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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - April 19, 1957, Kingsport, TennesseeIke in t really budging much budget by jam15s m Alt Low associated press news analyst Washington president Eisenhower in t really budging much from the spending Money he requested of though thursday Congress even he proposed a ing in terms of two billions for farm federation meets on Cotton Memphis Al my South Lead cars of the american farm Burnu federation gather today for n conference on present the demands for cuts continued. In Congress the House democrats voted overwhelmingly with the republicans overwhelmingly opposed for a Resolution calling on Eisenhower to Tell Congress when cuts could be made would put the fib. Government thursday he answered the position Cut sounds i Lenffer by Battle with such a special Sage to Congress suggesting some and noting some other Cut of almost two billion dollars in his budget. It s because of arithmetic shut the bigger than it is. Early in january he Send and noting some other budget message to Congress he said Congress May want in effect this is what he said to Cut. They came to a total of i m asking you to approve my did this look like a spending of s73.300.000.000. Adu contradiction of what he said ally i will spend Only april 3. It really was t. 000 of ii in the 1958 fiscal your this is Why Beri iming next july 1. The remember his budget called for difference of 1 2 be spending in fiscal in following years j1958. With another i1, billion to even so. That in be spent later. Most of the Clural spending Money was a rec 000.000 he suggested thursday As Ord peacetime budget. His cams would come out of is ration attacked in and 0111 the i1, billion he did t need for of Congress. Big cuts in the by id spending in fiscal 1958. Were demanded. Roughly Only the remaining 300 but Eisenhower argued that the millions would come out of the fee tire was about the Best he could from which he said offer. On april his budget Ion april 3, no startling reduce Bureau was combing his budget tons could be expected. Thus the All Over again looking for spots president has been pretty consist to economize he told a in sticking by his Early state conference he did t expect torments that his second spending find reductions big enough to be i budget was about As tight As it startling i am not think-1 could be made. And its future. It s the second of Lour meetings at the first delegates tentatively j approved a program aimed a to cheaper lower Price supports. Backers of the plan in a better planning commission n he mar thursday night As Nylon. A similar program is Beins urged by producer c l _ Kim div. April Limtt 5 Ity planning studies at bargain Board told Fly Bank it Kinji sport has been netting expensive professional planning serv argue this ices at bargain rates the Kingsport 1 e a r n e i and indications Are the City will have to pay More for less such the american he Luquire. Iwer e associates and was professional planner Siclari Jcu Reni state fiscal yen m Uchim Given tentative endorsement said the City paid he recommended thai iwo Ter Day by Industry leaders in a last year for planning studies that to planned Lor Hie male meeting Here. Actually Cost 50.500 to make. Iii Iii july 1 the first farm Bureau federa rest came trom stale and Federal that they be chosen Fennii Union lion meeting on the subject was funds. Held last. Wednesday m Columbia. Marquis explained tin s. C. Others will ii nit. Most Shoum i the Hosi in of the family of the neighbors in me neighbourhood were quite tin Oiler was acc pics. Study deserves six year did Anne had been Shar Marquis estimated the City t. M. Divine renewed a Sugges in children the inform would have to pay a Basic a Rimigion thai the intern Misiun Slu irom her Par salary of at least u year up by the Survey be discussed about the Way babies were Lor a qua lied full Lime planner a series of meetings in the though those complain Long plus secretarial and other Epson Siudy areas concerned to Ines lion the accuracy of pcs. He recommended a How Iho i Opelc in those areas feel Anne s Riate innels they fell their budget. About the subject. This to Sug were too Young to know five major planning nested could As a partial were made Lor Kin sport m the guide to which if any of the areas to Annex. Three burglars shot to death in baffle with Chicago police Chicago three burglar was emptied while two rounds had be held Phoenix. Ariz. Monday and Dallas on wednesday. Kingsport today civic auditorium no activity scheduled Krutik l. Cloud Rorr