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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - April 7, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 922 3 do you know it u unlawful to pass on Cross roads or intersections Kingsport times vol. Al no. 69 Kingsport Tenn., wednesday april 7, 1954 20 pages five cents the weather partly Cloudy and mild to night with thundershowers Likely. Thursday Cloudy and continued warm with scattered showers. Tuesday s High temperature 77 last night s Low 56 noon Reading 71 rainfall .29 Inch. Ike cites danger of Indochina loss parents urged to attend polio vaccine meeting parents of Kingsport children who Are in the first second and third grades Are urged to attend t mass meeting Friday evening april 9, in the Dobyns Bennett auditorium to hear a full explanation of the vaccine Field trial Fred Chetwood. Chairman of the Volunteer committee for the trial announced today. The meeting will begin promptly at o clock. Or. J. W. Erwin director of the Sullivan county health department and other authorities will appear on the explanatory program and Chetwood will explain the entire routine which will establish the necessary rec ords for use in evaluating the test. Previously or. Erwin announced that unless the vaccine is received time to begin the "3-shot" vaccination on april 27 and 28. Sullivan county will have to forego its participation in the program because the polio season for this area would begin before the series of vaccinations could be completed. Jim Hensley. Chairman of the Volunteer workers for Sullivan l county said today that All rec i Ord forms have been received and Are now being distributed Toj the schools throughout the county. He also said that he fully expected to receive the vac Cine prior to the april 27 dead line. Che Wood has announced the establishment of a Kingsport of fice for the vaccine Field trial . Seeks Asia defense Alliance for Indochina Board prepares action on City officials Are preparing Washington Legal Battle to rid Kingsport United states worked in an air sub Standard housing of crisis today to build a South the Board of mayor and Al East Asia defense Alliance to Dermon tuesday night discussed forestall threatened expansion of with City attorney h. Marvin signing a contract for the initial part of Kingsport s natural Gas distribution system seated from h. A. Cooley general superintendent. Pioneer construction co., Chattanooga c. G. Woodeson president of the construction firm Harold w. Gee president Volunteer natural Cas co t. F. Dooley Gas company Secretary and standing g. Frank Stinnett Kingsport manager of the Gas company. To photo by Kesterson work on new Gas line slated a Chattanooga construction begin m research. Was stalled ence. Dulles alleys i the action followed a report a l deadline standards or tearing Down the unsanitary Jiovell. Gray is Winner in official count of votes by Bill Freehoff times news political writer Blountville Frank Wil Wiliams dropped seven votes in the Parsons called attention to sheriff s race in tuesday s office at the con spread reports that the United states has asked six allies to join in a common warning against meeting was Arr. Quest of the a Mats who Are cambodian ambassador Nong Kimny Viet Nam ambassador Severa City tabulation Hera tone court further aggression Ter Tourot r Souva Nivon 3llsl such they nist China in any part of South Ter Motr. Soma Navong. Been in the City code for years the. Sullivan county demo earlier the Secretary of Kingsport never has had to cratic primary Board met and it would t be right Eisen scheduled a conference with Ca i use them before. J certified the returns in Satur lower said for this country to this reason and to make says free world cannot afford greater losses Washington president Eisenhower said today the free world simply can t afford greater losses to the communists in Asia. Loss of Indochina and the rest of Southeast Asia would have in calculable consequences he told a news conference. Eisenhower said this country is conducting talks with its. Al lies looking toward United action to keep Indochina free but he said no detailed course of action has been set at this time. He denied in effect wide in the indochinese conflict. Diplomatic informants revealed that Dulles already has Medure. One of the but Williams slipped from importance to the whole free 1 710 which save Gray a i world the president said and is a ii Iriina vector a margin of 15 votes. Getting More attention than Al that a a Iii inc Mav Idi Orpi a a inc Mav r asked six other Allied nations cd damned by a comm fee com Williams. Who placed second most any other thing. I Yii i with vital interests in Southeast Asia How