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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - April 16, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies us amt 7.0 . Moonset . First Quarter april 20 prominent South of the Moon. Low id . Visible planets Saturn id Southeast ., Jupiter we below the Moon ii now my million Miles from the Earth. All times Eutten Standard i Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 76 Kingsport Tenn., thursday april 16, 1953 20 pages five cents the we Fher fair and Cool tonight Low about 35. Rather Cool Friday. Yesterday s High 61, last night s Low 41, noon Reading 41. Rain .23 Inch. Ike challenges Russia to make peace Flanders urges president fix terms for peace senator wants Ike to grab initiative from reds in Korea t Washington up sen. Flanders a it advocated today that president Eisenhower grab the initiative from the communists by telling All parties concerned truce terms that would be acceptable in sen. Humphrey a Minn called for Broad cold War peace talks with Russia. And in the Wake of disclosure that the u. Has instructed Gen. Mark Clark what to Tell the reds about a resumption of truce talks democratic senators protested against what they called failure to guard against communist trickery in the Exchange of sick prisoners of War. In Korea the u. N. Command tonight asked the communists for a meeting tomorrow to de liver a letter on the resumption of the Long recessed armistice talks. The official u. N. Spokesman said the letter was from it. Gen. William k. Harrison senior Al lied armistice Delegate and was addressed to the head of the communist truce delegation North korean Gen. Nam ii. Officials did not disclose what instructions had been sent to Clark United. Nations commander in the far East. It was assumed however that Clark was authorized to accept the red proposal for resuming truce negotiations. Flanders suggestion that Eisenhower should define the terms of an act table truce came shortly before the presi Dent delivered a major address on foreign policy to the Ameri can society of newspaper Edi tors. Flanders own ideas for an end to the korean War Call for 1 withdrawal of chinese communists from Korea and establish ment of a Neutral zone about 40 Miles deep along the Yalu River 2 enforcement of this Neutral Border by a commission of asians 3 rehabilitation of Korea 4 holding of free elections for All of Korea after the period of rebuilding. Sen. Humphrey a foreign re lations committee member declared this country must main Tain its defences bolster the North Atlantic treaty and be on Sullivan criminal court needs asst prosecutor editor s note 4s Ibe of a series articles based this week s highly critical grand jury revert spotlight inc Sall Lvan count needs and shortcoming. Other tinges raised by the panel will e discussed la sequent articles. By Neal o Steen times news writer is the twentieth judicial Cir Cuit a Haven for criminals who to the District attorney general eral and seven circuits employ make the courts More of f one or More criminal i Vestiga and Law enforcement the deter tors to help the attorney Gen rent to crime it is intended to eral. Be i several of these circuits have the Sullivan county grand smaller populations and cover jury which adjourned tuesday less area than the populous considered the appointment of twentieth which includes sul one or More assistants to the at Livan Greene Hawkins and superhighway route have Little to fear from Prosecu-1 Torney general extremely Neces Hamblen counties. Tion hastily prepared and car ried to court with Only Token investigation would one or More assistants sary. Of Tennessee s 20 judicial Cir Cuits at least 13 now have one or More assistant attorneys Gen while no figures Are immediately available on crime in the twentieth circuit Fri records see prosecutor Page 18 new Tenn. Laws state education outlay at record million budget Short of Tea Aims Many opposed to free books plan editor s note the of Louic is the third of a Post left Slatte series. Rescued stewardess weeps Adra Long 28, plucky stewardess of Berkeley calif., bursts into tears of Joy and hugs Don Puckett of the Rescue party As she reaches safety from a plane crash in Cascade Mountain Foothills near Selleck Wash. The chartered twin engine plane owned by Miami airline inc., carried 25 persons. Nineteen survivors including the heroic stewardess who hiked six Miles for help despite her injuries were rescued. A wire photo girl is critically Hurt saving five children. _ Hampton a. 14-year-old married girl who tossed five guard against communist trick screaming y0ungsters to safety from the second floor of a burning state proposals on Highway link studied by City route from Jackson school through West Kingsport outlined by Mart Clement times news writer the state has completed plans chartering the right of Way of the new four Lane superhighway from the present Gate City Road to area a Holston Ord Nance works on the Knoxville Highway d. W. Moulton City manager announced thursday. Moulton said the City thurs Day morning received a state proposal asking the City to secure necessary rights of Way for constructing the Highway. The proposal will be presented to the City Board of mayor and aldermen for consideration at their regular meet ing next tuesday. According to specifications the proposal is to be answered on or before May 1, 1953. The