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Kingsport Times Newspaper Archives Apr 16 1953, Page 4

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - April 16, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee4 thurs., april 16, 1953 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c. F. Cd Midi. Jr., j. W. Weit on my us in w. J. Tatua Hill he Kluj. Koun cd Stu 290 m i. Murk to Suttle. Ken import Tun. A4erry-go-round Hollywood i Matt of tilt aide but pm Publ bin Rutola u4 tit Awatt Barm at circulation. An Democrat la Cwi paper published Coon tic ept sitar us and sunday. Amoeba pm u Tului Tel Nti cd u Tut Lei Pau earled of All my retd Ltd to it or not Tobt Nelm credited in paper and Aljo tit local Newi pub Libed a Treen. In Ted at Pott of let id Kent port. Tenn. Ai mend Elsaai mail Mituru. October 17. 1m4. Under 01 March t. In. National a banned local net inc. With offices in new Lork. Ctol Oto. Detroit Atlanta. By to Julic Kana i Cluj. Anielee and bid Frt Nelko. Subscription rate by mall first and second postal zones Dally and sunday one year by Carrier Dally and sunday week today s Bible thought so Mordecai went his Way and did Accord ing to All that Esther had commanded Esther the times daily tonic How will you find Good it is not a thing of choices it is a River that flows from the foot of the invisible throne and flows by the path of George Eliot. Or. Anderson s bait senator Clinton Anderson of new Mexico is author of a Bill which would hold the submerged Oil lands for All the people of the United states through ownership by the Federal government. This Bill counters the Senate joint Resolution 13 which affirms that ownership in these Oil lands rests in the state adjacent to the Waters or rather it makes such land a part of such state. The Anderson Bill seems hardly Nec Essary if the decision of the supreme court stands because the court has ruled that the Federal government has Para mount rights and Dominion Over these lands under present Law. What then is the purpose of the Anderson Bill the answer is to be found in one clause in the Anderson Bill. This clause provides that 37 y2 per cent of All the Money received from Revenue out of the sub merged lands would go to the states off whose shores the Oil was extracted and All the rest would be held in a special account in the Treasury pending the enactment of legislation by Congress concerning its disposition. It seems to us to be a Good question to ask Why does the Anderson Bill have this provision if the authors of the Bill believe firmly in the completeness and justness of the supreme court s decision that the Oil belongs equally to All the people in All the states Why should or Anderson and his friends advocate giving More than one third of All the reve nue from the Oil lands to three particular states and still give those three states a pro rata share of the balance Why this special generosity Why this handout the answer is simple enough. It is to weaken the support of . 13. It is to make senators from non Oil producing states who know in their hearts that the court decision in the Oil Case is based on a new and modern interpretation of Law that is contrary to the traditional belief and understanding feel less compunction about taking the Oil. But the proponents of this Anderson Bill do not seem to see that this con cession and generosity to Louisiana California and Texas is really an admission that the position of these three states is not on All fours with the Posi Tion of the other 45 states. It is an admission that they do have special rights because that is the Only possible explanation for such special generosity. The clause makes a distinction Between the three Oil states and the rest that is not justified by the court decision. Or. An Derson s Bill is a straddle it is neither fish nor fowl. We suspect that the real Issue in the Oil lands is not As apparent As it seems. That Issue is not so much who shall get the benefits of the Oil but rather who controls and governs. We suspect that if California Louisiana and Texas were to agree to renounce their they might get even More than the 37 Viz per cent As a handout. We suspect they could get More if they were willing to accept it As the gift of the Federal it should be noted that the Anderson Bill would not Divide the Revenue from the lands 37% and rather it would have the Federal government allocate Back to the three states. Under the new Deal philosophy of centralized government and increased fed eral control at the expense of the traditional states rights the tidelands Oil was made a Battleground by the late Harold Ickes and the smoke screen of the Wel fare of All the people was used to hide the squeezing grip of the bureaucrats. So the advocates of Federal controls and centralized government Are not unwilling to hand out what belongs to All the people to the people of three states if they can thereby assure their accept Ance of title and ownership