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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - April 7, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeAssembly continued from Page 1 fiction. Jail second offenders from 10 Days to six months impose fines to and revoke Driver s License for from six months to two years. Jail third offenders for a minimum 60 Days impose a Fine to and revoke Driver s License for a two to 10 year period. Although the Senate has Al ready approved a similar Bill i Hardin said he would Send his proposal to the Senate for act Tion. I Compromise game and fish Bills approved by the House yesterday would give the conserva a Tion commissioner veto Power i the selection the director game and fish and would put nominating elections for com i missioner vacancies a twide basis. But the House passed and sent to the governor Bills to i allow veterans to draw i Billj payments and unemployment compensation benefits at the same time. J provide for a Mechanic s Lien boats and aircraft for re pairs. Allow the incorporation local teacher tenure systems into the state program. In route to the Senate after House passage yesterday Are Bills requiring school principals to keep rec ords All funds received and Imbur sed except state and county school funds. Written permission from land owners to Hunt fish Pri vate property. The Senate acted several school Bills yesterday. A Bill re Quiring school boards to hold open meetings was approved and sent to the governor. An other requiring school bus operators to pay privilege tax hard Money John Barker Chestnut Ridge left partially paid for a new automobile the hard Silver. He said he had saved the Silver for about 10 years about Worth and is pictured turning the Cash Over to j. A. Clark As part payment a new automobile. Times news photo by Whisnante when they operate buses for commercial purposes was passed and sent to the Senate. A third school measure in creasing the minimum school age for children was tabled in the Senate. It called for gradually increasing the minimum Entrance age for first graders until 1956 when children would have to be six years age prior to sept. 15 in order to enrol. Other Senate Bills approved and sent to the governor would Call for annual renewal insurance agents licenses. Require registration containers and labels Dairy products produced by non residents with the state department agriculture. Prisoners continued from Page 1 for the accommodation in a Neutral country those prisoners War in the custody your Side who will not be i Degoti restly this puzzled Allied actors since it already had been White House Lawn is Well scrambled Washington up presi Dent Eisenhower probably was in no mood to look at any More eggs today what with the Way he got scrambled in a wild re Vival the White House egg rolling tradition. But he could hardly avoid it. In spite rain his private Golf strictly Sunnyside up. The ruins thousands eggs were every where. Officials the National Park service sent in their regular Crews immediately. But they figured it would take a month to put the place Back in shape. Nearly spirited Young sters and wide eyed guardians trampled through the White House Gates monday to make a Stab at rolling eggs to peer curiously at the big mansion and above All to get a close look at their president. Big Stone students visit Washington big Stone Gap a. Nineteen members the big Stone Gap High school senior class boarded a bus saturday evening for Washington c. The group spent the easter vacation seeing the capital City. Teachers. Jack Gibbs and miss Lora Dingus were in charge the group and this is their fifth agreed to article 110 annual trip to Washington As the Geneva convention which chaperone. Harold Wright assigns a Neutral country the is making his prisoners with minor wounds trip their Pilot seniors making the trip Are Johnnie Bradford Fred Statzer who might be Able to fight again within a year. At tuesday s Liaison meeting Jimmie Miliere Don at Panmunjom . Daniel sue Midkiff Patsy Mas told the reds the in accepted l Harriet Holton Patsy Wil the sick and wounded repant son m Jane Robinette Pat action plan. The reds immediately asked for a recess 20 minutes and extended it for another 20 min utes. Then Lee announced that the reds would agree to the sex Houchins Joan Sargent mar Vella Wright Faye Wilson bar Bara Bishop Faye Dickenson Joyce Dulaney. Peggy reach and Bill Locke. Locke was appointed As con Ductor and brakeman for the trip. He was Given a new Broom change. He added however that the reds would submit their ver National bro0m and mop Sions the