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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Nov 27 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - November 27, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern november 48 Calt Fogaa a be and it Ifni i an ancient 8alem published every saturday and Hii tar advirti9ihc 10 p it Tail i i to Jolt intr Mai to t r in l in r a prof late Kau Kaim it now Ivri the of the kingdom for yearn loin to in Acari to he n Iriquin i of Hono Giu and unil to pick up at Liy if the want r f front d re i Fallt Natl i Moti f Hal no f for u profoundly Gillih in up to Krim i bait 11 in i held Iii err the i Rno i i up out of r i by Turoni in Pur Tully Bur Jam Fri i Folly Orlana they rally and u win in Wal Nfn of inti people with proper m Lium Mem Laird a from the Iii Fly to furl win h Trade i i i would inform the p if vib i i pub Heliat i thin hotel and am dug Dukel Ilin Pluer by la Aero tanning done in Tan under to that Tho men Eire mail to the however in rough Are lie of Tan the time required by or make leather of raw Hariw in from Itro i i six the Hedw come to a flit i i u View Salem by Tow Spur tracks take con in no them o the Verj War of tiie 1fiiri front which your Cor i respondent in we were done up envy Are bundles of each weighing about 13 i Jinn while an Ordinary american hide or i rovers in Uria of seventeen or eighteen gel his Iii in were dried and into v but i n it v to lmm1es and bound with rows Honre i r flu Rhi Pinnt theim her ii 8tb first put into v Tii i inn it n Neli am remain Nix j or at reasonable will not Virven o tin or when when they Are taken out ind and put into the Lime Vatel filled with Lime Only n ill there they remain from to Viiar Oiler Kiln in a d chm never ten they Are then Minn ont and until i it uni Tirril and Isreen the Bolik off on nne Side and parti t i tiie method of removed from the other the next course is to put the hides into r ind and then Mill them to soften them after being thoroughly rinsed in clean an put into the amt put into a vat is a Strong liquor made from with around bark sprinkled Between Ezrh sixteen Days Here fit them Tobo be Wiroj Erht out and ind away for lifter which they a Lavod and to split hide Dix not min to ii from one a Titi to the but professional a to Okeya t Jacobs i f c 1 Yori i Livi if or Hihi i r in o the r my i re o the great an cures neural la Imti i at la kill tilt i ii id1 ii l Liri Currie tit Kott n Mivill pm try from Onito two about in the spilt in at Jiu in in r eventually curried like Otner v ally 1 l a o r r a o r in he in tin if Hinl i is jul largely for Bucks up Lettini in done by nil i111 Vry Dany Irous Kerry few the records u smashed i hand or broken firm from Tiauw of this att the hide Kocs Ait la Jour once Rei my Jill s i to i Heon lil legally Ilner in Lulu bin imn 1 Lempel vim to m i f i to Rel the fin ii r performed by Willt i til i Lovieu i i n 1 k Feltri i Iliili or n i i hint Tony Well i i in l knit i n ivt11 us i Ruvii h Iii f 11 f in 1 y 1 i a the for he find Al m w in of the r a no her r f m i c i e r Lur in the noun i in Titi a a in i e i by Iii in in Tom i u l 1 pro vat mind n n Nilo inn in Opuni to i c i Cotini Punim in of re Venn i in n run Al of no1 i trim him ii in Miu of ii u u i i i Lul or in Itrie i r i i e Kulij in i 1 Wilh lie i ill bin in c with it 11 i in i in e i i i p r n Hollly Iii in trip Ilie world he n bul for which by the Cor Oil on inn in i i if Ilu a Lull Wilt e in it mine Olla of the Kellk 1 i in ill f Orosi Iii Jin mid the sum Bud i i d i Ella j t v nil i f in d by in no i i Icli 1 i 4 will to 1 c Wiilis l by k is n hair Yil i i 11 Imam l i in i of lie i Lew i but to one it Rani n l Lulli Lucuil lira n Tilli u n to loud of Kiv Mcm of enteric in mid Ami i i to inno ii Iii Blind Ginier Ilo Maiuu lit Tulau in the of i my hi1 to whom it belong it it orly jew Mie Usu i ii in in Ami exist us in ii i in nil 111 Enins i quid a i uric in 1 i k in wit of n i i Lulo Niy a in