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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Sep 4 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - September 4, 1886, Bakersfield, California Mem Mirn pm rifled publisher and off Vatrt f w be w for Munur ear in or known Trolet to propitiate this Power and Othor no toy of Inelie ii in Ulm to w i Lwy dec Vereil Liy them hmm the Woik animal to while uxry urn Lii at to the esteem of peo tie their Adulca in Eon Acil i a or f Tain number of their Titi Titu be r Powers to if aule with Whir Are much doubted Nurul they High in soc Tuty Anil a Menhant the our 1 Clarke Frieh the follow no see Crew with whip i account of the treatment and mate Down the Pter that 1 dont i ulna tired co a Man who bad been badly think of first trip to Halo and Tel new j burned i saw on the Way Iowa Iizumi the i Ficter Wax brn tight to the Lodge Early tort of its hard to realize h in the veiling Ami i doctor summoned at kor Torne reason be delayed in ammo of Bat tue Stew Trade was Job Tow of the Jarl tue Cruz wit Hwy into All sorts of do Bat uhf Ahorlu method Jim tree Myrnal to be to retort la Ash Anneni Cottien Jenna at of Loti old be ran up where the Wen located to oat of sight of us loaded safely and Flent to at the Flani wlm us a Little Schooner of mho thirty torn Brittoh Fri Cate in a Calm by Ting oat which the alarm Wert Eom Plutt to in thin voyage in telling you at Mut i bad Afta Axtt of crowing the Doh Ltd Tiwi the want heart we Al Kumf Thwe then found the wind one waa in remd Orer the it waa Nat after Dan car one when Man who wan Atte tog mine new chef Lii 0mt to us fore Tomaw Row Rene in Wako Flotto Myrda Hallow the and mimed to to we Refl time on the weather signal of diet Rem we Orar it worn swing Aram atm attention waa attracted to in a told be plainly men from us wether the Captain examined u Comly with and told the fecund that there three men on u Anil that there Iwa med to be Othen lying under the the boat a Peri Utlz the last of Home Chip a peeked and oar Captain at beaded a my to bring then Usu comte the we Wen about kudu an and in Cowan of Fly teen a touted we had Peea ebed Flo Mot the Dtta Traic boat that u 4mhu4 vat plainly a wet i the naked had been Gro whig of am he looked at and uni Utor put and with an oath was from the wreck of a i Olla with he Declama Yard then one of the owners of shh was matting the voyage with put hand of the captains Arm Aad said something that the Asp talk to but no More Wai said about the it was probably Bau a hour from Ossewa boat until one of ahead the boat unde the Stem of where she towed very a wore pitiful Slob to Tver net Tho f be than the people of tha half Tow thwarts Hod been taken and the tween and under a wok that remained were forty yearn of old Eaton them were All were Stark Aad apparently mete then hat it la to try to Tell Yon How lunch tit for us bad affect cd them Boam of them Novor looked up Whan the talking wan a bile month one of tha White men a cml to kor Torne reason the Call Nutu the following quite poc slyly to something of importance to his he was accompanied by another on entering the they did not Deirup u any but sit Down in and remained Mono lets until it pipe was and handed to elder received it up at arms Lent a head for a muttered some unintelligible lowered eared buy took from the bowl with thumb and fore langur a Small portion of Tho and placed it of the Edge Orthe Bekrui be fora one of the family then held a Brand from the tire to the pipe till it was the doctor slowly puffed the smoke two or times Down and towards each of the Catiti oru taking the Pine by the mated it to to who went Brough the same and thu won re pasted till the of the pipe were it was then handed to the one who bad lighted he emptied the ashes upon the entirely covering the of tobacco before deposited then touched the tips of fingers to the Mhos Trad passed Bis hands in Succes Sion Over the pipe from the bowl to Tho and of the and returned it to the owner who did the an la borate the doctors now proceeded to inspect the patients examination was began their one of them took a Mouthful of water from a Calabash placed beside beat crept Back Ward and Forward on his hands and Fly Juii Soma dust from the rubbed various intricate and then pretended to vomit the which nil the while had been in he the again he fluid Mouthy after going through an even More Eto Arate performance parted the hair up co the head of the a blew the