following paits to k his bus Dean. The Daniels plan. _ Ine was promised a Busy Job 1. Exchange to begin t to to d d seven Days after details Are Catling Roll Auer 2. Delivery prisoners at Stop rate 500 daily until Exchange j would a offs. Free Access to the Panmunjom j area. 4. The number persons in the Panmunjom area including personnel being n meeting in pc i Johnson City five Hun should not exceed 300 each dred methodist women leaders deaf h notices Charlie Blakemore Gate City a. Spa Charlie Blakemore 60, died in a Hospital in Kansas City to. Friday morning. The body will arrive in Bristol tuesday and be taken to Mcconnell funeral Home Here where funeral serv ices will be held at 10 . Wednesday. The Rev. H. E. Wad Dell will officiate. Burial will be in Holston View cemetery. Survivors Are four Sisters mrs. Fannie Bush Jonesville mrs. Kate Parsons Dryden mrs. Laura Hopkins Gate City and mrs. Addie squalls Wise one brother Bud Blakemore Jonesville. He was the son the late James a. And Margaret James Blakemore Lee county. Willie g. Williams Bristol Willie Gray Williams 53, died at Bristol memorial Hospital sunday night. She was the widow f. A. Williams a Railroad Engineer Bristol who died in 1946. She was a former resident Bristol but resided in Kingsport and new York City during the past four years. Surviving Are one daughter mrs. E. Meredith Kings port one son Floyd a. Buddy Williams new York City and four grandchildren Kings Side at any one time. Patients continued from Page 1 Gan Gate City his parents . And mrs. J. Monroe Church Hill nine Brothers and Sisters Malcolm Monroe and mrs. Will Graham Gate City b. H. Monroe mrs. Scott Wolfe mrs. Claude Bradshaw mrs. Mack Christian and mrs. Drexel Clark ail Church Hill Ralph Mon Roe Peoria 111. And mrs. George Taylor Kingsport two grandchildren Sandra Kay and Martha Ellen Monroe. Of the six men hospitalized As funeral services will be held at St. Ann s Catholic Church at 10 . Wednesday. Burial will be in Shelby Hill cemetery. The body will remain at Paul Cook funeral Home until time for services. Pvt. Thurman Todd the body pvt. Thurman r. Todd will arrive at the Clinch Field Railroad station wednesday at . And will be accompanied by Cpl. William j. Block military escort from Camp Rucker Ala. An Honor guard Dewitt Byrd Post vow will meet the body and accompany it to Ham Lett Dobson funeral Home where funeral arrangements will be made. Credit grantees to meet tuesday a Tri City area meeting the credit grantees association will be held tuesday at 7 . At the Kingsport inn it was announced this week. S. Larue vice president and treasurer Sterchi Bros. Stores inc., will be guest speaker. From the Holston conference be furniture store managers and Gan arriving Here monday for a credit personnel from upper East three Day meeting which be j Tennessee and Southwest Vir gins tuesday night Sola arc expected to attend the stolen licenses Lead to recovery Oskings Polcar a Greene county car owner who found his stolen car License plates a strange automobile in Morristown sunday led police to the solution a year old Auto theft Case j. M. Broyles City detective said tuesday. The automobile bearing the stolen tags proved to be a car reported missing from a parking lot in Kingsport january 25. 1952, Broyles said. Owner the automobile was listed As t. A. Coughenour 609 Myrtle Street. Morristown police Are now holding the Driver the car j. W. Mullins about 32, Hancock county under a Bond a charge stealing 1953 License tags from the Greene county Man s car Broyles said. He said Kingsport police Are obtaining a detainer warrant charging Mullins with theft the Auto Mobile itself. The car was valued at when recovered. Broyles quoted Morristown police As saying that Mullins had operated the car in Greene and Hamblen county throughout last year using stolen License plates. When new License tags were required Broyles said a set stolen 1953 Greene county tags were attached to the car. By coincidence the owner the tags located them while the car was parked a Morristown Street sunday afternoon. Mullins was arrested by Morristown City police. Mccarthy continued from Page 1 Jan. 2 about Mccarthy s use funds donated to help his avowed red drive. The Justice department said the subcommittee s questions about any possible wrongdoing by Mccarthy Aire still under Active consideration in the Crimi Nal by Codle signed the letter to Brownell As National chairman americans for democratic action Robert r. Nathan chairman the Ada executive committee was co signer. They Madi Public the letter. Dirksen insists confessed Slayer Al sets with bring