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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - April 7, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee8 tuesday Apriljo 1953 Kingsport times held in assault face 2nd charge Nashville two teen age boys already charged with rape in the easter attack of a Young was in the Owca Here have also been charged with at tempted rape in a Christmas Day attack on a 52-year-old woman. The youths Billy Melvin Ste Venson 17, and James Burton Pope 18, were identified in a police lineup yesterday by mrs. Nola Bowker Telephone opera Tor in a downtown hotel As the pair that entered her room beat her severely and tried for two hours to rape her. Stevenson and Pope were on Holiday leaves from a local correctional institution at the time of both attacks. Easter sunday miss Annie Lynn Fogg 23, a Tennessee was stationed in Texas was raped while in her fifth floor room of the Owca police said. J. Carlton loser District at Torney said Stevenson admitted having sexual relations with the girl the Only fifth floor occupant of the nearly deserted Owca. Stevenson denied using Force. Pope told police he entered the room with Stevenson but did not attack the woman. Miss Pogg police said claimed Pope helped hold her while Stevenson raped her. I seen she was screaming. I left Pope told officers. Police said the attack occurred while the youths were in the building on a room looting spree. Four do students attend press confab four Dobyns Bennett juniors will attend the 245th convention of the Southern interscholastic press association at Washington and Lee University this week end. The students Are Bobbe Hague member of the staff of the year Book Maroon and Vir Becket went to the City actor Ginia Wilcox Sara Leeper yesterday and filed Theola Bear All of the protest against the mammals on Tribune staff. Accompanying the behalf of some of Bogart s neigh pm Lowers Price floors on tobacco Richmond the state production and marketing administration said monday that minimum Price support rates on tobacco this year will be As much As 2.9 cents per Pound below 1952 averages. With this announcement w. T. Powers pm executive offi cer released the following mini mum 1953 average support Levels for various types of tobacco produced in Virginia. The 1952 aver age rates Are shown in Paren theses file cured 47.9 cents per Pound Hurley 46.6 cents fire cured 35 cents Sun cured 31.1 cents and Maryland 50.4 cents. The Maryland Type has not been under the support program. Powers added that minimum support rates Are announced at this time to give growers the Price Prospect before planting time. Final rates for flue cured tobacco will reflect 90 per cent of parity on july 1, the begin Ning of the marketing season. For other types the final rate will be equal to 90 per cent of the october 1 parity rates for each he said. Should 90 per cent of parity on these dates reflect a Price level higher than the minimum rates the final sup ports for each Type will be in creased accordingly. In View of the lower support rate. Powers advised Farmers to plan their crops to get the Best Quality product possible. T neighbors file complaint about Bogart s dogs los Angeles con Stant Barking of actor Humphrey Bogart s three dogs so up set him he had to change his dinner hour writer by Howard complains. Howard and architect Welton group will be miss Martha Wray faculty adviser. The girls will join More than 700 High school journalists from 12 Southern states attending the meeting Friday and saturday. A full two Day schedule has been planned to keep High school editors and staff writers Busy from morning through the eve Ning hours. They will hear a number of prominent professionals in the Fields of Litera Ture journalism advertising cartooning and graphic arts. At the same time High school newspapers yearbooks literary magazines and radio programs will be criticized and rated by a Bors in the Holmby Hill District. When he told mrs. Actress Lauren the dogs were upsetting his meals she replied Don t Howard told asst. Donald Redwine. Eat City atty. Announced at the closing ban Quet saturday night. Miss Wray said monday that the Dobyns of. Louis votes for mayor today St. Louis Louis Vot ers choose a new mayor today in the first major City election since the Republican Victory in the Beneral election last novem Ber. Both parties have sent nation Al figures Here to plug for their Raymond Wane. Was a stes Tucker 56 and Republican rom test Carl g Styfel 58 a. Support actor sued by Deputy Carl g. Stifel 58. Tucker has the support of i democratic mayor Joseph n. Darst whose election four years ago took control of the City administration away from the re publicans. Darst is not running Lor re election because of poor los Angeles movie health and television actor Robert j Cummings has been sued for. 11 damages by poll fun Fly Elfia v Deputy William m. Conroy who claims he was injured when he