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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - November 20, 1886, Bakersfield, California 2l Kern november Bounty i he of Caine habit published every saturday publisher and k i in of Hli in i a Ninon it in for 10 Cri Vitoli flan id l 1 1 i i of in i4 of pain for it i tit to iraqi Kwiw m of mid on inn the fit i o Hill is a t to Loflen an he in Yoi knew How the mint in what Are inv Cut it in the Nihti tuntion or Corr Ever it Rulh liver and kid in half u und Tinck c dlr Letlon the padrone the in that Padroni in an of Iii Elyj who Haa already Ixon in la much Kol in Usu d i it Wax who railed Atten Tion of la to the Infin Jum to mlle of it Allun children and Bra Nklan Tiptn in this Conn j done try in nerve and like fun the Smimo of u con venation with the other i Juillon wan uni Pic Leone Nelll to r Krentz than of Are in tired from Italy him Lutr the of of Budin und n ill Der than they in their niuta with of finding any of Flovil in i my in thu Luiu Wool re i to allotted and f poet l Solil oni to Chijin of becoming h in it Yturry abort if they Bav not the Money to pity their to America it prod for them by the bind which in described at of the Etarl Tault and wine Volant inti till slut 111 Thi world Kin n fir Annuli on their Hen they arc put to Home with u Dan int to furl or ii them Itell i Phi while thou Tel who urn red ill in Lam i do anything an put hair in their Nallen which had form them in i thin Onu try in order Tomt this Ramiy not utterly they i Piny the part Blind to t1ik rail info what they Iii tin Way of Liollia Tell Ken of by it ill kit Tlly lire Lui Ift far Lodzik inn loud into Thror a Iliin am upon with hint the und in Dull of Kim t jail pin the or Many of he Mithu arc Thun ii Riino of Banc n leading Phy i Tan who h it of Thimbl Ca Vav tin i i Many i i Hall m we Tell r nifty Kyfor cruids1 Man to he u a Merui Fui Man that nil thou but Wii say l Ihns Nind with every Comfort for hone of tied Conven Lenarc for h the or in id me when 1 vis ild Krunk Worth Equino Palace la that to b pro Money in Mich n non or stable u com but it n Ulo in Harmony Toiv of which it is so be Cesry an tic it Bible for Lermy rec from but it ted with every Comfort de a Roble the Beautiful what n it would of nil dairymen to Hugo their on Anil a Clit m Hli u i litre plenty of running Tutei at a Little Creek to Niluben to run with multifarious la in Many and Wuu the Lull la the inst perfect briny Vilt the trough in the water runs Simund the milk Ycek ii of tile and thy water through it Aith of the building of Lute hint and i Nover Haw anything or Stueler 1hiia Delphin French i t in toll Trif b flail Dell Public hint i a Vul a took Skya hotel and Atn i Conilio Tiisik it i int str Tenn an unch Uver been Dune in thik crusty v i Mai Logiud ii Lle i wiil in Oil 1 tie of h hotel part of the bitter Lnu i i 1 have Yrtti Lect it rooms in Galtes everything Isth Llou Satikas Deal Klein Tinl if in tin Iid in Dunt i Daniol a ii Iii i1 Filleul la Pele e 111 ti1 hmm of tie King if of and i Lar Tiki v of who ii now i would Yoi mind oni Rii Ider of your it 11 i i n in in j i it of i ii la ill b in i i have Trca Tii nver Fiat tits in loll Iliili f b Millili i v h Hill i for n to Iii of Thi in of til in old the in verily in in Bud Htiek in or i in old in of hardworking life Hal never i act to a senti flail Ilfin Hud comfy to him and Anil i find never it h hut when four of has to lunar boys went Awn to the Rainy Nikii