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Kerrville Daily Times Newspaper Archives Jun 3 1990, Page 5

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Kerrville Daily Times (Newspaper) - June 03, 1990, Kerrville, Texas Comment oily sunday june 3 1990 5a chinese find Home in Texas june 7 1917 a Southern Pacific special with an exotic human cargo pulled into the san Antonio station onto the platform poured More than 400 chinese nationals for the first glimpse of their new Texas Home the american punitive expedition failed to find Pancho Villa but the foot sore soldiers did not return empty handed although the March 1916 attack on Columbus new Mexico went a avenged Gen John j Pershing had almost Refu gees to show for his time and trouble once the army escorted them safely across the Border the mexi cans and americans that made up the vast majority of exiles at least had someplace to go not so for the 427 chinese who under Law were As Welcome As the plague to Stem the tide of Oriental Immi Grants Congress in 1882 took the drastic step of temporarily slashing to Zero the quota for chinese Twenty years later this ban became permanent however Gen Pershing refused to leave the helpless pariahs behind in Mexico where their lives were in jeopardy and insisted upon humanitarian grounds that they be allowed to enter the country immigration authorities reluctantly agreed to pro vide Sanctuary but Only until the danger passed Down South the chinese were held in quaran Tine in new Mexico while Pershing searched for better accommodations in his absence William Tracy Page an old Friend tended to the needs of the unwanted aliens just before he embarked for eur Ope and world War i Pershing finally found jobs for the Idle chinese at military construction Sites in the san Antonio area after the Moun Tain of paperwork was successfully scaled the apprehensive asians were coaxed aboard the train that carried them to Texas in june 1917 the army was anxious to build a new Camp near fort Sam Houston Bartee Haile Texas history but the land had to be cleared of an impenetrable growth of Cactus and Thorn Bushes according to experienced supervisors the Tough Tasic would require at least three months to their astonishment the Chin Ese finished the Job in Only five weeks hard at it by Sunrise the tire less foreigners Laboured late into the night by the Light of the Moon with out asking for a Penny of overtime the visitors also showed they were Model citizens after working All Day in the scaring Lone Star Sun the chinese spent their evenings studying English they even Contri buted to the charities of the hostile Host society by taking up collections for the red Cross and the poor at Christmas As wartime construction wound Down in san Antonio Page scrambled to locate other employ ment for his charges initially he Farmed out Many to military installations in Western Texas and new Mexico but at the end of the War the chinese were working As far away As Arizona Oklahoma Colorado and Wyoming retirement from the service in july 1919 did not diminish the responsibility that Page Felt for his Dis placed friends he remained in the Alamo City and continued to act As their unpaid Benefactor meanwhile the government moved to Deport the chinese since conditions had not improved in Mexico they would be shipped Back to their famine ravaged Homeland when the Secretary of War applied for the funds to finance the repatriation Page rushed to Washington he talked two prominent attorneys into accepting the Complex Case for free after examining the options the lawyers recommended a direct Appeal to Congress which called for granting the chinese per manent residency As a Reward for their patriotic participation in the War Effort Page of course had no trouble enlisting Gen Pershing in the cause the famous commander of the victorious allies played an indispensable part by opening the closed minds of several heavyweight politicians to the unpopular idea but the unscrupulous interference of an influence peddle threatened the entire Enterprise Charls Hill a lawyer retained by Well meaning chinese americans tried to go through the Back door to gain citizenship for the refugees tipped off to Hilles questionable methods the Secretary of labor sent a subordinate to san Antonio to investigate the matter mistaking the Good Samaritan for the charlatan the bureaucratic bloodhound re ported that Page rather than the shyster was Only in it for the Money in spite of the confusion created by Hille As Well As the outright hostility of Federal officials the Chin Ese Resolution was passed by both congressional