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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Oct 9 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - October 9, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern 1886 Bount wow to every saturday and hit Al Viii to Tufili f r in i1 v i Dewo Cuttic state r m r Iii r i Misuns t i h everybody should drink it we the roof a und Beanm simply Ewall with the riot wan scrubbed to a snowy and few thai h Vitt it that t they Hill not hide of Rinir Fri up which puns of milk tier i nearly to the milk Mitt i various bpm in Irvn milk a Yourik Mill busily it in milk Tom of n the Younk firl infirm cd u r Portr Hir father would few i farm each two brimming pain of milk r transferred to newly j former remarked that the would have to Tritt More they invalid b will Thun i n ibid the suitor and nodded a morning Why Thuy tit Alt miked thi1 children of the to top who has Wyn All the there Inot much that is the Colony arid i truthfully endorse nearly nil tour Sti sir of either or interest in any life of commo to nil to fur fire met Rolfi Kiim i think ii v noii1 fun til n Mill Pirk out n h Low if Nair n t Lii to Thi a tier in ii n n j i n la Lett ii i tkh1 j n in i it j i ills i democratic county a lilt Lilloll l m ii h it Ollil i h ii i 7 i i u v 7 la i in a Republican state n a n 1nlill jew Jtj Itutti Vlf in mrs h Hitt trl to Ahtl Republican county you Turro no h of Ruhff nirm who drink of milk ply for theron a indy in mad twin in new Tinl takes t Hrisi n Ami in toll it All h Irani of nip ill the moment Ami milk from it new they Thutt Wai a ill ten i yours lined to Klov Beautiful milk Al Kolynn butter that could nifty from bin hit i furl Thecil t it i individual on i v Uteri to thrive on Ami Fkan Iraln Thoi Ike ill phys Infin had a Murod him that Tito was Little i got n to till an1 an do let ten milk i did my nearly wild when i Oxild him that Ihu accounted for the change in Illk inquired and j thinly an to who pure undo and to vol potty i the he Wax jut in Almu to j prevent the becoming the j hrs for thus alive to Troia the Butcher Knafo f plan Cal in a flue Vlku n ii i Anil Tho owner had thai two or morn Mihk quart a of milk every Day for inn j j t own ump 1 often drink myself when i dont and it always does me in orly every Milkman Linn individual Sliu take milk purely be Nuno they think it the a City a Hymian repo rur Auld i re better tonic than Mot it Halpri the impoverished blood and firn Loheit a Nutriment easily Timken by the principal parts of the milk Are Tho Lelu or oily the r chem and Tho pos n a v h i v l ii v j ii ii ii n j i Oil it ii birr j it i j j if i i n lifter a re sign it i rot Viry pc Torii h simply an who and his Hilr n his k air i perhaps it Ltd lev Liavine Imd ted up in ii fair Ali a Ini Chi Lei 1 Kinu n let to which Yon Cal sift Irr and Myrh u As to of pitiful Tuii t v in inc i real and d Hirt is the Oliy or no Mironis but they in inn Tir Lully fill of and there is n conf Inion of Vir did 1 Ever Tell you that n mex inn in puts on let Ali tin1 Iny he is Kirn and wears them Thi babies of both in1 re seem in do so fur in i can land it is Worth Wilb any to climb tin Hill into the heart of Han and halt Way to the to his thes rliildn1 run and and Bixb and play ii their Pernellar and highly coloured i just like other they have not much but they Are Chuck full of j and and Nii Iki the of what Little room they have in their j Row like n Little Donkey or n lit j tie the chinaman is at so i far As personal levity when he in very no trouble seems to come this Way fur these Kitt Enish Little these Curi Ous Little tumbling around under their Ned nto hires up Here on the Plevi Kent Hill overlooking the Bay and All the Battle the Boycott Ami the chinese question Are terms which i reckon they have Nover and we Stover May tied up for them in Lliel Uncertain Lut them shout out the spirit of play that in in them now to the will Como soon enough to our coloured citizens of Asiatic descent the chinese Parent is the most affection ate i Ever saw Moui nil the nations of Terr