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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Sep 11 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - September 11, 1886, Bakersfield, California Keen september 1886 Job Altiert to us Propfe my neg the and be Waters of the Bute ire the property of Tow people of the publisher and fint insertion Kmyta Miuwa Jostol in set for till it lome if grouper Mattoc Static state to of Cantina out of pro whether heretofore or Here after should give no Ritt to More water than is in an economical Man Ner for beneficial to Gourd Artl Nat a to Conophy of water Tor in irrigation Dia tiits Bare Tea to acquire by Purchase or condemnation the Nece imry la conducting tie water to the Inda Anco irrigation i be pro Tidd at it Tarot of that with Ixam Nung Pride we Puu it of phone Shore party of Ireri debt and de Matjan a front of j for the Frusa Luy the i Miro cd Wei Chi it conducting the Ami in Ali we favor and taxation for of he affirm Shunli Tui rat of us Lobiw Taxa of j do of 10 a Lam and Dej Tato m int if wac of the do of water in Der general Lawn enacted for that purpose pro Tow state shall in no event be called upon by taxation or orb Erwim to Oona tract in a believing in the by the people in All political we my the convention to declare for the primary system of selecting Del gites to All of the Damoc Titio parly in ibis and amut the practice of county committee naming repro thereta and that it the Imi Aitu to i from and at Dow morn aim Tuk Chabba Merid the Wieb the in of the cd in worthy Moru Peninou Bill Tau any of sati Osal thin convention or Only inv Lea to him fact that list veh pmed Hill forfeiting to the Public Domain non Niziuk to Over of 10 air lir fact that in Ilif lib Jemi cratic lower he ii pawed to Iner Batu Oam Tierce which Jahs Ngi la Trio Republican Senate in Imi a Cairion of Ctm Gram tie Kegan Igi Iti pm Wal by thai democratic lower Rork and to carry 6ot the work and poetry of the convention a Blob it that the fun Coloni of every Knob com Mittee be limited to mob and that Ita tenure of office should expire at the moment every new county convention a that our Public a Chou will Al ways have the fondle ring care of the democratic party of we demand for them the Ulni Ost and a Liberal expenditure with no so Long an eco nov and Beni Ethod cover All their the Educa Hamilton i Hurth Hka Kim Kwiim a it Khz turn Moott Delft for 6 malt Ink in att Nui ii taht clerk Guf me a Tuxon the of in con la Devotion to the great per poem for which to Orwan Ltd and Wuich in been it Una Morvid free and Locurt to til Trio int bitaut of own untied Hatm the we Lucli lie at Usu of All jul Rihlik to properly mid Tuo Pursuit of Auu a i Amlun will not by Lulu or until Kwh Are eur Ostrom us that an in min of Utal Toaale riot hot Oumi n Acai Iuit univ it Ahall it Atli Prado to to fact that u Una in a rafted upon us National con in affords Oul Ducj by a orm ult i in then Karat prone Lelm u Durler Long and Vav Ulfat nothing Tor which it ban to when it took to from to democratic party it Luud a Rou Ulaj Daltit retd by Hlaua Aeo Taluk am am to in naia plan Itron Dud Turt Cwm a Huto of Vern Sboto foundation human fully to our Wilb open at Tea be upon to in Miler Ita great u i uttered 10 Ita a f my Puzo or Molkau Tod he government works of Tow Unow in Over Rita v r Lual Himin in Titial Pla and the us in to now Tepu Blitte parly of Gall the Follo Muk de Clunk a t Midi la from the pm that Ihu in of an extra Melon of Ihn in of Danu Iii of thu la lir in l in court of him Hutc shh no it Liin Lory of a Lii country that tin Pilicy hich i curd it Niu and Rcv Olu and that no word of Riis urfi Nan i in Calely thin attempt to i Maruy tin of a coordinate Branch of the Tim unon Halican party film ii he platform my ii can Duvlea 10 Limo Luule Utitco Ami the Atri Tiam of Tiu and invoked to their support Wilikin regard to put he Dean Juki goal pics and Truo to in it will bring us to Littlon of the Kiili Hecth Iii livid and Hirn to it Otic Lunnun it Ever can to by any argument or by by to i priv of Rig lit own Var without a warding input Compon upon platform of Principe Iii and Pun in record u with Ronli Mcc Tiu candid a Lishin my an to Tow m willing to ukr u Clunich and a Ido a gentle stimulus to the i Dinah Liln Tutor by Lon Tittor Halo