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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - April 8, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 923 4 do you keep a sate Between you and the vehicle ahead. Kingsport times vol. Al no. 70 phone Cir to h131 Kingsport tenn., thursday april 8, 1954 28 pages five cents the weather partly Cloudy Windy and colder tonight with Low in upper 30s. Friday partly Cloudy Windy and Cool with High in lower 50s. Wednesday s High temperature 82 last night s Low 57 noon Reading 73 rainfall .01 Inch. Of War in Asia Best Fox rambler left shown by Chaque Hale of Hale Brothers Crossville was judged Best All age male and Best dog at the Bench show of the Southeastern Fox Hunters association Here wednesday night. Bonnie Branham shown by mrs. V. Shives right Pendleton va., was judged Best All age female and Best opposite sex. Ctn photo by Kesterson 1 More h bomb test is planned Chiang urges Alliance against reds in Asia Taipei Washington ins at least one More stupendous a i bomb test is planned in the Pacific this Spring As the forerunner of an enormous increase i a in u. S. Production of atomic element by Pacific anti com and Hydrogen explosives during the next several years. Monist nations. The chinese nationalist Leader a top source said today that Uniss an asian definitely at least one and similar to the North at Sibly two More of the a bombs lactic treaty were signed com be detonated this Spring. Aggression in the far bringing to either four or Wui de further enc our minor traffic violation can make the total for the series. Not deterred. The. Third Hydrogen test Wasj views oi1 u. S Secre. Conducted successfully state Coati f0ster Dulles Day following those of March 1 and March 26. Atomic Energy chairman Lewis l. Strauss told a Senate appropriations subcommittee on wednesday that More emphasis on a bombs is planned. He declared that the u. S. Joint chiefs of staff believe full advantage should be taken of the thermonuclear Hydrogen weapons. He added our projected output of these materials atomic and Hydrogen explosives in fiscal 1955 will Rise sharply. Because certain facilities now under construction Are not to be in full operation until 1957, enormous production gains will continue for several More the joint congressional com Mittee on atomic Energy mean while is standing Back of a statement that while there was considerable discussion Lefoi work on the a bomb began 1950. The committee sees Noth ing sinister about this. The committee s statement was issued by rep. Sterling Cole chairman on behalf of the full committee after a half Day session to consider an in direct charge by sen. Joseph r. Mccarthy a wis that an 18 month delay in a bomb work May have been caused by Trai the committee disclosed that in late 1949 a majority of the dec then headed by David e. Lilienthal and of its general advisory committee which included such outstanding scientists As or. J. Robert Oppenheimer and or. James b. Conant opposed the attempt to build the a bomb. The congressional committee especially the late sen. Brien Mcmahon chairman and the National Security coun then defense Secretary Louis Johnson and then Secretary of state Dean ache the a bomb pro Call for United action to keep Southeast Asia out of communist hands were made known to International news service yesterday through his closest aide. The Generalissimo s ideas on the United action proposal Are of special significance because his estimated army on Formosa probably would be a mainstay of any nato for Asia program. Dulles made his United action speech last week in new York and now has followed through by suggesting to at least six other Allied nations that they join in a conference to decide what to do about red China inter vening in the indo chinese War. The nations Are Britain. France Australia. New zealand the Phil Montgomery Ala. You can be sent to prison in Alabama and Wear the Brand of an sex convict the rest of your life for no More than using Abu Sive language or driving a car without a License. Scores of men and women too walk into the Penitentiary each month to serve sentences of a few months or a few a weeks in some instances Only a few Days. They re checked in. Given a number fingerprinted Anc mugged like All other convicts even though they May have Only 10 Days to serve or less. Rec ords at Kilby prison Tell the in credible Story of men brought Miles across the state with a debt to society of one Day plus court costs which Are worked Cut at the rate of 75 cents a Day. These Short Wermers Are coun by Jack Bell and John m. Hightower Washington Sena ors today spoke of the sending of u. S. Naval and air units into he indochinese fighting As a possibility and one said ii looks o me As if we Are on the Edge of War sen. Mccarran who made this estimate in an in review snid if we should Send