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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives May 29 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - May 29, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern May 1886 21 run Kiwi Reg Calif or Man and Kun n Distant fifth 1m of to ii Timil minis at Kim i the of wagons of Lut h lev Row for tin Ilmet to Iitto toward the Advent of tit Moffatt Ini Iii Ute Union not Only an Ivi of Fantail 1iit Hio Tii in a to of rom with n mini lir vents foist i incl Biol All do in pm a try nil who d during time in that Hunan lir six no an la lava memory of Whir to on Iii tent a fend that Thiry perform their the Ilu Aniali i e Independent of the Lyer Misc fir free from Anil practical Ifni Riih Udall a dim paper hanging to ill hat Ili Wii lit tin aul tin i Ian Turki in i Tini Lilli Hiir i Niril have i Yina inf not tip Day thy in i them Indian Iha lir t India amount r Rii from i a t Afi Hanitan has tin Tea thu Violan mad rom is and it is and kit in it and divine Lar a hand a Rinush a tit for i Tinin Iriny with a Lii you tire of inn kit Lierley Riih Blun you Fullow your would 1 next door to Smith tha Blacksmith on 19th Chris Etc v17 and in pure Patent we Iii in t is Iii Iii is Rizii Itil the it the Tini circling Iii i put Ting Hii Kiy in Ami if to Luil train if Mirl to i i out sex Arne he in i in i i 3l m i Tike Ivi Minerly wit i univ i has made sri Tadle ii annies and to Ilrine a on until flu Lul Arlington Kooms Well it Ilsy from 60 to s2 firs class liquor d cigars on Imine trip Tulilo am Olli Jii u Nolc Nants in i Vij Harding Jennil of in Mac u slut Mil Faili Mif to in Urru Jit tin1 working of your Nii it Friuli moment to my your r i link u you ii Iii ii vap of till that nil you to do in Lyon All confers of the world we an hearing Rivil Roidis or or in Coil of in i for or nine Milf remit of Jeri liter or ism writ Iii i Artioli ii t allow air Vivori Anin pro thou he i full your Ami i Rel will put to f Ollil nil without we Iii Niu Mil Iid i y Inardi Ilioiu a i Hilll tin to lilt i Iho pit or nol i Al u i ill Iii i in Lois to Phil Oil irn i Lul Vanlue i t i i ill i in ii i ii in in Liili no i Milt ii in Iii Fri Titi til1 huh i i i 111 la Allm nut l id Aind on two and to on Tortu High d a Iii Oti for a rail from in East Africa to Tii Tran Ivaal Ivonin to with Iii Transvaal Railroad which is in ported in iranian Thi lick Lii ii Ujj is Tii fact Soulli Africa now t Natii on the of incl incl pm Diali Nir with it the initial that ii Railroad Are nil the pm o i i Lii capital with ii n m hns prot l to if thin Dian of it Liea very nil t i will mild a Road the Riili mar Nebr nil the in a e blur nah file siamese a Stem at Home the of rely to on in real Cut Aviti Lii Hweih for the Liania part of upon the of this their Hui to Ali Iii of in Ali i of 11 Jurf Ormaine become the i will go still further Ilian i u difficult i Ixion Iii tie i m list he und did not we a for 1 then Minn d it had All when one while 1 Tui Iii if at the piano in the my tin to rho i f alien they started and while of the i inn Tho Max it when1 had they played expire Ean now pull Down the i lain of tin Blini fold inv carry on a and solicits Iii ill Kai Heil the to Iii Laok or of sort is now a pc hint in without ii Ili Tibt Tinli Nunt jilt co for n Little Rii reunion in the Bowling Alley in if tic of Ulm in of St and the shooting Cut leery id Alsi Vry the Brut of liquors and cigars Jinp Orniti Ifill Ilo Jih will to Kent in tin Atil id Imp will in rat Mil t t v toilet window in acc Rotoly Law o and Ili James professional Atto Vineya inv w a tool they and counsel Sathit is now opened again and is the 1 lending of Ivan the table with nil the Dir Keifs of the wiil Enid purus with Tom Lioi Mui inv i Bitt 4 Assort mint of t k in n i Kern Valley will Uoc Kiny picture frames a spite Etc jobbing and repairing l it Sho Ruluff and on i do the principal Oitim of Tom Liaise in it Nokk h ius Ulm do a Metalic and Wood caskets ii Rayh on orders Iii nil l Tivin and and Houn have Home with i Thiim of the in Hina the pow Tinl Hon Hui for some time i need of and i i Lis in Len aided la the Hippo re of i Lias already driven to ii Ina Over of in aimed Liy and j near f an i i Wiy fur Railroad i in will in tin of time n acid a Laily develop j in the Railroad to i Cim Icet tie chief towns of Siberia is and surveys skilled and unsk1lled