Many men. Guns ships and planes they Are willing to i contribute to the common de posed of the City manager mayor and City health officer. Mayor Wimberly. City Man new York Mccar thy a wis says research on Tion system. Volunteer natural America s Hydrogen bomb was ii me wednesday Headquarters in the welfare officers of building. Beginning april 12, the office will be open Gas company officials said i deliberately stalled for 18 months the Gas firm i in the face of reports that rus feverishly pushing a conduction com from 1 to 5 each afternoon Chattanooga for the first cent saturday. The Telephone phase of the project. Similar project. If there were no communists in our government Why did we number g Frank Stinnett manager of Mccarthy asked last Circle 5-3311, and mrs. Ted Kingsport operations of in a telecast billed As a 1 a to criticism of the senator lbs commentator Edward Murrow. The a bomb reference was interjected into an attack in which Mccarthy termed Murrow the Leader and the Cleverest of the jackal pack which is always found at the Throat of anyone who dares to expose communists Heads a group of Volunteer work Untener natural Gas company i reply to ers who will staff the office. Say materials for the initial i by lbs most of the questions will be i portion have already been re answered at the mass meeting pc lived. Cost of the work is Esti Friday mrs. Witt said i mated at s100.000. But we will Welcome inquiries he said construction will Start at the Headquarters office. If we Don t know the answers we will find someone who accidents claim 3 in East Tenn. At once on the pipeline. Work areas will include High Way 81, Sullivan Street red Wood drive and Eastman Road. Stinnett said feet of 10 Inch pipe will be installed along Highway 81, and feet of 8-Inch pipe on Sullivan Street. He said feet of 6-Inch pipe will be placed principally on and additional report on Mccarthy s attack and Murrow s reply on Page 14. Who caused Mccarthy Sullivan Street Redwood drive demanded of the alleged a bomb and Eastman Road. Delay. Was it Loyal americans1 after completion of the initial i or was it traitors in our gov a Trio of separate Branch lines will killed three East tennesseans be Laid to serve business and tuesday night in Jefferson and residential areas As quickly As Grainger counties. James Clarence Durham 17, Morristown died when the motor Scooter he was Riding collided with a car on Highway 25-e near White Pine. A 53-year-old Oak Ridge Man Willis j. Apple was killed in a crash of his Light plane in a materials Are received the Man Ager said. City manager d. W. Moulton announced the beginning of the project at a meeting of the Board of mayor and aldermen tuesday night. Moulton said the plans for the line had been mapped and had member of the joint congressional committee on atomic Energy. Garden plot near Dandridge Dur-1 been approved by the City Engi about Price said in ing a wind and thunderstorm. Neer. Additional lines Are still Washington he showed com and a truck Driver Harrison the planning stage he Indi George smart. 31. Powell died seated when a runaway trailer from a Volunteer an expansion of the our nation May Well Din be cause of that 18-month deliver nuclear jest held tuesday Washington the government today that of nuclear weapons was carried out yesterday at the Pacific proving grounds and described it As information of great importance to National defense continues to be derived from this test chairman Lewis l. Strauss of the atomic Energy commission said in a statement. The Brief announcement did not specifically identify this test As a thermonuclear or h bomb test. Long is candidate for District Squire ate he added. Mccarthy s statement James f. Long of the fort Robinson Community announced that he is a Candi 11 i it Iii Iab lie 10 i called absolutely and Culous by Date for magistrate from the 12th rep Melva Price District. Tractor truck smashed head on into his vehicle on 11-w near Rutledge. Highway the Tennessee Highway patrol the Accident which killed the Morristown youth occurred at . Cpl. Glenn Haun Morristown the said the Auto Mobile which struck Durham s Scooter was apparently trying to pass another car. Former Watauga Valley Gas co. Holds franchises for retail Gas distribution in Kingsport John son City Elizabethton and Greeneville. Watauga Valley previously served Johnson City and Elizabethton with manufactured Gas. The Board of mayor and Al Dermen is considering a code of regulations governing Gas in Durham is survived by installations and operation in the Mother. Mrs. J. Durham i interest of safety. White Pine. N o immediate action on the funeral services will be held j code was taken by the Board at first methodist