sure 1 Pali Best assortment of Ever offered in thin county can now my prices to with the Call and see for yourself f look before you a come jete Cine of furnishing goods also Hole Odin Auer tent of v ladies and childrens dress goods fancy Law w a tto net and 000nbelokatlaw Alvin a to Abnex and coun8elonatlaw attorn if at Kikto u Ami i whirl Thi ii Consumers beware tin n nil Oil Pace a full Anil Complete Stock of House furnishing liquors and roasted Coffee ground to order by water Mont fail to Call and examine my All goods delivered Julot Chester Victor Alln Nuj l mall Lluli of limn and in butter we i the and thin May to in part be ii ill at Nuur cd mfr ii if itt Lilac i t the in cheese the Lelu and in Bini because Tho when the curd holds thu Olen in Camji of typhoid fever i lure milk Al and i have known Many a per i Iii to to brought from deaths door through in la now common practice to inject milk into Tho blood when it is Impo that fluid taken it up and approx it in Hunt Hii Rrt Peoples liven in his iia Gedlu thai Hizir n i j 1 drink a klints of milk every Ninalu before i Koyuk to and have Tor Vork mull and a Ocllo stimulus la linear toil to kids eve and buddy by ten inn letters Slom Aib which must a defendant of the famous Nusu a Elul in Torpi Dity of thumb Ben Liik that the Llu Nedim infusing Inori activity i Rose recently presented by Tho Popo to into this tonic endow Queen of them with Kilili Tionel Ami eau Ibisi the Turnt of Rosilen Ronea were better in in Terni the went and ply mowers of red representing tear of Tui inaction in nihed upon Thorn by us they Aru Tho of Hunnel for Ali from the bit by Bare Natl fully them the children arc not numerous Here but la is no Kuess work to Fay that is largely because Tho child reveres the to sea a Little follow quit his play Kii Denly and run and Lay his Little red or yellow silk head up against his adoring is to stands on the sidewalk watching is if not Joaquin Miller in Chicago on Thi tin dont if notary men Cut Laud Cuckler Avo All on trs loft at Trio californian office will Niv ivc Mhoon flour nov attorney a at Montgomery a san Montgomery Kroub 87 and dr1y bid conditions of then they fall into a Mullish the Iii no Peru Mir of the natural color of Tho Ator the color of the Rosu was left and a Lorte Ruby was put into the the reflect Lon from which Gare petals a red innocent hair a Kollien Rose made which Over eight was Orn minted with noveral or tape of certain Inere Kihns Lenir a Iii and health in Cornin incur important which is to presented n value of Over this Alexander ordered one ran by of he Viri than n Medicine Eliuh Iii Piu Ulitin to Urca Tir acuity when no Ani Tonui not vol the kid and h1 Kieril should be highly Mantl Cliplef if of my family i lit u of Yungr Init Teicie a Lent Kun la to ii All Lilit Ilioiu to t Fui us virtue my i Ivlin Iii i it in l twin Haik Lur lion in Kun Arnnld to run Fumii and t lion no chill and till Frie i Dairy Unn nervous Debelll Tomeil men vim Uris allowed Iff i twin Umi u Elvn full with Kli Elno tin Ruluf Khianii Iii Ner Mif if vat Alt and and kind isl fir Many Inthir Ano Maii Liikal no h Illus Lialis with full i Misini Prev by ail Reinik Mich Bur Twenty i a a Nitt crr from of in Hiil and lev of to learn Lulu i vivid Ilia Lihi n Mohi v i Vij Sklya origin lumuu1 ii tar Vav Mir j it nearly francs and another it francs the Golden Rose had Baen Worth and taken the form of a Branch with several a until Whir i has Bucu by the forming Tho oath liking is the Ives which Tho Queen re irent of Spain has Jet received it is planted in a Man Nick evil Silver which is a splendid example of roman the ruse Lulf tube u Symbol of the creator the splendor and Richness of the Metal represent the eternal until which Mirn Muniu the and tin perfumes Nind plies Giro Laceil in Tho vase by the Pup the and resurrection of Christ court a will formed girl of years who is elaborately a vessel three tour times a whose Only Chaperon j Tui tons to be her who walks Tho ver j Nuila of a hotel with the Savoir Fain j of Tho woman of thu who Seoi her bed usually at la who