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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - April 7, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee14 Kingsport Juimei wednesday. April7.1954 14 Iretia reaction favors Murrow in Mccarthy feud new York school in Moscow in denied Mccarthy s if there a Seph r. Mccarthy med to Lection at i charge that he had been a Mem nests to of sclj11 la attack on Edward r. Murrow Drew initially today a wealth of support for the Columbia Broad apr or an students Murrow Artemeo. I of tend Organ Patlon her of the Niter Ted support system director and radio to commentator. Murrow a acted for the russian is ers of the worm Vert that professor i peonage and 1 known As vols. A now man7of these selected russian is ers 01 me a Wuhu. Propaganda that professor harold1 Laski had v dedicated a Book to him. I Mirrow. Tupu colican a now Mano used i Murrow on the newscast were later exposed As comm havmg8" in a statement and in v v newsmen emphatic Lor communist Back As 20 years Char Murrow p r o m p 11 false lbs said Calls and telegrams Murrow s i started coming into their As the tilt inn As a is said Murrow. Was a socialist. I am Murrow acknowledged that there was a reference to him in Book titled ordeal by Slan Owen i Attimore in 1950. The Ous stations across the nation after Mccarthy s 25-Mimite appearance on time Murrow made available to him to answer his March 9 attack on the senator. The counts a broadcaster and a Loyal Murrow declared senator Mccarthy s reckless and unfounded attempt to impugn my loyalty is lust one More of his typical tactic of it s Hydrogen bomb research was delayed 18 months because of communist infiltration of the 111 111 i and to its Aims and cleared Murrow. Views about the and lbs Ruby s principal1 me is an attack on the of International Edu cation of which i was assistant director and am now a trustee. He says that it was chosen by the soviet Agency vols to do a Job which would nor Mally be done by the russian secret police that is false. Murrow then outlined in some detail the functions of he. He noted that among his associates were John Foster Eisenhower and other free governments. If there had been no communists in our he said would we have rewarded them with All of Manchuria half of the Korea islands and one half of Korea How Many americans have died and will die because of this sell out to communist rus Sia god Only Mccarthy said that much of not explain How. Murrow commented now join the distinguished 1st upon which already appear the Washington Post the Mil Waukee journal time Magazine Commonweal the Christian Sci ence Monitor and general mar shall among Murrow then noted that those publications and Marshall have All been attacked for pro communist Bias. He said Mccarthy plays upon it. Robinson Man freed of charge of driving drunk Nollice arrived at the Acci was supporting Fly by i. Nit this nation s determination to protect. Ruelf against communism As a Means of creating Dis of anyone who. 38-year-old it. Robinson Man was acquitted wednesday morning in City court of charges of speeding and Drunken drive to. Acting City court judge j. R Pecktal ruled that no evidence had been Given to show the defendant was driving the car concerned but fined him for Public drunkenness. The charges arose from a col _ a Tooi 7on when police arrived at the Acci Dent scene the defendant was ecu Bruiy Sam he Vnti the documentary information he him no matter How devote had on the table before him our american institutions last night will not he available i critic May be to the american people by Way new do of but he added be made available to you within to 11u is my Devotion to the Prin which this was supporting Jive children on about a week. Other fines imposed were _. 7l Quine in the right front seat. Other lines imposed were Slit jes Aiso said the go Al defendant was in the right front seat and not behind the when they first noticed him. The defendant did not even take the stand in his own defense i Tho a take e a but at the time of the Accident told police somebody else had been driving and ran off. 1 Lac Cilval Taco i vision on january 5 on East Cen e Lacy Wool excused him Street which sent three rom trying the Case. Of a few _ the Accident. The Jimree o was dismissed. Judge West sus a if you want to save on your insurance the place to save is 101 Broad Street the Al two monism or communists infiltration into the affairs of this country less uncompromising i to i. Vat Fotiu Philip Reed de sleeve. Mccarthy told ence Ralph j. Binche. And Virginia ill government. In Washington no Oruc experts said the delay in u. work on the a bomb generally was Cine to a technical dispute Over its merits and to a belief that America s a bomb monopoly would last Ioniser. The experts pointed out that work on the a bomb was or dered soon after Russia exploded an a bomb late m 1949 and reached a Climax at the first test in november 1952. The present chairman Lewis l Strauss at one time was said to be the Only member of the atomic Energy commission favouring production of Hydrogen weapons. Mccarthy whose method of fighting communism Murrow had charged was giving Aid and Comfort to the characterized the commentator As a Symbol and a Leader of the jackal pack which always is found at the Throat of anyone who dares expose individual communists and traitors the senator continued Murrow sponsored a comm re less uncompromising acc ecu than those presumably held by traitors and the Junior senator from wisc on Disu in of army his to Audi ence that the communists achieved a great Deal through our pro Pagan own government May be f afanual affair no. Mann Ectal itch ire often Tell pin Worms. Mil Fife it oui the " entire Imus Roit Vic Lnu not know it. Icily what Jane " pm table do and Here s How Thor do it coiling tar Ries the Buleti into the by of they of solve. Modern. M tredent goo Richt to work i. Pin Worms quickly Tauy. Don t take with thit Din Erous richly cont com con Stol at the first Jim of pm 4e Small. My to tale Uleta perfected by famous or. D. Son. 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