City manager said Simi Lar proposals were to have been sent to the Sullivan and Haw Kins county governing bodies for securing rights of ways to property in both counties located in the path of the new Road. He explained that the modern by John a. Harris Nashville up Tennessee s educational system received a record 157 million dollars from the general Assembly for the i stretch of pavement will begin next two fiscal years. In Kingsport at the intersect but although the general of the Kingsport Bristol House before she leaped from a window was in critical condition today from Burns suffered in her life saving exploit. Mrs. Margaret Ross wife of a Sailor stationed at Norfolk was at a local Hospital where attendants said they were surprised she had so Long with third de Gree Burns. Two Little Anne Ery and skullduggery. He said the time has come to carry negotiations to the rus sians on a global basis. The War in Korea will not be stopped in he said. It will be stopped in Moscow. We should take Crystal Clear terms for honorable negotiation directly to the the protests Over reported red trickery in the Exchange of sick War prisoners grew out of re ports that scores of communist Supply trucks moved openly to Ward the korean front under the apparent immunity granted motor convoys carrying Allied prisoners toward Panmunjom. This looks like serious Busi Ness and illustrates the Point made by Many of us when this when proposal to Exchange sick pos killed yesterday in a came up that every caution seven hour Slaughter should be madman kills 7 fear 8th also dead in mass. Death spree Lawrence mass mad tinsmith butchered and shot to death seven and possibly eight Baker Bowne taken to insure we were not being sen. Sparkman Ter viewer. A Ala told an in fear 14 persons die in 2 Chicago fires Chicago up an explosion rocked a four Story factory Here today and police said an unofficial count indicated 14 persons were killed. Four bodies had been removed but estimates of the total dead varied. Police at the scene Esti mated the number of dead any where agreed on 14. In addition two babies perished in an apartment House fire aggravated by the fact that a fire engine stationed across the Street had gone to the factory to fight flames that followed the explosion. High winds fanned the flames and dense smoke Hung like a pall Over the scene. Police said about 100 employees were at work in the Plant owned by the Haber corp., when blast occurred. The Peter Akulonis 39, took his Iown life last night As police closed in on him outside his Home in neighbouring Methuen. During the death spree Aku Lonis used a Carpenter s a to kill his wife Madeline Akulonis 32 i son Michael 5 widowed Mother mrs. Mary Akulonis 72 brother Alphonse 32 and two nephews James 5, and Paul 2, both sons of Alphonse. He killed his brother Raymond 37, with a blast from a ,22-Cali Ber Rifle before turning the gun on himself. A second son Peter jr., 9, was missing and feared to be another victim. Akulonis took the boy out of school Early in the after noon. Police said Akulonis apparently planned the wholesale Mur Ders. They said his suicide May have saved the lives of several other relatives living nearby. Three blood stained notes were found in the killer s pockets Damn All the one said thanks to the tin Saie another. The full contents of the letters were withheld pending a com plete investigation. The bodies of his Mother Al n the Early morning Blaze that destroyed a six room Home yesterday at nearby Buckroe Beach. But five other children rang ing in age from 8 months to 9 years were alive because of mrs. Ross. Four of the children were hot with Burns but none was in critical condition. Cleveland j. Baker jr., father of four of the children said he was awakened by screams of the youngsters. He said he was unable to climb the stairs in the House which he described As a mass of the father ran outside and caught the children As mrs. Ross who had climbed the already burning stairway tossed them out. Fire chief Frank Hopkins said the cause of the fire was care less some leaped from windows of Phonse and the latter s two sons upper stories and were found by Alphonse s wife at least 24 persons were taken 30, when she returned from hospitals juries. For treatment of in work in mid afternoon to her Lawrence tenement apartment. 3, and Shirley Anne burned fatally education Bill provided the larg est amount in state history it failed to carry out completely the Tennessee education association s four Point program. This program was endorsed in substance during the gubernatorial Campaign by gov. Frank Clement. But Clement said he would be limited by the amount of Money available. Clement s budget Calls for an expenditure of More than 77 i million dollars for education Dur ing fiscal 1953-54, and about 79 is million for the second year of the biennium. These amounts Are whopping increases Over Money provided for the present two year period. For fiscal 1951-52, 66y3 million dollars were spent and for the present year which ends june 30, education expenditures will run slightly More than 67% million. The Tea program called for a minimum salary of a year for teachers with 15 years experience. As finally approved the general education Bill sets up funds for a minimum of about for these teachers. And the association also sought a greater increase in the teacher retirement appropriation than the