurries from Leaden sky or Eisenhower withheld direct and remarking hopefully it comment on the list Exchange can t last Long. Of sick and prisoners. Robin leathers ruffled i meanwhile u. S. Ambassador cold wind huddling Charles e. Bohlen handed his u. N. Warplanes today following Minn sunday s Mammoth assault 16 Robert w. Shaw against Wash. 17. Pvt. Louis a. Pumphrey usic h co., 7th regiment 1st Marine division Tuscaloosa see names Page 5 teacher s funeral scheduled tuesday mrs. Harold l Hayworth 1617 Pineola ave., died at her Home sunday at 2 ., after an extended illness. A native of Bell county ky., she had lived in Kingsport for 16 positions. The fifth air Force called it the biggest close sup port Effort in six months. More than 225 Jet and propel Ler driven fighter bombers drop Ped fire and explosives on the red lines from Dawn concentrating on the front. There was a Brief air Alert in the Seoul area sunday night when three to five red planes circled the big West coast port of Inchon and Kimpo Airfield. To dusk Western president has been coming to no bombs were dropped. Augusta As chief executive the the Navy announced that a Shell from a red Shore Battery South of won san hit the main against amid full blown Apple Blos soms and sounding optimistic chirps. Little Tot setting up howl and refusing to Budge when her Mother turned thumbs Down on request to buy pop credentials to president Kle Menti Vor Shilov of the soviet Union today in Moscow and stated that the guiding principle of american foreign policy is peace Bohlen Rode in state from the deck of the u. S. Destroyer Kyes years and taught first Grade at sunday causing Only superficial damage. U. S. Reds branded a puppet of soviet Washington up t subversives activities control Board today labelled the communist party of the United states a subsidiary and puppet of the soviet Union seeking in u. S. Embassy to the Kremlin toys pavement of americans and or jeered it to Register with the at make his formal Call. Squires have Power to Sef up Sullivan county juvenile court Torney general. The government treatment. The King of swings brother turned out. 101 73 per cent of the electorate million editor s note following is the John ser Ltd of subjects or vital interest Soll Ltan county. Political observers had predicted that a coalition of dissident split away from Yoshida last progressives and some rightist socialists would Rule. Favored to head such a coalition was either Ichiro Hato in Law jazz impresario John Henry Hammond said Good Man s condition was the Hammond reported that every thing was under control but the future of Goodman s tour was in doubt. Drummer Gene Krupa took Over for Goodman to two sym phony Hall concerts yesterday i liberals or one legged mama to support it. Grand jury report. Follow other articles will by veal o Steen times news writer Sullivan county can have the question of a juvenile court for Sullivan county popped Back into the limelight last week when the grand jury released its report. Establish ment of the court ranked High on the list of county needs de scribed by the grand jury. Evidence that Only one fifth handled in a general sessions of the county s Inhabi-1 court where there May be Little he party using the cloak of the United states Constitution strives for the establishment of a dictatorship of the proletariat in the United states a goal which would Rob the Ameri an people of the Freedom they have in a 218-Page report on 15 months of hearings the Board said the communist party juvenile court to handle prob along with a county juvenile Lem children whenever the grand jury stressed county court deems such need for a workable Proba Vama Leader of the dissident i court necessary and finds Money Ilion system and a general in _ to. 31 in offo Nunn Rrt in Darhla j crease in attention to juvenile after the 43-year-old clarinet St suffered two heart attacks with in 18 hours. Goodman came out of retire ment to reassemble the band that made him famous in the 1930 s. Re Shigemitsu progressive Leader. The rightist socialists picked up strength from their previous total of 60, while the leftists made the biggest leap from a pre election total of 56. To Date the magistrates have problems not seen fit to put into effect evidence that the county could an enabling act passed by the use a juvenile court is shown by 1951 general Assembly which requests gave them authority to establish coming for advise and from suburban help and a Sullivan county areas to the Kingsport court. I juvenile court office. Tants technically Are served by the Kingsport juvenile court May be deduced from census Fig ures. Testimony to the need of a county juvenile court comes from the general sessions court which now handle a great majority of juvenile cases Aris ing in the county. While the general sessions court was set up primarily to handle cases involving adults the two divisions at Kingsport and Bristol have jurisdiction in juvenile cases arising in the county. But Are juvenile problems Best or no counselling and no Proba Tion officer to keep Check on youngsters returned to their Homes on probation All we have time to do is just what is actually necessary to try the general sessions judge s. G. Gilbreath of juvenile cases brought before him in the Busy Kingsport court. There is no time for pre trial conferences with parents or essential element in the rehabilitation of a child. This work could be handled by a juvenile Counse see juveniles Page 5 Lincoln school for seven years. She was a member of the first presbyterian Church. She is survived by her Hus band Harold l. Hayworth one daughter Linda Hayworth a Dobyns Bennett student her Mother mrs. J. G. Creech of Pineville by. Four Brothers Frank and Ray Creech of Pine the Ville Clifford and Fred Creech of Middlesboro by. One Sis Ter mrs. B. L. Somerville of Point pleasant w. A. Funeral services will be held at 3 . Tuesday at first Presby Terian Church. Or. M. O. Som mers will officiate. Burial will be in Oak Hill cemetery. The body Board said via re Nain at Hamlett Dobson funeral Home until time for services. Members of the family Sug Gest that contributions to the american cancer society in Stead of Flowers will be equally appreciated. Address of the society Here is Box 131. So lunar tables Bors unstinting by to Advance the world communist the Board said Russia has established a requirement of Iron discipline throughout the world communist movement which imposes upon the communist Par ties and their members in the various countries the duty of following with unquestioned de Votion the line Laid Down by the soviet the government cannot enforce the Board s order until the party has exhausted All appeals to the courts. Former rep. Vito Marcantonio Alp by attorney for the communist party intends to fight the order to the supreme court the schedule of so lunar As printed below Bas been taken from John Alden Knight s so lunar tables plan your Days so that you will fishing in Good territory or Hunting in food cover during these times. If you Welsb to find Sest sport that each Day has to offer the major periods Are Fth own to Type these begin at the times shown and last for an hour and a half or two Rigours thereafter the minor periods shown in regular Type Art of somewhat Shorter ration. Use Eastern Standard time . . Mhor major minor major 20 monday 21 tuesday 21 wednesday thursday Friday 25 saturday 36 sunday 4-05 in u Lake stages Watauga Lake level monday. 1.926.1 feet Cherokee s. Holston Boone

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