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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - April 7, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee10 tuesday april 7, 1953 Kingsport times Stalin s body May need periodic injections to remain preserved by John r. Morris a staff writer Joseph Stalin s body May re quire periodic injections and treatment if it is to preserved indefinitely. Because of Stalin s age and possible complications resulting from the announced cause of death an embalming authority John h. Eckels of Philadelphia says it May be necessary to make several injections of the embalming Solu Milwaukee Marks 20lh anniversary of he Newby Milwaukee wis. Unemployment total remains same in March the number of unemployed persons in Kingsport remained practically the same in March As during the previous month according to Hobart Moneyhun manager of the local office of Tennessee department of employment Security. A total of 168 persons filed claims for unemployment compensation in March As com pared with 169 in february Moneyhun said. Of the March group 112 were men including 11 korean vet Tion Over a period of time to in a Beer Lover s Holiday and 56 were women sure Complete 2oth anniversary of new Beers the office found jobs for 110 the russians have indicated i persons including 70 men 40 they Hope to save their late at one minute past Midnight women and 32 veterans. On april 7 1933 "3-2" went they did the body of Lenin Sale legally in 21 states and first great and revered Leader of the District of Columbia after the Long parched years brought soviet communism. Four Days after Stalin s death Ion by the 18th amendment. March 5, his body was placed in four millions of persons Wal a mausoleum next to the re Mains of Lenin which had been under Glass through 29 years of Public veneration. The red mar ble Tomb just beyond the frown ing Brick Walls of Moscow s Kremlin currently is closed to the Public. Eckels who is president of the Eckels College of mortuary Sci lowing in the mire of a major depression the return of the brew was the first Good news in months and they celebrated it in noisy Jovial style. One Chicago liquor store to Day observed the anniversary by offering to sell six bottles of Beer at Only once cent each along with the Purchase of a ence inc., said quart at regular prices. This if it can be assumed that j one cent Sale is our Way of of Stalin s remains were this 20th prepared with the ultimate aim1 their advertisement said. Being permanent preservation As old timers in this Beer capital Flig Nway Pai were Lenin s remains supple remember n and Clov Ponce teamed trial of laughters slated wednesday preliminary hearing for Bur ton laughters 41, 1007 e. Sulli Van St., on a charge of trans porting and possessing whisky has been postponed to 3 . Wednesday. The set in hearing general was originally for 3 . Monday. Sessions court How Milwaukee s Centary injections of breweries vied for the Hon ing fluid might be 0r of sending the first truckload embalmers generally agree a of Legal Beer away from their similar system was used on Sta plants. No one could quite re Jin As on Lenin. What was it member who won but All seven an internationally known a breweries claimed the Victory Hority on formaldehyde the late James a. Branegan of Phil Adelphia was Given special per Mission to examine Lenin s body in 1932, eight years after he died. Branegan found the body so _ thoroughly impregnated defense gets a sendoff United defense fund gets boost from Ike laughters was released on Bond pending the preliminary hearing. Tennessee Highway patrolmen up to Adlai to address Southern demos in summer rally Birmingham Ala. Up Alabama democratic leaders announced that Adlai Stevenson unsuccessful candidate for pres ident last year will speak at a South wide party rally Here this summer or fall. The rally will be preceded by a regional meeting of party delegates from eight South Eastern states Here april 30 and May 1. Jim Smith of Tuscumbia Ala Bama s democratic National committeeman said the purpose is to re Weld the formerly solid South for the democrats who lost four Southern states to their i i a ii republicans last november. I Oik Smith and mrs. Dorothy Vredenburgh Secretary of the a consultant National committee have just returned from Washington paper says Rich yets obtain free a Hospital care Louisville by. Up the Louisville times said today that wealthy War veterans Are Tak ing advantage of inadequate it free treatment at administration hos Virginia Black furniture store veterans petals. All they need to do the times said in a copyrighted article is to state they Are unable to pay. The Law will not permit an investigation of their ability to pay. Abuses of the Law s loopholes have been pinpointed by the a. Comptroller general Lind Joey Warren in a report to the House armed services commit tee according to the paper. It said the report cited examples included in a Cross Sec Tion summary of the final status i miss Virginia Black new i of 336 veterans getting free care were the executive committee Rector of Home economics for at government expense for ail j Philco corporation of the South rents in no Way related to War our is to recapture con will give a talk at the Broad service. Tool of Congress in 1954 and the Street furniture store thurs More than half of the 336 the presidency in said april 9, it has been an report was quoted have incomes our plans for Adlai Stevenson s bounced. The