bodies and signed by president Harding in november 1921 contained in the measure was the Promise of full citizenship for the children of the Long suffering exiles by february of the next year the chinese were free to begin their new lives in America More than half chose to slay in san Antonio where they became industrious and respected members of the Community As proof of their self Reliance not a single chinese resident signed up for Public Relief during the depression of the 1930s Bart it Taxa historian spending cuts will decrease deficit taxes Are forever spending cuts usually Are for one year to me the reason we have a Defi Cit is not because the american peo ple Are undertakes but because the government is overspending for the past 20 years Congress has spent for every in additional taxes that Are raised in 1984 president Reagan tried to reduce the deficit when he proposed billion in new taxes that would be a Down payment on the but the new taxes instead resulted in an unprecedented increase in new spending of billion pushing the deficit up another billion with budget Summit talks under Way Many people arc preparing americans for bad tax news despite president Bush no famous Campaign Promise of no new taxes they make it would like new taxes Are Ine Vitable and that both sides Are merely waiting for the other to go first political observers have predicted the deficit will reach As much As billion by sept 30 the end of the fiscal year the deficit continues to climb but not because tax revenues Are Down in fact at the current tax rates Thor Federal government is expected to Lamar Smith congressman take in an additional to Bil lion a year in Revenue due to natural economic growth a recent poll by Usa today showed 62 percent of the american people disapprove of a tax increase to Cut the deficit Only 31 percent approve All of this leads to one conclusion we need to hold the line on taxes As Well As on ederal spending the american people have paid Long enough for Congress Lack of restraint when it comes to spending taxpayer Money raising taxes to reduce the deficit would Only mask the problem and not address the real Issue uncontrolled government spending Lamar Smith it a congressman from Texas Border affairs office to Aid communication if a swarm of mos Quilos is Haich ing in sign and Waier spreading itchy irritation and possibly disease to everything in their path most towns would simply Send a Crew out to Spray the Pesis Bui a fairly simple problem like multiplying mos Quilos becomes in finitely More complicated if in occurs along the United Siales Imer National Border Wilh Mexico a Texas Community cant just Send someone into a foreign country to Spray for Mosquito even Hough the bugs Are Biling americans Many Oiher problems most Lowns would Deal Wilh routinely require special solutions along the Border i grew up in the Rio Grande Valley and understand these complications local problems involve iwo coun iries Wilh iwo entirely different governments and sets of Laws Bureau cratic red tape limes iwo last year Al the suggestion of Tex ans i urged Secretary of state James Baker to Creale a special stale department office which would focus on Border issues Secretary Baker agreed Wilh the idea and in March the office was officially opened this Slep is a Good one and in should help texans Deal with Border issues More quickly and More effectively if in works As intended this new of fice will Clear Oul some of the confusion rounding up inc agencies needed to solve a particular Border Lloyd Bentsen senator problem and pulling Mem in Louch Wilh their counterparts in Mexico Mexico established a similar of fice in Early 1989 they named a director of general Border affairs who works Wilh inc branches of their government Hal handle North american affairs and foreign relations whether its a Bridge tie up or an International manhunt for drug smugglers or pollution on the Rio Grande River 1 warn to Sec a swifter More certain response when Uherc is a Mutual concern along inc Border i is my Hope thai die Border a hairs office will provide this Texas communities should i have to Call a major Summit Jusi to kill a few mos Quilos a Mutual Point of conical should Clear inc Way for easier solutions to local problems Hal become inner National in scope when icy occur along inc Border Lloyd Bentsen is a senator trom Texas land of eleven Oclock Sun Japan is the embodiment of Haiku the 17syllablc poems that strive to convey awareness of life and Beauty by mating the opposite the incongruous characteristically fusion motion and stillness in japanese mythology the emperor and All