watering Small quantities upon the breast and other parts o us Tho was repeated several he then applied his part Virtuly filled with to Tho sick Bead and with Roaas seemed to be Endo voting with Allah might to sock something from it when Hod continued come min All at Onee to started a prow hog the squirted the Mouth Ful of water upon As if drawn from tha invalids the same operation was repeated on different parts of the he then took up some of tha ashes emptied from the rubbed them in Bis and blew them upon the and where had been atm All Tats Betook a minute Quant Ity of dark powder from his pc on the Burns end during this performance the other Docto busily snaking his he and dancing with great vol trip vat of world Good Many people said an j employee of Armour it Why a Ophir f they cant Roler stitch because they do not know the j every no fruits he pets hers it j or later i til the later t i i Scius work immediately it up Jintil Oclock in the i f the men come it 7 Oclock or balls work and Are Ali Littig j to Rio the Hunt not Lone for Olla cd but the men Well paid and t Annoura prides himself in i Ute Iii once the Florat lot of Fimi Rul in circles in this there is ahead for every tie the City the foreign j tie Illus Povl canned in Kliu the of travelling Armour works j Early Bull he is never lie i Kab plenty of time for lie is never Ejub by Var Jerk thrive on it card Homie Malkone could not live if i my work to attend people May wonder Why i get Here so Early in she morning land stay so late at i am not compelled to do nor b it i work because i love 1 never Felt so Good As when get Ere in the morning and Start in like ent Ike a horse and am Nat it study my an Oil horse at my i feel Good some mornings when i come own to the office that Tea buttons pretty burst off my that the Way the old As he Calls on Hie work and i really believe be is better off Plum he Man who work Shorter hours and or worrier and harried la trying to Rinh a feign through in a Short tone Over the the the Lodge looking on in profound Attento and these absurdities were repeated twice pm i Day so loue As tha unfortunate Man ii the night lie four Days after to n reply lie hoped to Wun lil he Colvil Lien to was actually i Hytti have at but Many of not lilo Thi a Towlow were of up with j and with redoubled Inry began their lab i Oruc purple of end by the Nilso t met Jef i t free ant at my tub a Gaius Tohitta Lerman Wherter Isth nou Sale and retail dealer in pure chemical if Patent medi Arlington to Tobeya m Fink the rooms Are Well charges per Day from co to firs class liquor a cigars conk Smitly on hand it the polite and Stevn Ilant in Usu in to i to of that Teoy began to i nil at bin Tho picked up a Lilac Kiryako whip und then they town but there worn throw of four of child ran who were unable to Raul up or to Roallo that tha was a boy who Ulm horribly beaten with the whip and wan cd Obain Tiik Onrea Tain Wai for taking tha onus lot of Board and Noeuv Carluk them to Tho Fantt Bra club cry far jew Nettl Warsof he will lug to take Tho then both began la j Lont Haleyon s been in that the Iuno to All tue text of Olill Xart in Case of Ordinary suction Anil where decl you take to at Ito Yon mean to any Yon astarte Coatto Erose the weaters of out in that boat with All Thoet Obj Wrev Walum they bad rowed the Tomt Alnutt under the Job of fat a Brickh with Tufty on Theo Teslof whom girl Noj above Tea of the cell Olrun had died Tram of Pauw Antl ill Trot tent the boat was Twenty tout feet Long n and three nine Supply of water that for Dayn ouly Hill been go rvs a 1 Wavu nature Jungles other application nov directed upon part Ottha patients body in which Tho tar bins spirit u Suppi Wal to be usually wharf Ihu violent Fri Cytlou or 11 boric a kneading of to a hug parts is generally Lioy to frighten away liw disturbing spirit by a Mut yol Luig Barking Tir or by str aug a of a a or or by angry of brandishing a War club or and threatening to Strylka the of looted Tutte treatment of disease of but to the mass of India sit it cow not appear and vary few of will re list to Tho White 1 frequently seen them administer drugs of their own Pulve rued and Are i Muir Melane and writing of the guests at a dinner recently Given by Ogden of new a correspondent it Yondon truth Sakai Malanc spoke French to be agreeable to father Hyacin he clearly Enugu coated speech of american Public men bred at the to was educated at the Lytee and was a Secretary of legation under minister