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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Sep 25 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - September 25, 1886, Bakersfield, California R Kern september 39 Bounty published Evev saturday put Char and year us advil Vielmo obd per 12 for rtt Roui but Tom payable left land Metal insertion per per 91 known by m per Nown by required 10 for is toes Reading 10 per democratic state 14 is Job Takov t Taulker hungry if Johnson hmm Emu Xian Chi quirus Wattke a Tot Ltd Timaru him 4lh Peppermint and its Nice Peppermint drops these said a i Lead log As he weighed out 10 Tuu Worth to a lady and have you any idea where Pep Permint comes from f Kaiim in most along and gathered by country folks and sold to Motry sin not a bit of it the worlds apply of Peppermint comes from a single county in new Wayne by of which Lyons to the county a pretty town on the River end half Way tween Rochester and ast summer i spent some time in the and was surprised to find that the raising of which would be tied almost a wild was Here a great millions in it and the origin of h becoming a to mischief caused by a deem ii county state fat Trkal Iau Kalli met ret Rakke Jami Hoa Neh ool a hukl1 Coroner Anil Dubuc Ujj fun fit cant tune Hok Aall Republican state Liras ssi a Tki Tua n Antory Akk moo1ib Okonny malt Neft a it ski cilia it u imbue in a Witolt talk Exon me Fahland a Hurtad m Hamilton Van Kukk there that about Start a tors or about the time the Erie canal that there was a Connecticut Yankee named who made his living by raising Peppermint and putting into Kile and travelling Nae the the country and Selling that was Long before the of Patent medicines or drag this Burnett owned a Small farm near a sort of Hillside where the Weed grew in his be got As far West when he discovered abundance of by profitable Weed growing wild along the be caught the West pm fever and Selling farm came to Lyons and made a Success of str not Only Bat the Weed Here possessed not Only an abundance of but of a better and he embarked he All in the manufacture of the he no much out of it that the neigh born followed suit and either distilled on their own or turned Over their crops to be was a sort of Peppermint Knur no that Honor was reserved for an other b now 75 years old and has become a Mill Lon Are out of the Worth this rear the mint acreage to about 4400 acres and this not More than what it would have been it the mate had been the total product of Oil year flu be in a fairly Good sea son it rises to its no longer a their not out it is a legitimate Agri cultural planted and attended to As wheat or enquirer a Zoemie sum olm in imparted to Iho kids Cyl and i Ulmor by which most acetal in overcoming Torpi Dity of them Iuliu Iii More activity into bin of coolant tonic in Clown them with and eur Balch Ilioiu water to undergo Iho Wear and of the Fune Tiou imposed upon the by As they he annul or the escape of certain input Itlen from Tho inc Reahm their by Strout baning and Henith tally Salmu uting la ourt Nin mor we and Lulaa of Tebesa stupor but fall into a sluggish which in Tho a Sun Pereur Norof what then est to o greater Are vice than a Medicine it Xlyn them to greater activity 1 Wisn att Bull n Mala Ilies Are More than those which affect Tho kid Fod a Mill inn which Voru us peril should Hig Lily to the Farmers of Kern far twon Lyllo Youn thai duo Koyo a lower imn Eluio out Champion in tvs Titi Ini with mowing us Chuu Yit ally Tough Flory year thu u now ii Kiwi u which Aru Utu do to tic it Ukiye Power la they prove aft Cruzo Man Moi tout to to idiot Hijii but Worth loth a car Niue of not afford to cd Iio Rimert in Moir Luik Niu chinch Ami any for the privilege of Ilo lug he of manufacture in and but to can afford to by an improved i foot a in Ali proved by n u5 years tout to to the Best Yut at thu Low prior of it agent for Peru exec Tentoni in ims been Gnu nil in Tho it Cut Oliy of by thu Remir Kubic to 1 Bot water for Iii one of the secluded connected with the House of representatives u most elaborate with a Nickel plated faucet arising from the Center during the lunch hour a coloured attorn ant is kept washing and wiping Del Cate which be keeps arranged perfect order around this i happened to go into and saw a sight which la Worth Well known entered an Tho o attendant tamed the wheel 4 and Ouel the Glasa of Tut water and it to the member stopped it and White doing so two others came in and wont through Tho name per the servant Tella me that i would to surprised to know Tho number of congressmen who Art taking the hot water then Are two or three