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Kerrville Daily Times Newspaper Archives Jun 3 1990, Page 4

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Kerrville Daily Times (Newspaper) - June 03, 1990, Kerrville, Texas Opinion snows sunday june 3 1990 4a editorial deadly profits startling information re Quiring a dramatic response was revealed at a National con Ference called to gather information to bolster the Bush administrations Campaign against smoking by youths studies show that tobacco companies arc making More than million a year Selling their products to minors even though the Industry says it Doest seek them As custom ers meanwhile state and fed eral governments collect Mil Lions of dollars in taxes on those tobacco products sold to children further a recent Survey in the journal of the american medical association said that the approximately adult smokers who Are being killed each year by tobacco Are being replaced by children addicted to cigarettes currently 44 states have statutes forbidding tobacco sales to minors but As surgeon general or Antonia Novello said at the conference thurs Day it is Well documented that these Laws arc Seldom Novello accused the tobacco Industry of spending Bil lion annually to advertise and promote their products in ways that Appeal to children and adolescents a spokeswoman for the to Bacco Institute said cigarette companies do not want child Ren As their customers tobacco Industry representatives said they take aggressive actions to keep cigarettes out of the hands of kids noting that advertising is aimed not at creating new smokers but at Selling tobacco products to people who already v smoke but Novello contends that More than acc nagors be come regular smokers each Day if current smoking rates were to continue in the United states then about 5 million of the children now living in this country would die of smoking related she said government has the Power to reverse this trend by Banning cigarette vending machines from areas accessible to child Ren and by tightening enforce ment of existing Laws against tobacco sales to minors both moves were recommended by health Secretary Louis Sullivan to the Senate finance committee licensing and fines were among the suggestions in Sulli vans Model legislation also included Are provisions for posting signs publicizing the Law in places were cigarettes Are sold setting 19 As the Legal age for using tobacco and ban Ning cigarette vending machines Laws to that effect should be approved additionally at the same time Why not Levy a tax on to Bacco sales to finance educational programs to discourage smoking by children three percent would do that approximately the profit margin the tobacco Industry makes from Selling its deadly products to kids today in history by the associated press today is sunday june 3 the 154th Day of 1990 there Are 211 Days left in the year today highlight in history Twentyfive years ago on june 3 1965 astronaut Edward White became the first american to walk in space during the flight of gemini 4 on this Date in 1621 the dutch West India company received a charter for new Netherlands now known As new York in 1808 Jefferson Davis the first and Only president of the confederacy was bom in Christian county by in 1888 the poem Casey at the by Ernest Lawrence Thayer was first published in the san Francisco daily examiner in j935 the French liner nor Mari die set a record on its Maiden voyage arriving in new York after crossing the Atlantic in just 4 Days 11 hours and 42 minutes in 1937 the Duke of Windsor who had abdicated the British throne married Wallis Warfield Simpson in a civil ceremony in Monts France in 1948 the 200inch reflecting Telescope at the Palomar Mountain Observatory in California was dedicated in 1963 Pope John Xxiii died at the age of 81 ending a papacy marked by innovative reforms within the roman Catholic Church editorial policy Kerrville daily times editorial Board James r Gray editor publisher Wanda Garner Cash managing editor Clint Schroeder news editor Larry Hunter business editor editorial subjects Are discussed and the newspapers positions determined by a consensus of the staff editorial Board and May be written by any of its members with final approval by the publisher readers Are encouraged to express their personal opinions through letters to the editor lengthier dissertation May be More suited to the Kerrville daily times guest column which appears on this Page each wednesday for information about being a guest columnist Contact the managing editor 896 7000 Extension 108 Access information Kerrville City 2578000 Kerrville county 2566711 