by the Federal government. It might be pointed out too that the argument that the Congress is trying to destroy the supreme court s decision is based on the idea that there is something sacrosanct about the decision of the by Drew Pearson it in t supposed to be known but a treas Ury spokesman backed Down on his chief in the White House the other Day Over the important question of cutting taxes. President Eisenhower is firmly on. Record against cutting taxes at this time. He has made it very Clear he opposes new York con Gressman Dan Reed s Bill to slash income taxes before the budget is balanced. However when undersecretary of the Treasury Marlon Fol gom was questioned privately about Reed s Bill he did not support his chief. Folsom sex treasurer of the Eastman Kodak company was kept after a House ways and Means hearing to answer questions about tax cuts. What position do you take on the excess profits asked Louisiana s congressman Hale Boggs. Do you think it should be continued or permitted to our position on the excess profits tax is that it is a very bad tax and we would like to get rid of it As soon As we replied Fol som. This is in direct opposition to Folsom s Boss president Eisenhower who is against wiping out the excess profits tax before personal in come taxes Are reduced. Otherwise it would appear that the republicans favored big Busi Ness. Then what position do you take on h. R. Pursued congressman Boggs referring to Dan Reed s Bill cutting income taxes. We Don t want to take any position hedged the Treasury official. So far you Are not against pressed Boggs. Admitted Folsom. By ers Adfle Johnson Hollywood behind the screen signing of new York television actor Biff Elliot to act the role of Mike Hammer in the first of the Mickey Spillane detective films i the was accompanied by the groans of exactly 28 Hollywood male stars who were after the role. Explaining Why he nixed a Star name producer Victor Saville told me everyone has his own ideas of what Mike looks like. All of the novels Are written in the first person so Mike s never been described. If i had cast a Star in the part some people would have growled but Mike does t look like that with a new film face in the role there s a better Chance of people thinking of so that s what Mike looks like Twenty nine year old Biff has appeared on 300 Manhattan video shows including lights and is the brother of win Elliot the radio and to sports announcer. Mccarthy diet senator Joe Mccarthy was hurrying Back to his office. He had just lunched with John Fos Ter Dulles where the Secretary of state stroked the Wisconsin senator s fur Back into place after Mutual Security Boss Harold Stassen had ruffled it by condemning Mccarthy s private agreement with greek shipowners. As Mccarthy bounced into his office re porters started firing questions about the luncheon. He said to his staff in a loud voice for All to hear i m going into my room. If you hear any news about Stassen jumping out of a tall building let me know at what did you and Secretary Dulles have for queried a reporter. It was very replied Joe. Stassen was the Man Mccarthy boomed for president in 1948, worked for him diligently it the gop convention in Philadel phia. Cleaning government buildings the House appropriations subcommittee headed by California Republican John Phil lips is trying to clean up the government in the literal sense of the term. Phillips committee is making a Survey of How much it costs to hire charwoman janitors and window cleaners in thousands of govern ment buildings. At present the government has a regular staff of custodial personnel to handle the huge chore of sweeping cleaning and maintaining Federal buildings but the Phillips committee wants to see if the Job can be done better by private firms working under contract. Interesting aspect about this probe is that congressman Phillips chose Irving Schwartz of new York to head up the inquiry and Schwartz happens to head two private new York building Jani Toring maintenance of 17 East 42nd St., and Lincoln maintenance 99 Hudson St. Schwartz s companies sweep and clean Doz ens of private buildings under contract including the United nations Headquarters building. It came As no great Surprise therefore when Schwartz recommended that the government turn Over the cleaning and maintenance of Public buildings to private concerns. Despite Schwartz s investigation however the building owners and management association claims that permanent maintenance employees do a much better Job than outside contract employees. In fact most Large build Ings like the government have their own housekeeping employees. Today government maintenance costs Are 20 per cent below the average for private buildings in new York City. But what really worries congressmen is that private Jani Toring of government buildings will mean Fri checks on every contractor s personnel. And because of the heavy labor turnover in this Field it s next