Dys Pettes in the House who take three or four glasses a one bet re Congress at before an Hoar or two and one after Staoro they have been a King Tho euro they claim that they Are troubled very Little with their Baltimore Kaperl Ratanu Tor the 1c is invested 000 Fronca in Tho of Marcel duprez for trauma lung Power Over Long Dislis Incutti by Neuns of the riot Vlf Force is conveyed by a comparatively Neblo thereby doing away with Tho apprehension of dangerous Fric Tion and Niagara Falln May yet be to operate engines la now York or Philadelphia by Sci but Lilc i Ever anything funny in the a our of Ray Busl Nawf certainly i a jew Ehr to a see lots of fun some by the your question re minds me of the fellow who was in Here half an hour he has a it hang is More trouble to him Tan All his though i dont mean say that he la a the most foolish thing that i know of him in that he will Jer Slit in carrying that of i ran about to that ticker of its comes to me not less than once a month i remember very Well the first time he Rought it was one tuesday and an he had known me for some time More he stopped to Tell of his the he Bung on a Nail in his room on sunday tick no away for dear he was very a woe teed so much in Dot Hough he looked at the watch every two Man Tea to see if it was time to go we sat girl he did not notice that thu lands bad stopped at last he heard the Loek striking mechanically counting the found that it was 0 the watch Only said and As t was a Cane of 8 Oclock or not at he tried hard to devote the remainder of the evening to which had suddenly Crown the next Day he Shook the timepiece got it to going in Fine called on ils lady love in the explained the cause of his failure to keep his a and soothed her sensibilities to arranging to take her to the opera at when evening came he made sure watchbands were walking around the watch face at the usual and again took up Hal past and Hal past was time to go he put the ticker in his coat on hut and left the when he reached Walnut Street he rang the walked and asked for the greatest gone out it was he told she did go at with Holt past 8 he waa thunderstruck Bat a ounce at the clock on the parlor mantel assured him that it Una then nearly 0 and he left in a Mace of the watch had stopped some time daring the Day started again according to own Sweet Aad was an hour or so behind since that time he has married another and not yet on speaking terms with Tho one that his watch got him left nearly every time he Cornea he tolls of How he missed an appointment or a train or something of the kind the be i have frequently him that the free from 250s German Tab ciurus Consumers beware watch wan a cheap affair in the first and it 10 not Worth repairs As k can not be made to keep time by the Best jew Eter in the but he always says it will have to do a Little just for the curiosity of the thing i looked Over my books last time he was hero to see How much he had paid me for putting it in and it was just i sell a very fair watch Tor 180 Borg there Are imitation of the celebrated and of reliable Pace tobaccos the genuine ban the full Pace the Best assortment of Ever offered in this Cownty can now be seen at my f rices to correspond with the times i Call and see foe yourself i look before you buy elsewhere a Complete Lute of professional a to Torteya w a tto Kney and Alvin coun8elohatlaw gents9 furnishing goods i attorney and also s splendid assortment of ladies and childrens Dresa goods fancy a pull and Complete Stock of groceries House furnishing liquors and roasted Coffee ground to order by water Doht fail to Call and Stool All goods delivered Chester a to Tobey at Omot next door to Mutton notary gun Oral land Call Moroun Chester Are All orders left u the Auto Kux out will Keeaire Dae debt Ftp Isief on the tin Victor fat chair from the Only heal and reliable watchmaker in All repairs in and jewelry done wet treat and and rat club note Par Altare Boud Luuri Mhoon it flour nov attorneys a Montgomery Motgomery and boons 37 p dont he Heini Rabi you Are imposed upon if jy81tf dont go to the wrong Lott in of who so in plem wild not turn in or us to was Dylan a Artia Home of Kanrn new duo very not turn in or Waiau Bis Bead us to was Dylan of Largo Virtu mine of to it ought Bollo Tod k Box new life ill Tho Urio a list taken Tubo Aeao 1ills and iwo of the do Borer he Well and had Nalea la Trul Oil let vireo at Drury drag Toro Large in Rutm Meta you a allowed a at Irani of Dayt of Ute 0 Volio licit with Bice Trio map Essory for the relict and permanent Lenroot Lorn of vitality and and All Kindred for Many other do opt Uleie Rea Tomoo to Tygor