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Kerrville Daily Times Newspaper Archives May 14 1990, Page 4

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Kerrville Daily Times (Newspaper) - May 14, 1990, Kerrville, Texas Opinion James r Gray Wanda Garner Cash managing editor editorial drug approval Means Hope for aids children the food and drag administration which often moves painfully slow in licensing new drags de serves High Praise for its accelerated approval of the antiviral drag at As a Standard therapy for children with aids since 1981 there have been reported cases of aids in children under 13 in the United states of them have died epidemiologists estimate that to other american children have the disease with Many of these infections still undiscovered the use of at to treat infected children actually began last october when the Fra provided Access to the drag Well before its paediatric re search program was finished How Ever Only about 500 children received the drug under that restrictive program since then treatment has started in about 500 More children through an Fra clinical trial project in Clearing the drag for general use Fra waived its Normal Rales for extensive drag testing when finally Complete the tests revealed that at is Safe for treatment of children in adults the aids drag relieves symptoms promotes weight gain prolongs life and generally enhances the Quality of life these same dra Mattes benefits should be observed in children the Fra has demonstrated Cour age and compassion by approving the use of at for children further encouraging news indicates that the Cost of treating youngsters with at will be Cov ered by private insurance and medicare though the drags effectiveness in children is largely presumed on the basis of the positive effect it has had on adults with aids the approval to use at Means a much improved Outlook for Young victims of the immunodeficiency disease today in history today is monday May 14 the 134th Day of 1990 there Are 231 Days left in the year today highlight in history on May the Independent state of Israel we proclaimed in Tel Aviv As British Rale in piles Tine came to an end the United states immediately recognized the new jewish state on this Date in 1643 Louis Xiv became King of France at age 4 upon the death of his father Louis pm in 1787 delegates began gathering in Philadelphia for a convention to draw up the Constitution in 1796 English physician Edward the first vaccination against smallpox to an 8yearold boy in 1804 the Lewis and Clark expedition to explore the Loui Siana territory left St Louis in 1904 the first olympic games to be held in the United states opened in St Louis in 1942 the women auxiliary army corps we established in 1955 representatives from eight communist bloc countries including the soviet Union signed the Warsaw pact in Poland in 1973 the United states launched skylab its first manned space station in 1975 forces raided the cambodian Island of Koh Tang Ami recaptured the american Mer chant ship All 40 in of them children were killed when die Church bus they were rid ing in collided with a pickup going the wrong Way on a Highway near Carrollton by ten years ago president Carter inaugurated me department of health arid human services the successor to the department of health education and welfare which was reformed to create a separate education department Nve Yean ago Secretary of state George p Shultz raised human rights and arms control issues during a six hour meeting with so Viet foreign minister Andrei Gromyko at the soviet embassy in Vienna one year ago Peronis Candi Date Carlos Saul Menem won Argentina presidential election today birthdays opera sin Ger Patrice Munsel is 65 movie producer George Lucas is 46 actress Francesca Annis is 46 actress season Hubley is 39 Rock artist David Byrne is 38 thought for today life was a funny thing that occurred on the Way to the Quentin Crisp English author editorial policy Kerrville daily times editorial Board James r Gray Edo publisher Wanda Garner Cash managing Clint Schroeoer news editor Larry Hunter business editor editorial subjects Are discussed and the newspapers positions determined by a consensus of the staff editorial Board and May be written by any of its members with final approval by the publisher readers Ere encouraged to express their personal opinions through editor letters to the editor lengthier dissertation May be More suited to the Ken ult Daly Timu quest column which appears on this Page each wednesday for information about being a guest columnist Contact the managing editor 896 7000 Extension 108 Access information Kerrville City 2578000 Kerrville county 2566711 Kerrville police 2578181 Kerr county 8961133 fire department 2575333 latin btme0 in i mfr him usic Mem Thor Lull leading information source Texas daily newspaper association thus puss association associated mus audit Buyau of Cuc Ulaiwan i Hemom Malmi it Flo my my Awn Kojl Tom i pro Bumm of text if tymm thu this i maj Ihra Tiah Era Tyvi 4 Utor Tum Silitai u Kcf Tam Sis Zifcu nil it to u my Tow to b i to Fiji i m m 1mb Itu Al it tilt Tom Jami b Olav Wanda Oab neb Cash Nuce Jim by Hecker of Mimi rat met my Trviz w of my m4mi who Imi Mimi my la Wlk Ltd thu Kern us Tom monday May 14 letters dont believe acid rain myth