found his inv in their and the r of jollity t Manh Hall they were Mir prised to Hoij tour blown and in Many a trying the remembered that old mail from Catarrh thai Day in i fruit in tart and and lived in do Linini Tiari the pm Talmia life that should have Connin him i 11 ii the who i a tiring the War id cures Kikto at 4ni 71ik in aide crea7blmcatawrh n Lucail Hay i he 111 i u 11 me via i tilt lint m but in 1ielion inter Ocean everything goes Wronn Tell sell 111 i i Linni Lorili of Elbert Itman ii t in in n Musi Lii Iii m in i 1 i r e Nie it it it t i in i i their of n found i Lii which tin Iii Hay fever into each jul icily a a tie Lis Lin a plied into Neh in i Iaeli i Nile to Ile 111 Board by the Day or Vick at reasonable Pino lip Inch and at the the this of it Holly is Linw Njie ii to Trio mid in n Dpi it tin mat Puou for a Little recreation in thu the Bowling Alley la made of Maple and is of the lit test und the shooting gallery in very thu very Bitol liquors and cigars imported and will Law nyx kept at j the and in up Vijh he to please i my a new Al traction whip re ban been in a Organ which Plath Chr Teri it feb fit the French liquor store pure w 4 Anh Patent toilet prescriptions acc Rotoly Ooi Crof and Walters 19th t1hk Imil Dino and Sci Init Skol thin hut til in entirely new throw Ihunt in no better Eun be Lii in Thi pc Iii Cim i Niile Loi Hourgil and too id Tor u certain i mid Roll Len i u n trait met i Iii it in by 00 the k id ii Ivy mid in t l on in 4 unit f i be a troyed it u then up i i Hii tin Lohli to wintry Are of the criminal Parent that no ire Chi ill be lower of Luthin who i nine until a Lii in till be o the i mtr Clianna i Puli Hinnent in vie the in Fui i of Ivins to Invar Drouil Iii that they Are lire of exper and oni u of tin minnued and Ulii Tawny fran in Estinv wit i ii known bunt mind t Homrig to Ihmi Ime Klu Vum to and the of thue u of body Hie ii 3 who in Ali i4 Whin i i nil by thu picture Liberty of yonder j through following Dell Erin lines which j i inks Picen Thor urn Ojomes we of Theo of that tin Iii ont no Tulili j tin which is to on for who 1mvr to thin ii utry ii i i i to f this a Milt Wiloh Ilia Vius Point in Ulm of Cthery the to lung Royit Jilin inform Hon i air Lizur Kiln of the to the Farmers no Kern i ill Rax or crypt of 1o to Lar Fry r tent live tin exp Chise of in liner from or Mil n Fok John it prot inn i i 1 ill the Hoad fin Iii Aimi Tunal he will Bull tin by thu or Bot conic i t Henu Iii Runn in old re Tolch ill ref All orders i jul in Ali v d by l impair ii i company Hail in for 1 tin taunt Wuh Mir inn Pnat this urn lit work the Mortn of i Havu mild that Many of ilium worn f i we do not to pub criminal clan Kwh of j Cai unit w Lii in Iri of limit to Lois in Trio District Jull i own it i Cath for one of private inn Atli Fathor in Italy a Vav Anniv cur or n ii noted wlm i Iii jiul Bacn arrest cd at Iio Kij Misc fill flush can oter Rhent ii jul nut in Ynn Havo 1 Carml without Usi the j although them in your City of in Al acini abit in and in the i lie an nth Tir in they urn j 1 ver und Trio habit la Kilimi Atli every mowing Mai Iii very vein will 111 l i if which me mud to resemble tin put to All Ken diff you think them up in if free Mower in they pave but Thoy hold in a in disk that i ii it Tiu Nanio but or who Luin that which hold tin inv a Wipt Trual i cannot i lord to in Uip or in Thi Chin of Uin it u and pain edit in Piid Pic you know they with but in spoil in i Ike Many the for the Primik