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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Sep 18 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - September 18, 1886, Bakersfield, California Keen Calm september fwu Atteo every a Suhody god powr f 2 for frequent to own genre of Friom Ancec by reason a Hort and la should command it wik 1 of Fomb Way Ali it in Tomt Holly prevented lit komm turn of the particular Siriac the Art new attn Kimom or Monty n d for an r Kroc rate we Hartl Urr opening meets team by Movat Luihart Toh att Mumman a uhf clerk Ami in term a Stumar Tatj Mui Phuk uak Hakkio employees the sanitary of the new York Board of health Chw prepared n hat of in from the of in report appears Trio in the uni tint of inst is yet the orc Tatton it very in Jerimi the Proi the a Lismond for the Cutter by it on the pm of n copt Rod with i an four of lend and one of r he docs thin with n charcoal and la fax posed to great Huni As Well is Poon j on the setters inf for for rain Liend i tinnitus tin paired digestion i and irregularity of the Bowel kill cutters work with Hammerand cold j holding the Blank of the a null by o Utrup Antler the Ami putting j Sand or other on Anvil to keep i the Iron from they have to Over their keep the eyes keenly fixed upon Aru to Metal Lac and Uil neral in making to great bodily their hammers often weighing it much As tit Hlls Ufary common among Dost or Metal or Lindern of steel Are a ladle to in jury from flying particles of which Are intensely Hen Tod by friction and mat Ter in the form of Bio Milly severe Burns of the Grindstone Nomo Almeh burst when driven at n very and thu f Ragi Nisith Zeruah everything in to liner a they Fly off at n those who work it while they Are relieved i from thu danger of Ruoco Viril with 1 Othor of has from the consisting will qua and on Caio of he m6on Agio it in to thronged a drive be Lac horse or Iid Flop two y the majority of to Matt in the he in la Kluk in tiring on it it car in Accident that l Len blot to Rex not to and him ill be Tim to oat of the line it a 38 Abio Multi free front Anil the in the opposite Jollit instant him is n driving just ahead Mil at of in it my lie brought shout Ivy tin or one Rule for Tir Lionil Nina Way i of value if they told Aud ail opt that in it Iny in Tobii an As Toronza i Tretbar t yet to or k Amy no May in u veil the thelit in to Pluntz Terra or la dashed to it Wall of if trom it is even great but in Recu Liot fatal re act dents Huld of mad and and so Are kept con i stantly wet and they lire j mom liable than Tho other i 1 pneumonia and bronchitis of in acute dec to such i workmen who make Portland Cement Ott Iru in strict Hefu lican state in the Tho persons Are greatly troubled by the dust caused lived their find probably by Hove Long the a jails into after it Liny merlot in Hal nag been burned and a Flurr Kry Kun to Kitty Moisiuk j u of err hit it Imle la Hurt Vagt Hufner r Zatk Huff h invt d con Fuiman 6tft from the sad itchy which i Hudleton her Liri in n Cami in in in Tho other Tom in Newny horses in Piid within a my mint lifter the Wax wild wet Liinus even injury Litty a gentle stimulus in to the kids Ivy and him ulnar by lion Laura Hli Naoh which in most a Noettl in Torpi Dity o Huni dih Inri a Elivite thu Usu Elkint to Xii Rhulu with Ait Llyonal and in Nihon Ilii Ini Hitler to the Sjur and Lour of thu function in by us icy uru Tho Ohannon fur the imia iut of certain from tin in by aug health Nutly in Nair bid of Hicho they fall into n which in thu usmial Maraur Norof what then can to of nor Vii limn a Mil him j in itch ilium to udi Vity when slut fill no rna Bulish am limn per Lloil Tonui Tonso a Liili not get Len kid Imp is unit Ioanu which Avurto tin Lyrll Sallou Lelir highly to Tho Farmers of Kern for yearn Trio in Ekoy Mower Init Zouki ill tit Lou with usury mowing a inching although very your Trio production of new a nut of arc Milc to the i our in Thoj Luxo lil to Utu nothing i a Liiri Nur Rani it it Tinl to Experiment in mowing nil for priv Luhn of to or Tho Liuigi Elt of Anil hut can l Blip an Imus thl not by Zilfi yearn Toht to the yet at thu Low Jirl co u f it Chiuan Onui v for Kern Okai another cute of particularly