big reduction Washington sen. Dirksen r-i11 said today that if there is a truce in Korea the armed services can and must stand a substantial reduction in their spending. For Ufa film la us ill a. 11 i n tto i j Canandaigua n. Up confessed Slayer Fred Mcmanus talked to his father alone last night after jailers away reporters from his . Kingsport times tuesday april 7, 1953 7 even if peace comes troops must stay quite a Ike declares Washington up presi Dent Eisenhower said today that United nations troops will have to remain in the area for quite a while even if peace comes to Mose Mcmanus heartbroken j Korea. Over his son s confessed five slay i the president spoke prayer Ings came to the two Story Brick fully and hopefully korean the sin the peace prospects in an informal talk before a National Confer Dit Withouck t la., last Jence the United defense fund m not we week at that time the youth the successor to the Ting multary spending Dirksen has father. Organizations world s n Rel Mega and sen. The aiding before War ii. Sparkman meanwhile to see said that whether a cease fire Youns Mcmanus can come and if that peace does in such a complicated procedure As developing armistice and peace there must be devel oped also a Confidence that it is permanent and our men and those our allies will have to stay in that Region for quite a he said. Earlier the White House had said the president viewed the agreement Exchange ill and wounded prisoners Between Oai ii Isi Iii i Aunice a a a Tot 111 c i comes in Korea not the arms if Vou care whether they budget should not be slashed so better away deeply As to lower this nation Croucher said. The allies and the communists guard against a soviet regime1 the reporters left and the an Korea As suddenly talking As if it wants elder Mcmanus was led to the . Eisenhower accepted the Neace. Cej Block. After their talk the honorary chairmanship the peace. And sen. Duff a a said it would be possibly a fatal mis take if the u. S. Should relax its efforts. But Dirksen voicing senti ments which May be held by a ______., chairmanship the father hurried out the with a reminder that we with two friends and drove have a War going men photographers and authorities who hovered around him every night for he said. Ments which May be held by a try in in t if that peace does sizeable number colleagues at the Ontano , which we so _ 41, i Don t let anyone Tell you that even a visit to the spot where d f win he says he Kihei a Man last March 27 failed to wipe the Grin i re frequently qualifying declared i know the arguments that what we Are doing in the Mili tary Way is aimed at making us secure against any russian threat but if fighting stops in Korea it stands to reason that there can be some stretch out with the emphasis put buy ing the things we need Dent near n Russell former chairman Mcmanus is scheduled to in the Senate armed mental electric phrases like if this armistice ing the strength. Nation s combat Virginia briefs could save him from committee said he thinks i to sail Ltd we be already gambled with destiny in the stretch out Al ready in effect in procurement military supplies. Former president Truman proposed for the military services in the year be ginning july 1. Secretary de sense Wilson has said he thinks cuts can be made in manpower and spending without weaken off his face. He laughed and waved at the cameras when he emerged from the jail to re enact i i the killing William braver Man k Ini Liroff Man a 19-year-old College 13 Iii juice in leap from car a 24-year-old Man was treated Cherokee Monument co. W. Center Shelby direct Lions. All we rec and wat Orta Lead. Cut b. Both. Wiur ctr Groseclose Flowers for All occasions phone 6 All guaranteed chair. He is charged with killing at Holston Valley Community Braverman to steal a car and Hospital monday night for in then setting out with a girl j juries he received by jumping Friend a spree in which he from a moving automobile killed four persons in Illinois Funer Street near the baseball and Minnesota. Captain b. F. Cutshall authorities still were holding City police department re 16-year-old Diane Weggeland i who accompanied Mcmanus Cutshall said the Man Junior his Holdup ventures. She de scribes herself As his common Law wife. If the marriage is Given Legal standing she will be sex Lawson 2525 Bloomingdale ave., received an injury to his right leg in the Accident time the Accident was used from testifying against listed As . Him As a material witness. Marine found dead Rocky who came to court Day Here Mon a Day from Mountain Cabins and Al inn infill i it Bac Road farms saw