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Kerrville Daily Times Newspaper Archives Jul 14 1957, Page 2

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Kerrville Daily Times (Newspaper) - July 14, 1957, Kerrville, Texas Page two Tite Kerrville times Al Lee Kern uhf dimes published at 325-327 Earl Garrett St., Kerrville Texas entered As second class matter october 22, 1926, at Post office at Kerrville. Texas under the act of Congress March 3, 1879. Published tuesday wednesday thursday Friday and sunday. G. Rankin Starkey. Owner and publisher Tanner Laine managing editor City subscription rates delivery by Carrier 25c week 75c month by mail payable in Advance in Texas $1.09 month $4.75 six months $7.50 year other states $6.00 six months $12.00 a Rar member Texas press association member National editorial association Texas daily press league National advertising representative ticks Sun. July 14. 1957 the Cost of said improvements f to be provided for by said City was provided to be paid partly by the City of Kerrville partly from contributions made by the Schreiner Road and Bridge pet arson. L. T. Davis and w. C. Fawcett and partly by the properties abutting upon said streets to be so improved and the real and True owners thereof and pursuant thereto an estimate dated july to. 1957, of the Cost of said improvements provided to be paid for by said abutting properties and the real land True owners thereof was prepared and made by the Engineer and submitted to said City Council which sets out the hereinafter stated estimates of the Cost of such improvements fur i ther. Said City Council has heretofore. By duly enacted ordinance dated july la 1957, determined the necessity of levying assessments for a portion of the i costs of the construction of said Street to the Southwest property line of main Street by the construction reconstruct improvements against the prop Tion or re aligning of Concrete erty abutting upon said streets curbs and gutters except where within the limits above defined the City Engineer determines and the real and True owners notice in non hat adequate curbs and gutters thereof and did adopt and deter Quot theft we \ portion of to such improvements property and the real and True Tivy Street in the City said curbs and gutters to be con owners thereof and hint the Porter Al Rry ii i f t sex is strutted on those parts of said to o of said costs proposed to lie Averil in the i in its Here Stree a ascribed and designated assessed against the said abut i after described Al Ove sha11 consist of Concrete Ting property and the real and t i a owning or Cllrk s and gutters the curbs of True owners thereof will to in a aiming ave sith Aret which Shau 12 inches in co dance with the front foot so Tivi in and in height and Hie Width of such Rule or plan and did fur it Krest therein and to curbs and gutters being 18 Thor adopt the following proposal i into r fated in any of inches it and such Gutter having of rates and estimates of said a othe i or be n i no s con a thickness of 6 inches re inform costs in reference to and for said t us Etc Al Nam. P tiers of with steel bars. That further streets within the limits above Kami trip mentioned said City Council did by said defined and indicated in the Fol is s Hrohs 0ivin in the orc finances provide that said lowing schedule to wit notice is hereby Given to the. Said Umi would real and True primers whether construe the total Amaua per hereinafter named or correctly rh0constru Ion and Widen front foot for All of named or not. Of property abut no of he pavement in and upon said improvements to Ting upon a por Ion it said streets Jtb an Asphalt sur be assessed against Greet and a portion of Day face upon g flexible base course. The abutting property 5 i a t v. N within the limits of said streets anti the owners thereof $ refined in the it it of Kern l in. A a of such improvements to be the total estimated Texas and All persons Owenj such material and t0 be amount of the Cost of apr claiming any such abutting constructed in the manner As All of said improve property or any interest therein. Provided for in the appr0ved mints proposed to be and to All others claiming or in specifications therefor which assessed against the forested in any of the proceed specifications were originally abutting property and mrs contracts and matters men prep am by he City engine the owners thereof i f Fri a a and approved and adopted by the total amount of the in i it in i of said City Council and by the Cost of said improve Joe mlle Fexas. By duly enact a ments to be Naid from Khrushchev trying to Tell that blood purges ended Washington communist the decades of terror which Char party Boss Nikita Khrushchev is of Dorize Stalin to rules years in trying to persuade the people of which removal from Oftie was Russia that the Day of the Stalin for a political Leader almost the is blood purge is ended. Equivalent of a death sentence that is the significance attach a Lenkova to Fate Falls far Short of cd Here to the astonishing exile what it might have been from Moscow ordered for former the soviet announcement seem Premier Georgi Malenkos after cd designed to Point that up say his removal from political Power ing that Malenkos and others Ever since the july 3 a noun ousted from top posts were not Cement of the big political purge being persecuted were Given a Oey of Khrushchev to enemies u. S. Cry Opportunity to express their officials have been waiting eager views and were removed in a othe by to find out what the ultimate most democratic Way ?