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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Nov 13 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - November 13, 1886, Bakersfield, California N Kern november county Tali wornian published every Situ Roay Horning t dining in publisher and h in in v r r the Yankee h h of the a Standard in every City now is the of of it he principal pit rfcs Public the reports of the for Many rents the Griir Lix was to european Rimes album in in r new and by now the perfect Lin which Phoum Uhos the have or Lucid make their up u r lion a inn Fer of such blk Fht Tomt i every City its publications of a their and few travellers through n Rita of n r i hoist themselves of Ini you one of and i Joir Vel of the formerly such in in r if Iii and even of it i its now Sells for professional Victor from Only and do ill und orig Batik nationality can i ii inc Rivi would Milf i for non jul b Ifer a r Jii Iii it in of by lab into to ii r of our ii Iii t nil i ill tie in h ii r of they re in of i Weingl i far i Tony fur Mirll to d la Tel into in struck any n Iid e to could he the Rev i in our and Mihov of Lulf a mile of i i i litre Nielli Ihl rtt i Hir each air 11ii known to our out to Reiji n Neul troll old a 10 in tin Loo 11 i ii i Iii n i n men Iverc the res of u in Mii it were 11 m i of he Lyderal Ai i of due who i t Onia Nihlson h and i pie Lino i Ivich Eliude to i he of he i and by Loo ini4 Lold to make in ft1 i i n the i alld w lie ii 1 Cut d t lie of i w i i Edd ice of Loia o an i Noil i Liaty Taien 111 Ali Lull Lor i i Iii 1oki i n 1 in ill nil ii i left the t Camp before i he Al failure of the have never inor predicted of it Hilton Ilid nothing mor i with it mid turned hit to the on i More prot table work of the no Well Kunce been such a the trouble it Tant i for with the Phonon graph Tomt the tin i f foil nah Mil to take the in differ Tlona the Findl of the Musil Waves deep in the Coin to the machinery talk loudly when at he it Totne in Mot the phone id Ruble or wire very b old in Horn of n pit landlord h head of tin it that immunity is not built More on h the t he basis of t he Detroit r of ii Joreh the Horton Post says that a salary f t a year is deemed in anime return Milch of it Are f in on to Tea with Bull of id Jacobs cures i in ill am i m f Ali the Noti Utill san dont go to the wrong county maps Bakersfield town maps Fok by the s Deli Hotfil Ilace of ilk sult ail Roku in Chester 18ii w att Okky and i i u o i Erinn Natin Nof Cirii ii appl1 one of the richest Ehu Rrahim in Boston for in of i or Nathl of Trio very lir also Sny that recently oin of the Foremost in Amori Cri Eltred twi a year to Piny Tinor Misti in a j Rich new York and he replied while could earn in much that driving a a treat would not Cal link by offer pounded s with and Vii Louif m ii at runts the on run looked and up in Vine ult i Lori f and fowl a number of Kun Roiann Botaniel i Komi of with Hud to believe Tomt tin n of tin inn May will nut Man Iii Reneddy until ii Fier they have Ltd Mure i not to ind a looked Ciolll e and Oiler Ileri Idun House of in hic Are exported Kiu Ned n world wide the v of the i for Beer a Alii d a of so i v Wilh Carp and for in Lineti Ali of Heel is in and Shiv need favorite duh Amonti Kalte Lialene cold liver Kalte Camleh hold the tort place known Vii Ohenio Olvid in Mealun cold i which there in herring Ltd Mill and with and the same Friom observation ii made in relation to tin 11 everything goes wrong in the bodily Iii Chunien in Lilii Ali out i o the Cei Tain to lint it Irisy to prevent and f i i love t by a course of which in Hiliary Iiri aii and its i lie Direel is a of beneath Hie Libs and of the la lated look of i and Wiir odor of the which Tiomi n regular habit of body aug secured by the Timof this Consumers beware thre Are of the old Pace fill on till tin Pllis Deli Hotfil Ilace of l in now open to and Iii Itliong Dmit tin Lintt Pluck fora Little her in tin the Bowling Filley made ii Riple Nti ii iof the latest mid the shooting gallery is very thu very Best liquors and cigars imported hid will ii ways lie kept at tin i mid in pains will he spi ired to Plean my a Pitt notion we Iii in Pitit he Lii is u Lurk orig ii whale i huh diff event Piezen aka self in pure Patent toilet window Mccurn Tolx onic of and decl Walters 19th the French liquor store Alvin 4 