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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Oct 23 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - October 23, 1886, Bakersfield, California N Kern october 43 Bounty have year after dinner in every saturday publisher and kit aovbp7isimc l u Art a t k u Tivit red Star on Al known r or democratic state i Vurr two i or i qty of Villi have to nor us Iris hard v of Ghiare 4 Hirr try if Ktal it i in lint 1 Juir Iii a a j kit j l 11 i i i v m hot Tronilo r inn if ii will ii Ltd Jolls 1 democratic county hrs blur i ill i Lii i 1 u ii v 7 ii 1 111 h h a in Riff cd Rolf Lar Rentfr a Shrut at Tirry hurry or 7v i Republican state y it ii ii i a i ii ii ii ii limit Mikk f a Jinvit tha r f a Zimm of in Ltd u Hhan of Iny unto incr up in Hittl Liana tin soft Lorn if for Ineil by fail inn of la tin Iii of n l ii for if Iii Injia t stiffs n finn 1 f by him n Hoft Kulil Len Ami i inv inn i a v have info Jour fits Finif Iii an Corrie a for ism i Nilly on a More or a i ulna of Joni Iii my Liy mar Lici Uil i Iii Ansi of unti lil i Munci to lignin n Sho Linn into Iii fin Aritma f Havi had Tow in i it Lancing a Nan v by i u to Fiji Nevii am nicely at what Ili Nii u Corn to Afir the i Civik the room the Host his Anil and i Aret Are by for Luigi up their find the to to m Icart n for it the in Lidi men of bred they More of them or common with they have Rorr from and he do they hive not Only the do Mot the Rind they on Vou Nura tin la Thi limit Ner in the t u they Are if Ink inter ested in Kii Klish they toll him to to know they invite his und if they suy Ilin of own or of this which he was it Minn f As Iii of the world t hey i which you i 01 von stud Are if you Felimin in they Cru Over their hut vol Mimir Deltonio nor in Victor from the Only heal and Keli Aiila in All Repi Irh in and jewelry with Nunt nth and term Cusp 1 professional Cir lists air in the of huh they i Imp Iii in Rulli Ortii who i infill having thin to at Lin Mhz Nalli inn or Noti i n j from i it 111 i till i i a it Al Xiii Kitzul a Inrig Ivalon Anil now draft life Liy All tin my aii Curri line trivia 3 of it Elf a butt Tif whirr i imral 1 Tivol Tifer Ijar neral no priv it tort 10 Hiiva thou Uhll drilled in i i i in v Natl ill fan incl nil j ii ii Roll Elk Honulik Tunilo and t he 11 a not v ii and of Iii Billy Catt i Imit l Prfu Rimml Jin Iid elegant in now York Many Liidi Loible you ii Hutu their Lilliin twice a Imp the doctor with whom 1 sex poll lulled the Ikid Iii Trimton him 1 which a Iii of Orvlee to All to Weir own the h Vith n Hir Rimli and the Henril callouses by eded Al pinpoint in the riot Lii the of the n Are led Aud la of him Pikl Nuu it v i Lake la Tufe on the the i with i of Pantie Dou her and Sinur and Are in Republican county my Riff Carrk and Tat Colln treat grrr n i n i i i it cures neural go dinner and Unla tin form Tui am Utemei time there 11 but not for i i Mill a at the Are in j or they do nut make in a do they keenly pre elate they have a higher relish Ami sol pure and that they ran and too inia Vinable for the Burly Lori birth hut or a i round invariably tins i usually hut no on plays i without Muniu at Tiniro the play ers be ome very and 1 can Reci instances of ill Reading Over Thi Randi u testy old or anti nyy Vvhs ill in Many indies the rises at and this the ladies know their j j Are Overy hotly i and Brandy and i in for wish Anil i in the Kim Luikim candles for the then Tho whole Euni Pliny out to tin1 foot of the Trtat and the procession of Beni re thu celebrated mid old to the upper thu j reliable a Raiful Luru in Pink and White und the j i matrons in velvet and in the flown on the Huhti when Otico a Hycil a Brilliant i the men linger for n hut or soon i invited to the for this they usually Clinnie their when i j first went to Only a few wore j Jar but latterly in Many Down toward mid in with varied jilted Tiki Iseini and and the elect is Aioli very Piet bade Uirt the initials s Consumers beware not fruit nerf Linold 19ib dont go to the wrong county maps and barbs Field town maps Fok Sale by the this 1hack of Heshi in now open to the and without in doubt the finest for a Little referent Iii in the the Bowling Alley is made of inapt and of the am the shooting gallery id Alno very Tho vory heat of liquors and cigars imported and will always to kept n the no will be spared to my a new attraction which Linn just been added in k which 2ti Dit Terent a Teeth be hot Chester 18th matrons in velvet mul Dini