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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Oct 16 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - October 16, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern october 42 californium published every saturday publisher and the old part till n k fallen v the Low iry in Pir a Firth l of on Ali i r Kris Fri in ait4ii democratic Kyj n u n m a hit i t y 7 All i u i kit f i in i j Lite i or l 11 a i no attend Lori at a that once had Inri i1 on warm South Cirii a t Levinn the Iron Imp of j he roof in i until if As Ploum inn in the to make Bricki mid mortar in Iliae did in new and Lilii North have tide much the refill writ tiny shows the till by Inu proper in joint As Good condition Ever the did hits rot Tiit but the Erik mrs oils work n when they the mortar with their mid lipid the id tie music of old Creole n democratic county tar trn Iii hrhn4 to m my l l r i 11 v i 11 m to i it i h i i v n i ii 1i v although in now k com old i runt u the adjoining if Imp Lii it is still i of that some time and it have been Ninny the of the House reused to look ii for Ulm tres that tilled the and vegetation has run riot in u Solt Terv t redux nil the test met t of elms und in and complacently Over t tie for in Rively with n i red in a Crimson one 01 Nul Iff in Lionil tue Mali ton Row Republican 7 i ii ii 11 i v i v u i i i i ii i ii h i i i Iii i i i u 11 i v r i in i la i linger out a curium Lent reminders i Onee careful hands had pruned and i Eil t i the whole plane wore in air of neglect it i i an Rob the Way the of the grocery would ave 11 to the former inmates and veil the old woman i 10 Uell no Ariail by the Banket met nothing except that her Mother j that they were it Bud lot i Eari this opinion win i in to the of the j and his indeed if one tiny Weinre in City win of Ieper it win Tolj Tishi ten would Ivo proprietor f a the Hep Lilian county s i Ltd Dot lilt Mill a till him Relner term Nirry it Init not Lloita Lett Iii a inc Nolc stimuli i to the Illel id Stoni Yieh which l in rapidity into tin i in i i i Mil with Eliom the belter of the upon Toniu re tint Ehi Innel Foi Inisi Critien from the i i fully Ali butt Cindilu Iii of to they nil Ini ii Iii ii Llull cell of ill lilt be which i thei when Pant Honl n i Mindi Jar icons than win Eli Liliee Lull la hot Olwill Tull und in went and function imposed they of Eert Llull their und health Iii Eli inor at i tin kid Lii tin most ii i t la Vanvill m i u i rim of Ymir Newt it in by it to ii Tow von Lemiux to Foyto my ton Hoin i Unni Silil i Kinni Lii scovers in to i c m m a nine Ami i hit Mil trial Fiat Ritj i nervous debilitated men Yizhi am allow it Tho n Iii Wiki for Relff Pennin it of i Ike of flu Lily and nun other i Toni put to Sun Hihl Kiu Ranci i no Nith full Luc invite to tree in i eel he will Olla of till to plot Ever Oliie Iii Pibil Leeiii Thill Ever handled n la up Idellea tie t in Public Calami Lien Hii Irit to open to As it the in Milfor he Bivek Many a Way War and healed hundreds of doing slip All this done with Huch Char Liik of manner and Lunev Olerice it made him one of the Anont Ripi intr men in the in f net old Tho leading of used to Kiriy that Ieper could ims Ilei Feii mar any Day hell Siino had nearly As free Iii As us for Cus miners iveri1 always sure of there i lie from pure Al Ninghe from Franco and Holland such an no place to the City rotund of Ali oru at was the and the Linini Tocmo direst of any in n if tin info de resistance hint any one it win other Max it allure with of Bagatelle and cards in kit tempt with Bill lord with hum the Kanie of Don Viniks vim the Early morning to Littel it the a Tlle of Ivory piece on the Marble table i i levied tie ear of every and Over tin Wall Stock of Mil pencils for Hilf Lucient u a poly Llo Parrot usurped most of the coi versa Loii from la tin the door and j Black Ozeil the Houshi in ill pleasant to the i and cheese one end of the that de resistance Hud Beon Earls Tei Iri with much ceremony at its i and whole Day had i poured to its a name i Iudici Ataii it to almost any but particularly to in ordinance i i Lxii tie License for retailing liquor a i