Masuru is French pure his Eon Vei ration la and Happy Man he sat Between the lovable hostess and Christine the can Tatrice was not a bit she and looked the inn Tiro daughter of a roman Julia might Havik been like the Star of some Spanish order that Don Alfonso gave when he wanted to persuade Queen Christina that he had eyes and for other singers than Elena blazed of her her solitaires were As line a the appeared rather than As if to grf through farm but the style of her Drees waa otherwise quietly magnificent her Corsage and open Akert were of Gold Brown Over a brocaded Petticoat which might have been designed by i of at dinner aha was in the Way o High and above concert pitch but in the on somebody re lating impressions of her pure Celes tial Long ago in the Anie rican Chapel in Tho Rno do said and you thought me Ali your Well i was not at at All for heaven do you know1 what i used to do in the or Gnu out of pure mischief f bring a Box of Little and shoot them Down at the backs at necks a of a abort time ago an Uptown Bird and beast fancier had an armadillo on a bib ooh in his window for several the poor beast spent most of time Biddler together in a Box of when it came out and waddled around it always had what an actor would Call a full Bouse do it i got fit the habit o to plug to look at curious armo dotted with vog raut and enjoy Tia the curious of Tho who one evening i found the window Empi that moment out of Tho store came venezuelan Friend of a ship Lii merchant of Williams followed h Bay with n then was something in this Viudo 1 Tomt would have i of u is in that Box he us ill will be inside of me this Lime Troisio i have bought Ami no going o toilet window prescriptions accurately Hajdino Jannol of w Atto Unev and Alvin a attorney and Kern French n u Consumers beware office of decl m Chester Anuta tuber and dealer in All kinds of i would respectfully Public that i have Rosea this now conducting it in better style this Bani Nens has Ever been done in this Codi person the requirements of for this part of the country better thin i 1 i Hyvo i flied it rooms in Evor thing do Rdby Trio Day or Woch at resin Solo Fine liquors and cigars at the Mayso Smith Otto Knees at once of Stu nest door to m All orders left at the Daimon atm of Fly will a valve Doe i Jelott Tel there imitations of the celebrated and old reliable Pace to genuine ass the full Tho initials on the tin Yon wre imposed upon it Carriage a Plesse Call and examine my and before son Dine Borgwardt cooed Summit i am now pleased to announce to hotel is completed and filled i t new ans cot forame and All modern give me a John evil ctr Sepotz Mhoon 4 pour nay Atto Onkyu at Law Mont comeby 8nn 19th a caters Are not on the tin Job Pei going of every neatly and promptly executed at Hhd the Calif Mian veal and All of Walters 19th Oak Boboul s7 physio and and had Cate in Medici no a Vlf of the Queens Trel doth Noyl Bootle get Hett ther of Hedi Oal drug Cli society salted Home Bacon made and and everything found in a Farmers attention Uso Only the California hand gorged and hand fin ubed i sack Needles with Cutter in Trio Tinbo your Lisi incr for or order from the Mann will 818 Market Styf eat no better eating lit Usu i world than the Row cd in it is tenderer than a sucking and More delicate than when i was a Hoy we used to Hunt Thum la for Ait Star my fathers and Many a feast to have Tho sight of die Little follow Marie to and i wont in mid bought it without it is very Rich and indigestible i Ospert that i shall dream i am a boy again tomorrow it in not often Yon will find a Man will ing Topay 635 for Tho privilege of enjoying a i Trumble in new York cattle stimulus imparted to the and bladder by Boete Teartt Wutoh in most new Fol in Over Outing Torpi Dity of these frequently by and Tow Jarg Ilia song More activity familiar with the cathartic of some they o Maatta Anil Walvio both Murn Aliy and into this excellent Louie on Down a or Hoo or Moro water Yonemi Wague their aunt ring that Bollik inn with Only half a up what Bat gave them All of child had All of talc and Maine Ata tiny Luff tint of Roii Tuslas and am of frequent occur of these Neil Cine atm am they do not practice Aji Iju because they have m Little knowl Edge in there the Strob Gett kind of put Judea against the loss of a death Batog Ota ally they own set broken Bonen Lulu cases Ara Allbin knowl where Indian rest Oral badly Wou thud to after they had been Given up m Guido in Chicago a