n naval and air forces now it would Only bring the chinese communists in Force and then i Don t see How we could avoid sending the sober comment in con Tress followed renewed express ions by president Eisenhower and Secretary of state Dulles of he administration s determination that Indochina must not fall to the communists and indications from abroad that u. S. Allies Are not moving As fast As u. S. Officials might wish in forming a coalition of defense of Southeast Asia. Dispatches from London and Paris indicated both British and Trench leaders might consider the time Inopportune and want More details on the United will and United action Dulles has advocated. All sides seem to agree that if and when conclusive decisions Are reached and some Public statement is made it must be not simply another hands off warning to the chinese reds but an announcement of determination with real Teeth. The question at this Point is what kind of the policy decisions be backed up by naval forces air forces round forces or some combination of these Eisenhower s refusal at his news conference yesterday to spell out probable free world action if the chinese communists move in Force into Indochina caused some senators to speculate that a program of limited counteraction is in the making. Among these sen. H. Alexan Der Smith Rny said he sees no need to use u. S. Troops in Indochina but he added in an interview. In Case of a crisis there we May need to us naval Power and undoubtedly air Power. I Don t think anything we Are doing now contemplates employing american manpower i Asia but quite conceivably it Calls for air and naval Smith who is chairman of a Senate foreign relations far Eastern subcommittee applauded Eisenhower s Call for concerted action by the nations of the free world to prevent an anti communist defeat in indo Knoxville lawyer opens study for army hearing Ray Jenkins is by it friends and Knoxville ins Ray Howard Jenkins who will be the chief counsel in the feud be tween sen. Joseph r. Mccarthy a Olsi. And the army was de scribed today As a fair Man by his friends and rivals. He will conduct the investigation in a fair and impartial manner and i know he will reflect credit on the committee. As far As i know he has never expressed himself publicly on my j Carthy or the Issue at the 57-year-old famed trial fellow attorneys and court of attorney of Knoxville picked j rate him As one of Knox yesterday As chief counsel for the Senate investigations sub Ville s finest trial lawyers. He is a colourful precise orator who has workers desert their posts to hear Jenkins when he is sum Ming up a Case before a jury. He is often cited As a Model for would be criminal trial lawyers to University of Tennessee Law students. His reputation for fairness led to his appointment As one of the two attorneys for espionage or Bias in Case committee was the away from such phases of chemist manager for Wendell Willkie in Legal work As corporation Law. Works i the 1940 presidential Campaign. Instead he has specialized in convicted of espionage in giving be formerly was chairman of the Knox county Republican executive committee. Jenkins son of a country Doc Tor in Cherokee county n. C., worked his Way through Mary Ville Tenn College and University of Tennessee Law col lege. He was admitted to the bar in 1919. Guy Smith chairman of the Tennessee Republican Central committee said there could be no better Man for the Job than Jenkins in the army Mccarthy investigation. Similar Praise for Jenkins came from Knoxville mayor George Dempster a Democrat who called him one of the Fin est lawyers practising in ten the mayor acted French destroy rebel trenches Hanoi Indochina Union troops fanning out. Over a wide area around Dien Bien Phu today destroyed a Long string of enemy trenches being built for a fresh assault on the Northwest Indochina bastion. Sixty rebels were killed in the operations the French said. A French communique said the Garrison defenders again last night had an easy night As the communist led vie Minh did not resume their direct in Fantry assaults on the fortress Plain. The rebels halted their second round of such frontal charges monday after six Days of one Knoxville resident said. Around Here they think of Ray Jenkins first. With him on their Side they figure the other Side is behind the eight Ball to Start courthouse figures said office agent Alfred Dean Slack a at Holston ordnance near Kingsport who was russian spy Harry Gold the secret formula for explosive Rex during world War ii. He served with the army in Mexico in 1916 and with the Navy in world War i. After the fighting he entered the univer sity of Tennessee and was graduated from Law school. Married the former Eva Nash daughter of a prominent Knoxville physician the late or. Walter s. Nash. He is the father of one daughter who is married. Jenkins and his