discussion will be of More than a year and at appearance in Birmingham Are Gin at . Least Orie is Worth Between he s definitely tentative so far As a Date for the miss Black will conduct one 000 and one million dollars but the most and in others were shown to have As Struc Tive schools to be sets ranging from to 4.1 in addition to incomes of leading up to a year. Food companies and Public utile the comptroller s investigators i ties of the country and has the times said found that in 46 travelled extensively gleaning veterans hospitals two thirds of arrest laughters St. Near lament afternoon. On St. Saturday officers found 19 pints of whisky under the Hood of the car driven by laughters. Formaldehyde Distin Festant used in almost allem the body tissues were completely transformed to a synthetic resin. Branegan concluded the body would remain intact indefinitely. The transformation he said completely changed the Chemi Cal composition of Lenin s body but allowed it to keep its Origi Nal appearance. How was it done Branegan said the body was injected with Strong solution of formaldehyde tempered by control chemicals which aided in distribution of the solution through the body tissues. In the u. S., embalmers usually stress returning the body to a life like appearance rather than indefinite preservation. Under these conditions the aver age embalmed body would be come unrecognizable after a decade. From president Eisenhower to Day As representatives of Mem Ber agencies meet to make 1953 pc gives Okay increase . Newsmen tour Kremlin see red Ballet editor s note tie Dis Patch was written for United press by Buddle editor of the Huntt Ardon. Fa., daily news and me of a group of american newspaper and. Radio exec totes vis Tinc Russia. Held in the area. She has represented i lines inc., Nashville is inside. Marine slate period of train ing plans. The president is scheduled to j allowed to put into effect under address the opening session of a Bond As of March 27 a one Day meeting on the de annual wholesale natural lense related programs of the irate increase six agencies making up the fund. They Are the United service organizations United Community defense services american social Hygiene association United seamen s service and National recreation association. By John b1ddle written for United press Moscow up we passed through the ancient Halls of the Washington the pow 1 Kremlin and spent several hours or commission announced Mon visiting the fabulous collection Day that Tennessee natural of palaces churches and my we achieved two More firsts today by attending a reception at Spasso House Given by u. Charge d affaires Jacob beam the increase is being mrs. Beam marked by the subject to refund of any amounts first attendance of soviet of subsequently disallowed by the facials in some years. Pc. A suspended rate increase. The other first came when May be placed in effect upon i we watched Tschaikowsky s motion by the company if the Swan Lake Ballet performed at suspension proceeding has Bolshoi theater and later were received backstage by male been concluded in five months tests at regular intervals will reduce cancer deaths editor s note this it the last of a series of articles prepared by medical experts for the associated press in co operation with the american cancer society As an educational service during april cancer control month. Today s writer is or. Charges s. Cameron med ical and scientific director of the Amer ican cancer society n. V. I by or. Charles s. Cameron one does not have to die of cancer of the cervix. Almost All its deaths could be changes in the cell Structure that suggest cancer. Laboratory examination of Sample tissues will show whether cancer actually exists in an Early stage. This is the time to find and female stars. Backstage were dance head liners Maja Plise Skaja and us Rich Kondratow and the entire cast. The great Prima Ballerina Slanova whom we saw the other night performing in the same theater came backstage to Welcome us at a reception. At the Thrush eve bakery we donned White gowns and visited All five floors of the Plant that is turning out 250 tons of White the time when it is most easily i bread daily for Sale at the same cured. It can be too late when a i number of stores. Woman goes to her physician because she has discovered warn again we discovered a factory run almost entirely by women Bijj i juju ci.a.1 too Ui-i3.liiji3 wuu1u us it 1 eliminated if All women Over 35 in8 signs unusual vaginal the Plant operates seven Days would report at regular inter j bleeding Between periods or week with a three Day shut rivals for expert medical exam regular. Prolonged or heavy be Down every three months for nation. Rods. Bleeding which occurs maintenance. Workers Are paid the local Marine corps re yet about 14000 women do the menopause also Calls serve unit will leave june 6 for each year from this most com Ifor immediate medical exam two weeks of annual summer training at Parris Island South Carolina it was announced this week. The group including four offi cers and forty enlisted men will receive training and instructions in Small arms fire team and squad tactics map Reading and other subjects. All members will fire on the Rifle their stay. Range during a men Between the Ages of 17 and 32 who Are interested in training for two weeks with the local Marine Reserve unit May visit the Marine corps Reserve training Center 224 West mar Ket Street Johnson City for further