Sluti in this crusade its into Encoh Luul Iko ii a Datul to the Popisil drily of tie Ninde the Piave t he favored in would have been Dlf Licule to find Nuch a As Jue Sentell in the upper and lower moors of the Down stairs i in ankle in ice in the the move Niru of on the and the a Hoot thin time thro arrived from within non Clitya yogini gentleman of refined manner and Alfred Grid raid he some important government Hli letters it him the entree to Runny it one of which he met be struck by her charmant Divot i to during the whole from this Ati a few which into month and found him More a Tintie than Ever me familiar in the Yount Many Ste Lluy had no in tils that he wits not Opi coed to who can acini mawr those Duyf in new Orleans doubtless recall the in or Moxim amount of counterfeit Money then in Iti volume it almost the in people hardly stopped to t Tho Cliar not prof a Bank Bill or so freely were the had of Well in the in in Rte commercial requiring the shipment of it is True care had to be used but in ot6ry Day business Here every Bane passed for no questions were and a counterfeit taken today would the in said tomorrow Uny of this Fud reached the Treasury department it and it risk Ludl t a nigh out the Trade to Spuri Ous after i Loni consultation it win determined to nerd Down the most during and a Tutu of the depart with order to train to it sources this River of that mood the Hou Thorn in new Orleans few Hart heard of the crusade Ai Fanst the counterfeits it was a matter 111 which the general pub lie Little one Day in june Alfred Devoo Ontell and after Shukim the hand of the proprietor or l Rte Tail a of Orient and he asked Weix if he had n moment a and motioned him to it neat it a table at i the further end of the hero they Wen seen in clone Sonor mild Tho Young Oil decl ii hoi Iio i have come to i ask the hand of your i love j her deeply and and i believe j my note Eton in have you any objection Youn fir feline in so Mactier to my of you Wal tar two Starr whiner she to More per haps i Tuny Sny but Nutter nobler the Young Man pressed his but the old Man ret texted his import unities and would not acquiesce in an Erik gement in two years he would have More Money to give her and she would then Senor Devoo must they talked at the Little table until Inte in the and when they parted old Ieper very Polo and Devoe flushed with what argument was used or what influence was brought to hear no one could but tip Tatrn the Happy lovers Wen rejoicing a few min utes the following week Tho Cathedral was crowded with people to witness Tho marriage was just enough Romance in it to rive Tho affair a to the Lossl Polne old and every pm tilled with friends and curious spun Roui the Church Ihn wedding party wan driven to the noted Steamer bound up Tho Long an the Steamer was in kept stood on Tho wharf waving tils which now and i Iii he applied to his moist Eliut night thu cafe de Kom Stanco did not nor Ever again was Tho Ruttle Victor from Hal and in All repairs and jewelry heat and air Stelah i 4 took Skya Terr from Poltl furniture i Juilja t Jacobs nil demurs Isth dont go to the wrong county maps and Bakersfield town maps Chester 18th foil Sale 1jy at ill i i Khi Tell Ciolll lakh Uuk Lii Consumers the Mills delightful of l is now to the Hinl without u it met the to Zient place for a Little recreation in the the Bowling Alley i is mile of and is of thu latest mid the shooting gallery in also very the very Bent of liquors and cigars imported and will Ulm Nufi to kept at in pure Patent toilet window w a tto Haky ago Alvin a Ami f Kern a toll sky at and no Purina will he pen red to Pleune there Are relish la if the Celt mid old t Paft lieu ill the finnic pm tic name on the tin the my a new a Trantum which Juat Lieen in Kraii which ilayi2ll lift real Fitifiti the French liquor store prescriptions accurately office of and Deel Walters 19th the it Hijino and furniture of this hotel is entirely new throughout Oik no better Cun in hint in tin special can Bonifede to to ouch for n certain length of meals 25 Beds 25 cents the City bakery Skott Clud to the above whom Fres Treiul Cun he find will he delivered Tacna Toiner every next door to