u Iii inti ii l1 n tile i lie i Lei nude us o Llulu 11 Nii i am i l in or n in it m Wier t in not n Lollor of i i is on this rail or Porvin ill lot and the i Lio Wharfi u of up ii a n i 11 i a Cal i or out of tic this time but it few j 1 n inc i n Atilin Uii i Newny for thirty in i i it tinned w Shiuli t i p1 to the j i v Tan int Aid Armaini tin or twelve o u i in to inn i the end of the Tenn him i bin done m thik county no Kirkon Undt Stairl Hie of a hoti1 in Purl of the country better than i 1 rooms in Galtes Fine and Uig the the h of resort is Iii Nymn to the and Iii with out n Dmit tin place for a Little recreation in Tho the Bowling Alley in made of Maple and in of the tent and the shooting gallery in Alno very the very of liquors and cigars Mph raid and will 8lwayn be kept at 1 Tini and he Kaiim ill be poured to please my a Alir Pitinii which jul been a Law Orau which 2fi i flirt no fim vhf the French Chestor Ibali vvm10le8aleand retail dealer in pure Patent and toilet window prescriptions accurately Oftie of and Doc Walters 19th i a Lini and when l he f nine out tin Buirk s t this time Tiluy 40 into the currying i on j tin 1 i t t i lie birr can Itin anti Ely Ilistine business from Anil few men h one m Ever know i ill tile ill Llull ii r Iii rut Only one ii Fisi Ami Latiin a and Lilii hic Niv u in Tut Lirk majority of a Linn till Illyn Iti i us ten Yuri i and ii other firm and curries them into leather Tim us Lii you Uli and the Thev into leather ii incy do thu work Lor other Pur Ai i i i i i or tanning leather is n very ill to and in Prohn Bly not in i a i and t Olio have worked at Iii to in to r a tune they not troubled Ufi Ivil banking business in in Kiili r r ale m it m now f eci ill Hli 11 i n a a or Iii Ejim Over i i i i i i u i f i c i 1 11 i i i n l 1 c it i i Tina in arts r v to ilia1 ii r i Ietter v tic Chi Rich to u i i i by be Mil this Sims almost Ini i Liy Ceil Isle in in who us oink the nth i u inn i for the ill time mid j i in iniirniii1 Mill i Tiodor from the old the i in Ulm lunges from the do but Al and Lin holes in Lucli Iii t in Iem waste and origin in j in in the Tarent of j Pikeiii of or i in Linn in h of ten it Dysput lie loin i a i in Ion nil i Eivich Ali Bruin i and Stonnie in of tin j loin in it in Witonis of u state of is a disturbance of ich Ruil on All Linda of on liquor store k a ont Volt John o the int now in the Nihro flu Mil Hill thu name Liy thu Kcf or but add nah nil Oril Irh in Orilen by mail Penni play attended the Kern Island the building and Fuji Nisuke of this hotel tin tirely Lien Aiu o better can to Hurt in Thi special Chii be nude of Oard and Roumou for a curtain length of for jobbing Anc Ivin prompt i lit july mtg Duvall 19th Bowling shooting gallery n 11 have n in from Uiligi Kal mrvin tin inv Yori it and you n i Pili Brill la to tin i Reily a most re ill ii loot note i Illi Ilu Ille for Hie poll Proie is it Chi stoic Rich which is far prefer Clark is not Abb to Mineral sedatives and powerful i or though thy May for 11 m inv n tinn exert a to politic upon the i Ilii Roii to and Iii variably exact at Rorry imia injure the ton of the Iti tiling you or or and on the Slor activity to j it arc fun to lieu l Viii of unit nil in Portigul onto in inform Button a ironed in j from and a Iran Juil the j to arc inn or Kil a or let hear from Tler Iii ours Olink u Lajuett and i Okoh i with Over boo a whole picture univ Khz Vivio Lenule stir act to on All Tor or family Liow to lit p i i c s u i i 1 t ill c of Oil to i ii i in 1 of tile t in i ii i i i a i i it e Illet Oil is in 1 a if be i i l t n 11 111111 m Many in ear in i to ill i Montgomery Ward 227 a 221 inv i 1 or in air Iii n to the Inion of the liver Iii Nilli and i he by its i j to the Farmers of Kern 1 y irs the a Lucli c Dill Champion in with i although every Tii Jonil fiction of new inst lire made to Rene Ubu the Luck yes Are and Cool Chicago lager a Coall liquors and cigars Aprl Union own anti feed Statle 19th and baddy Horsen