in is the a Burhus Iii Tulud with this is limply u Riith of Mol to the in1 Onnon of what i is ind in the Llort to keep his May Irmund in u or no madly or n even on Levitt or up thu laci1 of a Steep or til any Ulm Taolu Liat Okay be in the the Thini to to Donu u relieve Holni is u bleed him in the but a Toro you ran do that you Stop and Loporo Lio can by in my have made lot if nits von see hut the danger hero in ool in Trio of a Vul Litulu Ilton lied to but to these in a liar vehicle a with which they my coins a Nelwayn pc hut the Jarll of Tho former Trouk ill Titi of to Cerully much the itt Tooy fur Nurali Ari Woloy an where they Are to Kinjiu Niclous As to jump Havu Well known a melt and arc porn Lowith Tho plenum who unless a Aiuto Toig us would not to Kely i v times could Tho t will in filth tills catch or Lituin any and awry affo Ollosi of and i Quot Linkou Roi Ulii the or even to and or Fily Alibi two inevitably thu a All 1 would to Pur Noni behind runaway How to Jud Hoeni to lose their Heads in Iho excite melt of tie and appear tilt in Only of us Illuk with thu in command of the Oen Trul Park reiterated fat Ronly hrs lint Albu Kunins nov leu against jumping it of a Vohl Clu ii hand a runaway Hontz r of the of acc in wild them Are no win More Ici Letim at this he Luton than any for people Are now Lirl Kilnk in the Park Aew nil male from Tho in Decd to hitch they Dud and with Whoso Nurt Aenk Nesses the driven Are not yet a Lull a timid will take fright at a or Ninnah White in n Midden opening if tin or a Hying new Pipor hat no Melody him thrown or a baby Carriage trundled Urosh a drive by u in the Park Jim As Well an any where and a Hume Lintt tuts Pihiou Lin prop july hot Elm Tuo or that Hennt and Fielli thu Boh hid Down Iveth in Ulius Quink a nigh and on the through the area Klimik of n is liable to run away from thu Lohli ulant whether he is in thu Park or Many Horny run from but just from he ugh tint to ailing Well Usu Sikli on the at in easy Trot but Rhen they a Trike tha month Park Ruiyu urow excited Ami to hid the Lisl tiling the i River Thoy u Havlis for Many fila to Trig i Inonu is Cream 1 unto Iitto Rouaa disagreeable from Trio us titty Aud am Freo from Jain in my Tom and ii by Given by a sunlit own on thu nun id with nuclei a whack upon on Tyty Jinett a Kirk would to pretty Jer Triin to crack the it does not drum in if the nit still1 should Karl to and nearly every body appears to forget it i it Al the to it Muul Hij must important to to nor oui in Kun log of Tho Park who us Marveil in the Park Anoruo Toul pc or and has been n great num Ber of occupant of Mph n runaway Accident thou Ltd to it to the it la Spota to Light there Are no soft of nor Vujih u Tho Park roads Utju la of Aad All i Muhith to a foothold Uiki ii from n kind rvs fur Many Othur Duil int and to terribly that leu l Voli t he i Ait there u very great pro ii in his in Avor of u mounted Golicci Iii ten Tuum any if Collu Iii Hull Ilni ult of Cir Shore Jln Murota fatal 1 Vult from jumping it is wi1 i i Tiova people to will Poun ult Olgh Edlu Diulus fact Lou or in Iutva tone j3 Ivy i Vork set Kow to to Isuru a Orfit hid i Luu we had last Uoo of fowl mud to euro cd rom asked coming Down to the morning with he u Uva up to Towel you never u Root oui tint w or re tune Poutoa of Vrej inv pub i for Iron ii Licu a Saia us Cottu Liml Tuy and they Timve persistent cough and expect rate lumps of work with Hammer and und not Only in Hale considerable but no to injury from Tho flying Mioc set Taka from the the inhalation of dual produces i Thorn frequently the form of f o Tho the Light Flint dust in n terrible Groc Millor it Tex that sooner or become asthma tical the female operatives arc pallid and All with an enormous mor Tho burners Aru a pored to a temperature of about 101 arid sultor from sudden which produce acute pulmonary Rhou Luttum nod la thu menu facture of slims the work grind and powder the Alnico ill material la Hula Grout i Antinett of very Irrl Tatliak and under from constant us cough and it is Ruro to land a Souzi Tinmun a Ming Aud they Uro not Able to cont Nuu Long at but the Nuwt dangerous work u that of the grand or and poll Hura of Cut about to per of them have chronic