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Kingsport Times Newspaper Archives Apr 19 1957, Page 4

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - April 19, 1957, Kingsport, Tennessee Friday. April 1057 Kingsport times an p j Fern furn vice l i to j Mca Lille Hon Ken i i of Fdl Larue " phone Cycle 6-8121 i i i on of it today s Bible thought cast thy bread upon the Waters for thou Shalt find it after Many Eccl by mat is St a Haks kiks1 Lull and send., Dally without Only into Bart i Ujj 3 so without Only into Bart in in. U 8. the Ca profs la Melfo if int use or publication Piall Crri Ltd to it 01 not credited d caper also local Otvis herein published in Jordan it is risky business to comment on the situation in Jordan. This strange coun try offspring of International intrigue a state set up by great Britain in the Days when great Britain could set up and Knock Down Small states at will is in a state of flux in which anything can happen. At the moment of writing King Hus Sein who is personally Friendly to the West seems to be on lop. He has successfully Cut Loose from the group that is Friendly to Russia and if he can succeed in solidifying his position politically he May find the necessary help to solidify his position financially. But Hussein is skating on thin ice. The most powerful political party in the country is pro russian and it is Safe to assume that the masses of the people Are at this time none too Friendly toward the Western Powers. Then there is Jor Dan s next door neighbor Syria which is decidedly anti West. As an example of the Way things can change quickly in an unsettled country we have a few Days the King suddenly demand the resignation of the Sabulski government. Then there was a new Cabinet headed by one of Sabulski s lieutenants. Then there was talk of riot ing in favor of Sabulski. Then there was smother change Sabulski was supposed to be under arrest and his friends driven from the country. Then another change in the government with one Fakhri Khaalid the prime minister. And then Sabulski turns up As a member of the new Cabinet. Under the circumstances it would not be too surprising to hear that the pro Russia Sabulski who has a Strong per Sonal following had pulled a coup and upset the Appl Ecart. It is not out of the picture that the King May himself be forced to flee or accept a pro russian government. Jordan May even disappear. It is no secret that several of its neighbors would like a slice of the country and the syn thetic nation might be sliced up peace ably if All its neighbors were of the same mind. But some Are pro russian and the times Dally tonic what we frankly give forever is our Granville. Man in the Middle democratic politicians do not know whether to be Happy or unhappy Over the Republican complaints that the president is getting too Liberal. On the one hand they Are delighted to see this apparent friction within the gop ranks especially As it is reflected within the president s own family. But on the other hand they do not want to admit for a minute that the president is Liberal. They want to go on Riding him As a tool of Wall Street and All that sort of thing. Oddly enough both criticisms Are on an exaggeration of the truth is no question that president Eisenhower is not nearly so Liberal As new Cealish politicians would like him to be or rather would like a democratic president to on the other hand he has boldly endorsed some programs that Are anathema to conservative republicans. All of which Means that the presi Dent is still somewhere near the Middle of the Road. Most people seem to forget that Dwight Eisenhower appealed to the country in the first place Back in 1948, As a Middle of the Road Man. No one was under any delusion that he was an old fashioned Republican. In fact he made it Clear that his views were not in strict Accord with the ideas of the Republican leadership As it had been up to that time. Certainly the republicans themselves recognized the facts and for that Rea son the More conservative fought against his nomination. They wanted senator Taft and they Only accepted Eisenhower in the final analysis because their first thought was to win. So the president s opposition from the conservatives is understandable. It really is not new. It is a fact thai in some respects the president appears to have accepted some things that he did not seem of a mind to accept in 1948. But the president has discovered the same truth that Winston Churchill discovered when he went Back in after great Britain had been under Clement Attlee s labor government for several years. That fact is that it is easier to go Down Hill than to go Back up. Just As Church a Beach togged Ernie