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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Nov 6 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - November 6, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern november Ejbl Mfd Verf Ratu Kiy our Letheo every to Oil Slarb Tenn rotini in a fellow mania us Al Kondrotis ill to him and the chief creditor of the Castle Man ret new with or build uni Crank of now it and you Turni out to be the Castle building i during the years of Obi administration the Viceroy of Kyj Jupt i1 Blu away drum i vhf lab Points the from the of starving lid the Ion mrs months of the population of Egypt Huff d the hit of b a held and n Wor of the Vii All right Lorii n Cess a Little a Little Murrhu n publisher and r Yon it Arr your i in for rat Lin aovsrti1ihc n Bra Lar thought in mud Fife tent Over u Cradle fish lord Only in Victor l any or that he Wium and the Only i in or Niimd by it it rival if no Raith Oti n o mryc irix laity arid Hla they would very due l All Iun Locsi f Only my u nor 1hibbt Indik i of n a Ciraldi petition More Over i stood in prof Salon it Freint inter Erviti Lorvi h a fond the d of on n no not or it Bih through Allen to Ion it tonal Eull a Almai St on which 11 burning Mil u All Day Lonn Al Macri own Lii Rich and inn while the Hline of the far Church Hells mini Llono u he Rock ii Vern of m Voll Only Foi Loii Riler and or in Lalni win in and i v v lamp Fox Elk dark of like Boisi i Hlll wan Ilerd up and Down lie ii Weli with u Lonn Zinovi thai a wily in i Mullik bitten b Lite Teeth though us Urf Lii i Nikon h in red n in by Lull who Olill Lei i ill i a eyes run up and film they of Roii l r of f out non of Thi v i v in them and n in Hill Ilia Ai one ii a Gootheil lion to Olla la Lily li1 the Boll t Tuil no Bennie but t pm not him Koonjr he ran Lin Hijji Mil blown the Iron a Halter 10 n n inn h fill ii inner nil Siml Imeln l Kraut like a eat or Tenn u uly to und a bar o it in Hie of the it r on the n on hark what Vei linked Inu Imnel 1 when the with of 1rofessor Tor my the on i recent Survey of the for Mem followed by n Barefoot a arc who every now and then the and watched the Workings of to instrument with ascribing bin tin other of men of nil entitle the professor who on so owed the fir his Dragoman to had him n Telescope and child p Ilvina Ecith the and invite him take a Peep at the Ditt int Toni or must give keeping i Hes after Asylum 1 a the child a Ottto and raid not Short conversation to confirm Iii in Ai near an that some Corn spill in make on tin name your raid the and nil do 1 not Seveiri Irand this Aski your Iriti Nowlon to it not Anil played and n handful of the Loneil 114 the Karnen us Corn was swiftly absorbed by it loot him All the the Youthful son of the with or in the Snihur devoured a quart of dried fruit and u lot of fluid but a child wearing 11 took to heels Ilka Bier when t lie found or to banded him a full of i Timve i b nudist had Pinkle and yelled h him for it Loeh Olum is dropping them after bile Oil morning 1iiibb l Reid would a re the child to no ail Biitner if lie went Brick to his it in Prui Yon to know that of Toal color Bill nines i he to the a All colors appear to Lak you in your to Neh an one of or Siml r i Pat led the curly or an a Niniver thus Nufi tar Childs Eye felted would Poi Sims u Keiner ability i to and discern line a Leru in a mourning a Iii Many limes he department of a Lii Rye dry j and or Sli on ii had Krown store received extra for ins to or Hibbs and was acute Eye for shades when it was found to to wearing de Piid on total color snob left the House Caesare exceptional can be imagined or mid child within a when Railroad men Are for in n of the when i Iblis Iii Lily to a from a a who Eon Liik Down ios Olliee clerks have run and or ii blow knew he m their Cash Sidlin of of the Wron t be my Eja Eulula dilute Nutly coloured sheets Kolenc into Ihns and before the and child Wai aware of the a t he Wils kitting i in a coach and Roll n from k and which nuke in All re Mirn i i my done with Nesiti no i furniture i Nikl Luigi dont go to the wrong county maps Lake Rotl Tow i maps Koi Hau ii the Rumis place of Heso it l i Lynw to the a Lull it Waltl Lolly n Diihr the ten edit Plure fora Lillo recreation Chester Ihli professional and is pure Patent and toilet window Consumers everything goes wrong in Ihnn thanum in Iii out