Mircu which in a tit Bdl no in Torpi Dity of Thouc Ilo Hidish Iii timing Umoru i activity nto huh sex Cullun tonic Usu Lux hum with Odili Tionel and uni Bileti Beni Tho Betler to the Wcur mid of tic function imposed upon thin ii he they thu Chui incl for the a Cupo of Curli in from the incr Axcie their ii and Moulth fully la co Likin mor Laid Conditi Riih of thu important organs they fall into it plug Gish which in Thi Iii jul Perci ichor of what then can in of greater service than n Ine Dicius which Impo them to greater activity when hot Hunt no inn dins Taro mow Peri Loith Tikiun Eliom which of Lect Tho Kil and ii which a Orth Penl should lie highly est the Tut Niin proprietor of Tho 11 coi Itimus to Iii want of in pair ii Llu again he cell and Pat in oink of the a not Iii in Llu Silveu tint Thia convention recommend in fit Kii act of coi Krew providing for Toina of Holh Gold and by of not All Gold and Pulver Bullion it hit Man of the United Hiasw in Celvid in Innangi for Money on Gold r at rate now by than Rind Dolunt of Gold and be received Fortell Public Khz and interchange Ahlo for All Public or and for Gold Wink that tie pref Mit Tariff on red by a if ind Bra Ielpi indican an Anjam Agai uht a great and Wilikin Tinct Trio name mid i Macd the Tion of Tho a Triffon thai in View of the a Pilunt fut Tiru that await a California in the development of Ltd Titio no most heartily favor Tho now pending in con or the for from Tuxa tinn of not rib Niimd Iii the Lortis cation of a acct which and the Protection of our wine inn Nurith from the in Jurious effects of fraud and the Annrea tried of and we Alivio favor leg ii ton providing for the Protection of the Raisin we Are in favor of Liberal and Freu All Aiwohi Nationn formed for the in room of Dutil Oping promoting the Khlare and protecting Trio in Oreita of Tho la and and to enable them emf Nelv to contend for and maintain their Righta by peaceful and to Lucienl no Gish Agni inn powerful and Oppert Imiru Hli Ould to encouraged and i Arenfly sanctioned by to regard the contract Antoni 8 Dutriz Ziental to Tho la Lerenn of free labor and Iii our Lochi Tain Neh of legit Maui inn Puciw ii whih it comes in we commend he or Cunt tote administration for in la to flu Rex to a Bolth and pledge our if to Mil in their Power o carry out bin spirit of the com Lention Nunn hid slut in no Way Diall to com Truro to prohibit the of Grain Iago and ale within Tho Walla of Tho Hetata we arc unalterably opposed to a lineup Immi and demand the abrogation of the dirliukame8wilt treaty a treaty through whom Loop Holt labor creeps upon our we a Hugo the Bent Effort of Tun democratic party of this state to the enforcement of Lawn which shall Pitr Manetty prohibit and no Vul such we regard chmc8u labor an unmixed to Fauvor legislation providing for Iho deportation Ollie can him from thu country Ami their no naion in Tho mean and pending proper on Tow democratic party of that a in Ifrid of free Lubor and in Intel it of the recognize a the Legal of any citizen to employ whom to yet we hold Tohl it in Trio right and duty of Tho peo ple of thin Hui to withhold their patronage from the chitto and that such labor Ali Ould not be Refior led to when any other character of labor in Avail Blu that to co form the principle to ind in the National democratic platform d h m i lion of the children la the Belt guarantee of re publican that mining in one of Tho great and beneficial indo Hurlen of thin there fore it is Tho Doty of the government to de Tuo i Ion Way for Ming to to without injury to any other and we favor legislation providing Protection for the Raisin Arlington professional German re for pain cures toe Civian Vou lib of United vice president Sherman desk la on it Nevern feet above the it in n fancy a Lenir of beautifully carved and highly and its top is covered with Navy Blue and upon it there is r White Ivory a very pretty and a lot of the vice president does not do much work at this he retains his old senator in seat on the and Oconal Otilly site in the average senatorial desk is of Magog of thu Winie shape As that a a shool and on the top of each desk there is a Silver plate with Tho name upon it of Tho Honauer who huh behind some Nen torn keep their very and Tho condition of those of others would drive an old maid into perpetual