donates j her stocking As a souvenir to her boy Lov and with More self Possession j than is quilt capable of for Tho Best place in Tho Danco Oral the can will grow into the sort i of woman that our would want to Nirry and yet this is the typical Small i quite believe that she comes Usu ally of Tho Louvean for people who no really Koch form do not cast their a Lii Dron upon the dangerous of Public Pirlon in Larue healthful children in picture Usu for they do not need to Only to pleasure to but Kroner of in like an imitation of a is to be frowned upon and eventually driven from because u neither Tor lie present nor Ploem she Proue belter Lor the new York Annot i the tin from Only Ani ital caulk l watch Mihor in All reps Ira in mid Jow ulry Dunt with Notts in is Imd and first class Workman Phlp Noti furniture Belld 1jlh Notri dont go to Tho wrong county maps and bakes yield town maps Ohe Tor 18th uole8aleand detail dealei1in pure Patent physicians and Fol 15y Bucklen t Arnica the in tie Hill 1 Salt Komrs i and Impi ugly la 1 Xvi Lite or ii unit 1ruv j our by Tii ill in Iii j ills the Cuil Oitim of Thoutt Ore sensitive about the of their it Liao be aurally from any fault of their the hair of the Northern nations is Brown and and that of the Wothern nation is Lurk and and every be pirate hair is pm through the two or three envelopes that cover the and clinched on Tho Oiler Northern Kuroki and rare Italy it is much More common in thu North of knit co Ami Italy than in the Mukh of those Llanil nos then simply an no a tint of it is asked is that to Iii Bald and the in ply must not inc Auto he i a or j by he Hud Tho i Fortune Loie Ixion in u cold instead of in u j warm and no endowed with j Tiner hair and a More headed people rather j i pitied thai or perhaps looked a be i up Muro delicately More spirit ii or More ethereal than their san i thu Hub Ime Tir of the Lle liners ure trently Over the Peron of an Atner ican whom inv Lek Nam the Lio but whom they envy according i livid Ual neither More lean lean physician to whom the government at in Ruste i the Illet i of Ovir Setili of All the exported rom e to the i alone will allow them land on according to the mime he is lie lived to receive the round of from Basules u be of of Fisnik from the of every Bale of he the daily number o which is computed at about and the Hillary together would Tow doctor 1111 income ii Mot common in i equal to that of the it in Spain Ami remarkable that thus far Little or nor Hin has Boon heard of anxious competitors Lor by by Iii foreign Vii pianos and organs tipi ii it hitch int koi1lkk 6c san in in All i 1 Nib in Piti to ill h ill tue worthy of h Aytek b graduate in Medicine a 8urqebi the Quirano and oath Loyal Oulu sch of Iliavi Oliuch and Hor Lac Jurji of the Dri tub medical drug 10th Usif 1jtf society k of Keith Lodge of ill proved its Coli ii univ Vul 0 Limu to a Ligure Len i mutation and lion of is i Are Anil l r i u Hai uple Rev jul b Iii the dentil of f Pelm lick Ore permanent cure Troni 7 to Wittu l sole but Brand mid that she bail met at the festival in Sonders 1 was Aston Uhel and grieved to j Rind the master she he looked us right Eye u mid the Siht of his left Eye will soon in aside from an incurable Hils taken hold of his held out bravely Aud con Duci etl thu festival As he Hait in with great pain and Many 1 or Sulamith at 0110 of the the Muster expressed for Tho abbe a incurable it l under Stool u Vork Liy the the of not Sluti Bloss the mans of Many tons of grapes in the North pm portions of where tin Trust Comet Imrij does is much i consists of a wins from parts of the to the on thu Viney Mitil end of the wire to an that a Bel t thai House when the Tiutin Omeler descend a to u certain d when the Bell is let Oil the Ucucu punt of the House know that their Are in danger and immediately recur to the vineyards and Larob in Ditler tit and thus through the Agency of this ingenious elect cil the of tons of Hunt Lucious fruit Krou on the 1acitlc her parts of tin Elev As the Sarsaparilla Sao and ra1 the of Ilove Allie stil tin iodide of Lohi Idun