of Doin pm lil of Ali file Jiuu condition is i mud tonriili1 Len f i Ulm but lie run Trow the Liore Are in i Iii for n enl at ird in buy an i fun Kiml in tin oily of now York la n i in v Uri Ulitt proved u Cal Cairo the Khoii Tiht Iovini Over liitle Ortii test to the Best yet m it the me with it in Una Iii to i Hie and pc d i my country drop who Thow Blsir Nln and Wincn 1 Luigi mail Montgomery Ward 7 pc Ujj to bulb nov 1 or no mistake Roplo and Lime think the a lion italian tuition Juit Loki Toniu Komo ii Ruthn Iitto i u list tar to the of Italy on this Clevus Cuil i lie Irlvy Ivor fun idiom d in Iiri d condition of tin Cpl i1 1 i1 the i in of de and to 1 ii of Iii till i w ill lint i 111 t ills ii of it Tiluy i ivol site lie Ali in old in old in old t it pianos and organs and on f Ordi Tii by Miil Prii ineptly utter uld of the Kern Island meals 23 Beds 25 the City bakery is Noti Uhitil to the Idi Iive where in no Reinl Eun uhf Nam be und will he every its relieved of the of of Dili cred an jail ring the Othir in before the Abc rec us of the ref Hurlo Nair hours Ernst Ait lil that in n Lino rain ult sixty car the annual if were would be an of Murli can an Nscott of civilly around Onn b run to lev a am it Tor a will to from from in Mac is and if and i ital Van be very in Olahjr j j Wuhl noun ii ii in t pm him own m m too thou i t the ext Unnik of w flu mlle atthe Las Nore j in Impi Antici of a inv Lind Rich of he cuned it my i All nver tin unit 1 i Rico ii in Wilh i used i fltaqhi1 half of 1iilm and it Vuil a rat x v 1 1a 01 my Lithe san Isact la real Ali in Lii inti after to a tin Halm h and i n nettle n p 11 i l lilt of tin l i 1 Troi ibid with it my do i Ottle of Kiy Liliu did my is fully u excitement in i and All tin other Calim i j Send Lor Smulo Duvalis 1jth to w la Nti ainu a shooting and Chicago lager a Noall fax Orlitch by Midbon liquors and up Raj Union Linn flu feel 19th Cash Jaoes and Saddle horses ready for Anim Ulii Ortac to Hay and Grain for the very bowl ii Costor and dealer All kinds of of n formerly k to Ami when tip Diboll shul Luly in in i t f a f new it n in i ii Vii my to tvs i u u i in i 11 11 pm i i i it i r by n full for let a of or thin a thut to tune i n two of Amoul paid to Hlin by Trio country Boon we or Tor our for Etlou mall Oil Tel thai Ihnn Dunno or run be raid in Colnitis the Iliof car Maui hta Tulei Lor Low of ilium tile it Imine h imy my ice own us cd Coho by in for till it tons of Tbs of a u Trio and Only in by i Ven Nril of the in in Ali la Irrin in 1re of nervous debilitated men tin no l Kings evil was the Zamft formerly of Alvon to scr Fula of i Thill it could be i cured by u kinds twin world la Ulm knows that scr Fula can Only by cidred by i pair Lipa Tion of the if Liis is its taint through its earlier developments up i u Miliru limit Sci Vorih Iii 1liy Skal if allowed to con so Romulous kidney and i uber Cirilar and Varl Riih other or Luteal Are by Cariap Tri Kimii 4 repair Iii a Call can Jimmy go Otic am Price Hoford hindi Milf la Borgwardt Mccord 19th Alvin inky and Kern at of fit in is Kii in it Dii Cir to Mattson y Crid climb tar Are loan to All Ord in left it office ill receive line Mhoon flour nov at Mont Domey san Wal a san f Nice w2 Montgomery Ito Nib 87 Mil Why simians and v Kui Joev Ivi Anil i the ploy ii and Sun 10 until a Lilllie Knib Opul it their ovary Wod Wii sojourn Brothers in hound Iii i Nollert to Jan Ltd Haskeil in w a turd Hlll Llly Jevery Dion pro Thorn invited to b and