Blairs Jenk is now in a and the floor be tween those of senators Morgan and Littler in covered with Little bits of paper which some senator has torn up and thrown Down Ingalls desk in piled High with papers nud and and Logan each have bookcases la front of their filled with Calfskin Law the chairs which the senators use Are red leather mahogany with High a few Teate of Wicker Are creeping but the Aid style is the favorite and four Fly Tia of Tho chairs arc of this Curp in Cleveland the hoom8 Are Well charges per Day from 50 Iosi first Glass liquor cigars constantly on band at Tho pol in and Obligis b attendant in every Harding a Juno of French i would respectfully inform the Public that i in Vav leaned thin hotel and am now conducting it in better than any neb Luminous ban Ever been done in thin county no person Unden itans the requirement of a hotel for thin part of the country butter than i i i have refilled it rooms in Galtes everything Board by Tho Day or week at reasonable Fine liquors and cigars at the attorney a w a to Toxey and Xiv Alvin a to Toney and Kern men Crul Lund Miro main Chester ave Consumers beware there lire of the celebrated and old reliable Pace the genuine ban thu full Pace Mijso Smith a thou Neh at ajl Offos next door to Malton on the tin Summit i am now pleased to announce to Public that my hotel in completed and tilled kith Obi Arij comfortable and All Modem give me a John Eveleth pc Poir Walters All loft it the Calico Nimax of lot will receive due jell vol Mhoon flour nov attorneys at Montgomery a 6nn m Ontgomery and 27 pr21 physicians and Jui us n and o r risks in the wit Kulli smoke of tall Ahaisse abounds n objects of local i jul not Shawne bum the inn circulars the glowing descriptions of hard Wood Crystal baronial old and arched streets but two Here Are indeed worthy special mention the old Home and Tomb of Prince and the noted a Anlla which is occasionally visible Over n swamp Between Here and the it has been seen at times for fatty and every conceivable theory projected to account for the swamp almost impose but men have penetrated very near to where Tho smoke ought to they could see no sign of it is even claimed that some have gone directly through it without knowing and judge in aged is positive he was once within live or six Miles of when it was perfectly so the weight of scientific opinion is that it is a collected by conditions in Tho great of to Ona in but Quito opaque to those a few Miles Wwall love und so the common voice runs that an opening in Tho swamp discharges a Blu smoke from some underground Park in Chicago dont to thu Init Inch you Ore imposed non it arc not on the tin 19th i a Date in Medicine it i f the mid of the i Loyal colleges of Phi Kelci Abib and her of the it Allih Midi Cal drug if la 17th episcopal aug la Ltd society Ryphe building and Fuh nitrile of a thin a null in entirely now and no can by bad in thin spec in Chin be in tic for Boarland to ouch for a curtain Luigi the of meals 25 Beds 25 the City bakery in attached to the where bread can Al Widyn be and will by delivered to crib Tumperi every Kern k of of Day even ingot to Jinni ing brother in Good stand Long invited to Jan Ltd Baskell Meeth every final mid third tue Duy Cven inf of Ivory via Linn Brnt Bern invited to servant in of in this City of cheap House you would suppose that House keep ing would be a pleasant and Siwy As help gets Only he of n from Peron no experience i can that nowhere in thu country is it so to rut he ii u the Best help is there w plenty of but very Little of it is All tin women ure and i know one housekeeper who lost her Coit and Washerwoman two Days no la Titis sin wanted in extra woman for ume Pur pose and Boxe to her on the i Jonah Bald Bhar fould no intend u hide who would the housekeeper she did not whip a hut u to Mir i who could scrub lift am generally help in Spring the Cook flared decl tired Liat Black Are As Good As White threatened to have the lady of the House and taking the Washerwoman with Rochester a Boucly or the almighty loves those who keep his but he Deppisch a bad vet it seems to be in dec Talon in the part of some to be us obscure in their writing As they Are in their study the hotel Register of a urge caravan tary for one Day and Yon Wilt Only be Able to decipher Onet birth of the names Cor