its a Good thing for the More extreme environmentalists that they have largely managed to change the subject from acid rain to such untestable hypotheses As the Green House for research on the former has pretty Well exploded its alleged factual basis acid rain it turns out is not the cause of fish less lakes in the northeastern United states and Canada unfortunately the political response to the environmentalists ear Lier shrieks on the subject is Only now taking shape As Law As a result americans will shortly find them selves Tonying up several billion dollars a year for improvements in emission standards that wont solve the problem while Overlook ing a much less expensive remedy that would according to Edward Krug a soil scientist with the Illinois state water Survey who formerly studied Lake acidification for the Connecticut agricultural Experiment station rain and Snow Over the Northeast Are indeed More acidic than Normal and the reason indisputably is the com Bustion of Fossil fuels by Midwest pm Industry but in a fascinating article in the Spring 1990 Issue of policy review Krag Points out that even so Only on fiftieth of 1 percent of the Lake water in the whole Eastern United states is acid dead has a pm of or lower in which most fish cannot and More than half of that is in Florida which Doest William a rusher receive High rates of acid rain moreover Krag reports a remark Able discovery studies of the Fos Sil record in Lake sediments reveal that Many lakes that Are acidic today have been highly acidic for centuries except for several decades in the late 19th Century and Early 20th Century when they were unnaturally it was die record of Early scientific tests dating from those exceptional decades that misled Many Well intentioned people into Assum ing that today acid rain is making matters worse but what if not acid rain is Mak ing the lakes acidic fish and Many other Krag explains can survive in Rainwater Only be cause acids Are naturally buffered by lifelike substance in rocks and Mineral soils of Lake and River Drain age the acidity of lakes in the Adirondacks and Nova Scotia results not from acid rain but from the absence of this natural Why then did these lakes be come unnaturally alkaline in the de Cades just before and after the turn of the Century according to Krag in the late 19th Century the Adiron Dacks became a major Center for lumbering and paper pulp and also for the destructive slash and bum methods that until recently were typical of forests gone spongy and water absorbent mosses and the acidic peaty Forest floor were burned off and replaced by alkaline Ash the ironic result though was that sport fish could now survive in lakes that had previously been this Happy state of affairs lasted until an earlier generation of conservationists made a state Park out of the Adirondacks Forest fires Are now put out quickly As a result the forests acid peaty soils and acid requiring and acid producing Trees and mosses Are coming lakes that historically have been highly acidic Are nearing their natural pm the Story in Nova Scotia and even in Norway is broadly the same what is the solution Lime dropped from a helicopter buffers acids in exactly the same Way that cutting and burning or Limestone in rocks and gravel Krug Esti mates that All acid lakes in new England and new York could be limed for under per but its too late for common sense now fasten your seat belts and pre pare to Fork Over your share of the several billion dollars a year that it will Cost America to Calm the Hys Teria of nut environmentalists Over yesterdays pro gun Guys right on target Ike Ira hrs i spoke recently to my neighbor Hood National Rifle association Captain Harley machine gun Winsterman i thought it would be a Good idea after what happened at the mall i go to a nut with a gun walked into the part of the mall where people were eating and opened fire with a hand gun several were injured one died what i wanted to know from or Winsterman was since it is apparent the powerful gun lobby is never go ing to give in to some form of gun control what should i do to protect myself from being gunned Down in a shopping mall should i do i asked or Winsterman first lets Cut out the Formali he replied you Call me machine How did you get such a Nick name i asked him my friends salted calling me chuckled the Era Captain after i bought a machine gun to blow away All the squirrels in my Yard you dont kill those Damn things they can Over multiply and become extinct too Many of pm and not enough nuts to go around you know we at the Era do All we can to protect Lewis Grizzard commentary i i replied but what i need to know machine gun is if individuals such As yourself Are never going to relent and gun control Laws Are never going to be passed what should the average citizen do to keep from getting blown away in a shop Ping mall which seems to be a favo rite place for mental cases to open fire theres Only one thing you can he replied Arm me buy a gun absolutely and carry it with you at All times guns dont Kili peo ple people kill people and if people try to kill you you need to kill pm so you Are i continued rather than passing gun control Laws to protect innocent citizens its a better idea for innocent citizens to get their own guns now youre machine gun replied but i