attempted to serve a court summons last dec. 18. Conroy said in his action yesterday that Cummings refused to accept the papers and drove his Auto away catching con Roy s in the car window and dragging him across the Street where he was pitched to the pavement. At the time the actor told authorities he thought Conroy was an autograph seek accepts Alley bid the bid of Alley construction company for building of the proposed new legion Home on stadium drive was finally accepted at a meeting of Hammond Post no. 3 last night Kelly goad commander announced. Bids for the Job were opened some time ago and Alley was Low bidder with an estimate of goad said construction or. The summons concerned a damage suit of Morton the new building was sex Greene against to begin immediately claiming that the actor was in j in causing him to lose his Job. J world health group Washington Call was sounded today for the forma Tion of a National citizens com Mittee for the world health or the world Heath Organiza Tion who i is a specialized Agency of the United nations to work for the attainment by All Peoples of the highest possible level of or. Frank g. Boudreau of new York told a National conference of individuals and organizations that who had requested the formation of citizens commit tees in various countries to help and advise who in its Over All Mission. Sullivans gather new York were 22 sullivans and o sullivans at the Airport. There were 40 other sullivans and o sullivans to see them off yesterday. Where Are the 22 going help a few thou Sand other sullivans and o Sulli vans celebrate an total Irish at Home festivities. Singer is fined new York Billy Eckstine paid s300 in fines yesterday alter pleading guilty to six traffic offences dating Back to August 1950. The negro Singer said he travelled extensively and was not aware of five of the tickets for illegal parking. The other was. For speeding. 54 refuse reply on communism in schools inquiry Washington signal investigators searching for reds in schools and colleges have found 54 educators or for Mer educators who refused to answer questions about possible communist links. More than half of them 29, have been fired or suspended. In addition two Harvard University students likewise have declined to answer inquiries about possible red ties. The educators have been connected with Public and private schools a teachers Union and some 17 colleges and universities concentrated in the titular by in new York City. But the investigators say communist infiltration of schools has been on a nation wide scale and that evidence of that will pile up As they go along. The figures Given a reporter cover Only persons questioned in open sessions of the Senate internal Security subcommittee and the House in american activities committee. They embrace men and women who have been on the faculties of Harvard Boston Colum Bia Rutgers new York Temple Ohio state Howard and okla homa universities Brooklyn Queens City and Hunter col Leges. The figures also cover per sons who have been associated with Public schools in los an Geles in Boston Springfield and Somerville mass., and with pub Lic and private schools in new York City. Boys Camp to show film at auditorium two representatives and staff members of Chi Kagami Camp for boys in Soddy Tenn., will be at civic auditorium All Day wednesday to show movies of the Camp and talk to parents interested in sending boys there. Marshal r. Case co director of the Camp and Edward l. Rhodes waterfront director have scheduled two showings of the movie. One will Start at ., and the second at The schedule can be changed they said if Telephone Calls or visits from parents indicate other hours would be More convenient. Case and Rhodes can be contacted at the auditorium All through wednesday. The Tele phone is 2419. Journalism week slated at Missouri Columbia to. Up Baillie president of the United press will be one of the featured speakers at the 44th-journalism week program at the University of Missouri. The Jay week program will run from april 26 to May 2 with Baillie scheduled to speak thursday evening april 30. Other speakers will be miss Doris Fleeson syndicated Washington columnist and sol Taishoff editor and publisher of broadcast ing telecasting Magazine. Baillie will speak on the Suo Jet fighting for he will Deal with the never ending fight to keep news channels open and flowing freely against the obstructions of censorship and other efforts to restrict a Cess to news. Senate Steps up Oil lands debate Washington up the Senate stepped up its work schedule today to Speed action on the controversial tide lands Bill to turn offshore Oil lands Over to coastal states. For the first time this session Republican Leader Robert a. Taft called the Senate into daily meetings for the debate which is expected to run into next week and perhaps longer. The House has already passed tide lands legislation. Smart houseflies los Angeles up the common