Bill the and the each dish Down a crooked line and go off complacently Kupp fling that Tho world will be Able to Reud at Ince that they arc in to conclude Shin a word of advice is to practice with Kumaus Peur or u jew ish javelin and buckets of until you an take up a common re handled pen j ind write Down plainly that you arc John i Smith of then Yon have started n the Road to i an african Trodler the har Ahng zoological Garden has re delved a full grown specimen of the Cania or spotted wild of Central the creature is a native of the Western and in appearance an i Utton Ishing hybrid Between a hound Aud s half a dozen other an Maui he has the Aad general form of a the of a the Black snout of and the spots and stripes of a his Rioe is a sort of coughing and he Jones his Cage All Day Ohk with the rest Earnesd of a captured the darkest boar in the history of a Ronny Man is when he site Down to study Tow to get Money without honestly earn met 1iuy your pianos and organs of to oldest and Lar fut Bouse on the coast Kohler san Decker Allyl to Olbur Ica Dinc Manlif Low Hend Lor Tny Klitzn twin foes to life arc indigestion mid their Pri Cuury symptoms ure among Trio most Datre Sciug of minor Hui Nijiu and n hot of speedily resultant from mutually aggravate Cuch other und Lus Sull at once the whole machinery of foul sour bilious kidney and various skin arc among the symptoms and Nin Ladych Cui Ikid by Durange Cut of the stomach and a thorough purgative Medicine is Tho first necessity for then the cathartic effect must be main in a mild just to prevent a recurrence of and at the name time the kidneys and a Tomich must be stimulated and Ayers pills accomplish restorative work better than any other they Are searching and yet in their Pur Rativo they do not the and do not induce a Ostive re in in thu effect of other they skis Nch a Putic und of the highest Meill Eiml value and absolutely cure All Misaki from disorder of tie digestive mid the prompt use of a Kkt to Correct tin Flatt Uliuli Catuns of Ostive a orly the urious i whom Wlinich neck it of that condition would Quevi Tribly All i the action of the Ixta Cox too Semi us Well an constr Are beneficially controlled by a Kwh tid for the Timu Laton of digestive org inn weakened by Long continued one or two of Aykes after will do More Good than anything leading physicians concede that Ilmi Are the Best of All cathartic Sud Many Pra coition of Trio highest prescribe avers prepared by Ayer analytical for Sale by All Central and bakeh8field 4 a of it nod Noe Tiuch on thursday of Xor next preceding Tho full of Tho mood of each ke11n moot at their Hall Oewy Rudny View thug and no j Ming Brot bom in Good standing Justice meets at Tumir Hull monday evening a in each week t1 Idiol Rielou of the Central anus Nncel to bin the travelling that Tho ii uhf will by cuu ducted us a fies class hotel in a manner to meet Tho approbation of All Reg ular und train int the tulu will be mip Pleil with nil Len Murkot and lie Chinglo or in Are furnished in Tiu Bent Tiu Iio Sihu Hub Beau remodeler and Rufurd Quhid jul Ulutu French of american legion of mis tie too Council Moota Tho for by Aud third Tuc nday evening but each Mouth at their Hull it band of Hope hand Ini Ieth tit Tiu e cd Huron Viry Bauduy Mish it 3 Oclock Jean we Call to Tjuk attention of the Public Tiit Teliin hotel ban Boon thoroughly refitted and is now ire pared to and butter Tymn the table is Par we Hare engaged the Bent French Cook in the bout lieu part of Tho a Burup a twi with the list of cig read imported French Sud feud Yard Oono Eood with the James f b now of axed again and in the l leading in jump of Kirn the table Ishi applied with ail the Dell Uaen of Tho Aea us Muarer with the High priced of Calt Blacksmith nineteenth Troel opposite Adobe All hindu of new work and Bormel ring done on Hurt horseshoeing a icon thu lowest und give me a in connected with Tho where can be obtained the choicest liquors Fine convenient Board and lodging per in nov Ltd Jordans museum of Anatomy Market go and Leaun How to avoid and How wonderful you Uro private 211 Geary Donn thu lion of Sinh Himkle nil Din cuu Lor advertisers can learn the exact Cost of any proposed line of advertising in american papers by addressing Rowell to Tor no
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