Church mor tuesday night. However it was Riston at . Out that the franchise the Rev. Earl h. Hunt jr., will itself contains rather Complete officiate. Safeguards going into much burial will be in the Jarnagin More detail than most such Doc cemetery Morristown. Also injured in the crash a passenger in the automobile Loretta Diamond 16, Morris town. She was listed in fair condition after treatment for lacerations of the head and arms. Zuments. It also was brought out that the Greeneville franchise was modelled after the Kingsport franchise. The Johnson City and Elizabethton franchises Are Simi Lar to those in existence before in reporting the air plane trag the Advent of natural Gas in this Edy Jefferson county sheriff Section. V John Goforth said Apple s two passenger Craft did not Burn the chm he was flying alone. Up Osc Volo Apple was identified As a steel company representative believed in route from Airport to Knoxville. He had re fuelled at Tri cities Only a half hour before the crash. His wife said he had planned to Fly to Burlington n. C., on company business yesterday. The Accident which killed smart occurred at . Tuesday 12 Miles West of rut ledge. Tennessee Highway patrolman j. T. Clevinger rut ledge said a trailer broke Loose from an approaching tractor and crashed into the cab of smart s tractor trailer truck. No injuries were reported for Tho Driver of the second vehicle. On use of new bombs Washington senators of both parties made it Clear today they Are opposed to giving great Britain or any other ally a veto on american use of the Hydrogen bomb. Sen. Hickenlooper a Iowa pointed up the Issue with a declaration in the Senate yesterday that former president Truman was not Correct in saying that a world War ii american British agreement not to use the atomic bomb without the other s consent still was in effect. Plete Long an employee of the ten Nessee Eastman company is 36 years old. He is a charter Mem Ber and president of the fort Robinson town Hall Community Center. He is an Active member of the sense of Indochina. Jager Moulton and health offi icer or. J. W. Erwin will be a doubts if said monday night he would not there is much Chance of reach contest the count. Ing a negotiated settlement of i m voting for All the Nomi ithe indochinese question at the Williams asserted. He said i Geneva conference to be held he would work for the demo april 26. Chinese communes is conf in companies. Parsons and ticket As much As his Busi he declared 450 million Asia creasing their intervention in _. V j Ness would permit tics already have been lost to Indochina by lining up Formi Dable forces of retaliation to use against them if they do. John f. The City began Early last fall i i m supporting the ticket 100 communism and said the free a Campaign to clean up unde a per he stated sizable shacks after a group of i a loyalty oath required of All citizens from one Section com candidates who ran in the dem told the Senate yesterday socratic primary binds them to fed Iti that Dulles statements on indo China implied a willingness to go to War if necessary. Asked whether he agreed with Kennedy Senate foreign re lations committee chairman neighbourhood. Jones and health department inspectors visited the houses and dress up recommendations of what should be done to make them habitable. Jones said a few of the owners have cooperated support the nominees in the August county general election. Biggest shift of votes from the unofficial to the official tally was in the race for Register of deeds. Mrs. W. A. S. Furlow of Bristol picked up 105 votes in tuesday s changes recommended. Some of certification. Her unofficial Alexander Wiley a Wisi told with them in making the a reporter some folks Are stopped in i the others he said either have count was but the official done nothing or have made re i tally gave her votes. Their tracks when told that if they take another step they will get their head knocked without elaborating Wiley added think that u. S. Official sources were secretive about the plan. The state department said merely that in the past few Days Dulles talked about the Southeast asian Situa Tion with envoys from Britain France new zealand Australia Thailand and the Philippines. President Eisenhower in the communist led vie t he pattern of american think Minh s infantry assaults on Bat ing however when he said in a tired Dien Bien Phu passed the pairs which did not comply with the recommendations. Lull continues in Indochina radio to speech to the nation 48-hour Mark today. For the i Lawrence Drake 868 a if i i. Our Price said there May methodist Church and is been some delay in the Ion the boar i he is also assistant a bomb project started Buti