wife have one grandchild. Washington Law yer Ray h. Jenkins had orders today to ready to launch 13 Days from now Public Senate j hearings aimed at finding the j truth in the Mccarthy army Row. Jenkins a 57-year-old grand father from Knoxville tenn., took the Job of special counsel yesterday with a Public pledge to fulfil it with no prejudice no i have no record publicly or otherwise As to sen. Mccarthy or what has come to be known As he told a news conference. As a special counsel to the Senate investigations subcommittee he said he intends to dig fur and present the facts in the bitter charges involving Mccar thy and High army officials without any favouritism in As fair and impartial a manner As i know an army report has accused has been Active in american legion affairs and is an experienced Money Raiser for Knox Ville s empty stocking Christmas fund As Well As other charitable organizations. I Pines and Thailand. To prisoners convicted Olmis Domino collapse of Burma. Demea nors which carry hard la Thailand. Indonesia and other Bor sentences of a year or nations now out i m Canilla and resultant falling murderous French gunfire and combat. Troops kept new Foxholes and winding trenches anti communist countries to bring decisive appeals court okays perjury conviction act. The committee listed six a were photo _ Kay Jenkins says Jenkins May seek Senate Seaf Nashville Nashville newspaper speculated today that Knoxville lawyer Ray Jenkins special counsel in the Mccarthy army dispute May be a candidate for the u. S. Senate this fall. Leslie t. Hart Nashville ban Ner political writer said this pre diction was made by members of the gop High command in the state Hart added the Senate investigations in the 1952-53 fiscal year which ended sept. 3, Kilby imprisoned 984 county convicts. Twenty of them had 30 Days or less to serve 256 had less than 60 Days and 389 were in for less than three months. Many of the county prisoners go to prison because they can t Washington a pay court imposed fines and Points of dispute including moral military monetary and technical considerations and said while it is True that there was considerable discussion be tween september. 1949, and Jan uary 1950, concerning the needs of developing the Hydrogen bomb this fact is not of Itsell sinister nor does it imply that those who opposed the presi Dent s final decision were motivated by a desire to Lessen our military strength. There was nothing in the statement corresponding to Mccarthy s assertion that the period of delay was 18 months. According to the committee the theory of the a bomb had been known and minor work had been done on it since 1942. Bandit is Friendly s. Court of appeals today upheld he perjury conviction of e. Merl Young key figure in the Senate investigation of Mink coat scandals in the reconstruction finance corp. At the same time the court reversed the perjury conviction of Young s brother Herschel who was accused of lying under oath before a grand jury investigating testimony in the Senate probe. Merl Young a former rec loan examiner was found guilty last year on three counts of false testimony before a Senate Bank ing subcommittee and one count of swearing falsely before the grand jury. He was sentenced to serve from four months to two years in jail on each count but the sentences were to run concurrently. Costs. When that happens the state prison department must pay the costs to the county in Cash collecting from the prisoners in labor at the rate of 75 cents a Day. In counties where officials still live on the fee system they get their share of the Money paid by the state the same As they would if the defendant himself paid it. And in liquor Law violations sheriffs or other officers or persons who give Evi Dence for convictions get for each Case. Efforts have been made to re Lieve the state of the heavy financial Burden of housing county prisoners but resistance has been too Tough to overcome. And so luckless motorists who can t pay traffic fines still wind up in prison. Appropriations committee for a spot Check on conditions in Indochina said he believes the president is right in saying that no outside country can come in and help unless it is doing something that the local people want done. Unemployment drop noted in Tennessee Nashville the fifth straight week a decline was noted in the number of unemployment insurance claims filed last week Donald m. Mcsween employment Security commissioner says. But he said yesterday unemployment is still unusually High and the rate of decline very the commissioner said persons filed claims last week. This represents a drop of 400 from the previous week but is far in excess of the filing a year ago he added. Within 600 feet of the barbed subcommittee May be the Spring wire mazes guarding the heart of the French Union stronghold 175 Miles West of Hanoi. Observers