Matiun Center Square dance Douglass recreation Center practice 00 table civic auditorium teen dance Frank l. Cloud recreation Center Dame room activities Douglass lie creation enter out of door activity 4 15-7 -00 saturday dance party Hose Subj cts. 5750 was 1. A follow through 01 a Ivi pm on an old Rale of 3 cents Annex at Ion study with Niovi per capita. Some other Tennessee j mite Lor action cities Are paying Nui Cli As 251 a so Moi and rec cents per capita lie said. He cited to edition plan. The Case of Athens with 10.000 3. A major Strcula improvement population which pays Sloop a program with rec Omnus and Ilion year for services of the state plan commission professional to which streets eng slam f. Dual streets should at the sume time the City Hasi improvements been receiving More planning services than other cities its should be i. Proved first my How wide Giulivi pronoun. Death of actor s son is accidental Hastings on Hudson. N. Y. Jan Dekker. 16-year-old son no ii Tor Albert . Was toting dead of a Rille Bullet wound Al Home Here and his death was some family talk should t repeated. Ikea chief retires o. Again to the. Board of mayor and were shot to death Early today in r Quick and violent gun Battle with seven detectives As they pre been fired from Bertilio s weapon they identified former policeman Rentner As a it inv in suburban pared to break open a state Street Laywood. Who had been asked to department store vault containing resign last year Quarter million dollars. J Patrick Ollief of the gunmen including a former Tives. Credited o Neill and the policeman walked into a police other detectives with r in Mandel Bros store and Frankfort by. Kimbler 63. Has ret ired As exc cd a Alrieri Ien "1c about three cars the cite teachers re rement system. Nurm part to. Hud a professional yesterday named but was unable to do so. Dec Siam As acting executive Sec then the state planning commis Sion offered Marquis services under a program paid for largely by a Federal planning Grant and t d accidental g Dekker was lond thurs i the floor of his second regulations floor bedroom by his Mother the commission in refer mrs. Edith Dekker. He was lying Marquis who is a member of foul suggestions u City on a ,22-Caiibor Rifle and state planning commission staff. Manager d. Mon Lon. Who was club Chad a piece of cloth in said he has been devoting approx lot present at the meeting for his left hand. A Bullet had pierced mately three fourths of his time views his right Eye. To Kingsport and one fourth to commission again postponed the lather is in Palm Beach Elizabethton. Um11 is ext meeting a decision. Flu., appearing in an Agalha the discussion brought up again on what approach to make towards Christie play. Witness for the the ing ils own. However no motion was made to recommend such action the facts of mrs. Krauklin talked things Over huh. Anno. she said we think a. The right thing to talk about habit s and mothers and fathers hut some families have different Janait Why people Felt differently i Las. They think their children they did. Her Mother tried to Siun Imin milk Wibom having sympathetic picture of the and daddy and i can still Lalk a c la try to answer any the Litile girl seemed to under Tito scions you have. But perhaps Island. And from thai Point on she we d Beau a think of it As inside apparently followed her Mother s Lic family talk. Advice for there were no further Anne raised a Lew complaints. Advisability of Kingsport Hir a full time City planner of utilizing the annexation study prosecution ready made. Minor business has Dekker said taken so much of the commission about time it recent meetings thai ii i Rifle has not been Able to devote the attention to the annexation study that the commission feels the son had been t a year on Silencer. A medical examiner or. Vic Loria , said the death c Acci Demal. Loans Home finance co. 336 e. Center i 5-5108 rotary. Miss Beckham was a Stant to Kimbler. Who has been trap were mowed Down by police machine gun and Shotgun bullets. Tiie detectives who had been j hiding in the Lith floor credit department for seven hours after the planned and said he would recommend All seven for extra compensation and creditable mention. Police said Rentner was under s5.000 Bond on a burglary and larceny charge in connection with the burglary of s7.500 Worth receiving a tip burglary escaped unhurt. Clothing in suburban Wheaton it. James j. Lynch said the april 1 three men. Carrying burglary tools near a Safe ice Ham Tony Deputy chief of Detec Tives was approximately 000" in currency. But the gunmen did not