Raubic n a Labia about two having the Edward Tor cutting Fly Letha Tor never Tuo but in vent the a of Cape of Vuirl Aad eat Maike specially by the uru with a Tiptn inured us at uie particularly dark a general them pimples an utmost abundant in warm weather actually burning the Carbon the thus the annul or hic must be Quot at about would Romil if you do not tic t have Tasso Abnusi tha a Cou Sivartta Conw Iua 07 and them with additional and them the Bettar to undergo the Wear tear of the discharging function non them by they Are the Oba Unel for the of certain from the increase their usefulness by strengthening stud lie Aub Ulaj Bini stating in certain mor of these important they fall into a slug Gnu which the a Stosl Perc Rhor of w hat then can be of greater service Viau a Medicine which impels them to greater activity Ara a Norw those a Nib off War the Kilt Medicine which no peril turfs us m Dyen Tow by a Ruic Jit a Tow of aunt with but Fiche bd1ldiko and furniture of x this hotel ont rely new Thrun Bont and no Batter accommodation a be Baitin thu Apodala Arrango Ion can be made for Board rooms for a certain length of time meals 25 Beds 25 the City bakery in attached to above where fresh bread can always be and will be delivered to of Atomon every k or Lebn it their Castle every t Good to Bakeh o Nae Eta every pint arid third Ivory Price reduced to per robust health is not always Emo Yea by those who Mem to possess in the bunt of corrupted blood May be secretly undermining the in the Polcou will certainly show and with All the More virulence the longer it has been allowed each to Ken disorder and arose of unnatural or is one of War nags of Tho consequences of Ayers is the Only rent tar that can be relied in All to eradicate the taint of hered itary disease and the special of the it the Only alterative that la powerful to Toro nobly the system of Soro Tulua Aad hero ural and the pollution of it also Nen the Poukh left by diphtheria and Scarlet and enables rapid recuperation Stoin the Enfer element and it Blotty caused by Tito of cures achieved toy a Abb t part lorry there of not yield to whatever the wherever scurvy of the Arctic Circle to the of South Ott Neta Edy Bat altered Heartl i to the to wanly Fiall Odb mixed wit i com in Sirwill Sunku Toul to Imiri Rcd a Nauru lick of if i Orlaid Littles Patent powder dip a curtain for instantly with int scots the Fly from in s 3ponnil per haul Thetro in Mufti client to dip Twenty and in s 7 Pound Liere w mini Lieut to dip 0110 lieu drug 17 Ocala per Bell 400 California August Central James i life Snopl Etoil of the Centi Ial Al to Liin Fric udi and Tho trawling Liat Trio Louiie will be conducted a firs class hotel in s manner to meet Tho approbation of ill Reg Nur nud Traun int the Tubac will in supplied with All lie Market and Tom Lurle or in Sre id the Boot Tho Hontie Hsu been re Moricle and Jin Lotf and a bakbh8fiwj All up Tran Ruday each i to Lief moot their Hall Evory Ursy t suit Long Jon Ning in Good standing cd Tjce meets their Lull monday evenings in each of american legion of Kiou Coni Icil mail to Lirot third Trio Day Chi Ringhof each Mortill it i band of Hope hand of Nieth at Trio of Mornh usury knit div at 8 Soolook vips Hup something Bush Saffol Cibb dogs of Chi 7 French we to the attention of the Public this hotel hat and is now pre pared to Roeom Modem travellers sad boarders better Itsu the table Par part of the a Good bar sep plied Woltti the nest of port e1 Fresoli t and Yard Blacks at remark by where All other people length i Sbott 4 v Cal Riga str by of Long Aad Short Are Safe to Quick to oper and reliable in the Wreb and can be instantly detached for packing or carrying in a the Wockman Taip and 6ma throughout my new Josh to Laon Miry Tattala Betow Send for our it Ammund est Sti oat at of James Oal is now opened again and in the in odium of Kurn tie Tibee Victor with Al the with big Priow Otto lefty l tonne died with where can be Oil awned to choicest convenient Malj Udjang def Ninell Nib Hirv Opp wite Baker afield All kinds of now work and hepa Rinji dome on Short horseshoeing a prices the lowest Aud Nii Itei give he a w Imp 26 Jato of Host Tuk Wato Bottker in uni Eletr thin am bar Yon i i Hava try Timoc Yoi flu never j Nae any thins awl fur Jow t a done Wilb his six Price Tor j museum of Anatomy Adver pistils can of any in advertising m american Sij fit papers by How Liow Titt Milta All
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