japanese arc descended from Amaterasu Mikami god Dess of the Sun japanese believe their nation unique that Kami the spiritual manifestation of the life Force and of Beauty is in All things rocks Trees Man animals Man alone with nature my Fuji the essence of the divinely spiritual not ostentatiously religious japanese spirituality subtly blends shinto buddhism and confucian ism with exotic sprinkling of mythological gods shinto japans indigenous religion originated from Peoples fears of demons and supernatural Powers whom they both worshipped and placated there is no written doctrine but As japans main religion it is practice through numerous ceremonies and festivals Japan has gone from Feudal to superpower status in just Over a Century until 1853 when Commodore Perry forced Japan by treaty to participate in International Trade ending years of Feudal Power held by one percent of the people Japan had been Al most totally isolated from outside influence in 1868 Japan entered the worlds Arena though before the 1950s made in Japan Signi fied goods of inferior Quality prior to the unification of Japan by the emperor Meiji in 1886 japanese lived in mortal terror of the Samurai soldiers who upheld the autocracy of the Shogun and the ruling families scattered across japans four main islands Hokk Aido Honshu Shikoku Kyushu the slightest infraction of a rigidly enforced social Structure what to Wear to say How to sit walk eat Diana Hurst part one of another View met with instant punishment or death for centuries japanese have obeyed blended in suppressed self for the Commonweal this is in grained in their psyches continuing in modified form Nail that Sticks out gets pounded is an apropos motto after surrendering to the allies at the end of world War ii Japan did a miraculous 180degrcc turn pm bracing general Macarthur Constitution and land Reform emperor Hirohito forsaking his divinity from the ashes of Hiroshima Nagasaki and Tokyo japanese collectively put aside their Kimonos and embraced the lifestyle of their conquerors were awed by americas overwhelming military Power their larger Hanife pre sence their Supply of provisions in a Lime of Scarcity Japan if she was to recoup her losses her Pride must emulate the that had super ceded Europe As the global Power by the late fifties Japan herself was a Power to be reckoned with with the historically unprecedented generosity and assistance of the with astounding hard work Zeal and Loy Alty Japan put its unique skill As a Borrower nation religions Lan Guage ideographic writing Art to work learning and absorbing All the West had to offer perfecting it turning out a Superior cheaper pro duct Japan took to the roads the world of appliances and High tech with fortitude Persic Verance self sacrifice and reached the top of the economic ladder in the 1980s today visitors often bemoan japans westernization Madame seemingly gone forever modernity and economic Success gained at the expense of tradition and culture the guided tour tourist slaying in the plastic atmosphere of a Hilton sees staged sacred dances Geisha few real ones arc left and Lea ceremonies travelling through the Countryside at 170mph by Shin Kansan Bullet train he gets Only a fleeting Lanta glimpse of Rural Japan in Kyoto Nikko and Kamakura the traveller will be awed by the superbly maintained spectacularly ornate temples shrines and Pago Das inc massive Gold and Buddhas and zen gardens of cd quasi in simple Timity where carefully raked White Sand represents flow ing water rocks represent mountains boats and islands h is As if inc preservation of the past had a museum like Quality having nothing to do with the Reali ties of today upon closer inspection beneath inc Industrial veneer one would Sec Hal virtually All of japanese life still remains Roo cd in tradition centuries old customs very much intact Japan was and is a land of startling extremes in the past the Stag Gering wealth of the ruling Lilc contras cd Wilh the abject poverty of mind and body of the peasantry a chasm that no longer exists to Days diversity is demographic in a country smaller than California live 123 million people half yet 80 percent live in Urban areas leaving the Countryside a place of rare Beauty contrasts notwithstanding japans future in the world is assured for a Long time to come Diana Hurst la a a Arrvilla Wiur Ima raid theres nothing we Cam til tue election pest european uncertainties on Summit Agenda Washington a speculating on the soviet Outlook As presi dents Bush and Gorbachev begin their Summit meeting a senior american official pointed to the uncertainties that go Wilh the