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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - April 8, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee1954 easter Bunny Chews Calcium Nof Carrot Rubilin Losure of wedding Bells by Virginia Davis tires news writer Are your easter bunnies hav All the Calcium Panto Senate combination of three 7 7 l drugs is used in some calf feeds j Jih Sudol eight to 10 years ago it took Lour pounds of feed to put one and irradiated yeast they of weight on a broiler Paris ins dominican sex Rector Here Nomin ofed for Suffragan Bishop Post the Rev William s. Lea former Rector of St. Paul s protestant episcopal Church in Kingsport is one of 12 clergymen who have been nominated for Suffragan Bishop of Tennessee. Or. Lea now Rector of St. John s Church in Knoxville was Rector Playboy Diplomat Porfiro Rubi of St. Paul a Kingsport from 1937 to 1940. Is your baby on a formula Lype feed Industry arrived in Paris today and i recalled. Thoush Tow said he would see Asa Bubori i Peri Antibiotic supplements but became Coy when foodie now Lakos of feed to told of Zsa Zsa s remark that the baby Chicks calves Pup Elhiu same Lypp they might get married in a pies and pigs Are As diet con the suave latin Lover hopped j sinus these Days As their human the supplements Are Olla o has ?200.000 converted a counterparts ther formulas a a Beins so generally used and 25 at orly Airport after a the wonder nov there s no Ayr trip and was drugs and growth stimulants i immediately confronted with the. These Days the trend is toward a feed dealer last week pot a miss Gabor made Abb Fqy the other nominees As announced by Chancellor Barlow Strang Chattanooga Are j the Rev. George a. Fox vicar of Christ Church Chattanooga the Rev. John Van Der Horst Rector of St. Paul a Chattanooga or. Thorne Sparkman rec Tor of the Church of the re Deemer. Bryn mawr a. The Rev. William f. Gates jr., Rector of St. Peters Columbia Dean William e. Sanders St. Startled Driver pulled Over for fortunately stored up feedings were not con. Area dealer. Get As Detroit police went we in looking for a courteous Driver yesterday. They found Side red necessary but a look the trend is toward into some of the local feed stores the growing animals on feed m but n reveals what Rabbit food is to supplemented with vitamins and thana a. Jacmen in a Day. Iwonder drugs into b Vav Porfirio. A hand with lie words bit of the rabbits including Don t get off that f Don t seem to grow Mula on carrots and lettuce nowadays. They nibble on pellets that con j i Tain Antibiotic supplements Ribo air Trul Mec Lisnic j the much married pair have i come to spend april in Paris and nearly scared All the Courtesy out of him. Ralph e. Cody an automobile Salesman was driving along Woodward Avenue. A City truck loaded with workmen and a bubbling cauldron of Asphalt laps. about smuggling ring Flavin Calcium Panto Senate. Irradiated yeast. Dried perhaps for taste Are Alfalfa meal pulverised Oats Barley yellow co Prain sorghum and Oiler components. From the stacks of Rabbit feed the Rabbit population of Kings port looks pretty a lot 01 individuals seem to raise Tokyo Linsi an american the Hospital does too. Mechanic was being every two weeks a by japanese police sack is bought by the Hospital today in connection with a big for the eight to 10 rabbits and smuggling operation Between to the 10 to 20 Guinea pigs they Kyo and the British Crown col normally keep for testing of Hong Kong on the South poses. I China coast. Dan inc aside from the rabbits new the James Huff Vui Lullu i pc Liitt feeding developments m the last i f sacrament0i Cut five years have been studied Sci-1 b pan. Anti Focally by the principal feed v they la have their first Date tonight Rte Birosak emphasized he no marriage plans and described Cody politely paused to let the his relationship with the Glam Kruck pull out. Orous Zsa As that of police inspector James Hove Good Nead of the traffic division said his recent marriage to our store heiress Barbara Hutton lasted Only 72 Days. The inspector pulled abreast of Cody smiled at him Zsa Zsa. Too. Is on the inc alb. She recently obtained r from Hollywood actor Sanders. Mary s Cathedral Memphis the Rev. William t. Holt jr., Episco pal chaplain at the University of Tennessee the Rev. Robert f Mcgregor St. Stephens Oak Ridge the Rev. George b Stuart Memphis the Rev. Don Ald g. L. Henning Memphis the Rev. Charles g. Hamilton Aber Deen miss., and the Rev. Robert h. Manning new Orleans. S waiting to get on the main Bishop Theodore a. Barth asked at the convention Here in january that a Suffragan Bishop rather than a Bishop coadjutor be elected and his motion a approved. A Suffragan Bishop is a per and Sonal assistant to the Bishop Ani does not automatically succeed the Bishop s past whereas George on j Bishop coadjutor does succeed but the inspector who had the Bishop and also has Rief Init spent All Day looking for As a Bishup. Courteous motor list. Was t going the Suffragan Bishop will b to let this one get away. Chosen when the convention re manufacturers Over the country. Today one of the principal world airways was arrested yesterday in a double new York gov pull Over to the he thundered. Cody did. What have i asked Cody not a the inspector grinned. Cody was the first Driver to receive the courteous motor industries markets 23 the Tokyo Ern ment delves deeper today into Gambler Frank costello s industries markets 23 charges of in i he he a Omo