How juiiii3uii j their votes in next tuesdays special congressional election to Johnson City a a attorney general for indictment pack the successor to Thomas corps sergeant identified Stanley Are wanted by the police chief Carl Wilkinson i dilates. As Boyd Franklin 21, Mccarthy Flung Back in a statement i would Call Biddle s Case to the Atten a Tion the u. S. Attorney the Flowers Backer Bros. Car Lamont and Watauga its service Day and night phone 2200 for criminal libel. However he and his crowd communist de fenders May even be doing me a favor by this libellous attack. Besides i am too Busy with work much greater importance than to take time out to waste it a Man who has been As thoroughly discredited and who is As. Well known for what he is As the Buddle Nathan letter was pinned to questions raised by the subcommittee in a unanimous report by the two democrats and one Republican who com posed its membership last Jan uary. They were chairman Hen rings do and senators Hayden a Ariz and Hendrick Hennings sent the Justice department a copy the report at that time with a six foot stack documents for any action deemed the report Biddle and Nathan wrote Brownell imposed a duty to make a thorough investigation to determine whether there has been a violation Law and whether the Laws need changing. They added the report indicates that s e n. Mccarthy s complicated Maze financial transactions warrants the closest scrutiny by the department Justice and the Bureau internal reve the letter made no mention questions the subcommittee also raised without an concerning the handling funds by former sen. William Benton chinese continued from Page 1 despite severe Back and both sex gov. William m. Tuck and his Republican opponent lome r. Campbell mingled in drizzling rain with folks the n. C., was found dead in his car today a Bullet wound in the head. Wilkinson said a japanese courthouse Square pistol Lay the car seat hands and bubbling Good will. Having no part in the sidewalk politicking was Commonwealth s attorney Virgil Goode Leader the Loyal democrats who fought the sex governor s Nomi nation at Danville. Tuck helped president Eisenhower carry Vir Ginia. Richmond a Richmond dentist was indicted for Man Slaughter and practising medi Cine without a License monday. Charges stemmed from the death mrs. Sally Kirby stricken while undergoing arthritis treat ment in Tarter s office March 14. Mrs. Kirby 38, died after purportedly receiving an injection oxygen in the Elbow. Clintwood one Point brought out in monday s meet ing the Dickenson county Board supervisors which approved a budget nearly one million dollars was that the As Low and that a realistic adjust ment would do away with Many inequities and at the same time near Franklin s right hand. The car was parked in front a building where Franklin had an apartment. James Farnum a Marine hos Pital corpsman and Franklin Roommate was taken to police Headquarters for questioning in the death Wilkinson said. Franklin was a member the 31st special infantry company Marine corps Reserve. Tuesday City court Bond forfeitures made up the docket a Brief session City court tuesday morning. They included one Bond for running a red Light one Bond for illegal parking and 18 Bonds each for meter Vio lations. G e m big double feature Bamba the Jungle in african treasure feature no. Z Alan Hayden Tom Knight apace chief now shouting a i favorite i Kingsport theatres strand phone a and a vacation Woody Woodpecker world news Center phone 2m Down among the sheltering Palms Rialto phone 351 Mississippi Gambler with Tyrone Power Piper Laurie fire department big Stone Gap a. Mrs Roy h Short wife the meeting invitations Are also ex-1stomach wounds the Marine Bishop the Nashville area to a11 banking finance pulled himself Over the ground the methodist Church was loan company workers twice before he speak at one the first events Deal in credit Extension and Allied Protection. Bishop Short was to speak tues-ia11 retail and wholesale credit a a Day afternoon. Meetings Are credit personnel. Ing held at Munsey memorial Church. Elderly attorney Dies in Kentucky reservations for the meeting should be cleared with c. H. Wal ters at the Kingsport credit service Bureau 3380, As eary As possible. As he staggered toward the Fence he began to smile and a chaplain father Robert Dren Garear Lakewood o., gave absolution. However when the wounded Marine first collapsed 2nd it. Would bring in enough additional Revenue to Clear up the county s financial muddle. Supervisors also approved a High school building program at Clintwood Haysi and Nora. These schools