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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - April 14, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeHawaiian Potpourri from left their background is chinese filipino and japanese mixture of races does f worry residents of Hawaii by Fred Sparks Nea staff correspondent Honolulu do Street worry whether the Citi you think of a japanese Amerl alongside has parents that anybody in Boston or Kansas City inkling Down main can in the United slates Senate for that is bound to happen came from Germany Poland or Ireland when and if Hawaii where 401 Here on the endless beaches per cent of the people Are j nobody thinks whether the of japanese background be a bathers come from Tokyo a comes the 49th state. Or Shanghai. On these islands where Only the parentage or grandpa 69.000 residents Are All White the engage break the population into question Seldom worries any units japanese cent a microscopic minority. Part hawaiian. All White. Hawaii is As american As filipino chinese hot dog and movie drive ins pure hawaiian. 13.000 line the Broad Palm fringed puerto Alcan koreans Ted groups of hyphenated Citi Zens Are As Amer Ica s newest melting pot gives the National spice. Dish an Oriental intermarriage is commonplace Here. A new race of physically attractive people with that made in grow ing up in the land of the Hula-1 pert Stenos applying lipstick Hula knocking for a Loop Kip Ling s famous East is East and West is West and never the Twain shall the other night i dined at the Home of a chinese american family other guests included a japanese american korean american and a Man american. Newspaper my Host whose commissions Are earned Selling and buying Wall Street stocks has a spank ing new House Complete with to deep freeze and washing a not a single Fork at Home they still favor chopsticks. The 18-year-old son wore Blue jeans moccasins and and after Chow hastened to get under and jazz up his hot Rod roadster. Just As in Milwaukee a Ger Man american family will stuff a guest with Saue Braten they stuffed me with Fried noodles Rice Bamboo shoots and other cantonese goodies. Next morning i visited the air conditioned offices of Tsuyuki Yama and Yamaguchi attorneys it Law which could be Todd and Yale Complete with Wilfred Tsuyu Kuyama a hand some highly intelligent White haired gentleman is Republican president of the territorial sen ate and a logical candidate next november for the u. S. Senate if statehood is granted. If the honorable Wilfred Tsuyu Kuyama walks on the floor of the Senate Many of his col leagues will be meeting a Man of japanese extraction for the first in 10 minutes they la forget about it. Later i visited the University of Hawaii Campus and saw the new Breed mixing in classroom and playing Field. Gran pop might have had a athletic youngsters have Crew cuts. But a student plebiscite on do you favor showed 13 per cent opposed. I was Given these reasons Don t like the idea of an Oriental governor and Sena Tor. Fear communist control of local labor unions will mean political control. Think we retain our individual flavor better As a actually statehood will be an anti Climax As far As any racial Ssue is concerned that was eliminated by the Mccarran act which broke the bars on foreign born asiatics winning citizen ship. Having been often to is lands god blessed with world s finest climate cleaner than . S. Mainland City wednesday april 14, 1954 King port Tiara 17 younger 40 per cent under statistically healthier and More modernized i often wonder should Hawaii be trying to get admitted to the United should the United states try to get admitted to simple piles Rhino fist to Oil u4 to boar Puu m Mil Katina Iri Ieve. Itchy Uri Utica. Foe Konol Stop. Doubt acc Quai o a mint Resinol and Challenge to those who have a dance problem we will not accept you As a student unless we can prove to you that we can help you become a Good dancer. No contracts to sign learn to Waltz Fox Trot Rumba Mamba tango in for free demonstration. In for View we itch Stind Ard Tepi and fascinating variations the secret of balance rhythm leading and follow tar member of the of America inc. Paul s dance studio 225 Charlemont St. I 5-3881 boulevards even though the patrons swabbing Mustard or spooning in the dark have Brown and yellow skins. This is not yet a perfect racial Paradise Lor there Are snobs and cliques every place. But Organ boys7 club events by Warren g. Brown if a task is once begun never leave it till it s done be the