information. This Marks the second year since the outbreak of korean hostilities that organized Marine corps Reserve units have participated in summer training. By the end of the training period it is expected that More than 15.400 reserves both officer and enlisted will have received two weeks intensive Field work and specialized training. Mrs. Gray named is puffy court clerk a new Deputy court clerk for Kingsport s general sessions court has Ben named. Circuit court clerk David e. Gray an no monday. Mrs. Elbert Gray 231 South Morgan has assumed the Posi a Tion held for the past two and half years by mrs. B. N. Chamberlain Gray said. In the past mrs. Gray has assisted the Deputy county court clerk Here during the annual Sale of Auto licenses. Mrs. Chamberlain took the position of clerk in the general sessions court Here in septem Ber 1950. Expected in virtually All cases Wiful radioactive Cobalt packs a detected in this Early Micro by product of the atomic bomb Copic stage Long before the a and Gold Tient is aware something is just As m me is important towers. Wrong. Successful cure of cancer of it dominates Moscow in every Early detection of cancer Ofine cervix it is important Toi Way. Inside is an area of 26 Mon cancer of female reproductive organs. Fewer than one a minimum of 700 rubles a month while specialists get 900 or higher. But even in the More advanced j a of bread Cost one Ruble Jevc Ulic Ullh a a Whf in 311 Oil to i u third of All cases Are now per cases the cure rate is rising As 95 for one kilogram. Manenty cured. Result of improved methods the cancer was discovered too of surgery and radiation. One. Late. But it could have been de comic recently reported that 50 ers. A kindergarten is maintained nearby for children of the work Vai Zaoie knowledge m Nome economics and food Beds were occupied by patients with connected a native of Macon ga., a Large portion it Black holds a b. Degree noted were tubercular and Home patients and chronically during the cooking school veterans. Will present new ideas menus using the new 1953 appliances including the electric ranges with color report Broil under Glass Quick set timer and new automatic terrorists Fri agent to in Africa Nairobi Kenya British reported last night that of reds in killed 22 of some 30 Mau Mau terrorists who butchered women and children in a Washington up attempt on a Village of investigators today asked natives of the Kimer Fri undercover agent tribes. Bert a. Philbrick for said they were still on communist penetration of tracking the rest of the new England schools and col is gang through the forests Leges. The Kiambi the Senate internal Security the attack on the Village subcommittee called Philbrick 20 Miles from Kiambi to testify at a televised occurred sunday hearing. The subcommittee shrieks of the victims been investigating police to the Village attempts to infiltrate Educa whose men were on Home tonal institutions. Patrol away from the Village. Select Ion of gop like musical chair by Lyle c. Meantime was not say up staff no to Hall s election but Washington up was t saying either. Game being played with the Story now unfolds in a Tion of a new Republican capital it looked for a tonal committee chairman there that or. Eisenhower More like musical chairs vetoed Hall because his sup National outsmarted themselves surrogate Leonard w. Hall their own strategy. New York is the Likely was at that Point in the de when the committee meet Here situation that on Friday. 1 announced last week that but some of Hall s backers land the new York diligently spread the Story of were for Hall for old break Between Hall and All the time. Dewey s Thomas e. Dewey Boss of sounded Fine at Fri exists on own Merit plus Luck citizens Aid by Barman w. Nichols ii Start correspondent Washington i up your Federal Bureau of investigation said the pleasant Little lady exists on its own some Luck and help from the Ameri can people. Of her time. She recalls Lindbergh kidnapping and the the run Down of John Dillinger who was mowed Down by the Fri outside a neighbourhood theater in Chicago in 1934. One of the hardest ones she said was the Cap the lady was Helen w. Gandy Ture of Alum Karpis in new or und she ought to know. As he was called Gandy is j. Edgar Hoover s Sec had killed a a Man. I got word rotary and she s been around the that Nenad been spot Teti or Fri longer than the chief. The Bureau has told me during because the emphasis is Hoover was in new York and i j called him. He flew to new or i leans immediately. I was scared because i was one of three per at Headquarters who knew come because Bandit and after they make the Grade they generally stick a lot of the Luck in running we did t sleep. We ate lit Down criminals is planned Luck tie she said for every arrest is mapped miss Gandy loved her Job in Advance. The american people Are important in our scheme she said. You d be surprised what then. She still does. Montgomery visits response we get when we put out at fort Knox Tkv a wanted j Long time personnel populate1 fort Knox by. Brit Headquarters in room 5633 in Ain s famed Field marshal vis the department of Justice build a count Bernard Law Montgomery ing. Miss Gandy herself yesterday for an inspect a Diamond decked 30-year a nation trip and lectures before staff although she s been holding fort officers Here. He is Deputy to longer than that. She recently Gen. Matthew Ridgway supreme was honoured by her fellow work-1 commander of the North Atlantic