get a Chance to attempt to open it. Lynch said the burglars opened fire. The police armed with three machine guns and four shotguns exchanged shots killing All three. No policeman was Hurt. It was not disclosed How the men pained Entrance to the Man Del Brothers store in the heart of the Loop. Lynch identified two of the men j us Havins been arrested previously. He said one of them. Jinmy Rentner 30. Had been released on Bond recently on a robbery said. The Walls ceiling and furnish Ings in the office were riddled with Bullet holes from the intense bar apathy Joward inoculation dangerous Dobbs drapery Mill ends galore 3124 memorial blvd. Bristol Highway drapery fabrics dress materials piece goods Complete Interior decorating and drapery hardware service your Money buys More at Dobbs drapery Mill ends galore 3124 memorial blvd. Bristol Highway come in today Memphis the state charge. He said James Wulf. 28. J health commissioner says Public also had been arrested several apathy toward inoculation against Man was Iden Bertilio. Wulf times. The third tidied As James lived in suburban Glencoe and the other two in Chicago. Bertilio reportedly was carry disease leaves Tennessee sitting on a powder or. R. H. Hutcheson of Nash Ville in a panel discussion before the Tennessee Congress of Par ing a Niall portable radio which cats and teachers yesterday said he pick up police broadcasts. There was no evidence of a forced entry to the store. Officers said the three men could have hidden there after thursday s . Closing. When the three burglars entered the credit department about . They passed without noticing four detectives crouched in a dark Corner. They went directly to a Safe behind the cashier s Cage. Sgt. James o Neill said he fired a warning blast above the burglars Heads. The Spray of bullets knocked out the Light Over the Wall Safe. The trapped men then said o Neill returned fire after he had shouted hit the o Neill commanded the other detectives. The policemen however kept up their firing at the cornered thieves. One Bullet split a burglar alarm tire and set off the alarm. Police said that Rentner s gun the diseases that concern him whooping j most Are diphtheria j cough and polio. J inoculation of at least 60 per cent of the school population is necessary to bar an epidemic in diphtheria or. Hutcheson said and our figures show that Only 26.8 per cent have been Inonu in this enlightened Day there in t any excuse Short of parental neglect for a child to have Delph he added. I Hutcheson told the some delegates that a state health department drive last year to focus Public interest on the need for whooping cough and diphtheria inoculations increased the numbers by Jess than one per cent. We be got to devise some Means of getting parents to project their he said i no one can do that better Thani the Pat through its individual j the three Day Congress ended i last night with the installation of officers. In 6 e. Center St. Kingsport nylons sat. Only limit 3 pairs to customer 1st qualify 51-gauge 1 5-denier not irregulars not old Stock received from the hosiery Mill Only this week. Brand new Spring Shade Amber Sun. Reg. Pair 64 or. This special saturday Only act fast. They la move out at this astoundingly Low Price the clock stopped of at Mccrory s you la find potted plants a pot of mixed plants colourful blooms Floral blooms Hydra themus chrysanthemums White and yellow Mcrory 5-10 store 98 749 949 Kingsport a Tornado whipped through big Stone Gap Virginia on the afternoon of Friday. April 5, the warehouse and office of Southwest Oil com Pany distributor of Phillips in Petroleum products. The clock on the Wall said before 3 o clock a Bennett Edwards representative arrived on the scene bringing with him an insurance adjuster. The two men gave All possible help in determining the amount of the damage. L. S. Mullins Southwest s manager who had arranged for Bennett Edwards insurance Protection less than six months before the storm has two Rea sons to be grateful now. Bennett Edwards representative had prepared his Protection properly so that his loss was fully covered. Has already been paid in Lull. You see him hero looking on As Ralph Stapleton left of Bennett Edwards presents the Check to the vice president of Southwest Oil co., v. S. Jackson. Let people you Trust protect what you it fully against All possible loss. Insure with Bennett Edwards whose performance lives up to your highest expectations. Bennett and 1916 insurance real estate Bonds Loans 214 Commerce Street Circle 5-3101

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