Kerrville police 2578181 Kerr county 8961133 fire department 2575333 pc Miille Satin Junea Turret usic the Hill Lou Nurs leading information source member Texas daily newspaper association Texas press association associated press audit Bureau of circulation Publ hed by Dally pc Treaon so hoi phone i9670m Kerrville Texas 7h2i published Dally through Freda i and sunday not pull shed new Yurt july 4 Zubor Day and Chr Salmu Cepl when tonic Dayi fall of i in Ohko Cut official monday Holiday May b observed second clue postage paid at scr Nellc Tjui James k Cray Wanna canker Cash managing editor Nice Wienecke be Tull mgr Jerry Ziecker circulation manager sum Campdon rates Host cutrary y Canto Riaf by Hail so hta stir Vito Moo t p i a 1 i 1 Morm at Moo i p Moo i out teak 1 p i t a 1 1 a t i to mall arc payable la Advance and old Only where Hoaeae Carttar delivery u not available the Publ Latef Rem vat the change sub scr Puon fatal Murtoa terms at a Rale Chaa Aai away b implemented by red clan Law Dak of the Subar Puea the advert last that the publisher shall be liable Fer Dau afas arising Mil of errors and and Crl Kmenta Beyard amount paid for the space actually occupied by thai portion of the and Verliss men in Nilca error occurred Feather such error i due to the of fee publisher at Van or Ole mate lad there Thall he do liability for Noa inner to feel of Aav Andruk Tareal Betook the Amanul paid Lor Euca Adverl Latama of ppr Prui a Heddle Adver Tuer u j placed uial Tali Asal Tansil Doss by Prat i advertiser from supplying to other ldentlcatncile7 the or form reve Sefor a palestinian ku1er revenge Ofa we estonian killed revenge for the revenge or tue revenge or the revenge Ofa killed revenge kor the revenge for the revenge for the revenge the revenge Ofard Lestinia killed revenge or the revenge Khz the revenge Ofa palestinian killed naval reunion evokes memories i Hope All of you enjoyed inc Texas state arts and crafts fair last weekend if not you have a second Chance this saturday and sunday it wont be much hotter anyhow because of a scheduling conflict the Hill toppers had to put off our own fair going until this weekend it was the second time in the fairs 19 years we have missed opening Day the reason was the same on this occasion As before a Navy reunion we were on memory Trail during the weekend with a double handful of old Navy friends attending the second almost annual once in a lifetime reunion of the officers who served aboard the uss Murray dd576 during world War ii last year we went to Norfolk a for a full blown reunion of the old destroyers entire Crew and Hill Topper chronicled at some length the first officers reunion Effort up on Cape cod in the summer of 1985 that was the once in a life time reunion when 22 of the approximately 30 eligible still living showed up we enjoyed it so much we decided to do it again this time the reunion was held in san Francisco where the Murray put in for its one wartime stateside leave period be fore the wars end our Doughty ship was a native texan it was built and launched in Orange in april 1943 four or five of the original 20plus officers had already served on other ships the remainder were Callow newcomers fresh from College naval Roth or other officer training programs a number of us even More Callow ones joined the ship later on yours truly was the second most Junior Ensign of All in fact and among the last few to come aboard before we mothballed the Murray at Charles ton in March 1946 unfortunately Only nine of us were Able to make this reunion some Are ill or have family illness there were 50th class reunions and All sorts of conflicts that resulted in decisions not to make it Cape cod marked the first time we had gotten together in any form this time the new was off the idea i suppose but we have another All Bill Dozier Hill Topper hands reunion set next year in Baton Rouge and we shall see it was in san Francisco that i was to have joined the Murray which was in for overhaul at Vallejo in late 1944 my orders had somehow been miscalculated so that i missed the ship by a Day or so we resided in san Francisco for a couple or three weeks while the Navy decided How to get me to the Murray Way out in the Pacific we enjoyed this years return to the Beautiful City on the Hills by the Bay it had been something like 28 years since our last visit so we saw Many changes one of the hardest hit parts of the City by last years earthquake was the part in which we stayed in 1945 Down on Lombard Street near what is now Golden Gate Park so we didst visit that neighbourhood didst want to see it in its still stricken state our Holiday inn reunion site