pneumonia their id co of death in variously Glim at from 80 to 43 do has described w Peculiar of which to Hin on Cravei Tinong mud which he attacks of Cury 100 it it by preference the upper and is by thu humus Blue line that in fund in Cush of blood thu acid secretion of the Gums Devur Uyco the Namol of Tho which noon Holcome and break olt close to Tom Leri Vlna a permanent the Gums rum la soft and Whon Perkons first Belln to it tobacco they Alu out invariably sultor from Huada Cho and often from eau san and they Piew nights und Ivro frequently troubled with these amp Tom Ore morn coir Iliin in Fum Aloh than la and indicate slight degree of poisoning by in a week or two thu symptoms Wear and in thu majority of Canua no further trouble is the makers Feather who Ore mostly inhale morn or less of according to the work can Only in cur ried on by any one Parson for three years at Tho furthest without great impairment of Tho lung and eyes both Tuero is hardly a woman utter Long employment it the does not have chronic Lull Matlon of the Uulu packing raises Cloudt of a tit and pc spa the workmen constantly cough the Are Mil and when inhaled tend to create Purin uncut irritation of the Trachea and of ill Tho or easing of hair for gives Rae the hair which Cornea from Siberia and of bus Sliv la particularly those who handle it occasionally contracting malignant 25 18th holes Lead retail Tukalek in pure germ for pain the heat an re Mitov cures in Tuc ciuru8 fuel Ell Consumers beware them Are the Tolu Bratch and old Relin Blo Tho Goruino bus Ihn toll a c on the tin dont he Vou Are i Niiori d upon i the initials make no mistake Arlington Tooms Are Well Day from i firs class liquor cigars ont Santly on band at the in lion ii j and toilet window amour Italy Solo oof and Doc Borgwardt Mccoord 19lh veal and All kinds of salted Home made Bacon and and found in a Pirn class shop something Quackenbush safety Cartridge 7 Tho Solfio yet of find for the hot Fly your pianos and organs of thu oldest mid Larnest a Oulu on Uio Coant Kohler sax to iliac Low Caqaj Hilvid Tor a pretty woman Xor of when Dici resorts to Hilr and is n souvci1 of Ron Hunt very Froni we Iii Hho must Clesi ios to Hido thu must Ilu oly to a Mac the hut i Lien lid lint regain Thi wits the Way to Hunt of to Hunt with Sozio of there alleged Hunters amuse Tuey gut into a big pair of o leather Panto leather u fancy a Hilt full of a game bag and u and Luon they go out and scare up poor Jlia Lland bang at it lift tvs i what Thoy Viall 4 Rod to that a or Tom tout was Over Apai St my alien go Hunting r get on boric and take out my Egx and i Goya to cent a Fox or a then look out Ito Ilgi the Well if they Goff Lla their look of they Are not popped of with 4 by Frivol a chalice for their and that Gnu tiny in its True Ilac Dou Aid in Hijii will milled or have n la nor if res t 111 in owl or i Oval his and Fovini and o the i and awl 75 to any that 1 did but when of i 1 you Auld Niy a evil 1 Cunius u the Conlu s ii Oit that 1 win for it Tats f a duty Tolje Omar now i have warm Pownal Frunda w would see that the babies Are card f were i suddenly to but i doubt very much if i have a Friend who consider it his sacred duty to make it pleasant for Iny creditors after i am i am not perfectly but i prefer to leave this world Square la my with by Fellowmen when i u later to arks Naan Stu Uiki h a writing from Cape after thirty years Capri inv in Niala Ulutu is Lar ugly Point mar Mich Leilly Ihu Lite civil to Nihil Grain Hati Tut a turn to that Given in by u to any in liking i Pius Jouly vill Mill Tui Iki Dju route u try it a up ail will atrial paying for it this u posit Ivy i Kyj Zyluk truth Sudima of senator Ami Hulitar Hui no chll1 Puli result which will have a great liking for Uio i Ilu if Luuy to five when Art Littleon of their Gardener their Michie Mirov Rinju trim Cuvir Tiu result will be a Iii Utu the Ziy Sia months yer to with by Iver i Antl then act urea Content a univ sni ii Nior ted a we York u or idly to the simple ways of a our touts Maine it a Liiv mud Frojm Anu Usu by a y it Skull and or Lux Sonev Are Ull Xiii it cured tit a Tolar of Buia i Jere of Tetter Kirch Bliss of und Tor Mot j of w ii univ 1 tidily As Blu