thou nov and Counselor Law Kern a tto Kinky at Olk Aci knt Koi John Lient Hee Inow in the nor the Niimi by or Bot s i which Landes of of visor to the of Lorn where Low Al i be Nildes of Home of Ond n Ihn Ilia Ileal Vienna is verely the higher hotel by and it Sikit Lipil i been toe ret Kirn of with whom appetite War ii la Loimil Eliout Ali place i Mim Puon of wlm in a matter of Nairn pm in Niini Lier thai it was to the average Herll nit in huh hint i Likht pass mid Inion Nimit of wine u guided in irely by the Iii nue Wax the fart that on i h bottle and the Cal on the Imo of our jul Betti rap lured and work held on Noth Liik but Hie would the mine for dinner at the Iiri Nripal to nui1 and Hole p ii to the Farmers of Kern fur Twentyfive years the her key the Are not on the tin tuition with every Ino Winc Nia Chii although every year a i ill dinner can production of Iyoki i tie Nuhemi Resmimi i h Are inn de to the the add ref nil to on Erti by mail promptly attended the Kern Island t1ik Liu Ilino and re Hnatnik of thin hotel is entirely new throughout Neil no better Enn he in this Chii lie made Cut Boito a and rout ii for u Corti in length of meals 25 Beds 26 i the City bakery in at nerd in Trio a live when Frens bread Emi us Onyx he and will he deliver i every Chester la Kwiye thai a could b made inter i j in they prove aft r in n Iii pm of interval would hid the Wesl urn till to be tint in Irwill the to Mitkin Man die Lor j a turnier cannot to with thu turn lit of Public at j in Moxim no chins and on to Ninny that John in scr made these n without can be j privilege no for the he lit s Tinl in rope Broun irid Sevonty live cents and and but he can i in the Baliol lion 1 within to Lite lire i Indrele of expensive Din j to buy an improved foot i ill make no mistake of i by be ii Over 0111 Canic ii Iferd in if Dent Hud the ale of the u a la t Uii birdied but a of wind an i Lack i Iio 1lai in in and an excellent Din Imit even be Nuci Nuil Hinr for Wei in live Al til Lilc Imp pm lint yemeni Fly of this ii a coloured came Iii Nir to drop to the or Alnuti at my Leet i out the or t who i i and i to the nil i Iii stepped i had i had la Tai to Lii Loon a u i to t but in i Rcv i match from in Mobil h in e a a Sigil i11i 111 b till Iii i and Hli Outi d at you but d y t fire the i Bill he Depril cil 111 f o the men Snihir null u and prudence to me t in olt Idle i had he Lenl of ii i out of the five ii i what ii aide of l ii won in Var to Clear up plans to Shvaro it Milli Rith Ertry to the t o or e n the t of ill ainu and fur added to tie Lori of in indeed military Mil itis to the in t incl proved by a j5 vet Init to i the vet lit the Llu Price of m a for kith 1 pianos and organs Duvall Bowling shooting and Cool Chicago i gee nil Favonia Iran dhow liquors and v j i task v i d i an paper Able in i the ii Dver i them in i Eon mend ill sax Tive for a u Low Send Lor till Mif i l for ten year und in an nine to Prieor of one of to nude a Botto Illuv tall rant a Ilell Llotd at i m St Iii he Call of the Bidden store and had the feat till of ill ill 1 1 tile by i 111 Llor Lilii Audi inv of a ii jul Coin about j h the Pio Pirty of the an holi Bulc i lot 11 to Drury of the Are around of the numerous each of which i a but to All he ent i aii Wii re Ami Impi j the then Buti Kinin the o Favoro Ortune in i liver and St stable Fanti Nokk and Saddle in a Luinys ready for animal frolic to Hay and Crain for the Vei y 11 til of in Iofi Trio interest is in Pine no of the i o ii tuck us h a i Xiii till Wile n in o a Mutry no Ninny Jirs Tun nil in love in a i they Viii u i th1 there is ill mily Ini Iii Liu ill but f Mill that und Truls Lor Ciuk till to sure in in either one us in Lite air in hum i or in und Ever tin Iii Ivov Lor their while j Ijar tur in j ii it u positive ii will inn the Mouth to the an a Milt Uny and Ever of Liin Nind of co Iusi every one is utilised to i and to show invite n ate Ini of Suilun u you t cell of trial Aiu Enoile the u in Jold Coin Nick it Down j nervous debilitated men i allowed u free of Mould occupy you of until 4 Oclock in the not Cunikin and with Al citric Yon to until Tui it Ildy Rechif mid Prim int of i you must up mind to Yiu Lity and Ami i inti or not fur Newny i i to i Eusi oin Quill Oil 11 Oti enter restaurant Limery Luul rigid Pam lib Lull i i r of tin in i Pinili d tree l ii of will present you licit on