� Fate of the purge victims would what seems to be significant be. Alx iut the Khrushchev group to de Moscow radio gave the first of vision on a Lenkova to future is what May be a series of answers that he is being Given another with the announcement that Mal Job. However unimportant and he Venkov has been appointed Man is not being executed. Ager it a hydroelectric Power Sta a Tion in East Kazakhstan. This is a terrific comedown for v a Man who personally served die it m \ Tator Joseph Stalin at the height of his Power and who himself was Premier for a time after Stalin to death. Yet against the background of i for children s upset stomach get mild Good tasting Relief Percy Medicine swedish ship Burns a the swedish motor ship la Plata lists badly and Burns off the Central brazilian coast. All 56 persons aboard were rescued by passing ships. The vessel was in route to Rio de Janeiro from Sweden with a cargo of newsprint. This photo was made by a crewman of the la Plata from a Lifeboat. A wire photo. A. A. A. Electronic report cards a. A. A. Wants More Joy put in army life a. A. A. 2.95 i new York Jull Gen. Thomas wet Herren Boss of the 1st army wants to put More Joy in army life. Herren. Who is retiring at the end of this month ordered All 1st army installations to set up com. ,. J mittens representing All ranks Whittier. Cal. Us a when and when the school year is where he wishes and son on. And grades High school students walk into Over the machine Cranks out the we even use the information to. C. A new class Here an electronic final report cards. I punched on ism cards to make a Quot Del z ,0 conduct machine has the seating a of of a of of to 1 24.077.02 ment All figured out school automation when a class roster the machine turns it out. Solete. Instead automation has when it s time for an in test made them fore teachers than a and stimulation the machine does the scoring. 4owing limits in the City Kerrville Texas to wit water Street from to feet Northwest from the Southeast property line of Washington Street southerly to the West right of Way line of Texas state Highway no. 27. Thy Street from the Northeast property line of water cations and contract Are hereby referred to for a More particular he estimated total description of said improve daunt of the Cost of ments and for All purposes and a d improvements to which Are on file in the office of be a d by the City of the City Engineer of the City of Kerrville Kerrville Texas. The estimated Cost of All of said in i that by ordinance Council on the terms of said prove ments beef hog prices said to stay High a the keep your income healthy i i i i Earl Cochrane 412 Westminster St. Pm. Cd 7-6738 Ever by handling a lot of their administrative work and allow restly named herein or not of eng them to concentrate on in All property abutting upon said auction. 00.00 streets i bin the limits above the Whittier school District defined to All persons owning or typical of Many u. S. School sys claiming any such abutting prop terns now using electronic madly or interest therein and to chinese began turning to Auto Cill others owning claiming or mation after world War ii and 24,058.43 interested in said abutting prop has just graduated its first class a a erty or any of the proceedings whose entire High school records contracts or matters and things were processed electronically j enacted by the City it 33 it it herein mentioned or incident to before automation came to february 14, 1957, said estimates of the costs and said improvements or contract school it took most of the sum Washington i the proposed rates of assess herein described. Mer to process registrations for agriculture department said bib ment As set out in the above at said time and place All such the fall semester and adminis Vear s improved Price level of schedule were made and based persons Linns corporations and Tractive work took up the first beef cattle and hogs will continue upon the determination of said estates and their agents and at week or two of the school year another year or More it Tonicity Council As provided for in tourneys shall have the right to a now a says supt. C. H. Wen sum a income stays Hife h said ordinances above referred appear and to be heard and offer Newberg a instruction begins cattle prices particularly May to that the Cost of said improve testimony As to the said assess within an hour after the Btu bold up Well and possibly Rise ments shall be paid for As Fob ments and to the amount there dents come to school. A week further. Rig crop prospects seem lows to wit to that the prop of proposed to be assessed before school opens each teach 1� assure sustained hog prices erties abutting upon said streets against said abutting property or receives a Complete roster through the summer of 1958. Within the limits above defined and the real and True owners printed by ism machine of the sustaining the Price improve and the real and True owners thereof the Lien and charge of students in each of his classes ment is the fact that beef Cattie thereof shall pay along their personal liability to secure pay a a with this roster the teacher numbers Are on a periodic de respective properties and Ltd it ment of said assessments and can seat w a if de student j Cline. Pig production was reduced the City of Kerrville shall pay the special benefits to accrue to i this year in the Wake of discs All the