Antt Nat Hood gut Tateos no Ruk u wit ii fall Bradd Ramlog Voltaic i had Catarrh wry butt and had live an try i bad i Wal 1 my Una nearly eat my off Wii i to Luis that did to More Tanty Tau borne of Klyn Cream Pate Bimi to i in a i sued wok am now Suup lately m w a Ikue Tuefen of Tho Peme blow an artist of whose statement i have reason to rely implicitly told me last Lurhl that to knew of a vase in the Art collection of Mary for which Nhu Pukl which bad been bought originally by the denier from whom she Pur chased it for the excuse made for such an enormous profit was said to be the Purchase of the Rase before it was Dis covered to be of genuine peach blow York opium Jetton of Mae in a study upon the nature of hypnotics thai opium and its alkaloids do not produce a condition of they Stupey the faculties and induce but the Bruin still remains in a condition of tone excite chloral will bring about True but in urge Domasa it has a danger Ous action on fee and ingestion often gives Rise to gastric Cago world for Ursuca Wall customer in a sirloin Well in in a big in a hurry Des Why not take Dat Steak rare Stead o Well Dene u to to in a York Combe of cel Watal Tuatay Ben Parley Peon Brys voyages in in is handsome Parlours Many works of cunning and but neglected and alone in a dark earner stood a modest it was not a comely vase at Ite and it showed abuse and and it seemed to tool the insignia and when anybody came to sort of contracted itself and threw out dust As the Porcupine hurls to but one Day a connoisseur stepped into a dark what have Ytje Here quoth dont look at that sickly said Tho sagacious sickly thing replied Tho you Havo a splendid piece of Dresden in this and the lady gave a cry of and she pounced upon that Model and rubbed it tenderly with a to handkerchief and bore it out of the gloom and const Clisly on the henceforth to by snored to Tho sight and to Tho Lowers Tuut Bloom in the Spring City whipping do tired there to a whipping up of tired nature going on that ought to come under Tho notice of some society for the prevention of cruelty to Tho Tosh u being applied in this to take a common in in your very your Hus band did not sleep any loaf think ing of to business you prepare him two Capa of Strong Black which he pours Down for break unable to eat anything with it no doubt while the stimulus lasts he carried through an amount of work in a Savage it passes for pure grit by the onlookers perhaps it May be but there to another kind of grit that we like quite As steady Fol lowing ones and your Douma of Strong Tea that enables you to got through the House or Tho fall to another and cruel the society should have its hands on you both Anaam pushed i have seen Hiss Kate Bayard Start out in the dim Light of a Winters seen her ride my Day with the Foremost and Seea her Clearing every bar dashing Down narrow cuts and up steepest Over through underbrush and slowed a More intrepid rider never followed the she never despite nearsighted which made her courage and horse Manship More i have known her to return after a Day of continuous in time to doff her habit Are not on Tho tin county maps and bake Esfield town maps physicians and surgeons my226m make mistake for Bale by but buy Youh pianos and organs of Tho oldest and largest Liotto on to coast Kritler san All Law Ihor leading Low Unity to vim humid Tor Bru has a copy of with maps and in 1600 own who an older Gnu Laitu Aud ally Iii Book on colonial history than Ami or no j trait free it w h Row perfect Zifa Cytlou Moony a fico to Mitra who pet foot and thou of Aud u our in sour Holm oct of flirt Ami w undid la offend the pub to for Tomb Betl Templett bottle Taw at Darit drug Aud shaking of of but cow is a positive or Tho Iho Liu Oaly lint Awot then him the Man who always leaves the door open behind him is first Cousin to the one who scatters on the Side Aad to likewise a poor relation of the one who never cleans the Snow and ice off his journal of Tuuu wish oar Tom the Petroleum Fiauu in new York have the curious Chi of and Hopper the to named after the discoverer of the item awl the utter from the appearance of huge old fashioned Hasmi Whiteh pomp the Oava Tsy will the latest returns pah shoe by the War regarding the Twenty tour regiments of regular of vary in the British army that for upward of cavalry than Sunj Tibuni you i there Are Only about Iwer try it Yow will i for hard Riding Only in Tim and Don a pall dress to dance Alv shining also in the Mace of gaze de Bambery and the hum of Tho smallest of Ashington some a Lola who co for a number of years on the continent of Europe and in England and Scotland u has not