was just one Block from Union Square so we were in the heart of the old City right on Powell Street Cable car route we contented ourselves with Short jaunts about the downtown area and through Chinatown to Fisherman wharf or the Embar Cadero the old Grotto restaurant of world War ii Days is still there but because our reunion group was meeting primarily around even ing meals we didst have Opportunity to go there in earlier years of course the reunion might have revolved around supper clubs but nowadays we Cut the club and enjoy supper our first official gathering was dinner at what May be san fran discos oldest italian restaurant fior Ditalia in the North Beach area on Washington Square the manage ment favored us with location in the Tony Bennett room where photos ranging from Tony in world War ii uniform with his Mother right on up to Date covered the Walls his Gold record for sales of a million copies of i left my heart in san fran Cisco was prominently displayed highlight of the entire event was a lat afternoon sail on the 78foot Brigantine rendezvous from the Embarcadero out san Francisco Bay to near the Golden Gate then Back around Alcatraz Island on the Sun Niest Day of our visit despite the Sunshine the tempera Ture was in the Low 60s with a wind of about 30 or 35 knots on the water we could Only guess at the wind chill Factor despite wrapping up tight in sweaters and jackets and cold hands and noses nothing could have been much More fun in that spanking Breeze the rendezvous heeled smartly to Leeward As her Spinnaker sails carried her it was much too Stout a wind for the big mainmast Square sails to be unfurled under Bay rules even so this Stout old ship built in 1933 for a san Francisco doctor who sailed her into ports As far away As Hong Kong sped along at what i judged to be 10 knots or so and handled superbly in the hands of her regular Crew we had it chartered but it also makes Public cruises on wednesdays and saturdays so it is available to you if you visit and Are interested the views of san Francisco on its lofty Hills from the surface of the Bay Are the Best you can get and there seemed to be significance in the dark almost Black appearance of Alcatraz the old prison Island lined against the whiteness of the City dinner at sinbad on the water front completed a great Day one of our group is a member of the famed Bohemian club and our finale was dinner As his guests in that old establishment a treat for Outlan Ders like ourselves it was fun to fall quickly Back into the old wartime camaraderie you cant go Home again says the truism but you can visit for awhile Bill is a former editor and publisher crime Bill provokes political poses Washington in consider ing the am crime Bill now pending in the Senate it is tempting to Para phrase Ecclesiastes politics of poli tics said the preacher All is politics in this election year it is Politi Cally advantageous to be in favor of 1 the death penalty 2 Reform of Hareas Corpus proceedings and 3 liberalization of the exclusionary Rule by the same Token it is useful to be against 1 assault weapons 2 Money laundering and 3 organized James j Kilpatrick the 73page Bill is Nota bad Bill it is just an overblown Bill one is re minded of the Little old lady in the presidential Campaign of 1984 she looked at a shrunken hamburger and demanded to know wheres the beef in this Bill there is remark ably Little beef to be seen in its first Section the Bill would extend the death penalty to several Federal crimes such As murder committed by a lit termer in a Federal prison the provision might be a deterrent no one can say but Given the Long list of mitigating circumstances that a sentencing jury must consider capital punishment rarely would be ordered the Prim Ary purpose of this Section is to give members a Chance to show How exceedingly Tough they Are the second Section is intended to shorten the endless delays that now accompany imposition of a death sentence by tiling repealed appeals and Pennon fora writ of Hareas Cor pus an inmate on death Row can now avoid execution for 10 to 15 years under the pending Bill the Lime Ira me would he greatly shortened but prisoners would be guaranteed the assistance of experienced counsel in pursuing their appeals title 111 of the Bill is altogether sound and desirable it deals with the judge made Rule by which relevant evidence May be excluded at trial if the evidence has been obtained with out perfect obedience to the fourth amendment the Section would or Der such evidence admitted if the search or seizure was carried out in reasonable Reliance on a warrant issued by a detached and Neutral magistrate