Mattson end Coli Fornino climb try Avo no ulv All left it Tho office ill receive due Jeh Lotf Mhoon flour nov attorneys at san Wal ofllcc302 und inn is itt Gonier Tooms 7 physicians am dont to the initial it Are Ipoh d upon Are not on the tin tip of Dom Lions Hoard within those the old proprietor gave place to n free Emu of who had Boon an employee of and it became a residence for a Large family of Clife a last with Ieper departure the amount of counterfeit Coin in began to seriously Linin Nesli and several Well known individuals retired to plantations to other the influential bund of counter Fri tire had been broken up Rind Alfred de Voes report to the government showed that of a result of his huh to new Orleans no counterfeit could be found within the state of lie had won his but had saved the of one is still but the Parrot hits disappeared from the and the rattle of the Domino s can be heard no i la Miles in Whitney in new Ori i dept Turc in the University i a Prossi Mcmin of study for Young Ulii preparing for u business the Why i it pianos and organs Orthe nude stand Lart fut on Hie if Saillant is i Itti scr Anil nil terms be Iuliu Mill Send Lor a ont Ion John we lands the Lient Beer new in Ilie inn lie will the Hume try tie Heg or Bot add Eph till Oriler to orders by Mitil promptly attended of the Kern Island it rom Luth in map iodine 8u110khy re Queens Anil of the it Oval Esdicul a Clidence 17th it Bowling shooting gallery and Cool rattle of while Pia i Ker to from myrrh f tie Kly Charlolle ble t Hora inc flirt ett c is j Nti i and let Iii i cure la our Buckton s Arnica the Witt to Tiv it to Tuure Ali lion of How Usu i t Viv of land 10 in Turull Little Cril i Trio dentil of 1 the Liem and cur Chenie embraces two varying political Tjui of work t be followed by the Tho instruction in both covers a wide Range of stud and includes not Only the brunches involved in tie Mere technical knowledge of but foreign Miteru training in Short which amounts to a la Lent this is a departure in the right direct in this country business Collegia do not attempt much beyond that teaching which goes to the making of Good clerks Large and Liberal regarded an so important a preparation for Tho j Learned is one Reimon i is that Young men Are too eager i to master the immediate practical knowl j such As bookkeeping and the Mas Tery of which them to earn u Liv Clihord it that Large mental i grasp and rounded training which enable i possessor to co beyond the end of i nose apparently do not enter into the scheme of the average american business York Tom b4olvvr unit mad a positive fid unit will Ilii pm Cir Tiitu try it and Ticu Audi Rvin i finanous were almost con Lnu above there reigned All the s of u in the a urge lies Trail was while a Bank in its Lino a Bird Iang in its Little Wilgo at i Anil on the Cool red and g a moved rec Lack ind Forth to Cai Loiuis of n up Unish air Hii Muied in it the Singer plied her Tweedle on some Light piece of ladies Ortus neut and again to Nicker up i w ins tie a t her tighter of and few of i he Habi tues of the a her Only at meal Iii presi Iliad Over hid Board Grace and dignity of a Little had died when Sho was very of her Days Hud then tin a oiment Bolow the graduation she and returned get her fathers House the Solus Iii of the up la she let the hours Happ and cont nud i Cut till the wide in i Garden admit Itil her and often of that swaggered Ulo Cuy wits Tel Liutik in the to of Index it Vonture of which to win k1 rippling notes of n piano uld till thu with i li1 would suddenly Econn is Point upward with daughter Fly Tousent held set cred by lib the lady Vita ipod the warm of Nuu serous and went to Evon Itiat a licit her Tamuty made a Coli pc her were and a cry few conver could hold a Circle of i rust with tin rapidity lib which colds and ii Fylis into tie Iii tidies and ii a Comisi Derivi which impel every Piru debit i i on As a household n Ineith n in a v Kos cell Kuiv not Lini hell Dimilte Ilief Tinnil works so sure n cure in Iii Nulli of ii that Elisii Liell of the Ilyne Uit till i c the opinion is ii i Allodi u in a i hive e r in i Lilly i ii Iii to Ilelle to mild oddly the i Lievers in Luck show by