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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - April 2, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeThe magic egg to a que place a the deep Woods. Centuries again a land where there was muo4 wickedness and Rupee lived a Mam by Scott soviet Mission leaves Japan Kingsport times thursday april 2, 1953 7 even if shooting ends prisoners return Korea problem still Tough Washington korean armistice would not Settle the defeat which the u. X. Haunt been Able to inflict on the Battle Tokyo twelve russian i members of the unrecognized j soviet Mission Here left for Home today aboard the dutch j liner Jimb Anjet. I All had been living at the old russian embassy building which flies the red Flag but which is not recognized by the japanese government. News Agency said All firmly 22 months of korean soil orce peace fused to answer questions at the Over to acc terms 00k j was signed the chinese might pier. An armistice is not peace Tillat idea Llev could the group were members of though men Stop dying when -1ust across the Border ithe wartime soviet Mission stops its a temporary and be ready to pour in sudden ithe Allied Council for supposedly until a a at and future time. With which went out of existence Jnai peace settlement can be drawl for the u. N. Would mean when the japanese peace treaty Wori Becj out Clearing out to Japan at least. Took effect almost a year if the u. N. And the chinese korean problem. Peace talks Gin when the shooting ends i but would the u. N. And Cal haggling Over peace terms Marinese troops have to withdraw Detroit physician Speaks to Medico society Here by Marv Clement times news writer or. Jean Paul Pratt one of nation s Foremost authorities on and obstetrics addressed a meeting of the Sulli-1 Van and Washington county medical society at Ridge Fields country club last night. Consultant at Henry Ford Hospital. Detroit. Mich. Dr., Pratt spoke on. Abdominal sur Gery. Or. Pratt expressed great Confidence in the future of Kingsport As a medical and added that he had found Holston Valley Community hos Pill Well run nicely arranged and i see a very great future. For he declared. The people in Kingsport. Are most fortunate Toj have that kind of Hospital. Hope they fully appreciate How much better off this Community is than Are most communities this the Well known physician was chief of the department of of. gynaecology at thei Henry Ford Hospital from 1917 to 1952, and has served As presi Dent of the National Organiza Tion of endocrinologists. Or. Pratt has been a frequent contributor to the Field of medical literature. The Henry Ford Hospital or. Pratt said is a diagnostic and treatment Center for medical rates All Over the Eastern Uri Teri states. The Hospital was opened in 1015. With accommodations for 75 patients. A building com-1 w. German chief sails for Parley with . Leaders Boyles column soviet Russia did not sign and does not recognize the treaty. Is still at War of Ana United withdrew would the North koreans and South koreans be Dis Kingsport today thursday auditor Lam birthday parly in club room by Hal Boyle this High blood pressure. Is that new York Day is divided into two great a Wall Street broker looks like who diet and a piece of upright Spaghetti As Hose who laugh at pm. Scans his ticker tape. The dieting began As a fad now working Man is going in just Asle Havre France one of Thyce nation s greatest much for Calone rambling he j Germany s Chancellor foreign industries. It spread faster than Lonker carries a toothpick. I minister Konrad Adenauer sail television but does t have As e s de for the United states Zariv Many Good sustaining programs. The biggest danger to Edlor the Tmea fatties Early healthy Normal Happy relaxed party in club they could Armisce. Ever agree in an inc s. Withdrew ius troops 1949 from some Korea and when an armistice begins the the North koreans attacked in n. Troops and the chinese 1950 1 suddenly by. Neither North nor South i today for important conferences i but indicated that even i critical talks May take next he Britain. Laugh place ried visits try to find out where cheerful easy going fat game Boom activities biday to at Bernarr Macfadden As a cheer ii easy go Iii jul Man a few More a i f now is that he will laugh him free movies i of. Health fanatic because he Cai sex cubbies l in his pockets now to a Aln Al the sex Tuo oies 65uar, dancing Ithem. The empty off Vitamin pills in a news conference the full dinner Pai of Long before he boarded the liner a. American Success Symbol. B n United states the Chancellor but. Of course it has to be Fash isaid that in London he Woolri Ion ably emptied. A hungry Man used to be a failure. Today a Man fat is in he said. They Aren t _ ame room. Rooms. Unusual theory about the diet ing craze. It s All just a housewife s conspiracy to get out of Kitchen to Cut Down on the time club club room a noon. Or. Jean p. Pratt Tures of the Hospital is its train ing program for residents or. Pratt said. The Hospital offers training in each of the special ties sufficient to qualify physicians for passing specially Board examinations. Residents trained there Are now located in nearly every state including several in the East Tennessee area and Kingsport. A native of Northern Ohio. Or. Pratt attended Ohio state uni Cal school and served As instructor in surgery at the University of California from 1913 to 1917. Program for the motorcycle officer turn and walk out of Korea. Each Korea is a Heiy to agree to being Side would withdraw one mile Rii armed. Ant if the u. N. With from the fighting front leaving Rcw from South Korea what As a demilitarized zone