of i Kyj p of Allen Street Lino longer broiling and baking in the Sun the christinas Days 1hnstmas ave with nil t it to Rich of in i the Bowling Filley is inside of and is of i he latest and the shooting gallery in also very the very Bent of liquors and cigars imported and will to kept it the find no up Iii will be ept tred to please my a new Wieb Gnu just Boon i u Laike which Litterest feh fit and Yob Lii by Lathi and Cicery 1hristmas like a Beni dirtion on the land1 j or 1hiblmsiih ill Idi he unite the ibis on the to Lair and a lost child is playing at n Burn hrs slowly Mirly the a Nam Are driving from a cell do mind the memory of an there were his tin soldiers on tin Moor nod rattle by tin heart h very much there a milled Loo on f ice smiled except Wien he held remove their of i ters i Bil r and i in beneath the mid ill the the in and of tin and odor of which 1 Var complaint sound Tion and a regular in Eljit t body i by i he Ikic of whih imparts ii smiled except he held Chi i Verv if Luiu Safe to tron in Bend and told theold and Over Wita the hooked by in Gnu it to head went my that Loid n Ninio Rof an Over Active Juliee and or Wai to inc Farmers of Kern Ini for another bom Reitik he j n i vent an turned i the mom Mil in pm very dark and the uni i Nevor before had a Balli Althon i Jena was been Lark in the mind of i the production of f and the creaked Ai though a Biel mad to Ali were i Mower in prove r i Veko you he j seasons lest be Biol Hizir but Worth a Tell the the liar i l in the Iii Mich left band and u i1 in Lii i when i come Ihn limn from drawn Down Climi i my l ii a lilt Huhl Down i a Little free there it the or from of Lii win lie Trent ii us Iii e and that b Low him wits not of All n it n under face Only i be i a Moth or on the Little of the the Swinik it i a i ingot afford to hand Klei med n Liny Rini Ali i of Mem there before him in mowing Mae hims and pay win of Iii the of with the or the of Doimer so 01 the be Tii cold on i knee the burglar heard t he is and but he can last words of the Anil Alvord in buy an i foot j papa Hes und so you will in Eli proved by a love him tiie Tamin was in his test t b Best yet at the Low j or 1hibbi revolver wan pointed it the Oriee of at the one he Felt the it had what would he Pace a Iii Ali on till1 tin incl Sid upon ii v no ii tie tin other in Rienti of Rich Texi in m rend inti glory in u lie Liia Ninin in hut her and be that t lie Bak inf nun Imd in i rate Milens heart no Init to beat what would he Baid or ill bore you do u die would Oul be Oil Moie the dil id clip to its fathers la lilo up Tville r t Over is or Jiete mince on the o the if lie Weie to h to a Man he Muht As Welt say he or 1hlbtw of e it 11 Iid he others Proller and fairer Eviage no prescriptions accurately of Cleof and Deel Walters 19th the building and fun Sitvuk of Thia hotel m entirely new Throin Khoii and no better fan ii Imd in this special Enn be made for Board and Rno Nih for n co ruin length of w 1 tit Ulsky and counsel Shatlaw Alvin a tool inky ant Counselor Matlaw Kern a tool inky at Hack incl door to in Tyson Mel Calif Ornsen cd cuter Bounty All Ordi in left it of bet will receive due jel17tf Mhoon c flour nov at Toftness at Montgomery a Kern lilt Lofy yell pianos organs the French liquor store my Aci knt Foi John will ankh 7 Lii Thebert Beer now in the to stir lie Ivill Nell the Hume by thu mtg or hot address nil orders to h orders by Intili promptly attended Lilly fat the Kern Island Maffie Divall 19th Bowling Shoong gallery and Cool Chicago Ali fall liquors and meals 25 Beds ft6 3 the City bakery in attached to the above where Frohl Treiul Kii no wave he and will he do live to Riih Tomesh every Chester and in All kinds of 1 ban f Sua h Lipomi 37 mid s and harness Carriage Trif Flifle a medical kehiloncei7ui society and starve i the a mind of footsteps Al ii the ready und or Thuy Bidon would be v Milf to i Iris Ali but but to the Janc Yieh i i r let Liml r i i i i tie i it hint in Popil Liti with i i i i tit Send Lur enticing Pill 111 i the an reliable nor the i like a panthers i id ways ii ii Triever seen or and in d the lid of father it the pad that ii d Lor i Eeleni and into the the lungs new pm and said mras la will i i inn mid ver nil lion it eve ran the of we in arms Imily for a second j the us it fell on the face of i wild the nervous debilitated men von v then the door swum shut