Koncs dropped into a Canvas chair beside his hotel swimming Pool sighted Down a couple of feet of and sighed Forth a Cloud of bluish smoke. he announced with obvious satisfaction is an awfully Nice Way to in the Case of the ebullient or. Kovacs is the olten afro mrik process of making a motion picture in Hollywood where swimming pools operate All year round. For those who might be shocked to learn that Ernie classifies movie milking with Sauini off lot s when it conies to work it must be pointed out that his appraisal is a comparative one. He has spent the past eight years fighting the rip tides of television and for four years of that he had to write and perform in an hour Long show a task he insists makes his non comedy role in. His first movie Columbia s " Hie seem like a vacation. You never get a Day off when you write your own he said tilling his head Back to get the maximum Benefit from the slightly smoggy Sunshine. When you have a free Day you have to utilize it writing. But i like to write and pro Duce my own shows. That Way everything goes in one direction. It May be the wrong one. But at least it s All one direction. Also it s a lot better to fall on your face in something you re re ally responsible for. Rather than something someone else much of Ernie s creative toil has been forced upon him by the fast that his Brand of comedy is a unique and sometimes bewilder ing Type that few writers under stand. I Don t know any he shrugged. They stick in my Throat. I just can t go for certain things in life. I sort of rebel and that s the basis for my his labors have not gone unrewarded of course. Today energetic Ernie is one of television s hottest and strangest properties. Popular Gal merry go round Washington the Complex of statements Senate in jul , i Tiu trim m i Iii it his Cigar and moustache Trade speeches and diplomatic notes Wright assistant to Scott Mcleod acting chief of the state department Security division phoned by Drew Pearson ii b Over which he had presided and in which he had tried to Clear nor Man. By that time the damage was 1. . Jedi up Piiru Man. Of incl Lime ing damage was Mark has been plastered across fired Back and Forth in the Case of committee counsel Morris to say done by insertion of the of National magazines. Inc Canadian ambassador s Filicido he was being put on the spot. Mor in the first hearing of March 12. Is have been quoted Rennke h extremely difficult to know Rii ims Vii a to , witticisms have been quoted Rennke h extremely difficult to know and re quoted his novel about to. Just who is telling the truth. In this Case is particularly is in the publication stages and offers Are coming at him like machine gun bullets. To the Only Guy in the world important because it involves rela ment. Tons with two important nations the 1, Canada perhaps our most vital i is was very consoling he assured sen Watkins described the Jbf re his Friend he was doing All he could port As based on hearsay Evi to Stop the subcommittee s state Mil Ana a perhaps our most Vuai with All that coverage and no Job. 2 Freland. Another Strong he grinned under his lip Brush. To which Scott Mcleod has Columbia they Haven t paid me. A list ambassador yet. I Don t know. You have to statement was then with Diawn. But not stepped. Out lot Raffta Mcleod is in charge of the state about the time Mcleod out a lot of stuff to get paid. A High need la to i d rather let h go. All i want them to do is pay the hotel Cartwright was with the Fri 21 years. He left the Fri to come to the state department four years be the department office which allegedly came Security officer. He. Of d release of the data on Ca brother of monsignor Cartwright of much Scott Mcleod newly Nadian ambassador Norman As a St. Matthews Cathedral. Is a close result of which some opposition to Friend of both Mcleod and Morris result or Wincn some oppose urn 10 intend of both Mcleod and Morris has Arisen in ire was even present when the Senate a to Job. It is by his own Choice. Has from his new position of Emi Al skid or under the relaxing in of picture is inclined to View television More jul Riltia do Elousy than Bette. With testimony on ambassador Norman was there any evidence in your two hour visit with him Norman l in Beirut that he was sympathetic with the he asked Emmerson. None replied Emmerson. Absolutely note final question is How appointed ambassador to Ireland was involved. This will be dealt with in a later column. A stickler for promptness. Ike got Mac s window by w. J. Macau Mafb everybody is hoping that oblivion is Beck Onang to the Leader of the teamsters Union. But keep your ringers crossed. Do not be surprised if Dave Beck is dropped As president of that