housefly May not have a brain but he s nobody s fool either. The county health office re ports that the housefly has Given up its age old habit of alight ing on Walls and ceilings since development of a new insecticide to trap him there. The health office said the household pest now prefers the floor. Sen. Morse asks inquiry into ouster of Astin Washington up sen. Wayne Morse said he would introduce a Resolution today Call ing for a congressional investigation of the ouster of or. Allen if oils hereabouts Are wondering v. Astin As director of the naj today what s next in the National Bureau of standards. Tion s nuclear bag of tricks. Las vegas wonders what comes next in atomic testing Las vegas Nev. In the the Oregon Independent pro posed that the Senate Commerce committee hold Public hearings to determine the facts and motivations behind the Secretary of Commerce sin Clair weeks forced Austin s Resig nation last week. He said one reason was that the Bureau condemned a commercial Battery Pep fluid without fair tests. Working mothers want to deduct baby Sitter pay Washington up work ing mothers have put the heat on Congress to give them a tax break. They want permission to deduct As business expenses and they re still talking about yesterday s High est yet. The device dropped from a plane was detonated More than feet above the Yucca Flat on the Nevada prov ing grounds. It was powerful enough to give Las vegas a Sharp noisy crack and break a big window in a downtown Market 75 Miles from blast Point. It was so High that it did t stir up the desert dust. The stemless atomic Cloud Rose within minutes to or feet and was whisked away in a southeasterly direction of High Altitude winds of at least 100 Miles an hour. I feet the Money they have to pay baby Sitters to stay with the children. Under present Law a Mother who has a regular Job cannot deduct for income tax purposes the expenses of a maid or baby Sitter even though the Mother May be a widow who has to work to support her family. The pleas have not gone unheeded in Congress. Some 20 Bills have been introduced in the House to make the hire of a nursemaid a deductible business expense for working mothers. Some of the Bills would apply Only to widows who have Chil Dren to support. Others would apply to All mothers who have regular jobs. Whether Congress will do any thing about the Bills is Uncer Tain. The ways and Means committee which originates All tax legislation will hold hear Ings later this Spring on various kinds of proposals for changing the tax Law. Hughes Delinel Are sued by stockholder los Angeles two executives of Rio pictures corp., Howard Hughes and Ned de Pinet have been sued by an Rio stockholder Milton freed Man who claims they made a million dollars in a Stock trans action and should turn the Money Over to the studio. Freedman s suit filed in fed Jeral court yesterday said that by reason of dominant owner ship of Stock Hughes and de Pinet had inside information that was advantageous to them in Stock trading. Although it was not mentioned in the suit Hughes last year was reported to have made More than a million dollars by Selling were closed for six hours be cause of possible radio activity danger but below that level Fly ing was unrestricted after the blast. Ike democrats Are forgiven in Richmond Richmond up the City democratic committee monday reconsidered and opened the door for Eisenhower democrats to serve on the committee. Two week s ago the committee adopted a new bylaw which would have barred supporters of president Eisenhower last fall from serving on the 23-Man body. Yesterday by unanimous vote the committee amended the by Law to say in effect you can serve on this commit tee regardless of whom you voted for in the presidential race if you voted for the rest of the democratic ticket. There was no objection to this reversal but five of the com Mittee members voted for a Resolution that would have Given n w railway reports 1952 decline in Revenue vandalism gives cops a headache in Florida City it. Lauderdale Fla. Officers grappled with a serious Gross income of Over eleven Mil problem of vandalism today in lion or five per cent in this resort City swarming with 1952 Over 1951 was attributed in about College students Onither Rau ways 1952 annual report issued today largely to the Long demand for intermittent Roanoke a. A de Cune Norfolk and Western Spring vacation. Coconuts have been strike lesser through hotel lobby and Auto j Export Coal and Mobile windows. Dear fish in stoppages in Coal production. Eluding a six foot Hammerhead shark have been tossed into swimming pools. A group of teen agers stole a City bus and abandoned it after a drive. A City water Tower was smeared with paint. Glass cases on the Beach displaying Large mounted fish have been smashed and the fish thrown into the streets. Police chief Roland r. Kelly warned today that unless the students quickly learn the difference Between Good