ultimately found to be this May sound highly technical but in an astonishing number of criminal cases the exclusionary Rule results in a judicial travesty patently guilty defendants go free the hard work of police officers goes for no thing if the omnibus Bill contained Only this third Section it would justify overwhelming approval the fourth Section has excited the most passion As a tool for fighting crime it is the least important Here Congress would prohibit the Transfer or Possession of nine specified As Saull beginning with the Kalashnikov and the and sex lending to a fearsome firearm known As Street sweeper and striker to hum just before the memorial Day recess the Senate lied itself in parliamentary knots Over title in the senates Rule is to allocate proponents and opponents equal time for debate on this question the factions had equal time for bombast proponents of the ban argued that no Law abiding citizen really needs a Uzi semiautomatic weapon and this is True opponents contended that the ban would not affect criminals or maniacs who can readily obtain the forbidden weapons and this is equally True Well said proponents the ban might help a Little bit yes said opponents but that Little bit would put Congress on a Slippery slope toward Banning the kind of semiautomatic guns that sportsmen have been using for a Hundred years the remaining two titles arouse less cosmic emotion title v would direct a study of ways to imprint an electronic coding device upon cur Rency the idea is to make it More difficult for the lords of organized come to Transfer great bundles of s100 Bills title i would reorganize the bureaucracy of the depart ment of Justice to create a new organized crime and dangerous drugs division with its very own assistant attorney general there you have the package if the Bill becomes Law it will Benefit Hon est cops on the one hand and Over burdened Federal judges on another the ban on assault weapons could result in additional make weight charges in some cases on the whole the Bill would mainly serve the Manly pretensions of politicians who want to be perceived As Tough on crime so do we All so do we All c 1990 Universal press Syndicate letters circular delivery unwanted litter to the editor throwing your neighbors unsolicited shopping circulars along the Roadway near driveways is causing me unwanted litter and the dirty chore of retrieving them from weeds and Flower Beds i no Tice it is printed with a bulk rate postal imprint and i am requesting that you utilize that delivery method instead so that it can easily be disposed of while still clean along with other unwanted junk we have three places along Highway 39 and this mess with Texas delivery policy has combined poorly with our wet Spring and growing weeds it further advertises summer Homes to Poten tial burglars you want this utter re turned to your own Kerrville daily times Flower Beds nor to those of your advertisers please recon Sider your apparent decision Tow Ard delivery Cost savings and in Stead respect the convenience of your intended readers in told that if you continue your practice of littering that i or any other recipient can file a Crimi Nal complaint against you with the local Justice of the peace under chapter 365 of the state safety code perhaps you will want to Check with the county attorneys office on this interpretation i Hope the Legal test wont be necessary Tom Tarrant Hunt letters policy we encourage our read ers to use this forum to express their opinions we ask that you limit letters to not More than 300 words letters must have a Signa Ture As Well As printed name address and daytime phone letters must be in Good taste and observe rules of libel and fair com ment we Reserve the right to edit or reject letters elected officials addresses president George Bush the White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington 20500 vice president Dan Quayle executive office building Washington 20501 senators Lloyd Bentsen 703 Hart Senate office building Washington 20510 202 2245922 Phil Gramm 370 Russell Senate office building Washington 20510 202 2242934 representative Lamar Smith 422 Cannon House office building Washington 20515 202 2254236 Texas governor Bill Clements state Capitol room Austin Texas 78711 512 4632000 state senator Bill Sims Box 12068 Austin Texas 78711 state representative Harvey Hilderbran Box 2910 Austin Texas 78769 512 4630536 Kerr county judge Danny Edwards Kerr county courthouse Kerrville Texas 78028 512 2576311 Kerrville mayor Leonard Holloway Kerrville City Hall 800 Junction Highway Kerrville Texas 78028

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