been an uncommon thing to Nee ladles take the shooting in the Blok Forest in Germany ladies ass Tot at the lady who was a Hiss Niece of of Confederate army always took part in the opening of the grouse on her Moor at she was an Siml Romr shot and an untiring in this country until recently Only a limited number of and these Ever took up a and this was usually to a breach of Promise Amer Aninna is est of the annual report of the fifty four Maine savings Banks shews that less than i per cent of their of combined resources was put into see crimes that de a loss which was made Good by increase in values Kings evil was the name formerly Given to scr Fula because of a superstition that it could be cured by b Kings the world is Wiser and knows that scr Fula can Only be cured by a thorough ton of the if thin 1s Tho disease perpetuates its taint through generation after among its earlier symptomatic Are cutaneous to purulent nervous and Phy Sical if allowed to con so Romulous Ca kidney and Juver tubercular and Vari other dangerous or fatal Are produced by Ayers Sarsaparilla it the Only Poto Erful and always reliable blood purifying i Tasso effect Ual an alterative that it eradicates from the of item hereditary and the Kindred poisons of contagious diseases and at the same tune it enriches Sud vitalize the restoring healthful action to the vital organs and rejuvenating Tho entire thu great regenerative Medicine a composed of the genuine with yellow 81ii the Lodi det of Fot aulm and and other of great to carefully and Stenuf Mically com its formula is generally known to the medical and the test constantly prescribe Ayiku Ssan the Nhis delightful 1laoe of report in now open to the tid in without a doubt the uncut place for a Little Ruc roution in Tho the Bowling Alley in undo or Maple and a of Trio latent and the shooting gallery la also very the vary Best of liquors and cigars imported and will always to kept at the and m Palub will to spared to please my anew attraction Shiuli Lian Junt in a Largo Organ Shioli plan 20 ditto nit the French liquor store sole agent Fob John Wiki and Liger tie i at bar now in the mar he will Neil Tho Wisnio by to avg or Bot address All to by mail promptly att coded aiik7tf Chester 18th dealer in pure Patent toilet window prescriptions accurately in Medicine a it of the Queens and of Broyal colleges of Phy Iolaus and Der member of the Bri fish Medios drug 19tb Epin Oopal aug 19 of society Ken of meets at Belr Castle every 9day evenings 7 ing Brothers in Good to Jan Ltd office of and Loci Borgwardt Mccord Baker Nolb every first and third tuesday ohm Tenn of every visit Luk Brothers incl Tel to i i1 by and xxx Uto Tod Nice Linkh on Tours Day of not preceding tie full of the Moon of each 19th a Kalui in veal and All kinds of Salter Home made Bacon and and everything found in a first claw the Kern Island something i Quackenbush sanity Cie Bugl off i 7 Tat in Mutt Keith moot at to Weir Hall Ivory Bat urday Vining and sojourning Bothom in Good standing Justice their Hall monday meets Moll i Uuk at of american legion of Mistletoe Council meets Tiu first Aud third Tuo nday Guob Mouth at their Hall at band of Hope band of Lieou at Tho Oruro i every at 8 Oclock Mish Troat Bowling shooting gallery l Oil conf Eizun declared that a mans Char Acter u decided not by the number of the norms in the United states Are in the proportion of about one to every six absolute cure Fornell caused by the Vitia Tion of the it u concent ted to to High far beyond any other preparation for which like Are and u therefore the As Well a the Best blood purifying nedl in the Ayers styx fatted by aj9f it analytical Yokl by All Price six bottles for and Blacksmith Laith of 33 in Cal for Tbs by or Iodko Sod Short Estr Dlf thess at s to Quick to oper and no late Lasherjr Tbs bands Are a Crauly and can be instantly detached for poc Klaf Cair Lac in a imams Pocsi Wotkun slip and Finch Bro Ogrout an us and each to thoroughly tasted before Isai ing nor sad for our ulu trat Chicago aug All favor Liu Brando of and Pilot Opplis Al a fib8tcu8b in Zakur Stem fur a Short to Liaa Pic but he Tot in to in u Pru Parod Tii take Aud Ai our air hut Stoks Asmil t Sta Sec Nsairy All of Well known in sir Kyls of the address lbs nineteenth Street opposite Adobe All kinds of Mew work and repairing done Ion blurt horseshoeing a prices the lowest and apr26lf give me a Jordans museum of Anatomy Markst go and learn How to avoid Sod Bow won Indur till in Ore will take in part of Tea spa of Adver can learn of 211 Coucal a Tion of Jun Hood and advertise Tor
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