of two Miles it have that the Between them. Chinese or russians would t and there presumably they secretly build up the North to would stay until peace was scans for a new us Cicin attack agreed upon. Neither could Clear meanwhile the United states. Out before then for fear the other which has paid out so much in would suddenly resume the and Money to protect South tack. How Long would that go on Korea hardly agree to it s anyone s guess. Withdraw and not rearm the the u. N. Probably would con South koreans Well enough to Tine training South koreans stand off a new attack until eventually letting them take Over came the for Wacl positions. Other u. N. And the chinese communists then withdraw to Mishol want some guarantees school club supporting positions in the rear. That the l s would not Only i just in Case. Not encourage Chiang Kai Shek both sides also agreed Long ago on Formosa to invade China but that with the coming of an Armi that it would Stop military help Stice neither could thereafter to bring in More troops or build up its armament although each could rotate its troops and re place beat up equipment. If the u. N. Found the comm St. Louis closer Nar lists cheating and building up no activities Douglass recreation Onorr Oul of door activity Frank l. Cloud be creation Center bldg night Kings out inn toastmaster room-12 Neon. If club Commerce room troops could rotary club club room noon. Predicts Harmony discuss Britain s relationship with the projected european de sense Community Edc. Of wealth who gets fat is asked what he would take up Garden As an anti social wretch club club room with prime minister is deliberately plotting longer they re just trying p m. And foreign Secretary his wife a widow. Eden. Adenauer at first Only told this is Odd. Because for cent spend j newsmen the talks in mid May Ries in China a Middle aged his Washington wealth was measured by would concern the world situs the size of his paunch. And he Tion at that time. Then he add j remained remarkably free of the de heart ailments that ambush the i Don t want to play hide Chubby executives in this coun of mfr Uff and seek with you. I have . Maybe one reason is that i Iii us Iii peat Day urged Eden to accede the civilized orientals found out in f in a that line of 3. Coucal _ _ u u Isicc Faun Between Bruin and and munching listen Porter found himself Riding a the greatest asset for prospects than those which bogged doll the Edc to a Little Lute music did t fiery Chariot wednesday after of peace. Ule armistice talkers for almost i _ Wear the heart out As fast As noon just after refuelling at the Stassen told a City gop ban two years. Here Are some sex i referring to Brit am s Ball City barn. Quet that in the Brief life of the Amples de Irusal to join the Rui Opean of Amer iran i Sparks flying from lir sex new administration. President should Korea be left divided army because she consider j but Mil of the machine As he Eisenhower has done much to into two by the 38th parallel As her position As head of the far or Pool. To ride away ignited change the situation for the bet it was before the North koreans Commonweal. Seem to feel that Les. Spine gasoline. Flames spread Ter in Washington in the unit attacked the South koreans in Man in. In a Cak in the tank cd states anal in the june 1950? Mony among free nations was strength for a new attack again predicted by Mutual Security less what the to. N. Administrator Haroid e. Stassen do i could hard sit stil Here last night As he termed but the problems a final policeman p a u 1 president Eisenhower one of peace settlement Are greater Adenauer added i fully Yeroc Nizer the special position of Britain. At Uin to 650. Now under construction is a and or. Shannon Allen of Kings port. C Losev As possible .00, Porter gave up the ride and makes them i camped to safety. _ the chinese communists land emptied four fire Extin their North korean allies could one of the c to s fire j gushers on the Blaze but Settle for anything else. Of to Pat the barn for an Oil other engine had to be called to to do otherwise would be to a they plan to eat Tomor used an tank of waterjcomplete0the Job. Cent at the peace conference a Why not it costs no More to move by United warehouse and Transfer phone 1500 see Skipworth 17-Story building which will pro vide facilities for 1000 patients and will House offices carrying 14 i rooms and laboratories. I the institution is known for Fitchburg mass. Up its Edsel b. Ford research lab police it. Bernard Keenan oratory which has contributed the Driver of a Sedan Prat Deal to Basic science and Here for being overloaded i. Always available for consults fourteen men on problems. From the inside and five from one of the outstanding Fea the trunk. The bogged Down european army plan is a prime question awaiting the 77-year-old Ger Man statesman in Washington. He also will talk about possible american assistance in handling refugees from East Germany the troublesome dispute Between France and Germany fiver the Industrial san anal the new a Nair offensive. As a matter of fact a zealous Jointer hardly can mention food any More without a twinge of conscience. When one meets another he boasts guess what i had for lunch Cal ories and five minerals. You should of joined if he finds that he exceeded his calorie quota he starts up zooms Parks Belk co. Red calf Black calf 9.95 t the smartest shoe Choice in town natural Bridge yes Here is the Sho that is smart from every standpoint and new styling soft Rich leathers hidden Comfort features and All round satisfaction expertly crafted into every pair. Come in now and choose. 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