Alwynn ready for animal broke to Hay and Grain for thu very boat h twin foes to life n ire indigestion and c if they i their primary symptoms Are test i nothing Ini worthless Mot minor Iii limn ii l lir meals 20 Beds 28 i the City bakery tone hid if taif non be where from Reural Etui Ulm Bah he and will by delivort1 every Itiat tsim Chester and Deal Ell i All kinds of w to Toxey and Counselor Law Alvin k and Counselor Law a to Torksey at office uk8teu next door to notably gun Trul land Califon iian cd Ciler Are Bounty All orders info it Tho Calico Bun of tick will receive due jiil17tf Mhoon flour nov attohney8 at Montgomery a san f Montgo Myrv Jiromi 87 and physicians and graduate in Medicine a Sun teeny i f the ii Coith and if i Lio Yii Callegori of soil rur Meu Dierof the Drilich medical 1jlli episcopal Uuk society k of of Loir ten Ninnat in Jun Bio Thorh in to Uta Diuk mired Jun Ltd Sakek g w inc Etc firm and third to Oduy Evi Jiuu of every Yii Titinik Brol Hurn invited to Carriage Trion Nimi a plebe Call and no Minim my Mooon and lie fore no Duik Borgwardt Mccoyd 19th jul veal and All Sincli of salted 1 am ii Voll Jiu Brisli 111 ii half kill to the i air 4y pm it our a tier user cannot of fool to sex i nud u hot of result int in machines unit pay from mutually each other Loi in privilege of fining no f or Hilie Ali t and assail it the Liolu iliac Linery of Ami but he can of foul sour coir and 5o6 Battery Kan Kend for end fell cd Ftp undo Linn climate Ull Mil Tobun an improve knot i Climit e n Mower troed a Ohlhous plent of Ensy Rem Der i i t mad it w1 i import or Export to Huitt i City a Iii Miu in it a Aceitu a from eat n in i i i in rid ii i tit Tor l h in in a arc in calf my a incl Lily Kle to u ii i Ianis Edjir of ant Lor Kern j thu stomach and i i i j a thorough purgative i of your for is Tho limit Iiene Eshita for Terrill it the time it reach Neil j then the cathartic must be niacin at i Kleiv of i Ijas us gently a uen Imd at the Smie tune the o and Lor the hum Ulm stomach must be and a no m i at Lunt i in in world uni Urdell 1 to my in n 1 114vp Stallk ii1 Urio 1 to i a tilt to lilu1 1 i Btl 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ruin Tell Tir no Yalu Jolo of 1iahvky Mati Kwh Conilio they Hpe Elal Acpal null of the highest Bowling Alley Conro agents Edward Aschermann and to 4 cd ruled meeting on Thiim Dar of or next preceding the full of Tho Moon of Ucli Kejun Meol at Tuler Hall ovary sat urday visiting and to i turning Brothern in a Tjok meets at licit Hall Mon Dij even Inyim in each week of my Kubican legion of mi8 Letim Council Ineth the amt mid Bird Ali Erdity Tver Ringhof each month at la Iii Mil at band of Hope hand of Inlet it in the e Church Chi r Huu my it i Oclock Mich Blacksmith Street Opp Quito Adobe All kudu of now work and Kepi Siuy on Short i i in f tit air i you the Iii us Ike Luvi l ii a t Uil i Man by a Little m i i r ii Uin j cd i us u if of to Liem i i i Curt for Uil tic it a tit will i to Yin it oms and of w m invt ii a All the motion of the in idols Well Itic Pitsti Patio an by Aykes nil for the of digestive by Long Continuo one or two of filler will do Morin Al fijian any Hisiu leading physicians concede thai a yaks Are the of All cathartic urdu and inane Pra coition Chris o Battery san Francisco Laniuli Central horseshoeing a the Lotut and Butiu Faucon Sounra Oteta ajir25lf give me a Iio Minerly with rial won or tin Kinnu Unich to cathartic j teas Glade chanok8 the Iri Veling that the Boune Erv Altot s in thu Wil u a a h p avers of a rehashed by t i Ayer analytical for Sale by All firs class hotel and solicits in manner to meet the of nil it Iid u tiie will to to Palud with All inc intr Ket and Thuri fill y1hv a Hayluo or in Milume fin nil d in the Ofca foam of it leu orkis i Lefurn nihed Jan Olf advertisers can learn the exact Cost of any proposed line of advertising in american papers by addressing Rowell 1o sprugo new tend Lor
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