teamsters Union and then Soma quiet Friend of Dave Beck goes in As his replacement. Too Many labor leaders ars anxious to ret rid of a Man Lika Dave Beck but do not want to up the system that makes it pos sible for a Dave Beck to get on top. Judy Garland is said to be suing somebody for calling her lat. To a movie actress or to actress that is the insult supreme. Far worse than calling her wicked. If this Case goes to the jury it will be interesting to see tha court rules on the definition of fat. T v if it goes to a jury Judy s Law yers should see to it that As Many men Are selected As possible and if they let women on the jury they should All be comparatively Young women who Are a Little heavier hut not too much heavier than Judy. They would never admit Thev Are fat. Before the men were Able to decide they might have to Examina the evidence carefully and require that Judy appear in court in a Bikini bathing suit. A person who lives a wicked life can write his or her life Story and sell the movie rights for Fortune. This is not what is meant by the wages of sin. On the other hand a person who lives a Good life but not a spectacular one can write the Story and could not get it published annoyed with Mamie the other Day a taken. Liviu Iii my Urier Uay one question is whether Mcleod Cartwright. However did not act for showing up a few minutes late department Security alone. Roderic o Connor Deputy to pose for photographers. When assistant Secretary of state and the she arrived the president looked Dulles has a crossly at his watch and snapped Mcleod. Went you re Seine Senate wives who attended Mamie s White House Tea got a Little Huffy when they were instructed give your lat cryptic one of the most observant males who apparently has been observing the advertisements of ladies dresses in the doubt trying to prepare himself for his wife s easter raid on his Wallet rises to remark that the present styles seem to be designed to make people think women Are when they Are not and to make them think women Are not when they Are. And if they budget Well i la Tell you. Denial no. Eastland of Mississippi denies the above. De fending his Security sub the Young King who has shown More get up and go than Many people thought he was capable of May come out on top. That would be the Best thing that could happen. But the Odds Are against him. Prevention British defense minister Duncan Sandys put the facts of life before the British parliament when he that the Protection of the free world depends almost entirely on the United states and its ability to use atomic Power against attack. He might have added in is de pendent on the willingness of the United states to use thai Power if necessary. It is Well to emphasize this Point in is necessary to emphasize it in View of the Short sighted talk about agreements to ban atomic Power As an instrument of War which could easily make the rus sians believe that we were so averse to the idea of atomic War that we would never use the nuclear weapons. Harold Stassen himself who brought up the idea of such a Mutual Banning apparently has realized or somebody has made him realize that the russians could get such an idea because he takes pains to warn the russians that we certainly will use such weapons if we Are forced to go to War. As Secretary of state Dulles has pointed out the other Day the Only danger of War lies in the possibility of Russia mis calculating what our response would be if she moved aggressively. If the reds Are convinced that we would reply fast with massive nuclear weapons they will not move if they get the idea that we will hesitate they May. And they May get such an idea if we keep on talking about Banning atomic powered weapons. We cannot afford to talk about ban Ning atomic weapons except As a part of an entire disarmament program Antl such an agreement would have to have such ironclad assurances that there would be no possibility of anyone get Ting around them. The idea of atomic War is fearful but to had bolter Koop in mind that the value of being prepared to us atomic bombs lies in hip fact that such Prepa ration will prevent War rather than win it some of the labor parly s program so or. Eisenhower has found that he can not change the trend altogether. Some times one must be satisfied to hold tight and be Content to keep the situation from getting any worse. But he is still essentially Middle of the Road As the opposition from both sides testifies. As a matter of fact this two Way pull is not bad. Ii May help to keep him approximately in the Middle. Washington by Lahsin am Washington i Nea Eisenhower still finds it hard to keep from gelling Lesly with still photographers other or example