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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - April 16, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeLittle shrimp make More noise than a huge whole by Barman w. Nichols up staff correspondent the next on the record was a fish the Navy was not Able Toi Washington in Little identify this one sounded like shrimp make More than Plothe a Woodpecker heaving at whales. Somebody s Apple tree or a an unusual u. S. Navy record sawed off machine gun. Ine of fish sounds at the nation the Echo fish so called made Al fisheries Institute convention i sort of burping sound and then Here proved that one Day Jan Echo came along a Little through such recordings it May i Tainter. Be Able More accurately to Webster ran the record Down dirt storms at sea. To the Black whale. This big this particular recording made a Racket that John Webster of sounded like a crowd cheering but not cheering very loud. The big hunk of blubber can t hold a Dorsel Fin to the tiny shrimp when it comes to Racket the u. S. Fish and wildlife serv ice. Webster identified the first noise As a of 300 or 400 i shrimp having themselves a i other Odd bits of fish info time. It sounded like a Cross be mation i picked up at the con tween a Man snoring and a Man Brave enough to bark Back at his thus recording was made two and a half Miles under the surface. Mention. There is a Critter named Ocla slated saturday at Gate City icily is featured in Cement movie Ito Burn note ninth District picks candidates by conventions Gate City a. Ninth congressional District counties in Virginia All select their candidates for the general Assembly by convention instead of election p. Ajmer of Commerce and the of the Kingsport Lodge Richmond Republican District county purebred breeders As Concrete work on City streets instituted in 1946, was orig Kingsport times thurs. April 16, 1953 15 Kingsport will be one of a j hundreds of Farmers through proximately 24 u. S. Cities Fea out the county Are expected in a color movie by be on hand for the first Gigantic land Cement association members of Kingsport Lodge . And 4-h club baby beef show to be held saturday at according to Oscar Rovai of will . Palmer tells Kodak officer of Industrial is appointed trend toward South shoe a King Field Engineer for the so citation in East Tennessee. . On Kane Field at maker High school. The initial show is being Spon photographers Are now finial sorted by the Gate City obtaining pictures big Stone Gap a at the a Insp hemp Fri Ria ukr to. vice Jitsai Weiju Siljic Mony at the Moose Home Friday col w a Alrieri president of Eastman Kodak company was at p. M., it has been an the Kingsport press spoke elected a director of the big Stone Gap chamber of Brand names foundation in which Commerce annual banquet herero prorated. At the tenth Anni chairman said today. In Scott county both Republic Socia Tion. The show committee is made other structures Here King located on the Holston slated to be released next River construction of the Pat jul Juull tip if to of Lillyn n n i it 1 a i. a j Unm , a can and democratic parties have the film will be available for Henry dam forced Evacula England states to the South was Barry t. Leithead president yet to nominate candidates for j7 w an Tributino to civic clubs from the old Home and con enjoyed by All present. He Cluett co., inc., Trio t7 inc sure Drew Jare Euers Assoc a in a i m met Ion of a new one. Now Iiah Iii recently. J Brand names Day Nieset Palmer s talk on the trend of ing at the Waldorf Astoria in Industry moving from the new j new York City. The nominations to the House of delegates. Richmond said Tion most Likely will re nominate or. Hugh y. Shanks e. A -------3 and republicans of the Gate out the United states. A c. L. City chamber of misses Shirley and 25 minutes. Approximately the new Lodge is located near the Pierce Airport on the Reser it will include color views of voir the building was a Ili Puiul View i i examples and quoted some of i was named chairman of the our Early writers who this movement in the late 1880 a . Avus oco Anui Ioko Greear fort Quinn Are members of the residential streets in Cherokee completed m Apul 1952, and is j ineiaaiici.1 to _ i Orph psf. Nunn Pri who now represents the county ribbon committee. Village and Bristol considered the Best planned Chan in the Waters of the North i in the Virginia House. The party i chairman Guillen urged bordering j. Fred John Moose Home in the state. In Pacific which can be put to use convention has not been set 10 have to near calves on Park Brooks Circle Cluj add ton the Kingsport Lodge As a Candle. It is fat and oily and when dried you can make Dixie crystals pure Cane sugar probably will be held Here in May or june. Or. Stuber s career at Kodak soon after his graduation cleaned and Street Circle a membership of Appalachia and big Stone Gap Emu Inal ply 1 Rifle which Mil is it ready to show by a at the Kingsport. Press nominees by convention must a prize of s50 will go to to Helwich the association considers racist lose m the state. Qualify As candidates 90 Days be grand Champion to the outstanding example of following the mortgage Burn i ceremony the Moose ritual j. S. Riley president of the chamber gave a Brief report from Cornell University in 1912. On the chamber s activities Andlee was appointed general Man expressed the desire that of the camera works plane in Rochester n. Y., and later became vice president of the sales department. He is now in Day he hoped for the towns of which makes it the to unite their civic work under a Richmond District chamber charge of sales and advertising. Of j. N. Donaldson acted As. Anci is also vice president of the Reno Dak corporation an Affili fore the general election Champion and s5 to Hel Dustral Street development the Jug _. V i mond said so both parties have showmanship Railroad overpass Highway