the forms which their no Clef takes that in reality they have no Feitli in Luck any More than men re Nelly have Faith in which yet they allow to in fluence their a superstition is in Idle dread or in equally Idle not u real Faith and in like manner it is with a Man will toll you that it for to always Hud such and such but if you say us have n few games to whether you will have your usual you will usually Hud him unwilling to let you apply the if you try it and the result is he argue that such peculiarities of Luck never show when submitted to in Lite other if it so that on particular occasion in his of suck which lie claims have lie t accept the evidence As yet the result Nua is ii reality Only that certain the for and Auau St Winch Wen probably pretty Riktor in Riihl Al Chicago Liege also All fun Ornite of liquors and Al la Union Lin i ans feed 19th St Cailil lakh am Saddle 1 Lomen for Ali Imus to Hay and Grain for the very Bent ii James now and is leading Lioi Ioe of Kern the table Ishi applied with All the delicacies of the Nori Cuil Mitrusi with the High priced Iio Ucb j of the a Njau connected with the nacre Cun be obtain id the choicest und Fine convenient m Chester and deale11 in All kinds of Carriage i a please Call and examine my Lodh and before Borgwardt Mccoyd 19th in veal re and lodging per per Price reduced to per Walt who is now in Cali writing will shortly publish new Vui Uiti Winch will in culled nov avers Cherry j n not n new claimant but in Illel Licitri i ing the lives of tin who have come into i list 1 to tile poll in there i not a Hull remedy d win re ii lie re who a i Gim n for any Throat or Lible of who Well l Ayi ius in u Rone ii and Eun Aci Iti Many tin i v 01 Iliani opiary Fonsie supt i ill r h is t the in Lle v lie i lire ii Amiin m As k lie n of croup and we Ioppini in All Plain win h can m rigid by and should he n Luein Hercio by Ayers Cherry rtt Kahei 11v mayor sold by All and nil kind of salted Homo made Bacon and and Emoryl Hizir found in u Firuta Labb something Quackenbush safety Cartridge bilk 7 k Curito Ello yet offered for tee l 1 went with cold i twelve Hundred i 1 Kii Niiya a Nouri Clibur of a i ruin for Littles Patent powder dip t k wild Reventh the Fly Friou la a to dip no pity and in a 7 Pound k tire to dip cum Rcd 17 Bell 4imj California has in North of 33 about Mica forthe regular hit or Long and Short these i flan arc Safe to Quick to oper and reliable in every Tho barrels Are accurately and can be instantly detached for packing or carrying in a Small the workmanship and finish throughout Are the and each Rifle is thoroughly tested before leaving our Send for our illustrated catalogue which also our air Slnar carpet foot nut and Hook Ulm nearly All of goods Are Well known in the markets of tue Audreia the nil in Spiliu Bilibom who in a Lubou a o will full Luxor coition it Mil work Welch Cau mid will pay from v us per Daj Taupe Euliff capital to bowl Nart at Otto Tif Illius Alt u Chester bet express and Post twice a Bucick of the in oct Naohi Ormi Ninni nun work an i Jar fact Aid Ilowit cleaning dyeing and cull und Iii Imit Riby Hock ii Foru Piir Elmhir a Literl 01 no by Jolo of of and ring of the limit huh Kif Leophil society i k of Kun of lit their Mintlo every wed non Enid Ikirt in Journ Bio Thierh in hounding invited Jun Ltd Haskeil l eels every first and third evening of very visiting brother invited to and a hit ipod meet Nike on this relay of or next proc Odiny the full of the Moon of Ach a klan lit their Bull every Bat or Dikiy Vii Titinik and to Jairn Iii pro their in him Dizik meets at Weir Hull in Ench Welt of la Dijon of mis toe clinic in meets the Lent and Mil evenings of each month at their Ull at band of Hope hand of meets at the 1c a Inch Evri Hilliday t it Oclock Mims Blacksmith and a treat oppose to Adobe Stablo 11 kinds of new work and Kepi inn Dune on Short a horseshoeing a Ricou lie lower t und Katie function churn atm d Priit give i a advertisers can learn the exact Cost of any proposed line of advertising in american papers by addressing Rowell new Puper Alvor Timrud 1o sprues Vav tend fur Loo Fago
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