natured pranks and vandalism some of them Are going Back to school with criminal about a dozen Young persons have been locked up. More of a rate boost granted a score have been fined for Van i railroads by the interstate com dualism. Groups of nude boys have been the ratio o operating expense arrested on the beaches in the Early morning hours. Three of these picked up last week were fined each for indecent exposure. The shocker of the Holiday the a mandate to purge disloyal Brethren. He was disgusted with human race new York up authorities gave a mental examination today to a door to door sales Man who got so fed up with his customers that he withdrew from the whole human Alfred Boehmer 36, was turned Over to police by his brother Walter who in turn had got fed up with living with Alfred. Walter said his brother came Home from his sales route one season came at . Easter sunday when a student s Auto Mobile careened off Ocean Boulevard sideswiped five parked cars and struck two strolling couples. When the car finally rolled Over and came to a Stop two students were dead and three seriously injured. Students of Many Eastern and midwestern colleges come to this Atlantic coastal City each year to spend easter vacations. Kingsport today tuesday Csc auditorium popular photography exhibit in game room. Bridge class in club rooms. Community association in Corner room. Frank l. Clone rec Rialon Center game room activities. Do Flass recreation Center out of door activities game room activities wednesday Clell Airi forum wrestling in main auditorium. Popular photography exhibit in game room. Shower party in club rooms 1. 1, and 3. Chess club in club room 5. Boys Camp movie in Corner room. Frank l. Recreate of Center free movies. Douglass recreation Center softball practice Badminton thursday civic Allt Erlem Rio later taking it Back from1 Day three years ago and locked a Syndicate headed by Ralph himself in his room. He told Wal Stolkin Chicago mail order Ter he was sick of customers and House operator and keeping the All other types of people. Down payment. Slaying victim s Mother on panel since then the brother said Alfred refused to look at a he Iman face. He turned his Back when food was brought to him and left his room to stroll through the House Only when All others were away. Peoria 111. There was an immediate postponement yesterday in the murder trial of Eddie Lee Walton 25, when it of was discovered the victim s of to mutters Mother was a member of the jury panel. Juarez Mexico circuit judge John t. Cul said today they would Check the Bertson granted a postpone ment until the May court term when mrs. Ella Williams name was spotted on the venire list. Walton is charged with murder ing her daughter Jennell 18. His course did t cover Loose bricks grand Island neb. Jailer Harry la Borde who recently completed a mail order course in How to handle prison ers had one less to handle to confession of Jose Mesa Rami rez who said he killed 13 men. Ramirez was arrested after the body of Amando Salgado was dug from a grave in the Earth floor of Ramirez Home. I killed 12 other men in Juarez and boasted after police him. Iday. A few minutes after la Borde s degree arrived in the mail he discovered prisoner Arthur Strong of Detroit had dug a Hole in the prison Wall and escaped. La Borde said his course did t include anything about a Loose Brick it denies report Honolulu t. H. Mer president Harry Truman denied today a report he had died. I am having the finest time of my life and i am not or. Truman assured reporters. A spokesman said the report originated with a London news paper. When you Call you can depend on us prompt Courtesy safety safety gabs phone 2863 horse 4-thrilling-exciting races-4 wednesday april 8th Post or Shine plenty of seats in covered grandstand All entries Are registered thoroughbreds. Adults children 60c Scott county amusement Park Gate City a. Popular photography exhibit in game room. Birthday party in club rooms. Boy scouts committee meeting in Cor Ner room. Frank l. Recreation Center game room activities. Donglas recreation Center softball practice Friday Clytle Aldo Sorlom popular photography exhibit in game room. Private party in club rooms. Adult dance class in Corner room. Frank l. Cloud recreation Center Square dancing. A Glata recreation Center out of door activities free movies saturday cd tic auditorium Hill Why show in main auditorium. Popular photography exhibit in game room. Stanley party in Clu brooms. Riding club in Corner room. Frand l. Clod recreation Center Bingo night. Doh Flass recreation Center out of door activities Kingsport inn tuesday 10 per cent to and mall express and miscellaneous reve Nues were off three per cent to the report noted that expenditures during the year for prop erty improvement and equip ment amounted to this brought the total of such expenditures completed or authorized since 1945 to Over two Hundred and six million dollars