j team will be in charge of the toastmaster of the evening or the Tasman Kodak until that time to select their 81-Sullivan Street which includes Bingo. B. Knight publisher of the Post company Nommels. Wanted to race and j. Fred Johnson Park base Loor show and refreshments. Introduced the speaker of the Detroit up James cantilever roof. Ball stadium which has a con All members of the Lodge Are in i evening. Cited to attend. A Candle of it simply by draw ing a Wick through it and Rothermell 22 charged with i in charge of making the movie i touching it with a match. Trying to outdistanced a police car Are Carl Zeigler chief photog clip a Opp known one crazy Catfish syn Dontis at 90 Miles per hour explained Grapher of the Portland Cement Bate soda swims upside Down in i thought it was just somebody j association and Ross Willcox of Singapore those attending the banquet were As follows k. J. Day and. Waller p. Walters of mrs. Cecil Robinette Mary Janc the , or. And mrs. A. A its natural habitat in african i who wanted to race so i floored. The association s highways and hero fined a Driver Witt or. And mrs. J. N. Donald Waters. Other fish of various streets Bureau. I for driving without a License and Ison. J n. Donaldson jr., w. Clif kinds swim backward and seem traffic judge . Watts i King explained that the port told him he should have known Ford Smith or. And mrs. B. to get along Fine even though j floored Rothermell with a s25. Land Cement association is a na-1 better. The offender was Tan Gillespie mrs. Irvin Gillespie they can t see where they Are Fine and six months probation a tonal organization to improve Chor Teng a detective on the m r Mccorkle or. And mrs. State press group scholarship Alt going. Without driving privileges. Jand extend the uses of traffic squad. Kroger Low prices help you shelter your food budget fresh Fork will pork loins streaked meat Boston Butts fat meat. Pure Winter Trout Pic Armour Bacon round Steak Stew beef trend try Bologna Perch a Rrt carrots oily Irma Fri race from area wit cart they grow Golden and full of Ioil whole Ani top Vire but Ter or raw with conf cd for cabbage radishes. Green onions. Fresh beets. Glad bulbs Corn Ivory Snow git in Orr Snow at co Bob e to Loe chm o 1 or Large Box 28 c m Dixson winners of the three ten t press association scholar or and mrs. Lester Levin or. I ships win study in one 0 the and mrs. T. J. Licille or. And country a most Modernly equip mrs. John o. Youell z. Journalism departments. W. J. Miller or. And d. Hin school who Mooneyhan w s. Beverly awards by the Kings and mrs Jack Weiss. Scott Clark or. And mrs. Paul cough a snort times news and other newspapers will be among the or. And mrs l. C. First stud Gnu to Ncneil from the j. Albert Large pc. Boston. C. Facile is for journalistic b. Knight. Mrs j. A. Martin or. Trainin t the University of and mrs. Jack Gardner or. And Rynn pop mrs. Henry s. Stout or. And i they will by members of i mrs. J. S. Riley j. R. Renshaw n t n is. H. Botts. Or. And mrs. John Unur a Una am j Fischer w. Harry c. A to Wallace mrs. Gladys of a h of a land or. And mrs. Jerry a Jour nazism. I the scholarships Are open to any Young tennesseans inter Martinez hands osted in newspaper careers who will have finished if re school Over choppers by next june. Application forms i i now available from Ellis Houston up at the times news of Smoot changed his diet . The deadline for filing is soup Tor something More solid May 15. Rodov i at it the scholarship win snoot 37, lost his false will join More than 100 Stu five weeks ago and the Man who1 dents now studying for journal Cund them Louis careers. They May follow refused to give them Back with either the news editorial be out a s50 Reward. Quence or the Adverl sing Man Smoot who is unemployed did gement sequence in qualifying not have the Money so he final for a degree in journalism. By went to the police. Policeman the classrooms and j. A. Robbins told Ries of the department of Jour this Man has t had anything nazism in the new College of i to eat but soup for five weeks bus i n is s administration at and if he . You re liable to Knoxville have been equipped get charged with Lor realist in training in news Martinez handed Over the work. Special facilities Are pro Teel n. For instruction in report my editing advertising Pho try new kind of to Graphy radio news and Pont move to Cook Coffee spam my of Vic cheer Joy in. 35c Lipton Tia tags instant ridding k graphic arts. Equipment in reporting and editing laboratories includes typewriters for each student specially constructed copy desks United press teletype service and various audio visual aids. Graphic arts equipment Ena Bles journalism students to learn the processes from Type to print. The Type Laboratory also supplements the advertising Lay out tables provided for students learning the business Side newspaper work. Newspaper Type cameras Enlargers and other Darkroom equipment Are available for a Complete course in news photog Raphy. Four groups of students have been sent to it since spa members established the scholarships As a Means of aiding de serving Young men and women in preparing for newspaper Ca Reers. Let love Bird go Toledo o. Britten was fined in municipal i court for beating his wife be i cause she let his love Birdes j Cape. J the Bird meant More to him than i did so i let it mrs. Katharine Britten told the judge. She said her husband hit her with the Telephone when he discovered his pet was miss ins sign of Good eating serving Good neigh Bors snacks made with Energy packed Sunbeam bread is a Friendly gesture nowadays. Miss Sunbeam is America s let s be friends girl. Sign of Good neighbors the handshake was not Al ways the cordial gesture it it today. Long ago a handclaps proved neither person carried o concealed weapon Only the Best baked goods carry the Sunbeam

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