ers for her Long faithful serv treaty organization forces in ice. Europe. She came Here to see her and brother in Law in 1918, and like the Man who came to Ner stuck around awhile. In july 1918, she Learned there Wasj a vacancy at the predecessor to the present Bureau and accepted a Job As a messenger. In 1924, atty. Gen. Harlan f. Stone who later became chief Justice of the United states appointed j. Edgar Hoover then 29, to be director of the reorganized Federal Bureau of investigation. Miss Gandy who now admits to 156, joined his staff As Secretary. The clock at the Bureau Means nothing so far As work goes. Miss Gandy shows up at and is Lucky she turns off the lights by . When a big Case is she said everything has to Clear through Headquarters. We have to watch every develop ments no matter where the Jand often have to grab a Nap of i the couches. Many s the time the j i entire Headquarters staff has i sunday been on the Job for three Daysi victims or More without j Helen Gandy has watched1 Progress in most of the big cases1 headache remember this liquid Cap Udine relieves headache fast. Its ingredients Are already Dis solved All ready to act. So pleas ant to take. Get Cap Udine. Follow the Label avoid excessive use. moving Call 948 Tom still Transfer co. Is or. Be Kvick. On Boll film in b7 10 a. M. Ready 4 p. M. 1 hol Osvals color prints copy uni we give kit. Camera shop 208 Serokee phone camera repairing tested much earlier. New microscopic tests per cent of All patients Early for therapy possible detection of cancer of were alive at the end of a five the cervix in its earliest y e a r period promising new sometimes 5 to 10 years before i of treatment Are in the the first clinical symptoms appear. Permanent cure May be process of development super voltage a Ray machines Power with More than usual interest we entered the Kremlin at the visitor s Portal of old Borovitz Kaya. It is 62 feet High and was erected by Ivan Iii. By this Gate Napoleon entered the Kremlin in 1812. The massive Wall is roughly a huge Triangle a mile and a Quad new York Republican Organiza the White House where or. I Tion. Their objectives these were Benhower Long had been Friendly to Hall s election if the Politi 1. To persuade sen. Robert a. Taft to that Hall s election would not deliver the National committee machinery to Dewey for manipulation in the 1956 presidential Campaign. Cans could agree on him. It did not sound so Good to Taft. He had cause to wonder Why postmaster general Arthur e. Summerfield a member of the president s Cabinet had been 2. To assure president Eisen Telline him emphatically that Hower that Choice of Hall should i the old rift Between Hall and Ter in circumference with affront Taft by reason sti11 existed. I any Dewey Hall tie up. The senator no prankster the cervix was made easy by development of the vaginal smear test known As the Papanicolaou test. Cells Are constantly shed Tom internal surface tissues. Malignant cells Are shed in the secretions just As Normal cells Are. Suspected cells can be detected by expert microscopic study. When a group of apparently healthy women Are tested about one out of 300 Are found to have heal estate Loans to build to refinance to buy lowest interest minimum Cost Best terms compare our Complete loan service no Cost or obligation. Kingsport gardens Branch of Bennett they overdid it. The Hall Dewey rift Story was spread so successful treatment of other hectares. The Wall was built far wide and Well that or. I cancers of the reproductive or near the end of the 15th Cen-1 Benhower heard More of it than Gans. Tury. Inside Are the Imperial a physician usually can of the czars cathedrals symptoms before they be come. The huge Hall of the us to the patient. Neglect preme Council of the .s.r. Can be the difference Well As offices of High soviet cure and death. Officials. Was intended. Anxious for har Mony the president Shell shocked the Hall Boomers by suggesting that if Dewey did not like him they had better look elsewhere. Himself maybe is wondering if he was being Why. And he has t said no yet nor either. Chances Are he will go or. Eisen Hower gets the idea that some be might be offended by Hall s election merely because of Dewey s enthusiasm. 2800 h57 Bristol Highway a. D. Hall d. D. Announces the relocation of his offices at 145 Commerce Street Over Western Union Kingsport Tennessee for bathrooms and kitchens Fleecy White is the favorite in millions of Homes for disinfecting bathtubs toilets sinks garbage cans for removing stains from porcelain tile Wood As Well As fabrics for bleaching Cottons and linens snowy White without harsh rubbing for deodorizing baby Wash and work clothes leaving them fresh and Sweet. Follow directions on bouffe so pleasant to use no offensive Todori some High Quality same Low Price Broad Street phone 2130 wednesday morning special 9 a. M. Til noon 15 denier gauge 67c regular 89c or. Carol Brent sheer first Quality 15 denier. 51 gauge full fashioned. High gauge Means High resistance to snags for extra Wear. Your Choice of leg slimming dark or slim regular seams. To 10 .2. Cooking school at Broadstreet furniture co. Thursday april 9 . Free a Beautiful Philco Range to be Given away fan do not have to be present to win. Simply Register your name and address at oar store any time this week. Drawing will be held thursday april 9. 1953 during the cooking school. Bread Street Nairn Loureed

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