dont know anything about i said what would be the Best kind to have if i were Ever involved in a shopping mall shootout Ive got a Bazooka i used to scare the Birds out of my Trees Damn things were a helluva nuisance but they dont come Back 4 the Bazooka really scared them huh answered machine gun i just dont have any Trees How much for the Bazooka i asked five Hundred Cash and ill throw in a helmet and a camouflage suit and a Era Windshield sticker you too can proudly ill Lake i said Welcome beamed machine gun offering me his hand and drop by the House tomorrow and Well shoot at my neighbors dog for target practice Damn thing dug up two land mines i had in my Yard to protect against anybody who tries to steal my c ism Cowam Syndicate inc officials addresses president George Bush the White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington 20500 vice president Dan Quayle executive office building Washington 20501 senators Lloyd Bentsen 703 Hart Senate office building Washington 20510 202 2245922 Phil Gramm 370 Russell Senate office building Washington 20510 202 2242934 representative Lamar Smith 422 Canon House office building Washington 20515 202 2254236 Texas governor Bill Clements state Capitol room 200 Austin Texas 78711 512 4632000 state senator Bill Sims Box 12068 Austin Texas 78711 state representative Harvey Hilderbran Box 2910 Austin Texas 78769 512 4630536 Kerr county judge Danny Edwards Kerr county courthouse Kerrville Texas 78028 512 2576311 Kerrville mayor Leonard Holloway Kerrville City Hall 800 Junction Highway Kerrville Texas 78028 Ingram mayor Donald Oehler 409 Texas 27 Ingram Texas 78025 512 3675115 Congress Doest deserve pay raise to the editor it seems like when its time for Congress and the president to be come concerned about the budget deficit the first thing they want to do is freeze the col As for Federal civil service workers and retirees and the Active military and Reti Rees it is interesting to see that they Are voicing the possibility of freezing the social Security recipients Colas like they have done to the rest of us frequently in the past where was their concern for the Federal deficit when Congress tried to vote themselves a 55 per cent pay increase last year the raise was prevented by the outrage voiced by the voting Public How Ever Congress and the president still had no concern for the Federal deficit and budget when they rushed through a 35 percent pay raise for Congress and judges they dont want to even mention the effect it has on the budget and inflation they want retirees to give up a cola that might vary Between 24vs percent so that they can help their 35 percent pay raise they want to increase our taxes so that they can help All their Perks and free travel they want us to reduce our lifestyles so that they can continue their lifestyle at our expense i feel that they should repeal their 35 percent pay raise and give themselves the same percentage of cola they should give Federal employees and retirees if they dont do this then All incumbents should be voted out of office so they wont Benefit from the 35 per cent pay raise they voted themselves please write your congressmen and let them know How you feel on these issues May Klein Kerrville Acle intolerable to the editor re the recent letter to the Edi Tor by Gene Shelton or Shelton contends that the Acle protects All free values i find myself wondering if there is More than one Acle the one i am familiar with has its own set of values if they can be called that for instance if i was offended by the slogan on a car in the school parking lot that read so Hap the Acle would defend to the death the right of the car owner to display this message under the right of Freedom of speech on the other hand if my child wanted to talk about god or Jesus in the school this right suddenly disappears and the Acle is nowhere to be found if i As a landlord have a value system that says homosexual con duct is unacceptable and therefore i refuse to rent to a homosexual my Only Contact with the Acle would be when they filed suit against me if i decided that sex education classes in school were in contradiction to my values could you please direct me to the Acle la Wyer thai would be willing to file suit to protect my rights or Shelton lakes w Hobson to task for distorting the facts the truth is that the letter by or Shel ton is totally void of any facts and is a collection of his opinions the fact is or Shelton that the Acle is one of the most dangerous enemies this country has they have a value system All their own and it is built around the if it feels Good do it Ive got my rights theory the Acle has an Agenda which includes the systematic Dis traction of All authority replacing it with accountability to ones self they Are also dedicated to the elimination of god or reference to him in every aspect of our lives or Shelton writes that the Acle encourages tolerance the fact is or Shelton that there Are some things that Are intolerable and the Acle is one of them Biu Redden Kerrville letters policy we encourage our read Era to use i if forum to express their opinions we ask that you limit letters to not More than 300 words letters must have a Signa Ture us Well As printed name address and daytime phone

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