superintendent of the sunday certainly not for the reasons Mccarthy indicated. Murrow attacked Mccarthy on March 9. He offered to turn his 30-minute see it now show Over to the senator for his re school. In making monday that whether it s to protect the Southwest Pacific or nato in Europe or wherever it is we be Lieve that the interested nations should band together and in a cooperative spirit maintain the Freedom of those countries against any kind of this was interpreted As be ing the real meaning of the United action which Dulles called for last week to save indo China. Further clarification of administration thinking came in the Senate yesterday. Republican his announcement Leader William f. Knowland of Long said "1 shall do my Utmos Lical fornia declared in debate working in Harmony with fellow that the time has come for allies officials regardless of party pref to stand up and declare what they will do to help save indo he said he would support from the reds. Ply. The answer was filmed salaried Deputy Force Allied diplomatic sources said the week end and telecast while lit it was the wih of the people Dulles has asked the six Allied Mccarthy was in Arizona. Loi the in District. Nations to do exactly that. Second successive morning terse French communique announced last night was Calm at the Northwest Indochina Bas Tion. The Calm was relative How Ever As rebel artillery and mor tar batteries and the French Long Range guns kept up their sporadic firing. With the monsoons almost at hand Rainy weather forced French fighters and bombers to let up their constant hammering of the vie Minh troops concentrations and War depots around Dien Bien Phu. But they still roared northward hitting rebel Supply convo3 s on the Mountain trails and highways leading from communist China. The vie Minh virtually halted their infantry assaults on the fortresses Plain s barbed wire and bunkers monday after suf Fering extremely heavy losses in a week of fighting. City Board discusses new tax on Low rent housing projects by Bill Barnett times news writer the Kingsport housing authority May be asked for a re Vised contract with the City Toi provide for payment of 10 per Cepter the Low bid of Alley construction co. To install recently bought parking meters on the City Hall parking lot. Only Sll separated the successful bid from the next Low Street. An opponent of the Pav ing which would dead end be fore reaching another Street be cause of a House in the Way had been Given an Opportunity to persuade those who signed the cent of the rental from All its est submitted by Clinchfield petition to write to the Board apartments to the City in lieu co. Two other their taxes. Contracts for some of the later Kha buildings have such a pro vision. For the earlier ones pay ments to the City in lieu of taxes Are optional. Under both of contract the Low rent hous ing developments Are exempt from regular City taxation. The proposal was discussed by the Board of mayor and Alder men tuesday night. A decision was deferred. The Board agreed to go ahead with another contract revision proposal however providing for water meters to be read separately. Among other business at its regular meeting the Board a also submitted close bids. Signatures. Icily manager d. W. Moulton the contract Calls for i Clos said not a single such letter was ing the open drainage ditch in the lot building walkways and setting the meter standards in place. The meters for the lot were bought several weeks ago and will be placed on the stand Ards by City forces. The Board also 1. Directed City Engineer s. K. Addington to make a study of a sewer line on Linville Street about which j. L. Kincheloe complained. Kincheloe said the sewer line has been unsatisfactory the 18 years he has been living on Linville. 2. Closed the books on a proposal to Stop paving of Spring received by the deadline set and the Street remains in the 1954 paving program. One of the petitioners Ralph Cook appeared before the Board to inquire about it and declare that he favored the paving. 3. Advised mrs. Elmer Glass 118 East Mill Pond Street it would be All right for her Home for delinquent taxes and were sold March 16. 