t Ninn in Ninnon carrying her while i t u Palf talk Arron e vanished look j i a la ill 1 u d a u u u tent in Marl Hirw thin re everything Goei wrong in the Niech Tihin the Gritu out of d of the Lilly Lyl cer Nili to until to prevent and from Holli Fantl Ron Iove Shnir by a course of he Monck Lii Eli Stimpl it Limey regulates its net the direct Roku it n horns a no i by vim ii that 1 never cared rots in ils a 1 and one of Iny Okell Iofik is of n Parrot Kepi Bjune of my aunts i Olien it so cowl Pear edible mul Spur t and had much when it meander a fiut the a font i t Iii Tiger nor molest Iirth i the i i Neil ii Lor of i in Liri i inti Triin Larrr is nun i Illuv Linn ail a i finnly n Dif la inti Eccl Irvil Liy iln1 thin i i time Rel Rishto Alivio a Lith n Iju Jurci o to Llu Imily flu Ali 11 til i of fin in tvs la Decsi it Lii i uns Imi Uri ii in Tiv Giitl h n v both Giitl dont you i Linn in m shoe i have so Iii if Leet Ilku Lilli ones due be per 1 t Reilly Tret from Conn must Wear a neat it i mus too nor Sci Lii Ornu Are Dame will of and Are Irinod Ullh or i Oil i 1 Ofifi have n per which Imin an Neul be the treatment Niue be Hith interim and the a or in weal Neil f n in Nen 1 e led lie die nine worn Only i Hiiva the i Hee Only worn which have scams the Bottom in k on the tin von Are upon Ilar ii taif tin make inso mistake by Thih Uon i pm unit to tease poor so under thu i Miry pulled a eerily Inov cil and incensed by this in straight at me and bit my i in know 1 to Justice of the Puni in Irith Ami i when my nurse and aunt in Momand restored the out Parrot to the next in let it hew strip Ulit at i q i 1 u it c flan red Mflwc my out and hit my Hubano it Niver Torim or in Hie i Lute in whenever ii birr Lily a Iii Fiat i and Ever i till at last it became a sort of Ami to and i re p of the wrong i had Eom a 1ull of mul lot a lat yielded up the t my of and n t Cornhill nervous debilitated men of 1 Linn on the const Kotil ii k Decker r easy s nil lot to nervous Ini Privince in Cut nil other int line i d by Irene nil newspaper which we Issue weekly with to hell it to the Hie and j undid the Label of the Tho Edi f Lind he hut now i chair is an Inver Teil pin mood men come in Hurt every Day ram cited with in Noti tidally old and it rarely Bluit i when your m Dunk i Hull option in wave ins it Cidy not Pernill Ilen Ler in Kii Iii Init Moo no or pm on i by for l and r but ii mini you Uei the Hemi it Kompin Proult lie inny ii Yon and of a Heap of More or ies we or lie 1 incl Clcil in four style Walli h worn shoes at my Boot makers led t but Limul upon Zellium a room twelve by ask him what he did with the Boot Une this is the manufactory of those his customers left when they replaced in til Trul Frew or urn Drux hit the French liquor store ooze agent roil John Wieland 0 Tho Ixko Heer now in Ihn Nihi i Mill hell the Dame by the Keg or to address All orders to Jid Ein by Pron icily attended Imit to the Kern Island 19th Kroc bowl i no Alley shooting gallery Inis for All and i and Chicago lager also All favorite Ilahi Isof liquors and cigars Ullh Abl feel state 19th and horses it says ready Naninni broke to Hay Grain for the very j t f i i t to 1 1 1 1 i i 11 1 1 1 l 1ui l 1 j cwt two or Lurli Limu ath which is the dozen pairs to he nil Doil that the Wiki Fer the nor option 1olly a same is made on the hatters for Iusi Oure of nit Oil while our Tulesk is a Short nil the problem its to what become of v in while Len of cinch t hit inti Neil y of i inn s Are i Appe 1 1 Khit Sieli fill Are of Inen til distress Nir Nili Finif weight the Viu Llly till mid nil i wird across the West of Over of the Pilik is still i and of which Are for Ollu r Crown trunk nit any wonder tee that some Norman with an eve known Iii Ler one Lipeml in impulse i s n very preen Tihle vein of i Ideiil weakness for Uydess j i Ivity Dietsc does Mui Hihl no h through Nur Many of in Nutu and sex i originate from mruth mis in Hie Dee Ideal that a not Hie in licence of a Yehh Pius alone u ii certainly Virld if the Are i the powerful blood Prophit Lex of Sah Saia dyspeptic know that Tho longer of Tanir Nui Lindy is the snort lit Licinit of Curt it Mich i Strum of Klo Croin a Alan or Nitro to oomph try of 1 Nuy no he writer Hud in charge thl and Mim it i he Mill of which had a my Lutak do Imp cumulated during bus mullein the Cut in curl mul 1 will i i Mutt h Kibwe t Mil n i m it u if Juhuns this b t it on isaid throw i m Jinrui Grilii to i i will the Iii wiil the action to the Oruil ten Ohio Over half