changing face of Europe Moscow the guessing goes May be trying to appraise and foresee the military future in Central Europe be fore taking the next Sieps on a conventional weapons treaty to Deal Wilh Hal future and perhaps to Seal it change is a constant for Ameri can defense planners too one said thai As they work on remodelling the military there is a sense of satisfaction in the savings Hal make up the peace dividend and a nagging concern Hal there May still be hid Den dangers Hal cuts could risk too much this Summit is diff real than any before another adminis Lvalion offi Cial said because the cons Rainis Hal have structured and defined the relationship for 45 years Are Noi Only Are the shackles of the cold War falling away so Are the Ceria Nues thai shows in the slowed perhaps stalled negotiations for a treaty 10 Cut conventional forces troops tanks and other weapons in Europe the Issue is on president Bush Agenda a senior administration official at one in a series of while House Summit briefings conducted under rules of anonymity said the uncertainties of the Immy Dianic future Are a Likely reason for the slowdown he Walter Mears analysis said Hal Wilh the dissolution of inc Warsaw pad As a military entity and indeed with the pullback and the re Duclion the soviets themselves will be facing they Are trying to assess the implications of German unification for the Security picture in eur Ope Down the the official said Ngoi Maiors have Lold the Soviel Side Hal we think a United Germany Hals a full is one of the Best guarantors of Siab Lily in future thai will be hard 10 sell to Gorba Chev who has said Hal Western insistence on keeping Germany in nato could land in the Way of a conventional Force agreement but the soviets also have said Mere Are ways around the problem and Hal icy Wani an agreement before the end of this year a push Al the Summit could make Hal happen it is a Summit designed to do the hard work of trying to overcome inc remaining obstacles that stand in the Way of transforming was Kwesi rela a Bush aide said the while House suggestion for discussion Al the Summit Al though Noi for Sei yemeni in arc the Ngoi Illions arc bal when inc Wesl can and a Asican military alliances nato and the collapsing Warsaw Pacl in our View in is important than an arc Emcil on conc Nional forces in Europe be signed this year lock ing in military changes consist int Wilh the political re allies and in effect changing the map of Secretary of slate James a Baker 111 told a pc Summit news conference Baker said the administration Hopes Summit discussion bal when Hie iwo pre Sidonis will give new impetus to those negotiations the forerunner to the Curry in con pc Nional arms talks was something Akin to a permanent debate forum convened off and on for 17 years and gelling nowhere the talks were revived in 1989 Afler Gorbachev and Bush issued Lhoir rival proposals for Mutual culs in troops and we Ajamu Bush said there should be a Deal Unis year Willi actual reductions by 1992 or 1993 at the Laieski then came the upheaval in was Lorn Europe replacing inc head of every Warsaw of till government cd Cpl Gorbachev himself the new look makes culs Nevii Able Soviel troops Are pulling Oul of old a Bellile Slavics Czechoslovakia and Hungary Wani them Oul by the Middle of Axel year american Man Power in Europe be Rumly will shrink Well below the scaled Back Levels Bush already has proposed a year ago Iri Mcd to last december at the same time i Host develop a cols make a conc Nional forces Tarcaly All inc More import land As a guarantee of Lon term soviet Intuni to slay on the Gorbachev course withdrawing from a Asican Europe for Good there still Are More than Soviel troops in East Germany an Eastwell i scaly would cover Hal one administration official noted thai a conc Nional Force agreement in which the soviets destroy Purl of Ujcik Force of Lanks is far More secure than a Silva lion in which icy simply move the weapons Back beyond i Weir own Borders Bui Wilh Germany Aboul to be reunified on Western icbms Moscow May Wani a clearer vision of me fun lure in Central Europe before writing it into a troop and weapons Cut treaty 1 dont gel the feeling Hal they Are opposed Locke Bush Lold a news conference Lasi week 1 do think for complicated reasons involving was Lorn Europe Hal talks Haven gone As far or As Lasi As 1 would judge in Hal Way Noi by Yim u score polls won and ponies Walter r Moats vice president and columnist Tor the associated press has re ported on Washington and National politics Lor More than 25 years

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