one million dollars a year boost provided for in the act. However on the other two Points in the Tea quate funds for higher education and for maintaining the present see Tenn. Laws Page 18 a free scenes amazed new Home owner sprinkling Lawn for first time discovers plumber connected outdoor spigot to hot water Heater. It it office workers hurrying to work bundled in Winter Coats commenting about Short sum it it it reckless driving Motorbike riders exceeding Speed limit in school zone on Oak Street one teen Ager double heading a passenger. Four Lane Highway and the old Gate City Highway at Jackson school. From there the High Way will carry traffic through the seller Terrace addition and fort Robinson the Holston River near the Clinchfield Concrete co. Rock Quarry and intersecting the existing Knoxville Highway at Holston ordnance works area b. The proposal was sent to the City together with plans for the new route from the commis see Highway Page 18 judge bans Caps As fire Hazard rules ammunition must be moved out City judge Lacy West thurs Day morning ordered two local merchants to get rid of their stocks of toy pistol Rul ing them a fire Hazard. The judge did not impose a Fine in either Case against the two storekeepers who had been tried in City court wednesday was no official word from the reds. The Exchange is scheduled to begin monday with the communists delivering 100 sick and wounded prisoners to the allies in Exchange for 500 from the United nations. The communists will release t605 prisoners in Ameri on charges of storing the paper leans 20 British and 15 other roads that Lead to line indicates route of about 700 sick and wounded communist prisoners of War who Are beginning the first leg of journey from Cheju Island to Panmunjom and return to their Homeland. They Are part of the sick and wounded pos the allies will begin turn ing Over to the reds. Solid lines Are routes along which about half the 600 Allied sick and wounded Are presumed rolling southward toward Panmunjom from Camps at a Yoktone and Chon a. A wire photo map attack free prisoner roads Aid red Supply from press dispatches Panmunjom Korea a Convoy of dust covered communist trucks carrying sick and wounded Allied prisoners of War for next monday s Exchange arrived at the outskirts of Kaeson tonight. The 5th air Force said approximately 24 trucks of the Freedom Convoy entered the red truce base Camp six Miles North of Panmunjom at 7 . 5 . The Convoy held to the ule the reds had Laid Down when details for the momentous Pris Oner Exchange were being worked out at the Panmunjom con Ference table. It was presumed that the first 100 in prisoners including 50 american and non korean sol Diers and 50 South koreans were now in Kaeson although there Cap explosives for Sale. Judge West had taken the Case under advisement following the hearing instructing the defend ants to return to City court thursday to hear his decision. In a second Case heard thurs Day the owner of a Kingsport supermarket was charged with improper garbage disposal by dumping produce at the rear of his building. The defendant told the court that garbage collections were not made frequently enough at the store and asked permission to consult City officials on the problem. The judge ruled that non koreans. The rest Are South koreans. The allies will return North koreans and Chi Nese. Meanwhile u. Sabre jets bagged one communist Mig and fighter bombers slashed at red front line positions today As hundreds of communist Supply trucks rolled toward the front Down an attack free corridor. For the second Day Allied reconnaissance pilots reported trucks moving almost bumper to bumper on North korean roads Down which the reds Are Send ing sick and wounded in soldiers for Exchange at Panmunjom. On the ground front chinese s. Africa vote bolsters Malan White supremacy Rolls up big gains Pretoria South Africa up minister Daniel f. Malan s White supremacy nationalists rolled up impressive gains asks soviet Aid to help banish fear poverty pledges . Share in ending War lists program in 5 Points Washington Eisenhower challenged Russia s new leaders today to practice the peace they preach by agree ing to end the cold War disarm the world and invest the savings in a global fund to War on the brute forces of poverty and democratic and Republican members of Congress alike generally applauded president Eisenhower today for his speech. Sen. Edwin c. Johnson d Colo said the time is rapidly approaching when we must have a showdown. The presi Dent is Correct in laying it on the the alternative he said is at worst atomic War and at Best unending fear which finds humanity hanging from a Cross of is there no other Way the world May Eisenhower asked. What is the sovet Union ready to do the United states is ready to assume its just the Eisenhower to create a sensation at this stage of East West Laid Down in the president s first full dress speech on foreign policy since he took office in january. It was delivered before the american society of newspaper editors and broadcast by All radio and television National Hook . The president said that if Russia is willing to take the preliminary inde for the East european satellites this country would agree to work toward a world disarmament plan which would ban atomic weapons. An Era ended with the death of Joseph he declared and the new leadership in mos cow like the rest of