m ill e and locked when superintend Hie use of i it in and his child were in with Khrt Ric for to the Snow makes wrap Pim up the City in a White f n mams its and its i and its beneath Ith Mil Nian Uhul no incur Karrells in new York i with full Nodi b a Ollivie if there a Aan Inclan Tho Beyma in the ill i am Elj v in but never s v v 1 i no a in Einor nor a in ind Tinel Mem or and careworn Conns with it a fact it is my and in Lbw a Rue unik Criollo a and what is Fiat Ben Down and Kinses the one in the How like and unlike a n weird Down Allen at in Brent if the of a the Grutt Ware Louhi plus the 1 Tho men and noisy women on a Polanc Call and Otami sumy goods before Bon Dizik Borgwardt Mccord of in evenly fat Cleof Mojo Ord in in Fonod invited to Jan Ltd a kill Nie ii every Fimi and third trend by evening of Vury Viu Tirik brother Iuri ted to and thu that Liiri Lionilli i on Chen rut Tilv illustrated the pro series of Lee will cure the of am i i Well null it licit i order tires on i last year travels in Italy in help Lar i you read this one Day in yom ill attentive of j the role isor sat unpretty j i mud ii s Lenl n for dry Uco Iurii of the tenth pc Olio had Ompa med him on ills journey to which Italy the Sor u a divine r Foo re kit of Burt flags on Allen his a revolutionary by j j Mitt of them were a a a thit ii Vint of Beauty of All Jimmy when found on the and Italy has been Bucklin s Arnica Tho of wholesale far from be Tali us Woi i him la awards to dealers a l u nil is said inn y j parti forced the Oil Jinan met a Man i Tell you what May Surprise j chapped Blind urns and Wariy Ollk Evera a woman n or fun and All travel 11 Edlo Kim i Mit Thoi itch he will not admit u arurv0 Coit Lenl trom the tin Luht that Amie from do Terent lie of the professor was ii ii i miked when the chorus of he tie and Jii to Tea was to in what he had slavic at Mec to t Lin Lviv Eupr it men Liep ii Al urn he re Sui at i nor Bati Trifill uni Ian who a native of the count i Little by Rcv Hakint Hills won on w his u Aulii in of Thiim a at tiie of i to m Par of the ims of a positive sir la feel 19th Aiichi acids and Hadl Jle Raidy for anti Inion Hay and Grain for the ii James is now opened again and is the leading Houseni Kern the table ii with nil the de Livacich if the non und Euin Purcy with the High priced Houshch us a iia it with thai where be Oil Niimd the Tihoi Echt liquor and Fine convenient and per or i per und 50 19th is veal and All kind of salted Home made Bacon and Anil Orfi Rytting found in n first Lam iiakekhf1km a xxx kit ipod iiiuetuik8 on thurmay of next preceding Tho full of Tho Moon of each Okjin meet at their Hull Ivory bit urdu y Bluit Iii and to to Eiruing Broth com in goodst Audinot Chester bet express and Post office a Complete Block of the Nikot Limhi Onul hey Lenhof Kiin Ranliegh work mud u perfect Alito meets at their Hull monday in ouch week of american lix1ion of mis Letim Nii Vicil Cioth Tho Brut mid third to Wilay Eurih month at their Hall it band of Hope j1anij of 2b Ineetha it us Church every Huud mime at l Oclock 111 in in the a r Tho thl Ioc wore i with the thu split Flo with the Corner mud the inn the other u or Lack tie l never or Oil i the by a All 1op v 1hibui t irk ii lure ii it film 1htbba Jiuu Dubij Over it old ii urn with u Luik ii mwi1 he Ruuth men Dule files of and Mort Collur la i Piid a Tiiu he s wounds to a slim no u Tittor Tiloi i Liili i of no of m r 1i and a a s h Nii Liri irv lit avers Cherry pectoral i a i i the of Lii thud ii who Ionie Ini it d to Iii 1 a Lii there i ii oid n by on in n i any Throat p of i Niide d ill j a anti n Aline in lie u r s it 1 1c be 11 ill to d u v Liele hit fire Iii ill Tel i m is for in in group and be Veill Iid o in Ayers Cherry Avor cd i Vul sheep Price reduced tojr1j5 per Twenty mind Nice Tinnil Wuhu Oil water will Nittke Pulluim easily a your Ieper of Ertsin cure for Littles Patent powder dip und my Stock tie fore up ii Steed or to Jolo of Maii Kwh Blacksmith nineteenth Bercot oppo Ito Adobe Huble i instantly Wilh the Fly Fumii k pne Kate them it to dip Twenty and in u Pound to Lori in to Fiji one Hundred j 17 ctn Jitt Bell 400 California in Han Conro agents Edward Aschermann Milnac Kkt 018 Battery ban Central All kinds of new work and Kupu Irik done on whorl horseshoeing a Ricen tin Loveitt and oars stud april 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