5. Wrote off As a collectable approximately s400.000 Worth of police court fines dating Back world simply can t afford greater losses especially when they threaten to Knock Down other countries like falling dominoes. Almost simultaneously with the president s news conference Secretary of state Dulles was discussing Indochina at the re publican women s Centennial conference Here. The Secretary of state said the United states to develop a United will among Friendly nations interested in the Southeast asian area which would doom red China s ambitions there to defeat. Dulles said that if present negotiations produce such a will arid make the stand of the free nations sufficiently Clear then there would be less need Lor United action to save indo China from communism. But he declared grimly that the potential danger to free world interests in the area is very great and there exists the risk of a great disaster there. At the Capitol sen. Lyndon b. Johnson of Texas threw demo cratic weight behind a stand by sen. Knowland a Calif that Charles free nations should step up mrs. Ruth Warrick of Kings port with her vote of was still the Winner however. Primary Board officials re ported that persons actually voted in saturday s primary. This compares to the vote of cast in the april democratic primary. Here Are the official 1952, total votes for each candidate com pared to the unofficial total. The Hanoi Indochina the official tally is the first figure i in Given for sheriff William Brewer 191 David Gray for Joseph r. Erwin or. Clyde for county court clerk mrs. Marjorie Harr 4424 for circuit court Howard Sandy Morrell for Register of mrs. W. A. S. Ruth Warrick for Highway Eugene m. Cross or. For county George French urgently seek War Materie Paris France has urgently requested More assistance for the War in Indochina from the United states the French foreign ministry announced to Day. A ministry spokesman said the announcement was made in confirmation of newspaper re ports. The request is not exactly he said adding it was presented in Washington several Days ago. He said the ministry had Over a period of years. Mostly nothing further to add. They did not involve a financial j the United states announced loss to the City As the prisoners i March 26 a pledge of emergency who owed them were working out their fines when they walked off from City work details. 6. Authorized advertising for bids for printing and binding the biennial report to the tax payers an illustrated Booklet about Kingsport that not Only is distributed to those who pay the City s Bills but also becomes Aid under which 25 More Ameri can b26 fighter bombers would be sent to Indochina for French use along with ammunition and other supplies. The planes were to be provided on a temporary loan basis for use in keeping up round the clock Aerial blasts at the communist led vie Minh be widely distributed and tells other singing the French Union for sections about this City s Prog demonstration club to erect sign designating Cedar View ad-1 mayor Wimberly appointed a oltion. Mrs. Glass complained too Many people still Call the Sec Tion Nelsons can. 4. Authorized mayor Wimberly to execute deeds for several lots which had been held by the City committee to investigate the need for a sidewalk along the Northwest Side of Bloomingdale Road As a step toward creating a improvement District to have one built. Tress of Dien Bien Phu. There Lias been no announce ment yet that the planes and emergency supplies have been sent. That pledge of Aid was made at the end of a six Day visit by on. Paul Ely French armed forces chief of Atas and be counted on measures to resist communist aggression in Indochina. Ike denies delay Murrow is Friend Washington Eisenhower said today he knows nothing about 18-month de Lay in Hydrogen bomb develop ment As charged by sen. Mccar thy the president also said he always has regarded commentator Edward r. Mur Row assailed by Mccarthy As a Friend. The president s remarks were at a White House news Confer ence during which he also said the United states has no need to develop a Hydrogen bomb bigger than the one it already has. Sen. Mccarthy said in a to speech last night that research on America s a bomb was deliberately stalled for 18 months despite information that Russia was pushing a similar project. He asked if this delay would have been possible if there had not been communists in the Ameri can government the senator s speech in reply to a program critical of his activities which Murrow had telecast March 9. Mccarthy called Murrow the Leader and the Cleverest of the jackal pack which is always found at the Throat of anyone who dares to expose communists and Trai Eisenhower told questioners he knew nothing about Mccarthy s telecast and had never heard of any delay in a bomb develop ment. Questioned further he said he was very close to the chair Man of the atomic Energy com l. The chairman never has mentioned such a thing to him. With emphasis Eisenhower repeated he has never heard of the matter. As for Murrow the president said he had known him for Many years and considers him a Friend of the friends he had Madd among newspaper and radio peo ple

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