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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - April 16, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeThurs., april 16, 1953 Kingsport times enters j. Pop Stelling the first Man to retire from the Kingsport publishing company makes it offi Cial As he removes his name from the Union Board in the times news composing room. He has completed 52 years in printing and has been with the times news for almost 11 years. Times news photo by Gretchen Whisnant sj.sfeliingrecalls52years experience As newspaper Printer by Mart Clement one morning this week pop Stelling walked downstairs to the times news composing room. Amid the Clatter Lino Type machines he removed a card bearing his name from its Slot the Board. That morning ended 52 years in the newspaper world for s. The Kingsport publishing com Pany the night the first Issue the Kingsport news was produced. Ville no Way to set Type for the morning paper. We borrowed three cases Type from a Job shop in town and set the paper by hand that night. That was a mighty strange looking paper we put in a later year the ingenious Pressman at the citizen pm Stelling who started to work for played a slightly More modern device. That night the Power failed out a motor the press and we could t replace it. He is the first employee the i so we brought in a Model t times news to retire from serv ice. Stelling s newspaper career has carried him from the Day most news Type was set by hand when electricity and photography were unheard and when the ingenuity the Printer and Pressman often determined whether not the newspaper hit the streets in the morning. Everything s changed since Stelling believes. The Only similarity in the printing Trade then and now is the for instance he recalls one bitterly cold Winter the old Asheville Gazette when the paper seemed in dire danger missing publication. Industries form group for study atomic Power new York group industrialists announced today formation an atomic manufacturers association devoted to getting themselves and the pub Lic ready for atom powered plants and cities. The group said they could Start building an atomic Power Plant today without giving away any atomic secrets and have it turn ing the lights a City within two the would let them. Government the men said they could work within All present secrecy provi Sions but that the atomic Energy act would have to be Amend j atomic powered de to permit private ownership heavy to Fly. Russian colonel sits in atom aircraft Parley Baltimore u. S. Air Force scientist last night Dis cussed the possibilities atomic powered aircraft before the local chapter the Ameri can rocket society and a self styled russian colonel who found it interesting Only As a the address Given by it. Col m. Nielsen the air research and development command had been cleared for Security by the atomic Energy commission and the department defense he said. Col. Nielsen told the group that an adequate shield to protect the Pilot from deadly radiation rays would not make an aircraft too such plants. The presence the Man who meanwhile the atomic Indus identified himself As Engineer trial forum inc., Wel educate it. Col. Leonid s. Pivnev assist its members and the Public air attache to the soviet the possibilities atomic Power j embassy became known in Cas advise Industry encourage re Ual conversation before and search and build up Good will during the meeting. Among prospective atomic Stock holders. Among the directors making i m from the Glenn l. Mar tin said a Friendly neigh Bor seated beside the stranger. The announcement Here today interested in Aero cry were Walker l. Elsler president the Detroit Edison company . T. Keith Glennan president the Case Institute technology Cleveland o., and Al Bert l. Baker Summit n. J., chairman the Vitro corp. And the Vitro manufacturing co. Be wage contract Barneys resumed new York Cio electrical workers and the Gen eral electric company were scheduled to resume negotiations Oday a wage re opening con tract clause. The Union has rejected a com Pany offer which it estimated would cents pay an an hour additional 2 be and res con Ford jacked up one wheel and tinted to press its demand for a bolted the other one Down soils cent wage package. It is seek it could t turn. Then we put ing also to reopen other contract the Belt from the press onto the provisions claiming they Are in free wheel so the car motor turned it and that s How we got the paper out that printers in those Days were not inclined to get upset about Small matters judging from an other Stelling s recollections. I remember came into the once a shop fellow wanting work. The Boss hired him. It was saturday night and he started out about 6 clock for a shave. Said he wanted to get there before the Barbers closed. On his Way out he hit the Boss for a Dollar to pay for the shave. That was the last we saw _ him until one night three years we had an old steam boiler later he walked into the shop for Power and we used it to run j the Foreman looked at him As titled to because the company made its wage a six month present one year contract expires in september. The general electric Confer ence Board the International Union electrical workers was scheduled to meet Friday for a report strike votes taken in be locals. Was the reply. I m you re from said the Martin Man misunderstanding the reply. No i am russian. I am with the soviet the Martin Man thought this one Over for a while and then asked How do you like your new the reference to Premier g e r g i Malenkos occasioned some thought. Said the other. May i ask How you like your new Fintel think president Eisenhower is said the mar tin Man. The stranger who produced calling cards As identification told a newsman he could t understand Why there would be any interest in his attendance at the meeting. He was asked if an american in Moscow could attend a meet ing outside that City where a russian colonel was discussing nuclear Power. I Don t he said shrug just an Engineer not the press. For