a photog. Shooting a picture of the president giving somebody an award said. Say Someth Nir or. i wish you photographers would quit asking me to say something just bemused you want to get a picture of my lips he said Curtly Treasury Secretary Cgeorge. Humphrey almost was driving his old Coupe out to the Airport to pick up a Friend. As he says. I got lost on nil those Pentagon Cloverleaf and underpasses. And first thing i knew Here i was out in from of this big new Motel. A fellow came Rushing out with a key in his hand for a in acne room. He asked about my and offered to Park my ear. He was so darn Nice and gracious Anri l was so discouraged at be its lost that i almost Arlish Burke the other afternoon and ailed Rii Rke s attention to the act thai three of the four clocks in the office showed conflict my times Well you know How to Lake care of thai Arreigh told Ler Giuld. At this the nato chief a tiny screw Driver lion his Pui Ket and made adjustments on the three erring timepieces Burke knew Iha Inq has main Hobby is re pairing clocks. It s my ulcer Wright explained sometimes on the weekend at his Home in nor Folk. Admiral Wright s room can be found knee deep in clock pans Philo Tor the unfunny t Story of the week goes to the assistant to president Kex Clov. Sher Man Adams new Hampshire. He told the advertising about a Wel Are worker who visited a family up m new Hampshire lulls during a heavy us some preacher on the radio was the end of the world. I Don i much care if it Yankee was heard to observe if it relatives 1 can go live with in Vermont wornian Barlow state senator from who mini and president of the Wyoming Stork growers asm has Good news for Steak enters he s m own to encourage confess to give some i help to Western Callomon Alier a revealed this a process of i needing beef which will pro Only mom that a lean Bright red and we re sick s tet l s i in is sold customers Selling the waste nil for one cent and a Hall a he says. You can t buy everything you want you gotta think. But there comes a Lime when you really want to buy certain things for a he stretched lazily and took a Long pull at his Cigar. I Haven t made up were name to the they misunderstood. They thought they had been ordered to give your name and age it was nothing new for senator Mccarthy s wife Jean o snub the invitation. She has turned Down every invitation to join the cd her senators wives in their activities. Aurdey the late Egerton Herbert Henricksen a senatorial Secretary the Senate sub recently left sen. Wayne Morse id maybe you can figure out what remark Means. Before a Man goes to sleep 3es it backwards. Peels of course. It must frustrating for a girl re to spend hours getting All dolled up for a big party and then Dis Sormun. Denial no. Edgar Hoover j i to lending 1115 inner in i of Cumy Suu d a sin t pm on i. The Fri Mizing so Long. To a certain extent on he Senate floor he net made available to the Senate that s a Good thing because when Security subcommittee any reports there were two hearings held or files or information pertaining to their they were not investigations of sonnet in our own state depart committee asked the state depart Ore and went to work for sen. Cover that everybody else there is i _ the record does not Bear this out. It shows that my mind department personnel name slate department then gave it to Ide stand. If they by John k. Emmerson of the u. S. The Senate subcommittee. Up with the dough All right. Foj Ubassy in Beirut was questioned in the Truman administration for the sole purpose of Embarrass raw Fri reports were withheld ing ambassador Norman. Counsel from congressional committees. Robert Morris gratuitously read this Rule ended when the Fri files ment to get the Norman report Frank Lausche me vice president Nixon in comm of he d Canadian government had pro in Tori in lists who demonstrated in Khar Toum in protest against his visit anti Vafi is going to fall. T am to return to Cuba and fight my people cuban president. Carlos prior Kocar rns announcing from Miami that followers will at tempt to the cuban government again and Uncle sum is guilty of practising a certain Brand of cold Ninhom n against Alaska. Tomt s an ugly Ord. But it s True. Gruen . Former governor of Alaska de Fen Dimitr a statehood hearing wit Ness culling alaskans second class commons that our ambassador to Egypt. Raymond Hare was a communist. Denial no. Slate part mint denied that it had Ever to led against publication of the first hearing March 12. Eastland said Little about publication of the first report which was particularly damaging tried to divert the blame of d publication of the record on to sen. Watkins. Ambassador Norman claiming the