labor great or Small do it Well or not at i Don t know who wrote those simple lines but whoever wrote them was a person of some experience and awareness. It s so simple to Start a new project and then somewhere along the Way it always gets much More difficult to finish the Job. I m not thinking right now about such things As vegetable gardens or painting a House. I m thinking about boys. I be known Many boys and i m sure you have too who were neglected. There Are Many reasons for even something like that Hap Lack of Money and both parents forced to a fatal Accident or illness that robs a child of his father or whatever the circumstances not Only the child himself but society is the loser. Local boys clubs from coast to coast have Only one objective to make every boys life As full As possible of the Good things that will bring him not Only immediate pleasure hut a spirit through his activities that will give him the attitudes and ideals he will need to Mold a firm character for the future. As i look Back Over four years of sound steady Progress of the Kingsport boys club it brings to mind another poem by an unknown philosopher drop a Pebble in the water just a splash and it is gone but there s half a Hundred Ripples circling on and on on spreading spreading from the Center flowing on out to the sea and there is no Way of telling where the end is going to a few far seeing citizens of our Community tossed that first its influence wid ened into a current that has attracted boys of All Ages and Community wide support and enthusiasm. We have grown so fast that we can now boast of having one of the largest. Memberships in the Southern Region and yet we have one of the smallest buildings. It is a pitifully inadequate building that was never meant to accommodate even a Small percentage of the Large daily attendance that flows through its doors. I Hope the Day will soon come we will have a new boys club such As Knoxville is now with class rooms gymnasium and indoor swimming Pool. It is not impose has been done in much smaller communities than ours. One child s life is Worth the time Money and Effort. Boys clubs Mark a task be gun. Let s see that it s a Job. Well done. An up to Date mod Ern building Here in Kingsport would stand As a living Monu ment to what a Community Effort can the far reach ing effects of that first Pebble in the water. New members of the Kings port boys club Chester mul a Lins it. 6 Howard Carroll it. 6 David Jontz 1430 Valley Tony Sampson 1608 d St. Michael Carroll 336 Mullins James Stallard 1209 Mickey Wilson 317 ave. Preston Wright it. 9 Jimmy Miller it. 7 Don cook.1 1064 Lynn Garden or. Gary Mullins 1726 Madison Johnny Richard 1654 Gate City i Hwy. Phil Antron. It. 7 Larry Fleenor it. 7 Billy Gillespie it. 2 Paul Bowman 117 Dalton Lamar Martin 341 Glen Wal lace Carter it. 6 Bobby Copas 104 mull Jerry 71 Virgil ave. Ronald Payne it. 7 i buddy Peery it. 7. Hugh Thompson jr., 373 Lynn i Elmer Davis it. 3, Gale a Jimmy Fletcher 424 Roan i Melvyn Banks 424 Roan Freddie Bowlin 325 Lynn Lowell Noel 206 e. Mill Tommy Kern it. 6 Paul Blank enc Clur 1010 Fairmont ave. James Penley. 1002 Fairmont ave Harry Noel. 206 k. Mill i Pond Carroll kurd 1626 City Hwy Gary Coates. It. Herman Clark. 1813 buckles or. Johnny. Miller it. 7 Keith Bishop 1085 Gale City Hwy. I Maynard Wolfe 1200 Lynn Gar-1 Den or. Truman Tomlinson 145 Johnson St. Ronald and Kelly Hensley 204 Highview ave. Gene and. Jerry Sears it. 6 Jerry and David Hensley 1027 Howard Billy and Bobby Tate it. 6 James and Glen Bass it. 7 Don and Johnny Ragle Lee apts. Former Tec worker Dies unexpectedly Gate City a. Raymond Mcconnell 44, a former employee of Tennessee Eastman company and Holston ordnance j died unexpectedly at noon tues Day at his Home in the Dan l Boone Community near Here. J he was a line Foreman at the ordnance Plant until recently. Prior to that he had worked As a chemist for 15 years at Eastman. I he is a brother of Claude me Connell Scott county court clerk. J Mcconnell is survived by his widow mrs. Opal Reed Mccon Nell one daughter miss Linda Allen Mcconnell two sons Rob Ert and James Mcconnell his father John l. Mcconnell his Stepmother mrs. Phoebe Mccon Nell All of Dan l Boone four Brothers Fred of Weber City Glen Hubert and Claude Mcconnell of Dan l Boone one half sister miss Anne Mcconnell and two half Brothers Wayne and Joe Mcconnell of Dan l Boone. Funeral arrangements Are in Complete. The body is at Mcconnell funeral Home. . 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