believed communist Gen. To Nguyen Gap again would Send his Black Clad legions pouring out in another attempt to overwhelm Dien Bien Phu. Thunderstorms and rain in creased in frequency heralding the approach by the end of the month of the monsoons. The big seasonal Rains annually halt Large scale operations. Time obviously was growing Short for the rebels in their try for a big Victory before the Geneva con Ference scheduled to Start april 26. Westview merchant joins Squire race c. Castle Westview grocer thursday announced his Candi Dacy for magistrate from the 12th civil District subject to the August county general election. Castle was born in Scott coun a., but came county wide spelling Bee finals scheduled Friday in Blountville fourteen Sullivan county elementary school students will take part in the finals of the county spelling Bee in Blount Ville Friday. The contest will be held in the Blountville High school at 1 p. M., according to an announce ment by j. Craft Akard school superintendent. Elude Lynn View zone Jean Peters Lynn Garden elementary Atlanta ins a sporty i Winner and Margaret Cowden gunman entered an Atlanta liquor store last night and told j. U. Home or Lintl this is a Cedar Grove runner up. Sullivan zone Leon Gray Dickson elementary Winner and Howard Smith or Bank Elc the Bandit escaped with Centary runner up. Other entrants Are Blountville sey. Rocky Springs elementary zone Ronald Stewart Blount Ville elementary Winner and Martha Ramey Arcadia elementary runner up. Bluff City zone Patty Repass Bluff City elementary Winner and Nina sue Hicks Chinquapin elementary runner up. Holston zone Betty Fink Mil and Mary Ann Douglas Miller Perry elementary runner up. Holston Valley zone Norma Jean Boyd Emmett elementary Winner Sample Rutherford Emmett elementary runner up. Mary Hughes zone Sam rom Winner and Ernest love Mary Hughes elementary runner up. The participants Are finalists and second place winners in zone contests which included several thousand children Akard said. The Winner of the contest at Blount Volle will represent Sulli county in the Southern spelling Bee at Knoxville on wednesday april 28. Winner there will enter the finals of the National Bee in Washington. The Sullivan county Pat Council will present awards to the Winner and runner up. Board which puts Jenkins in the National spotlight and perhaps in the u. S. Senate. Republican leaders in ten Nessee Are already speculating that Jenkins will be the Republican candidate in the november there Are to announced Candi dates for the Republican senatorial nomination in the August primary. Sen. Estes Kefauver a Democrat will seek re election although he has not yet formally announced. His Only opponent in the democratic primary is sixth dist. Rep. Pat Button. Traditionally democratic ten Nessee has not sent a Republican to the Senate in recent his tory although two of the state s nine congressmen Are republicans. At Knoxville. State Republican chairman Guy l. Smith declined comment other than to say Ray Jenkins would certainly be senatorial umber by any 1924. He has resided in the 12th District for seven years and now lives at 1229 Pierce Street. The candidate bases his candidacy on a Strong interest in better schools and better i am strongly in favor of Sal Aried he adds. Castle has pledged the performance of the duties of mag Istrate in an honest and impartial manner without regard for political Castle is a member of the official Board and chairman of the commission on education of the methodist Church. Approves Edc treaty Luxembourg ins tiny Luxembourg yesterday became the fourth nation to ratify the european defense Community treaty. Vote on the measure in pm Len Mcnol was 46 to 4, with the communist deputies voting in the negative. France and Italy still have not ratified the army pact. Navy told to watch. For bomb smuggling Washington ins Navy intelligence men were warned today that they cannot rely on Geiger counters to detect smuggled atomic bomb materials be cause radioactive uranium and plutonium would be shielded. The Navy distributed to All ships and stations directions to be on the Lookout for smuggling of atomic weapons into the country by saboteurs. The instructions signed by Navy assistant Secretary j. H. Smith jr., told the Navy person Nel what sort of things to look somewhat More detail than was used by Federal Bureau of investigation chief j. Edgar Hoover in his circular to civilian Law enforcement agencies. For one thing the Navy pointed out that it is probable that Jenkins is an Episcopalian Mccarthy a wis and two of As aides of seeking favored treatment for pvt. G. David Schine a drafted former Asso Date. Mccarthy disputed that and said army officials sought o blackmail him into dropping a search for subversives in the army. The army denies that. Jenkins who looks far younger Nan his age succeeds