to impossible to Check adequately on the thousands of new people who would be cleaning government desks and files during the night. Vivian Vance who plays Lucille Ball s Gal pal in i love is seeing medics about a serious Back ailment. Don Ald o Connor and his Gwenn Are going round and round Over a property settlement. Donald s telling pals he i be Lucky to have his dancing shoes left. A Fox s remake of i Wake up screaming under the new title of Vicki has a shudder note. Jean Peters and Richard Boone Are playing the roles created by Carole Landis and Laird Cregar. Carole and Laird died following the film s completion june Haver s reason of All the inside stories explaining Why june Haver is be coming a nun the Best is in a current movie Magazine. It was written by june s closest Friend Jerry Lee Geisler who explains nothing had made her do this she is not disillusioned with Hollywood she is not heart broken it is not because the Church s attitude toward divorce makes it impossible for her Ever to marry again. She came to her decision through a genuine Joy that Rose in a love and the veep runs again Alben Barkley once vice president but Al ways the is definitely planning to run for governor of Kentucky in 1955. He does t want to go Back to the u. S. Senate partly because the democrats would immediately elect him their floor Leader even though he d be a but the governorship of Kentucky does Appeal to him. It would t re quire too much work he d win it easily and finally if represents the Only political race he Ever lost. Back in 1925, when the veep was a Congress Man he ran for the democratic nomination for governor and lost by votes. Barkley has never forgotten this. He campaigned in favor of prohibition in the nation s to Urbone Center but even so Barkley could t quite understand his defeat. We he says used to vote dry but drink in -1925, Barkley was As dry As or. Vol Stead. Despite this he lost. In 1955 hell be a wet and expects to win. Nixon to Rescue Young vice president Nixon was the boy who privately kept his fingers in the political Dike last week and stopped the growling flood of Eisenhower resentment against turbulent Joe Mccarthy. In fact it was Nixon who threw the administration completely into reverse and Man aged to Cut the ground out from under Mutual Security administrator Harold Stassen after Stassen had delivered the toughest speech against Mccarthy yet Given by an Eisenhower spokesman. It was also Nixon who Well before the greek shipping incident had sold Ike on the idea of getting along with the Mccarthy the Jenners and the Velides. This was Early in the Eisenhower administration. But As Mccarthy began to pop off his pyrotechnics and staged his bitter Battle against ambassador Bohlen White House advisers began to wonder whether Nixon was right. Give and take Washington calling Marquis Childs sign of the times note photographs of television stars have replaced All movie Star Pho tos on the Walls of the Coffee shop at general service studio. To to if movie screens get wider and wider As announcements indicate Heaters will have to install swivel chairs. I m still waiting by the Way for silly scope productions to announce a new film process re Quiring no screen. Susan Cabot and a i Are Call ing it a Day. Joy Lansing will establish residence in Las vegas for her divorce from Lance Fuller. The life Story of sister West the los Angeles woman who works with unmarried mothers will be brought to the screen by producer Edward Golden. Gregory Peck s Greta disturbed by All the re mors from Europe tells friends Shell join them in London for the Coronation. Not what you think Beatrice Kay s Fame As a Singer of Gay nineties songs dates Back Only to a late 1930 radio show although she winced some people think i was around in Diamond Jim Brady s spiking rumours of retirement because she s Pur chased a Reno ranch Beatrice told me no Honey i m not retiring. I m not the rocking chair Type. I la go on forever even if i wind up As Golden Nugget Kay a character who will be pointed out to the tourists in Reno along with Harold s Frann Robinson and Auto executive Bob Turner Are talking about a june wedding. You be seen the last of the Liz Taylor baby photos. Mem just rang Down the curtain on the family stuff in favor of be olde Washington one of the most vigorous opponents of the measure to Transfer title to the offshore Oil from the Federal government to the states is Sena Tor Paul h. Douglas with characteristic skill in Marshall ing facts and figures Douglas talked for two Days against the administration s Bill. Yet his remarks caused scarcely a Ripple in the Stream of the news. A deep source of frustration to those fighting to Block what they denounce As a Collos Sal give away is their inability to stir any widespread Public excitement Over the Issue. The most effective weapon has been the Hill amendment which provides that the royalties paid to the Federal government for Sale of the Oil