some reason it broke Down. Without it we had no Way to turn the press and it looked like we would t put out a paper for quite a while. Now there was a Street right there nearby they used to Call skid a Street. Five saloons in one Block. A lot people would hang out in those saloons until 12 clock at night to keep warm it was so cold everywhere Fise. We just went Over to skid Alley and recruited four five big Strong negro boys and lined them up one after the other. Each one them took one turn at a time the press pushing the big roller by hand. Circulation at the time was just about six seven Hundred copies. It was warm in there and we paid them a Little besides. That s How we got out the paper All that Winter. I Don t remember How we got it out the next Stelling recalls another year Asheville Gazette and the Ashe Ville citizen Stelling says he took to the highroad at 18, shuttling from town to town via freight cars. He covered the Eastern part the country in the next few years working As a tramp Printer by the Day casually As if he d just gone an hour. He said did you when the United states in been week and moving from town to town. Ever get that born in Columbia s. C., Stell ing spent his Early life in Ashe Ville n. C., and launched his newspaper career at the age tired the first world War Stell ing joined the army As a Buck private. When discharged he had risen to the rank first lieutenant and had been at the citizen when a shortage i in those Days the newspaper fuel Gas almost left Asheville j got its out town news from its morning paper. The Telegraph station we heated the pots for melt 11 when he took his first Job As i awarded the purple heart for Printer s that was As Low in the social strata As it s possible to get and still stay above you Learned a lot. You ran errands swept the floor fixed ice water melted Metal and sorted out i spilled Type. You picked out the individual letters and sorted them and put them where they pay in those Days Stelling re Calls ran about a week. From Printer s Devil a boy progressed to setting headlines by hand helping with make up and setting advertisements. It was t specialized then like it is now. Everybody did a Little was w0rkin the old a third son Bobby 13, is a times news Carrier boy and a fourth sgt. Bill Stelling is with the air Force in Japan. He has four mar ing Metal for the Linotype with Asheville Gazette when Mckin Gas he explains. Iley was assassinated. There some kids had gone Down to was t any radio then and so the Gas that time most the republicans in town i a base the Hertz buttered around the news Iloo Luuri burning Coal and stored it m paper office waiting for news it employed at the first tent two stones High. The there was a Pony wire in the National Bank mrs. Rosemary i big pipes for outlets Western Union office and it Cook nurse at Johnson City me were stopped up open until receiving Morial Hospital Mildred with messages for the morning u. S. Navy in Philadelphia ran Back and Forth All night land Kannie a Laboratory tech an injury in France. After the War Stelling married an Asheville girl Dena Elizabeth Mace. Before coming to the times news in 1941, he had worked several other Eastern papers among thew the Washington Post. He joined the times news . July 6, 1941, and served As night composing room Foreman for approximately seven years. I has eight children three whom have followed him into the newspaper each chose a slightly different phase work. His oldest son Charlie is now City editor the Kingsport times. A second son Tom is a Pressman formerly employed at the times news and now with the Daytona Beach news Jour Nal. Ing but Only As a Only 25 lawmakers sign Reed petition Washington Daniel a. Reed cop rep. Rny in t an d threaded brass plugs it i h axes and sledges and broke the carrying pm plugs off and sold them to the after working junkman. There we were with1 All the Gas in the City Ashe the Nicias and student at East ten old Unessee state College. Puts Blue Bonnet to get most for the Money r ask your grocer for roman Cleanser bleach j mrs. Richard Conte you too will be Blue Bonnet Margarine s delicate sunny Sweet flavor Blue Bonnet makes bread Toast hot Rolls and vegetables taste better than Ever you la appreciate Blue Bonnet s nutrition. Unlike most other mar Garines Blue Bonnet contains both vitamins a and much year round Vitamin a and d As you get in the High priced spread for bread yet Blue Bonnet Margarine costs less than half As much As the High priced spread. So put club Bonnet and by sure All flavor nutrition econome Al the making much headway with his petition to Force an Early House vote his income tax reduction Bill. The petition needs 213 Signa Tures a majority the House to become effective. At the Start business today it has been signed by Only 25 members. Reed who wants to Cut per Sonal income taxes about 10 per cent july 1, put his petition in speaker Joseph w. Martin s desk last monday. Members Are permitted to sign such a petition Only while the House is in ses Sion. Reed resorted to the petition Man Euver when Martin and other top ranking Republican Lead ers refused to yield in their de termination to have a balanced budget in sight before giving the Green Light for a tax Cut. The petition is designed to pry the Bill out the rules com Mittee which has had it Pigeon holed since it got the approval the ways and Means commit tee two months ago. Reed is chairman the ways and Means committee. Martin and other House gop leaders have shown some signs getting behind Reed s Bill la Ter but not soon enough to suit Reed. He decided to try to Speed things up through the petition. Free free free Register each time you shop for free orders groceries to be Given away May 2nd you do not have to be present to win United Brand milk 3 tall cans Mayonnaise quart open 7 Days a week White Seal scratch feed 25 lbs. 99 Chemway a Dee Spaghetti and meat balls can Stokely s Strawberry preserves 12 Ops. 27 Spry 3-lb. Tin 89 Libby s Frozen strawberries 12-. 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