a million pins ure Ilij in Kii Ropo As the Rato ably unit irm the world it that the Earth to the pin Cushion within Tho Ken of mortal m in Lerlin by the there is an Ciot Hoh where cd Stool clothing i Meir Teil and dispensed to the need who solicit ale enl Lect to Weir Toek from Horine to new York news h Trilo Lesalean retail Delehin ure Patent toilet window proscriptions occur Nunly a Hiccox and Doc Walters 19th the and of Lionel Onti iely new uni no better can he Hud in Thi a peeing Cun he Niile to Hoard and rooms for u Fortuin length of meals 35 Beds 25 the City bakery attached to the Iii voc where Frek hrad run a Huyn lie und will he delivery Riih Timieth ovary Rybat tsim Choster w by and counsel Shatlaw Alvin Nev and counsel Matlaw Korn 1 toll sky at Orrick next door to not airy commissioner Gen club Lund of Kkt californian All or fib left Tho Camf ozinian of fact will receive due Mhoon flour nov attounky8 at Mon Tuoehy san Wal a san f Miinte Omury Boome 27 1hysioians and m and dealer in Al kinds of Carriage trimming a Ilease und exp nine my Ondok und before Hend maj Borgwardt Mccord 19th Oahu at in Wedi Oine Bro kit i the pm Ion Mil nth Lii wiil of mid her tie Britt Ujj ill Luul 19lb episcopal Imp a lift society k of Kevin i ii Brotheim in it Nodi to Ujj Avei b q w Nie film every Pisa third third to Ebay eve Onisik of Jas to and to Luke Likkie on Thorn Day or i he it tue lire without f n and then lidded by of exp a l 1 will work for 1 my Nione for i input but 1 wont Gnu Tsieia dropping ill this with Puatu sued that s Tho uni in Fie Tor Hmoih in win in of Fuller vet had called Uii him bin half an hour or lift i l of and on some of Lils erratic and an work sur Pruc that he should have Ilc Pard from Lils Voni Tialii su1 Ivsich had n Corii inertia on Tho i Ter than he Lead then conf mail Hun you have a Man one tiling All would you Ord i barely left his lips when he re Tiit to play that Tintor und he hastened to gloss the hut the actor winced Ulm show now of Kaki Aci Atn ant in the Ouwo of Kern the table Irful applied with nil the Deli Cillien of thu Hijii Coin Parck with the High priced Lioi Inen of a if Conn Yourl with the Whf re can by obtained Tho choices lir Juoh mid Fine convenient i and por or por und co veal and All kind of salted Home made Bacon and and found in a first climb something i never full to relieve Trio bowels and pro Mote Thiv Siil a Aguliar i Iii vhf i or Mouv Atuf i1 Cini fur by Ilu Jamuni 1 lion of Mil u Riri to i and him temporary All Ilo the fitful i activity into Lii Eli enfeebled it Oinah Ishi Purvil and Alco Holic is inevitably allowed by Rii Kilimi tin weaker than Iii acid Liy my main try of ayes pills Littles Kim Alee to Weir Hull Ewy hut inday siniling und to j Iii Nizik Brotheim in Uta Ndini meets at their Hill Uncle week of Amke loan of Mih Teton Ineth a Brut and it lit Shtir Hitu it o Olock band of Hope Uanis of Lii i Nietin Gilliu k a Hurch every Hrudny it o Ulo Cli by Hurdt tar Ike i i i 1rurj a of the stand in a which she is the i u Rule incapable of out a Dirk her fat Lilias t h 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Man lev it Lull m her to re ate Marklew one or of a tar Viau i our so All in one 1t i non poisonous or r r Iii up Abiy Inu i twelve Liuigi Tbod Gallons Lupin All the i Fure easily a blur Iobco of ruin dire for j Littles Patent powder dip inc Only they Havu entirely Cor Cuil tie Conion kill Mil my to citral Vium Cia Tho most cute Cllvin and the i Lia Tuerr wet Klyve Yovu i mixing Siml Antov with Waif prevents lint by my Lowit i from l in Jpn Nind Paek Apt Liore in i j a Pai tire tax ii to souk is a Jill Liiv i who was tin l a i thiti1 is it Ono of thu in Ai and All try ii nov will r or or salient who is ii Iii Iii of b Ahiah uru Jar fact Louir Wius to Tho Uriu out of wary lintels lit of 1 or Lite Mou Audi i in la 1 know to but i prefer the r i bilk y i Liui f 1 Tho or Wayland of i Iii for a bicycle Loir of a Luitink from Giitl fur Kul Iwiula Attis itts me Inora any in or Titch avers Park naked by Ayer bold by All t u dip Twenty und in a 7ponnd Leitru to dip 0110 Hundred 17 per Bell 100 Coli Furuie la 3in Kan advertisers can learn the exact Cost of any proposed line of Bol t to Wila to Nesier Del express and pos tonic j a of advertising m american hts Khz of Light Dima up Alvut Wurmli and i l papers by addressing Irmi cleaning to 11 o it to Wellco c c i newspaper Alvort Ibiricu no into Lull Tutu Liuto All b 1o Bond for

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