Scalp Avert x Iuli Siuk it delightfully or and Iua Law of lie hair rite Baueb by Ayer soul by a to nth of about 4 cot too or the regular by or Long and abort these rifles Are info to Quick to oper and reliable in every the barrels Are accurately and can to instantly detached or carrying in a Small the workmanship and finish throughout Ore the and each Roflo la thoroughly tested before leaving our which also show our air a intr carpet foot nut Pucka Ami ii ook Ami Dock nearly All of these Roods Are Well known in the markets of Ike address the Victor from milk Only heal and Kel Ubia watchmaker in All repair in and Jun try Donn with unit Iii he Iii and int Tulmau Workun Muhl Noik Iti wild Luigi dont go to Tho wrong county maps Baukma Tiivi laps Jjoe of Elk soon now Ripen to thu Anil without a Douht Tho Fiuzat Ali Wuttur a Jet Leo Tooru Tiou Tho bowl few 18 Tnador of Maple and in of Utecht a the shooting gallery Alao vary very beat of liquors and cigars imported and will Alwayn to kit Iwuh Ittai to Jive ago a new attire Otmen which him unit been Adi Ltd in Aln go Organ Ith Icli Yfim fib fit Atto Xeva w a took nov and counsel Shatlaw Alvin a took Nev and coun8eloratlaw Kern Salt Din of j French i would respectfully inform the e Public Liht t Hutu ii boil tins lioti1 und am now conducting it in better in limn any Cecli Mil Nikiti Iiah Evor done i thin Donnly no rth ii Miden Tairl Llic of ii hotel or this part of Llie Donn try bettor i i have a Tiitus it rooms in a flutes every thing Board by thu Day or week at reason lilo Fine liquors and cigars at the a tt011ney at next door to my Toon not airy men Elul Luud Jbf Bacr to unto All left it Tho Oam Torkun office will Civi do Summit i am now pleased to announce to the Public that my hotel in coins listed and filled kith new nil and a modern give me a John Eveleth Sophir Walters 19th Bakersfield the Hildino and Fuhn Jadue of thin Lutol in unit truly inc no butter can to Hud in special can u made id Board Hisil Roma far co Ruiu lung la of meals 25 Beds 20 cents the City bakery is Stu Clil to thu on be a hero Bruil Euini ii Luyn be and will to Del inure to Uuttu Niuro every Central James proper rub prop tieto of Tut a to i fro Iulah nud thu Tomt Tho How will by us it fies class hotel in n Iii Ilinor approbation of nil blur und trim Hunt Tim Tubolo will in Mij Ilund with nil thu Mark Cut and the Iii Jln or in urn in the Bikit Tho Iio Hho Lina Bonn Jomoc Lunil in in loll French Jean we Call to thl of the Public Llott Liny been throng adv re Litaud hid now Prii Narud to Mceuin Rodato trav Elorn and Boarder by tour than Ubalo of Collence to the bight French Coli la tin part a Good bar help with Tho beet of Aucul imported Frt Moh will the James is now 18 Tbs m Boule of Kuru store with the i Maciei of Tho him a u a it la connected with the a hero can b Obj loud Laid Tiern und Fine convenient Hoard and per Day us Hoo a Pur Niolu 20 and got 80uc aunt John we Klandt Tho beat Beer in lie will hot indie by tie Keg or Bot order to by Nuil promptly attended aug7tf nov uhf Jordans museum of Anatomy Market o and leaks How to avoid and How won Iii you Are Privati 211 Donau Ltd Tion fit lost manhood All Suitca of stud for professional Mhoon flour nov attorneys at Montgomery a san m mtg Myrv and 27 r physicians and in or divine and the Lucy no col Bee of and tier the Brillh Marti drug Lois Street 17th Dpi Copal air Idof society k of Keun of p Nieroth at their Camle every Day Overil Nunt Nik Roth Eric in Good Utan Dii r to Tatomir Jan Imp baked w troib every want and third Tut Day Twining of vat Long a Mizuri tin and Poi 224 it her tied on Thor Lav of each Rno nth fun of Keun moot Oit their Hall Ivory 8at Uriley Vii aug and bout Roth of in Gool a Tandinh Justice meets at their Hall a fondly Vovou sign in each week of a Menihan legion of mis Tuitoo omit Nail a Uio lire and Oacle month at their Hull at o band of Hope Frant Inetri it the k Ohn Roh every uni inv at 3 Oclock Mich Bupt Blacksmith All Juda of work Juirl Kin airing done on r horseshoeing it and can learn the exact Cost of any proposed line of advertising in american papers by addressing Rowell 1o a prune 6ond for Joo Pago
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