remainder of the Cost of j each such abutting property and. A Trusly Low prices of 1955 and said improvements after deduct that owner thereof by virtue of segments will be levied against ing the amount to be paid from said improvements if any or each and every parcel of prop contributions made by the concerning any error invalidity erty abutting upon said streets Schreiner Road fund. Hal pet irregularity or deficiency in any within the limits herein defined service. Home millionaire new York a Briard Way to hit comedy a othe happiest millionaire Quot is about to pick up an italian accent. Negotiations Are in i Der Way for a Rome production with Gino Cervi leading Balian stage and screen Star playing the title role created Here by Walter Pigeon. Try the times classified at its Best delivered when you want it where you want it a Ofree estimates Harris Sand amp gravel co. Office Yard amp gravel Plant Junction Hwy. Pm. 7-4155 him Vav a a � i injuries and sickness have wrecked Many a family budget by consuming income and savings through medical and surgical expenses. Done to hospitalize your income when you become injured or ill. Today let me show you How Accident and sickness insurance can keep your income and savings continuously secure. Southland Kin ii Nuti a til. Iii much of 1956. A prices of lambs also will probably decline somewhat More. Arson. T d Ink my w r g t y aet it by and the real and True owners nay stay about As High or a l. I Davis and w. C. Proceedings or contract in Reffo a Ai Ana True owners j summer is or contract in ret a Iun l it Fawcett and after deducting the Terence to said improvements thereof for that portion of the a a in intr inn Dahl amounts provided to be paid for and said proposed assessments costs a i said improvements de a a life a Accident a health a hospitalization a by the group the owners the department said consumer More for beef Short on abutting properties and and concerning any other matter ter mined by said City Council to a 1 Lepai ers thereof As aforesaid.1 or thing As to which hearing is a be payable by such abutting Permam is rising a hearing will tie Given and constitutional prerequisite to the properties and the real and True a held by and before the City Validity of said assessments pro owners Hereof and said assess Council of the City of Kerrville feedings and improvements and rents shall be and constitute a named or such property be Wampum Texas on the 25th Day of july on which they Are entitled to a 1957, at 800 of clock p. A in hearing under the Laws of the the meeting room of the City state of Texas and the proceed Council in the City Hall of Kerr Ings of said City Council of the j Ville Texas to the real and True City of Kerrville Texas. I owners whether named or Cor a following such hearing first and prior Lien upon said described or correctly described abutting property from the Date All As provided for under the acts said improvements were order of the 40th legislature of the de by said City Council and shall state of Texas first called ses be a personal liability and Sion chapter 106, known As Arti As. Charge against the real and True Cie 1105-b, Vernon to annotated owners thereof As of said Date. Civil statutes of Texas As whether such property be Des amended and As adopted by said Iii done to let Little Bills grow big. Use our convenient credit terms reliable done to put off needed repair jobs they could mean extra Cost get those necessary repairs taken care of now and pay later. Terms can let a quickly and easily arranged to tit your budget Petersons garage amp Auto co. 200-208 Sidney Baker pm. Cd 7-6121 Lei us help guard your Good health we work hand in hand with your doctor by accurately filling his prescriptions from fresh stocks of pure pharmaceuticals. We have to just what the doctor ordered when it comes to stocking your Medicine Cabinet for first Aid. Pampell s cried or correctly described or such True owners be named or correctly named in said proceedings or not and no error or mistake or discrepancy in the name of such owner or owners or in describing said property in this notice or in any of said proceedings with reference to said improvements shall invalidate any assessment or certificate issued in evidence thereof but nevertheless each parcel of property abutting upon said streets and the real and True owner or owners thereof shall be charged with and be liable for said assessment which shall be valid whether or not such owner or owners be named or correctly City Council As the acts under which said improvements proceedings and assessments Are being constructed performed and levied. Of All said matters and things All owning or claiming any such abutting property or any interest therein As Well As All others in Anywise interested or affected by the things and matters herein mentioned will take notice. Done by order of the City Council of the City of Kerrville Texas this the Lith Day of july 1957. Dudley j. Johnson. City clerk of the City of Kerrville Texas. 97-99x Start Cool drive Cool arrive Cool with the revolutionary new v0rnad0 automobile air conditioner full time fooling full far Fimi lation 8-Speed Blower Fon Lrol a no free a up fast installation expertly installed by factory tried men at. Reiter s 701 water St. Rexall store pm. Cd 7-4121 Home office Cravens Dargan building 1903 Hermann Houston i Texas mail address p. O. Box 1660, Houston i Texas Telephone Jackson 4-2131

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