Blie c us products with Antibiotic supple of ice of his employer. M t 1946 and put on by the automobile club 10 the newspaper yom Iuri re of Ulich Lgan. Ments. And 13 of these arc Poul the newspaper Yommer re try feeds. I ported that police confiscated the was expected the formulas of each of the Rifle two pistols and More than j to introduce statements cos feed industries Are of course convenes Here april 22. Swap thursday april 8, 1954 King port 25 ice Cream Sun ripened raspberries pureed at the Peak of perfection and rippled through velvety smooth ice delightful enjoy some it s better than Good it s ref first times news classified ads get results kept a carefully guarded secret Only certain Trade names indl-1 airline officials confirmed that Cate the nature of the feed japanese police had raided vhf us rounds of ammunition in Ocllo made to a Federal grand jury in 1949, when the govern ment was trying to track Down Louis Lepke Buchalter Mur Huffman s Home. Lists of the contents of the feed i the pan american office after Deri inc brain printed on each bag. J arming themselves with search a statement made in 1937 Pic the pure food and drug Laws warrants. Tured costello As figuring his have certain regulations on the yom Iuri quoted the police As income taxes from memory and contents of a bag of feed and that the airline slips in my and new scientific developments was involved in the smug i then adding for Uncle Felting the feed bag of watches currency must conform with these Laws weapons secreted aboard pan a one feed manufacturing com american planes flying Between of customs irregularities were Pany Salesman explained the use Tokyo and Hong Kong. I lodged against the Mechanic of some supplement in a poultry the newspaper said the a i japanese authorities claimed leed that improves pigmentation thormities suspected that the of Huffman had sent coded Mes and feathering is restricted by a Era Tjon Aiso included narcotics sacs to Hong Kong and the changeover to a broiler finisher. United states and that these with this supplement eliminated j arrests were formed the basis of evidence prior to marketing of the Chick yom Iuri reported. Against him. In. The reason for this is mat the uce Halffman Hacili they said the articles and cur fhe government prohibits use of m admissions under ques. Rency smuggled from Hong Kong s2ls Bergi toning. Forma charges of a Ito Japan were sold to japanese Possession of weapons and. Black Market operators. Penicillin streptomycin Terra mucin and a neomycin have been added for the Young Ani Mal or the single stomach animals particularly. The purposes of these Antibiotic supplements is to keep Down infectious organisms and to Stim ulate growth. Baby Chicks Are especially responsive to these feeding supplements and Rab bits gain faster Over a Short period of time. A neomycin is used particularly in Chick feed Terra Yin is Best used in hog fend and a i one 18-Calarie spoonful pm sugar in your Coffee or Tea May make it easier for you to Cut 100 calories off your diet Art Unk Lefter says Here s a Dixie crystals pure Cane sugar Pratt s Farmland 447 West Sullivan Street visit wetland at Farmland most Complete pet shop Between Washington and Atlanta Start a Hobby 5-gallon aquariums v we will be glad to help you set one baby sic 95 Chicks 13 15 Breeds to choose talkers baby parakeets u cages 52.43 and up our special mix Lawn is of grass 1 your neighbor uses Blue is so grass la the nation s All organic Miler 100 Granite for lawns and gardens. T w. S Maine seed Beans w la top 100 potatoes Pas Furgron none better for lawns or pasture foot wrapped flowering aft shrubs hoc to varieties to choose 6 to 7 it. Apple Trees l have apples from Spring to liquid Plant Ajic food the new Way to fertilize. One pint makes 48 Gallons four Point barbed wire Garden goats i sic first Grade White Lawn Hose 125ft 5-year guarantee Garden hand Multi sr95 gators 3 Complete with tooth Leaf 7qc rakes steel wheel ,fto5 Barrows 0 try the Kasco feed plan As hundreds Are doing there is a Kasco feed for every need and a guarantee As Good or bolter results Over higher priced feeds or your Money Back. Since the sweepstakes everybody s been talking about surf. G women everywhere have written saying How wonderful it is. 9 so now lever Brothers offers you another Chance to save on surf. Here s Why i know you la like it. These Days just about every detergent gels things clean looking. You know that. Actually there in t a product that can beat surf for getting dirt out. Or for making while things really White and colors Bright and sparkling. But surf does More. It gives you a Wash that smells every bit As clean As it looks. And that s important because you can t fool your nose. When things Are really clean they smell clean. When you Wash them with surf they smell like Sunshine. You know that they re clean Clear through clip the dividend Coupon at right and put it with your shopping list. Cash it in next time you go to the store. I m sure you la be As Happy with surf As the thousands of women who be written me Are. Lucky liver sweepstakes dividend surf off on 1 Money Saver Economy size or 2 Large size of to Dilir you if Luthor Lold to let it our in thl or tempt Luud. Tausan it Triniti riot. Ind Rod Only on band mud lord .11 not Honor Dimp tin thou a Ile. I coupons will . To or Tenud. Tid b he cd u. Brehm co 1w am. N a. . Setili. Ani Itai. Cd. Tyres. Trim i an. . With. To o c o o o pc

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