Watkins did Only the testimony of John Emmer was released. It s difficult however to see How the two could to separated. Durmai no. 3-the Senate seer Rity subcommittee issued a set lenient the transcript cleared for publication by the stale , senators with Drew this statement. The the senators issued this statement Robert cart letter to a constituent on civil rights. Apparently the latter reflected too much of the Morse philosophy. She dropped for in ing too when Harry Truman was in Washington the other Day he was invited by Clori friends to join a poker game i be got to go Back to new he said to take some lessons in the Al Cio High command will work inside the teamsters Union to oust Dave Beck Jim Hoffa Frank Brewster and others in the Senate limelight. They re depending on Sec Tury Tica surer John English to oppose Beck when the teamsters Conven Tion meets in september. Texas politicos Aren t going to let newly elected sen. Ralph Yarbo rough gel to Washington any earlier than they can help. His certificate of election is being delayed the full 17 Days allowed by the Law and Yarborough to Wash urge publication of the second hear Hilton until after the easter recess. Of course the Nice part is that she is quite sure that she does stand out and that everybody is stealing glances at her when she is not looking it it is hard to have your work Cut out for you. But it is harder to have your work Cut off from you. A Man who spends All his time dancing will never get ahead in this world says a teacher. And yet there is nothing like dancing to keep a Man on his toes. Dancing Doe not Lead to Romance As some people think. It is the sitting out that does the damage. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Side glances those Are the girls who have been writing Jimmy you think to s romantically there have been no new remark Able developments in understand ing the cause or treatment of Bur St is. But i continually receive questions on this subject. The Rea son is bursitis is a common Dis Tressing and often Long la Sun disorder. There Are constantly n great main people suffering from bursitis. The disease pets its name from inflammation of a Bursa. Which is any Small pocket lying Ner one of the movable joints of the body. These pockets Are lined in delicate tissues which May be come inflamed. Among the Best known Bursa a and those most Likely to become inflamed i Are those around the elbows shoulders and Knees in Mph there Are burs As in n her . Wasitis of tax begins Sud Denly and without warning. In such the involved cavity is Likely to be swollen and to con Tain a fluid the nature of which depends on the cause. Acute or subacuu1 bursitis is associated with tenderness and pain. In the More chronic Varie ties in which the fluid develops gradually and stays a Long Lime discomfort May be Irel v no Seni. Diagnosis in some in a v involve some difficulties the most common in uses of inflammation of bursitis Are sin pie severe in jurors or lesser but repeated ones. Kneeling for a Long time May affect a Bursa just above the called housemaid 1 in Tennis a Bursa around lie Elbow is involved. Tiik Tokat mint of an 1n Fli Bursa depends partly on the Caup nil Jii lev on these Verity Nril Type of inflammation. In the More cute cases Complete rest by Means of a splint band no o. Oi1 plaster of Prith Nul is generally advised in Mios cases in which the swelling is great and the pressure causes considerable pain Hie physician May remove some of the excess fluid. Since the fluid May return such removal May to be repeated several times. Hot. Wet bandages May bring Relief and Hent in the form of Diathermy is frequently helpful. Deep a Ray treatments have also been used in some cases with Success some people fail to respond to those forms of treatment. Injection of a local aesthetic into the Bursa itself is often useful but May bring Only temporary effects. The injection into the Bursa of some irritating fluid called a Scle Rosing solution has been reported to be helpful occasionally. In the most resistant cases an operation involving removal of the Euire lining of the Bursa May be necessary. This is not tried unless other methods have failed. On the Twood Side it May be said that almost All make a Good recovery eventually unless they continue to injure or irritate the inflamed Bursa. Out our Way a in machine am 5mi.6thanjth.vrr l a 61.3 Wice me hav seam Thev v want him to show e glee. Like to unwrap the Huck Stirk. O 6um sters. Pm before he Mas tv.--a.m1 to loan it Asim i la set of hi5. Olp Evem Thev machine. One have a cd p Hauler 5ism in took allth1 fran of chips this pm say n 0lie Jakes a f v

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