would go to All the states for education thereby helping to make up for the Gap ing financial deficit in almost every state educational system. The states off whose shores the Oil lies would receive a much larger share. Some Progress has been made to alerting the have no offshore wealth. The Legisla Tures of five states West Vir Ginia Rhode Island Minnesota Tennessee and Arizona have adopted resolutions calling on Congress to reject the Oil Bill. These resolutions refer to the urgent need for school funds. The Resolution passed by the Arizona Glamor. Dean Martin s now wearing glasses and telling everyone i m using pm to hold my eyes press agents think of every thing note the 6 . Showing of the House of Wax in la for Warner s -24-hour Marathon premiere had electric razors in the lobby for gents who had just rolled out of bed. Dialog that never gets on the screen three dozen movie stunt men were dunked in War paint and outfitted with braided hair for an Indian sequence in a i s Western Brady s As the Sun began to sink behind the studio Back lot director George Sherman told assistant Phil Bowles to dismiss them Okay Fellows that s Bowles shouted. Ride Down to the Corral and turn in your my Side glances court. There in t. A slight change in the complexion of the court can Lead to a reversal of a previous decision. There is no obligation on anyone s part to accept the infallibility of the supreme court. T. Item. U. S. Off House of representatives says it is estimated that Arizona alone needs to take care of urgent school the Tennessee House in its Resolution referred to the proposal As detrimental to the school Chil Dren of the Tennessee Senate adopted a Resolution taking the opposite line. But both houses in Arkansas supported the Hill amendment to use the Oil revenues received by the Federal government for education. The states with the vast Oil wealth off their fornia Texas Louisiana and Florida Are naturally deter mined to keep what they insist has always been theirs. The reve nue they would receive would go a Long Way to ease the tax Bur Den and provide new and Ern schools. In Texas Oil from school lands has been a Bonanza for higher education. One reason for the Public apathy is the Legal tangle which surrounds the discussion is Likely to be lost in complexities about historic boundaries and the Continental shelf which merely confuse the average citizen. The administration has maintained a consistent viewpoint in pressing for action to live up to president Eisenhower s stand for states rights on the Oil Issue during the Campaign. Attorney general Herbert Brownell both Able and conscientious has sought to limit action to the historic boundaries. He is concerned of course lest Congress go so far As to make it probable that the supreme court would reject on constitutional grounds a Law granting to the states authority beyond the historic boundaries. On the Point of out right ownership Brownell in his testimony had this to say my recommendation would mean in Legal terms that in Stead of granting the states a Blanket quit claim title to the submerged lands within their historic boundaries the Federal government would Grant to the states Only such authority As required for the states to adminis Ter and develop their natural re some of the most ardent proponents of the Transfer of the Oil wealth have also consistently taken this position. Thus Sena Tor Spessard Holland a Fla in his Bill proposes that the Federal government quit claim to the states Only the submerged lands within their historic boundaries. For California this Boundary is the three mile limit. Texas and Florida claim a limit by virtue of the terms under which those states were admitted to the Union. By far the greater part of the potential Oil wealth however lies in the Continental shelf beyond even the Lova mile Boundary. The United states geological vey has estimated the value of potential reserves in the Continental shelf off California Texas and Louisiana at the pressure from powerful interests with a Well organized lobby in Washington is to get the jurisdiction of the states extended beyond the historic boundaries on which the Eisen Hower administration stands. There Are suspicious souls who believe a quit claim Bill within the historic limits is Only the first step. The second step would be control Over the Continental shelf. Among both republicans and democrats in Congress Are advocates under the same states rights principle of turn ing Over the Public lands in the West or the Mineral wealth of those lands to the individual states. That could be step no. 3. The Rhode Island legislature has granted authority for a suit to be carried through the Federal courts challenging the first step. So in any event the supreme court will pass once More on a question Long in controversy. Mac s window by w. J. Mcaulffe an organization of baby sit ters has a varied scale of prices. For a baby that sleeps All through the Sitter s