Kingsport Times Newspaper Archives Apr 19 1957, Page 12

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - April 19, 1957, Kingsport, Tennessee17 Sta sport times Fred ii april 19, judge i d like to Call old Bullet to the witness stand Snuffy s Dos be know Durn Good an Well he can t tester a Garner o Shea that s too 8ad the press photographers said it would make every newspaper in the country git it Quick i m in x a diet Rel Strain what s going of Mere have you checked we acrobats High wire Mot y of Tuat s right.1 you re the one who save me that wild 5toi7y about mow these scaffolds ape 9eing tampered with that they re unsafe to -3? a after All these years together i love Vou even More than i did the Day a e Jere married i out of my Way i la climb up and do the Jos myself Well if you love me so much Why Don t n you Tell me without is this a in Are vat being Sta blazes i see now i Caw r goofy amp Lewe the5e Pew vouhsuw5 alone Pardon me 5uh.i5 wot Cheek dump therb anyone at oud ver offspring on am Here who might Innoce by Stawder eve on four Little 1 while Vou set Kipper Here. 5koktvi this 5houlp hold a while i get a social wok Kek. In a Applebury to look after. Till your. Mom oet5 sack cherubs 1 go so i m right Back where i skirted. I Rokon its the end of my be1n the Captain of a Mississippi packet boat Well.thw5 end of the Dorothy stranded on an Island out in the River All by myself. I service v s r Sie n _ a we cant Cross Here. Let s try upstream Tell be clc3se, Wust tvs. Slavs plays Well in to .1 the River is floopep.1 pedso5 name. I la Teu. Everyone i fojn3 the Sill of Sale atoms Soufi a Viv but pm Kouvo before i Pevely time i come Over to make Alfh the woo some spook j phones i m Gonna plug Twe Bell to gee k of a Jingle our of the phone f All eveningnc30dy a dad is a big customer Sao h Ascura 3ac" you put up a waenin6 on that till we can set it be sweep Beetle a i i e y s what do he Vou think 6houlp-j we tvs it Suee. Those 5i6n s Ponta any thins. Always put Tiff 3 them up danger weak 0rid6e if you Mape the payments we weadin6? they even took my Crystal Ball Elmer not be Hasty poc step Tus Way am i la fmi5h your Keadin yer atop was sarcophagus and on ?8i6npi Ycu be Captain of 0ibp you really love me and want me for your son of forgive these tears dad Comego ii i be to be. City Hall had an sign be grrr so adoption tip-1 Little i affection beat it Fosdick a yol Ain t of the Clov payroll no crackers a is Why step aside i underpaid flatfoot but As the beloved son to be of Pierre angelic the French of m scared Stevie so determined t be the greatest in the won t know when t Stop be Down in a boy Hap a 600d night 5 sleep.1 Steve will never meet Joe in any ring As Long s i m his manager i m be Tho t i d give a my in Case a. Ever decide a want a new manager Well if you Stop i running up v Bills i would t have to bring them i i a l4st More to kid Pelvis beat a Tiro p4te m4m 4md-Egger so me thus to s4vo-x nothing confuses a Man so much As to drive behind a woman who does everything just right. Satisfies Between meals yet never Rich or filling fight i Ever had b4rnone.h4rdest hitter i Evet been up464inst-like a Sledge h4mmer with either m4nd-gre4t Boxer f4st. Never stopped from Bell to pro l4st mi6mt me got licked but 6000-so vyh4t h4s he to s4y Mhz pm never l4id46loveonme. Did t even muss my he could t Box c4nt hit enough to break 4nes6. The fouled me 0 b enjoy daily. Millions do who s who chum a. I m Short and Hilda s sore cause 66esreo we go dutch on our. Movie dats t6ni6ht think up somethim3 that Doesey 2 musical instrument 3 animal collection 4 Gardner s Perry i actor Ladd r of us would have to Lav out across 1 labor s Girdler Queen of scots 8 zoo Hibe Nator 12 honest Suauu Century Plant 5 wakened 14 Jason s ship 7 still 15 baseball a 8---- Newcombe Munchausen j16 Light wines 8 sea eaglet 18 times of year 10 Askew 20 biblical Law n Flag maker giver Betsy 21 liquor 17 Rise 22 Adam s Home 19 lateral parts 24 hurried 23 accomplishes 26 scent 24 card game 27 Light Knock 30 Asiatic 32 female advisor 3igets up ,35 Call Back Golf Mound 37 communists 39 Burden

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