iiilu1 and other your Limo Iii by i intents live ill aim Ilalov fun Tiou ii by Sero Fiilus or la tiie Poi ii of or Tup Ali Vivian of i he in led i who know the of a that ele o Irinod for Tinpui limit t Ion of tie blood it bin of is Utji v Only the Man Whu claims the Ilist incision further nudist editor in the w is who tie ii Maux a Moor it Las Ciui St of in h North who spout Tho year on the Southern Lulf of Luis just Nikii Tersolo in Tiu of the Tow ii will in a in strut on us airy Iii Ivor Pika try n Viii or j Ucler tune Declar Ixl that a mans Char it Tiivel not by the number of hint he Falu but by the number of that he Llu Hin self a informing a neighbor that if her an that Ash Wirtl Ull uth Lui i Only Sihau who eur Joy notoriety b Tho tool Welu when i bit the nest Enny in eminent to the irv Cuury Dpi user in of till remedy it fur i Pii ii to Sims turnip ted blood to attain health and prevent us tin Struc Timmins in thoroughly Lue Lude 111 it Only the removal of corruption Ruiu the Ciprich Iid tin of us vital Del i Adi to Iii Over the Nelli Sulci limit that this Tonui by Liny other do h twin Inch Dis do Usu is mid blood weakened to Linnich diminution of tie red is Iii do by a Kiis tin blood and building up the Ytem require time in but Benefit be a Rcd from the no of Aviks v than from anything ump inc u111 i Dant in Bill the Lia Tood of and pin Ltd a Surtis of the Surlda Ayers pm Levi leu Liv Ayer mass sold by All druggists Price Bix i Fotica Lur the s Ilak of a shout a in now Opi n 10 tie and 11 without it in nil the list iliac a fur a Little recreation in the the Bowling Alley in of in of the latest Anil the shooting gallery also very Trio very beat of liquors and cigars imported and will always lie kept at tin ii and in pit Iii will by a Pard to Jil Eose a n n Jimh just been in i Nie or gain a Nuli 211 if Leeiii 1 if the French liquor store Sou aunt Volt John Trio in lit heir inv in the Pinr lie Bull urn Hume by the Kig or but a Librers All to Ord Torii by mail run aptly attended to the Kern Island ii toilet window Prescript Lonn accurately of lace of and Duel Borgwardt Mccoord 19th in veal and nil kinds of salted Eveni Sikut hoj Mirn ing bin Thork in Good Uta uding invited to Jan Ltd Jiabek o w Neil a every first and think tuesday us ruins of every Vini Tiisik Bro them invited to and i a Htu Tud Imu Tuich on Thor Day of or next preceding the Lull of thu Moon of each a Ken their Hull Ivury Bat ii Rudy Vii tiny und to Broth Inch in Koob Thieding Justice meet at their Hull monday oven Inch in incl we Eli Home made Bacon and Anil everything found in u Firat Olam something Quackenbush safety Cartridge 7 it tilt conto Slilo Jet offing to of american legion of mis to Leonii to Umcil inc Ith Tho obit and third twin Oduy Chi Ringhof Euch i Riith at to Weir Hull it b it 3 band of Hope hand of nicety it thu e Munch ovary Oclock Minn Duvall Width Bowling shooting gallery and Cool Chicago Liber also All inv Orniti Brandh of liquors and april 19th by Goteh Caubit Lavils Anh Hazule Hormor for Hin Anil alb Hay and Crain for the very h length of 33 j about 4 Noo Oruie regular Uli or Loag and Short the rifles Are to Quick to oper and reliable in every the Are accurately and can be instantly detached for packing or carrying in a Small the workmanship Anil finish throughout Are the and each Rifle is thoroughly tested before leaving our Send for our ill unrated catalogue which also shows our air Blair carpet foot Pucka Anil Book ass Ocie nearly All of these goods Are Well known in the Marcta of us address the by 7llu Blacksmith and Harcot opposite Adobe Hubli All kinds of now work Iii hip airing done on Thoi l horseshoeing a 1ricun the Bowcut and Hiir Luction upr25tf give he a Chester bet express and Poi Toffice it Complete Dock of Tinin on of first Siutu work Zutl a Perl Cal ainu cleaning Call and my mock whore Ratlif Jelin tin m no walk advertisers can learn the exact Cost of any proposed line of advertising in american papers by addressing newspaper to Spruce new tend or Looi Uye
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