Are being financed by Sale an s800.00c Bond Issue from the Battle school fund a loan from the state literary fund and the current is special school construction Levy. Woodberry Forest Fred b. Greear jr., Norton is one three virginians and eight students at Woodberry Forest school who have been chosen for membership in cum Laudena tonal prep school Honor society a Call sunday afternoon to extinguish a grass fire Here. Chief c. R. Pannell reported no damage done. The fire department will meet at Riley s tuesday evening for their regular monthly business All fir . Larue was president Kenneth Clifford Brooklyn the retail credit Institute Ofin. Y., yelled hell let s go America for 1950 and 1951, until get the the he and four others leaped the the result a two car collision Slone claiming to be Kentucky s Highway 81 late Friday eldest practising attorney and organization merged with National foundation for Fence and went to the Man s Aid Hindman by. Caney consumer credit which he is although the graveyard was sur Jaylor Gale City. A. Today Peter Lawford Janice Rule in rogue s March Gate City a. To a a go to Dallas Davis Church Hill remained in poor condition tuesday morning. Dale Mullins also Church Hill Joe Hayes Haskell Taylor and Charles Morelock All fall franch were listed As Eugene Staten fall Branch was reportedly in Good condition. Avery Fansler 24, Church Hill a passenger in the car by Mullins died at 3 . Saturday injuries suffered in the Accident. Mullins car reportedly swerved across the Highway into the path a second car driven by eaten when he applied brakes suddenly. Triangle fort Defiance Dane Clark 50c per person children to Der 13 admitted fre believed to be the Only county judge pro Tern in the nation serving under a grandson died yesterday at 94. Slone Silver haired mus cached chief a Mountain clan boasted 168 living grandchildren besides 80 great grandchildren and 30 great great grandchildren. 10 american newsmen end visit in Moscow Moscow Ameri can editors shouted Farewell in russian today As they left mos cow at the end a history Mak ing visit. Tonight and tuesday a and a Kettle go to the fair Marjorie Kilbride now chairman the Board trustees. His address will follow the rounded by a squad the enemy. No shots were fired. The Rescue party reported the topic human relations. His Man s wounds had been treated writings and pamphlets credit i and bandaged and that prop problems have been very popu-1 Ganda Leaf lets urging peace were Lar in retail credit circles and inside his sweater has served As speaker for Many credit and furniture dealer groups throughout the country. Guests from Bristol Johnson City Elizabethton Rogersville and Gate City Are expected to be present at the dinner meeting. Gate City Highway tuesday wednesday Lorna Doone in technicolor state tubs an wast v. A Pir Amwel Pieton features at "philhakman1acs" special your doctor world news Fox today r a big pictured 15 big stars in a scree Ful thrills laughs Romance from my a Ethel Bhamre eary Cooper Van Johnson be nearly net Leigh Heoc Maikhe William Fowell us a lift by drive in Hills Rural theatre Gre Neville Hwy. Of. Area at i go to Chard Fml Douglas barbra Bel gecde5 b Ella Kazan by Soi c. Shettl also color cartoon z shows nightly starts at dusk radio programs wept wept pm w k i n 1400 to. 98.s to. Les uni. News Kings oort Cal Estt sports Newa sleep Joe Oral kids for remembrance a Lent stand the world Ono it Drin " family Froni Paris Rea Skelton show and Lewis Mcgee and Molly for the Money Cameron Sway Nichter headline frolic Cwi Olf . On life begins at to Duranti font Comers Pretente into Oft pc. Tuc Suai Crosby Crosby Kurtz serenade news and weather Olf Henc Sadi . On Newi for the Day 5-15-Wam up time it. 1 up time it. 3 up time it. 1 news and up time it. 4 up time it. 5 up it. I news time 7.-30-Shell s sport show news merry round Dent locals matinee news stand shop session world news party party party a world news favourites Faduah Roundup news song hits news review review review Talent program Jamboree it. 1 Jamboree. It 3 Jamboree it. 1 Jamboree. It. 4 Jamboree it it Jamboree. Pm 6 Jamboree it. 7 Jamboree it. 8 win bar Thadav club King Flash show clock exp Tai news party Parade networks tuesday april 7 evening network silent kiddies . Discussion by news and i and Beulah news news Dally news to Stafford Silver Eagle Gabriel mar s news evening people Are sparring Spillane . And mrs. Teen hug a Johnny town news the my Friend Eugenie Baird for also to movies Doris news comment Valley first comment news bands Beta

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