a h on Ali aranday of soon of Man tied in Consumers beware veal and All of salted at their Hull Cury Bat Irik pro Thih in Htu Diug Home made Bacon and and everything Finizii in u a Kkt at their Hull Mem Iii evening a in each week of Amk Isican i Filon of Mih coi Ineil Incela the first and hint tuck Lily i i ii Nyhof Inch Aio nth at their Mil lit band of Hope hand of f at Iho k Church t Oclo Cli Mich Intel there which Ilcy earn to nor it at our Ion in of not Behoved tha is of of them 0 the nurgi011 Toural of the Urov i Mann who not i Diomand sum when and m d my Oil tilth and thu luf while keep or the some of r i in in Loury tin arc inv wind t no Init invariably in an or l Maic by evil other it u not More in Cunin while und Liei Iii Thui it troll lag i Ito fend sir t i the of d in Briti mtg m buckle is Arica thin Tler Salt Ayers Sarsaparilla tire of the and old Pace in i i n ill Ilii in i Mauhili tie leu Niue hah the ill on till tin tinting in i Torbyn Little i airs hrad Hobby in Kaptuk a Bank for i i i have f i f v t vie Hll Odd n civil Iii i h Ivi of Man us nut to Jim their mint Lintn who p Ami How much have you Kot a lobby Tutor Twilva or i plied Lark Tiiu Idiol the of King new of thee is Gnu to Utu Atod sixth thre Miles from of the Pinr of Ami with the rvs Iuria it m runt Al Iii Lorl if ii Tor Hix ill Kutni conc Minotu which Imph that in the of the Ator blink minium Earth would i rum to to Salt an Ida tue Over the Liidi thir of univ a in i to Thi Arnii 1 by Lelih i that t Ali ii a i in Cir Iii int re liitle i is my elect m i from the so Sivin Piliro diary null the Kindred of and at the mine time it in Rickii and Ula Lizes the rest Orlik healthful Arton to the vital ii jul the Luton thl Sircal Uil you Are regenerative Medicine l is of Trio to Millie Hnnry Lurnis Wii i yellow nut the of and and Oiler of for cat carefully and Iciedell icily Corn its Forninia l Gerrall known to til find the Best pm Nitani constantly prescribe avek8 i a Chester bet express and Post office i u hotel of tin of Lyle of Murii Ntreh Lirett club world und perfect also cleaning Ido Langsand repairing fall i mint Ziy Stock before Piir Chimi Satin Lution ran Neil m no jj10lf upon in Art not on the to Mati Ikus Coneo agents Edward act Kennann n Moon s i in i 11 w the uru at u m e m the o ire nid ire Tell a Zimmo l t i1 i it i cur Tim r n i linn1 Little by i i r time in i s absolute cure for nil Cli Seises by the Vitia Tion of tin it is to the i Recti Cailo fir beyond any in duration for which like effects in and i therefore the the Blix cd purifying Modl in the Ayers 518 Battery san of Central Blacksmith Nin Clemuth Street opposite Adobe u table All kinds of new work ii jul he pairing done on hrs tvs Ichii g a the hair function onaran Ltd give me a Joel and 5o6 Battery advertisers can learn the exact Cost Rillah of till j r f i m Hiot any proposed line of the that the lib inc j 1 advertising in american will u an a firs class hotel in Iobine i f time 1nruci Luis wears he Briwn Titi f l Iti inure and curl air Hutto Ivul Iron re us so the if id in in Neil York r come Tuuu to Bijj Nick a positive 1 i a Fri 1 Alii in Ayer and in a manner to meet the nil Rte 7 addressing r Alt Ideiil Chen Iisak 1 ill unit Clunan near Imi Winn Lubie will j 0 for j Cucui j i n run Uzular d All the 1 Ivow cil of j by All Price for x 1 irn Piri ten no for Konrich or in Are fin nishid in the Utu and a Dvortsina Juniol Encl luf Ijo Liiro
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