Ai rival u Bill of of on i Buckden s Arnica 1 some m Tot and Alvr Suli ver i chill mid i anally ask him what be has positively surf or no i Mil butter is the it to James open ii and is the be Iddinn Lioi ind of Kern a pretty woman fear of she Corl to false hair incl ii n source of con i slant anxiety to the persons i Fruin we Oinila most Ile sirs to the j of her Chi item Are the ones i Likely to make hut there is no reason Why she should uni timid Reti in All tile lie Atily of Luicir tint a her Pride Iii let her Lavrits j nol Iii in r Luicir Rerisi to full but n new will i where the attn m run Ami locks hint Fri or j the table i Urt Nilly frown will return i Luiei j Pri Liui Mill brilliance of supplied with nil the of Tho i Ila let Vicsik cures Snulli with the Hiigli priced Nimet hereditary i Liulin in ii a stirs of had been for several ii lie of ii a i it Lih i i of Luicir nil oici1 Hidi soon became Ayers hair vigor ii ski ii ext Dooc to Matt ton Toto Taiyi Oen 1 Elul in said Rork californian a Honter ave Bounty Allrn left the of few will Reine due Jeb Lotf Mhoon flour nov attorneys at Mon Toomey a san f Onice Flo oils 7 Neil 2s miysic1ans and m and Dalki in All kinds of Carriage trip Moline a cull und oxen inc my mid Bofo Rii humid Iii d2 Borgwardt Mccord 19th is veal and All of salted id the a a it run needed with Chi where Enn by the choir it liquors und Fine convenient Home made Bacon and and found in a first claim i Chester bal express and Post office Cipu a oomph unblock of the Nihil Uhli Vonuhl Slih of work i Alan inish cleaning dyeing and repairing Lull and inspect Tny Helnore pure Uris Hati faction uni Steed or no Hall Lotf not n by of till roots sind the the iss Iii i i Lyrl to ii i it at i i l or e the c ii the s of inv ill lie i lie in in l Iii 1 Lou b an i it i i c Al u Al v in the Pouv you ii Tinl Tiv Tini to though no the r Yoi ii Clive mid will Ivr Tisil be Liroi Imbt 1 Fis i of i wild or lie of us i or inn Tiey 1ruv la cents h j to Mil ire the per Fofi diktat twin mid and i soil me Khasil Lumn in unto i i o ill re till for 1 at air air Little a o be excellent Lif Csizi f i i ill i in ii Lryni an Oddier who is an of the Nuti Ozial military or tells by to b i the lit lib of but a to suit nov Lotf Cati Imoni her liner Middle nov Lilian Clitis by Lii Enil Avons ii us Kuil to its natural mid mad in mfg and Moi Hubli Vulant Tualii it Hud been Scalp diseases Uli Ieli cause tryness ital fail of tin and annoying tire All Cunil by a ii a Uriel it r Alc itching of tin u a Noi Irither of of a certain for head Patent powder dip Scalp disease und Tor i a laity if the of the if i instantly with if Evonuk the Al May in incurable Bald i from Ina Pound to line h a wetly curl by i to dip Twenty and in it 7ponni i in knee there h Guf Limato to dip Ono Hundric a toilet luxury j 17 Cinta per avers hah Vigo he no i Artri i i at and his the effect of Makii the Calif rms and l in Kan Tia Price reduced to per Twenty a nixed Alulu u now to the Leech t us dirt for Ayers hair Ayr j sold la Ull tit i i nut in urination Aboul Wutke which u Eller Yonous of old cd Vou no o 3iatmiwb Rosin Conro at cols Edward Aschen Nann Jet Tullu 19lh itch Klenec 17th episcopal Vijil society k of Kern of p Fzli Poeih at their Cali ten every Clit Wingat Ovlin Csc Holp Imti in Uta Nang fit ital Jan Ltd Hake n Bow teem every Prim tried third then due co Liik of to cml Broth in voted so and or no Nuh a on Tiu May or foil of the Woon of Ken Muo Tat the ii Hull cd airy w inlay Ancl to Broth re in uht Ioe meets at heir Hull monday evening in each wok of a mexican legion of mib Council the for by Aud lord Tui Day Zvenit igbo each month at Itier Mil at band of Hope hand of Noeth at tint Church every in Nav at y Oclock every in Nav Teller Blacksmith nineteenth bar unit Adobe All kinds of now work Neil done on Short horseshoeing a bib Battery san Central e lows by Aud hating notion Onar Antti d give me a of the Renthal to Riciny Naiad the travelling that the Iio Uku will by con cud fies class hotel i Ina Sikir to i Irett tilt approbation of Ull Rig lir and Tran Hiitt the Tuple will applied with All the Market und tilt kindle or in am Luria he in the Btl it the Bot rift Liah urn and refurbished advertisers can learn the exact Cost of any proposed line of advertising in american papers by addressing 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