session fifty cents for a baby under two years who stays awake for Wakeful girls two to we years for Wakeful boy babies two to five for girls five to ten for boys we to ten a shoplifter was caught when a lifted alarm clock went off under his coat. That s As bad As the pig that squealed on the plug Napper. A Man 75 years old was left an estate by his 95-year-old father. He remarked that he was glad to get it while he could still enjoy it. Imagination to like a lot of other of nature s gifts to Man. It can be a Blessing or a curse depending on what you do with it. A writer Speaks of the nation s huge baby population. But there can t be so Many huge babies in this country. Dumb Dora thought that a free Economy meant getting things for nothing. There s nothing like a Hearth fire Bright upon a cold and frosty night but there s a thing that puzzles me Why does a fire have to be constantly punched to make it Burn when to sit and read to peace you yearn but will Burn like without being fed just when you Are ready for bed a woman was sued for divorce because she spent the rent Money for a pair of earrings. That put her rent in or ears. A fellow advises business men on How to treat secretaries and for one thing says do not keep her working overtime. That s Good advice particularly if the business Man is married. A dictator is an i Dealist. The great rain of Noah s Day was the greatest Shower on Earth. Women who Are bothered by dirty floors will be interested in a method of keeping them clean. The method sweep them frequently. A strip teaser is a girl who does t need an escort. She takes herself out. A snob is a fellow who has difficulty keeping Down with the Joneses. Particular girls who stay sin Gle do so because they can t take a joke. A greater pain will always drive away a lesser. A scotch Man every time he had a tooth ache asked a doctor How much it would Cost to have the tooth pulled. The answer always cured his Toothache. The radio people Are very Blue when they look at t. V. It gives them a form of Mal de Mer that is they Are sick from the see. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Will. Well so going to try for another Tomato this my Little boy aged writes mrs. A. M., was in the Hospital most of the Winter with High blood pressure and a kid Ney infection they called Phle Bitis. Can you please discuss i think mrs. Misunderstood the doctors who probably meant nephritis and not any rate it is nephritis which i shall discuss in response to her request. Nephritis also called Bright s disease can produce High blood pressure in children As Well As in grownups. There Are several varieties. The disease can be acute or chronic it can produce different symptoms and the treatment and Outlook vary accordingly. In a typical acute Case the symptoms come on suddenly but without pain. A feeling of Dis Comfort puffiness under the eyes some swelling of the lower part of the legs and lessened and perhaps even bloody urine Are common. Slight fever and Chilly sensations May develop. Headache nosebleed loss of appetite and particularly in children even convulsions Are sometimes pres ent. In chronic nephritis the symptoms tend to be less severe than to the acute variety. The accumulation of drops Cal fluid or edema is More or less typical but Tejere May not be much at first. When severe the swollen legs and discomfort in walking May be most unpleasant. There can be drops Cal fluid inside the abdominal cavity and elsewhere and this is a poor sign. The diagnosis requires careful study of the urine blood pres sure chemistry of the blood and physical condition. If the nephritis is in the acute stage bed rest is necessary. The diet has to be carefully adjusted to the ability of the kidneys to handle the food eater. The methods used to bring about the elimination of some of the excess fluids in chronic nephritis include drugs which Are called diuretics which stimulate temporarily the secretion of urine. Diet is adjusted removal of accumulated flu ids in the Abdomen through a Needle is sometimes necessary. The diet is important and has to be watched and adjusted with great care. Improvements and changes in dietary management have been made in the last few years but chronic nephritis is still a serious condition. The disease often is associated with infections from germs called Streptococci. Most Streptococci yield to the sulfa drugs or to penicillin. For this reason it May be possible to Stop some streptococcal infections before they have had a Chance to in Jure the kidneys and cause Bright s disease. Act and cortisone Are some times used and it seems Likely that they May have an important place in treatment at least in some cases. Out our Way of these scientist minds suddenly wobble and a seem to recover. Whew they get across watching bees birrs a butter flies an Buss Crossw roads All one. Pop eyed Scie Orrist Cam rim a Hull heroes Are made Mot Borm

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