Samuel p. Sears a Boston lawyer previous y selected by the subcommittee but whose name was never officially entered on the payroll. Sears stepped out tuesday five Days after being appointed say no that baseless challenges to his impartiality had made it necessary for him to step aside in the Public Sears was an avowed admirer of Mclarthy although he said he had Aken no Side in the current Row. Jenkins got the appointment at a closed door meeting of the subcommittee which also or dered the televised Start on april 21, instead of the old target Date of sometime next week. Sen. Mundt who will run the hearings As acting Chaus Man told reporters Jenkins first assignment is to set up an office Here and the next one to help set up ground rules Lor the in Quiry. Sen. Dirksen r-i11 first Sug rested Jenkins name for the Job. The Illinois senator a subcommittee member said he Tennessee last week end on a personal Mission when he got word from Mundt that it might be necessary to replace sear s As counsel. Dirksen said he had known Jenkins for about four years met him at. The Knoxville monday night and started the negotiations which led to Jen wins appointment. In Knoxville various associates of both political parties described him As a Fine lawyer and a fair minded one. Jenkins described himself As a life Long Republic can. He said he managed the Tennessee Campaign for Wendell Willkie in the 1940 presiden tial election Campaign. One person killed in Midwest Tornado by International news service. One person was reported killed and at least 12 others injured in the Wake of tornadoes which struck Illinois and Michigan causing extensive property dam age late yesterday. Minor damage was caused by twisters in three other states Wisconsin Texas and Indiana. Kankakee county was the hardest hit. A woman was killed and 10 other persons injured in the Eastern Illinois farm Community of Indian Oaks some 55 Miles Southwest of Chicago. At Swartz Creek 2 Miles Southwest of Flint mich., two persons were injured and several Homes damaged when a Tornado hit the Small Community. Early last june Flint was the scene of one of the worst twisters in the nation s history. More than 100 were killed and property damage estimated in the millions. Minor damage was reported when a twister hit Cresson. Tex., near fort Worth and scattered areas in northeastern Indiana. Two blocks of the downtown area were destroyed at wis., when a Tornado hit town and minor damage was re ported at Highland wis., from another twister. No injuries were reported. Demo tax plan hits Solon Snag Washington ins a democratic move to join any boost in personal tax exemptions with a new or head tax ran into gop opposition in the Senate finance committee to Day. Sen. Ralph Flanders r it. Called it a poor and another Republican member of the group now considering the omnibus tax revision Bill said it would not be adopted. Sen. J. Allen Prear d Del. Announced he would offer the head tax to be applied to the millions of persons who would go off Federal tax Rolls if an in crease in personal exemptions is voted. His partial purpose would be to see that such persons feel the re Burden however slight of paying the costs of government. The finance committee scheduled testimony from bar association witnesses this morn ing in its second Public session on the big Bill which revises and re codifies the nation s tax Laws. One gop member of the com Mittee who declined to be identified said he is opposed to the head tax because it would Cre ate More resentment than it would be Worth. At most a tax on the 25 million persons who would escape taxation under a exemption increase would raise about 250 million dollars in Revenue. The boost would lose a total of about eight billion dollars. Sen. Frank Carlson r kas., a finance member predicted that in any event the exemption boost proposed by sen. Walter f. George d a. Would not pass the Senate. George has suggested a increase this year and next. The revision Bill As passed by the House includes tax Relief provisions for corporations and individuals which would Cost an estimated one billion 400 million dollars. Effective shielding of the radio activity will be and instruments to detect radio activity would be useless unti the shielding has been removed the Navy warned that mos parts of an a bomb other than plutonium or uranium can be fabricated in the u. S. Under Normal Purchase orders with out causing however orders to Mac him such unusual materials As Beryl Lium Nickel uranium or Tung Sten would arouse suspicion and probably would net be attempted instead they said Saboteur might set up a Clandestine Shor for that purpose and for melt ing and molding High exp Losavi to Iii either the gun Type bowl or the spherical "implosion1 bomb As the element to Trygge the fissionable material

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