the world has Opportunity to turn the Black tide of the u. S., he went on is determined to try to seize this Chance and if it fails the world need be divided no longer in its Clear knowledge of who has condemned Man to this no Issue which today lies be tween the soviet and free worlds he said is Only the will to respect the rights of All the president listed these specific Steps 1. Conclusion of an Honora ble armistice in Korea followed by political discussions leading to free elections in a United today in partial returns from a historic parliamentary election. Political experts believed a an was headed toward a Victory which would ensure him the Power he seeks to keep the White Man on top in South Africa by Means of strict racial segregation. With Only fragmentary re Lurns in Malan s nationalists had taken five key seats from the opposition United party and the Case be held in abeyance j communists struck twice in Cen until further arrangements could i trial Korea but both attacks were be made. I thrown Back. Byrd blames korean slow Down on Truman aides Marshall mum Washington Byrd a a hinted today that top level policy makers All the Way up to the White House under Harry s. Truman May yet be found to share some responsibility for ammunition shortages in Korea. Byrd based his position on the argument that a directive from the Secretary of defense then Gen. George c. Marshall on sept. 27, 1950, amounted to a virtual slowdown order to the armed services in the War Effort. That was just three months after the korean War began. I assume that policy was not decided without the White House being Byrd said in an oblique reference to former president Truman. We will do All we can to get at the he and Truman were Long at Odds politically. The virginian made his state ment in an interview before a Senate armed services subcommittee resumed its inquiry today into the shortages. The witness called for questioning was it. Gen. W. B. Palmer the directive in question was signed by Gen. Six Days after he took office As de sense Secretary succeeding Louis a. Johnson. It ordered the armed services and joint chiefs of staff to assume for budget Ary purposes that the War would be ended by june 30, 1951. Byrd questioned whether Marshall was the responsible source since the directive came such a Short time after he took office. But Byrd added it was reasonable to assume that Marshall and the joint chiefs of staff had Given their approval to the document. Marshall at his Winter Home in Pinehurst n. C., refused to comment. It. Gen. George h. Decker army comptroller testified yesterday he did not believe the joint chiefs had any part in formulating the policy. He said it was not a military Assumption the War would end on a specific Date. There appeared to be a possibility that Marshall and former Secretary of defense Robert a. Lovett who issued a similar or Der later on might be called to give their versions. Sen. Margaret Chase Smith subcommittee chairman said a decision had not been reached on this Point. Byrd said in his opinion the directive affected the army s planning and that in turn led to ammunition shortages. Witnesses have agreed there was no real ammunition production until two years after the War began. 2. An end to red aggression in Indochina and Malaya. 3. Completion of an austrian peace treaty. See Ike Page 18 reds step up forces in invasion of Laos results in nationalist holds were still to come. When vote counting was resumed today in wednesday s election for a 159-Man House of Assembly the party standings were nationalists 18 United party 38, and labor 4. Elections for four of the total of 159 seats Are to be held later. The experts predicted Malan would have a majority of about 20 seats in the House of Assem Bly for the new five year term compared to 13 in the old one. Statements that this is the most momentous election in the Saigon indo China Strong Viet Minh communist poured in increasing numbers to Short history South Africa of the Union of seemed substantiated by the record vote. In some districts 98 and even 99 per cent of registered voters went to the polls. Malan campaigned on a plat form of White supremacy and in creasing isolation from the British Commonwealth. The United party and the la Bor party which supports it favor a rather nebulous nation Al Congress to solve the race is sue and maintenance of ties with with Commonwealth. Day into the state of Laos and French and laotian forces re treated before them. French reconnaissance planes reported there were thousands of reds moving Down from the red River base of yen Bay jumping of Point of the new offensive. The rebels had crossed into Laos at two Points. At one Point in the Sam Neua area they were moving through Jungle Mountain passes toward Tran Vinh plateau French intelligence officers Thev the rebels to Start attacks soon in the area of Phu by 30 Miles South of Hanoi but said they believed it would be merely a diversion from the main drive into Laos. So lunar tables and the group oks rent Bill Washington in the House banking committee today us approved an administration opposed Bill by chairman Wolcott a Mich to Knock out rent cell Ings april 30 on about five Mil lion housing units in 32 states. Shown id Dom Tab Shorter be East in ctand1kd Tomk . P h hour Hafer in thursday 17 Friday 11 is 11 Lake stages

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