All made from the Norfolk and Western Treasury. The year saw the completion of a Grade improvement project Over Elkhorn Mountain in West Vir Ginia the opening of a classification Yard at lamberts Point Norfolk a modern Coaling Sta Tion at Bluefield and Many other improvements. New equipment included 19 steam locomotives and steel 70-ton Hopper cars All built in n. W. Shops 500 steel Box cars and 322 steel Gondola cars. The railway s taxes amounted to a decrease of 20 per cent chiefly in Federal in come tax due mainly to reduced operating revenues and amortization of emergency defense facilities. Taxes amounted to for each employee for each share of common Stock Twenty cents for each Dollar of operating Revenue and 141 per cent of the balance of income after taxes. After was appropriated for dividends of si.00 per share on adjustment preferred Stock the company paid common Stock Divit ends of or per share. The average number of employees in 1952 was who received in wages and Isserman attorney who or an average of the Road reported Gross income of and a balance of income after deduction of operating expenses taxes sinking funds and other charges of balance of income de creased four per cent Over the previous year. Bituminous Coal tonnage which accounted for 72.47 per cent of All freight tonnage was tons or 11.8 per cent less than 1951. The volume of other freight declined 7.2 per cent but the Revenue of 748 represented an increase of four per cent for a new High for freight traffic other than Coal Merce commission in april 1952. Is to operating from 66.92 70.83 per cent in 1952. The re port attributed this Rise in operating ratio to higher labor and material costs and to interruptions in operations due Princi Pally to the strikes in the steel Industry. Passenger revenues were Down lawyer who defended to reds is disbarred Washington Abraham a prominent part in defense of 11 top american communists has been disbarred from prac timing before the supreme court. The court in a 4-4 decision yesterday said Isserman had failed to show Good cause Why he should not be prevented from appearing before the justices. Chief Justice Vinson announced the ruling in an opinion which noted that Isserman had failed to Tell the supreme court in his application to practice that he had been convicted of statutory rape in new Jersey in 1925. Eight destroyers return from War Newport r. I. Up eight destroyers of Squadron 20, with a complement of men Are due Here saturday after four months of War duty in korean Waters followed by a Good will swing to Asiatic Middle Eastern and european ports. Eisenhower lauds clothing Campaign new York president Eisenhower says there is no cause worthier than the nation wide clothing drive this month and next by the american re Lief for Korea. Eisenhower supported the drive yesterday in a letter to National chairman Douglas Fairbanks. Six million pounds of i clothing Are being sought in a apiece. This compared with 977 per employee in 1951. Carnegie. School club House to House canvass. . Tow master s club Commerce room Champion Bull sold Al wants club Laurel room 6 Wednesday rotary club room noon. Thursday cd Veltan club room noon. East Tennessee credit to non i j club Solo. Studebaker corporation dinner Corn French Broad farms of bowline Merce D Jaycees Laurel room-8 Friday Al wants club club room-12 noon. Saturday Why not it costs no More to More by United warehouse and Transfer phone 1500 see Skipworth or. To b. Sproles formerly with Broadstreet furniture co. Frankfort by. Eric Elko Bell 6th, Tennessee i will be our manager for our new grand Champion Bull of 1952, was for yesterday to animal grandson of Berla College alumni dinner club room Ramirez no mowing needed Denver Colo. Up Frank Downs found a Way to get out of mowing and watering his Lawn on hot summer Days. He put in a new front Lawn dyed Green Cement. 20-year conscience Charleston s. C. Up hotel manager Oliver Riley said he received in a letter from a woman who wrote she swiped two towels from his hotel 20 years ago and her conscience had bothered her Ever since. Injuries fatal Oak Ridge Tenn. Lillian e. Dyer injured sunday arrested when struck by a Light truck near Knoxville died yesterday in an Oak Ridge Hospital. William r. Ferguson of Knox county Driver of the truck yesterday posted Bond on Man Green. The Prince Eric sire of five internal ional champions changed hands at the c. E. Smith Elko Bell Angus farm Sale. Enchantress 5th of r. L. S., with a Heifer calf Elko Enchant Ress 2d, went for to d. L. Christy of Fremont Ohio. Slaughter charges. He was for Merly charged with reckless drive Knox county officers said mrs. Dyer 52, of Knoxville was injured after she walked from be Hind a car from which she had just alighted. Copies Hart Tomt proc oui picture copied today hate had 30 experience in that work also make photo Tatlo copies of important opera. 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