male and Lor projected lines arc in Progress m female Asia the and i York i to none in built Lichti ill sir Job printing Rorry neatly and promptly executed at Tho into labor t hoc i Mono Rel banking business in 00127tf Chester the con be tin1 Ali Oidest lip ions und Fino convenient find per due nil lit Mill nov Ltd i a tit in family groceries i will Rusli Ami kims in canned gig aes put up for Fth she Kings evil with you on mid rom Cuitee that my will i furnish want Nice by nil the in r i Ham sep plaid in Ith ibis Nee Iii Nii triable but Are there were Man drank in san Francisco who will not to do lie airing our As and the Sronet in the most the Best Calli in the Uhl Tho wine was the monks were the i Neter of the depots o is men idiot Liiv to Liao of Euion by the fart that in on part of whom it was Tho a plier in new Mienl info Arij of the sorts Tenn the Prii Sipal reef or in u Liri Elit red known tin in it or near i and Ironi Tomcany to identical lie re found which 11 Calls Kampney of the first the Dimo Vury which to that Tuny hive urn luvs the Jilin civial Caithe of near the and not have lie ii Lipitt rapid Advani Here u the Timof Romania Tiitu Mai muss of Riveral Yards in thick or named from a new and fully Limo feet the town on on the Bay of up Dumus and the a Usuf much in Jii Diu a White or red wine mixed with Iron and a and in the manner of Jcck Al Ventie of i hero is u the Litvich or Ber excellent site for Rusli Iii made from wine mended with machinery the and Tho Honey Hay of if not of Al u obtained in almost i Ifni Liere were these and Many More the hut the tendency to Mcoid liar Yuul Doranjr has of of wines and or and in i Carriage to Dinnini i a Call and examine my Busoni build Ullh i1 Una was the Tiamo formerly riven to scr Fula i Tilp i Siri 91 i Boca tiie of u superstition that it could to twi Ulvi cured by a the world la Wiser and that scr Fula can Nelv to cured by n thorough Purifica Tion of Thi if this the disease Peri ils taint through ii after aiming its Arlington Kakik on hand and Illch lit ill Fruct Lilly French 1ntoum Tiik 1 Bevc i id this hotel and inn now it in better Liny to Mali Imp Ever been Vine in thin comity no person is if n hoti1 Lif this of tie country Brt lil thin i 1 1 ivc refuted it rooms in Galtes everything Lionard by the any or week it Crnko Mililo 1ino and Cion re at tin Summit 1 am now to announce to Tokiji Nalii Eliut my hotel in and till cil with hew and Coni Fortaw and All modern i Ivy my a John Eveleth Walters 19th j the i1 list use of Lii i m l ii n ind Lui nil in Thi Wigint Nidini Jinun for Boun Hull n or line irn Kili i 2b Beds 20 the City bakery in inuit hid to the Ali Iii Linro Fri no a Iii fun uhf non be will to delivered Alvin i and Kern i a better Smith a ttoi1neys at office cities Tiki next door to mat non All Nordeih left Tho Salito linux of few will Reci Visnu mho onic flour nov attorneys at Mont Oatery san a 8nn onice302 m Fig Onifry Ito on 27 u ii Rul physicians and Glia Date 1nmedicjne a sul Loei f the one end n of Ali in Oil of a nil and Lei ice of Tom Brit no Media us unik fool Sun lilt room key k of a two Kun of it their Evory wed Nui brother in Good fit Gidlog invited to Jiin Ltd j1akeh Teeth cd nov once any no i hair Virlor in he town visit Iii Broth icon invited to m the to and Tift xxx Stu cd on this Raduy of 7 or in it fire coding Tho Lulu of Iho Moon of each Duvall ill Ali Bowling shooting gallery tin1 ptvvulouit1 of k111 Cinley within a i Niles of now York indicate that they were not mry Well or in too the and Cool a to Luis ii Iii Tor a tuvo Winch u in a Nunn without ii tour Thili Likan Pluit with Tinfu Nuiji of Cirii Iliili or Tho of r 11 of to Leblo Xiii Lii 1 Jiuu built ill shill lil a Witult of he Nellil Plavil Letl will in which Mij Dit lusting into the Thor to u1 lit Mculty in his tint Ajili Utt Tinct of tin1 it Der in in no Nurmi Vii in to Lri i up in Onlin tiry a t Turo ill Giu in ii tin pros jul Tury it n of an Liutik his i hut in i of Art a Luis at it Rij Uiti Ami of Cany i a Miriall in tin1 Tif Aivil u to a at it Tho i Finui univ u of tin Iii t full us Cid and Tino Lii no with fur Ioulia travi1 a mix ii ii a l Samji Iii Luv Hal for a for Kuci slowly Niit of Holois is a Vuu it for Zhuli tlun1 Arv Tuul Xix ii i hider Tel Tki Vivily Ami Ihn one kind or 1ijr u i with a tent it Vii i lieu Iii 1xlh i uni Iii it i cutaneous to to Inri Ikirt nervous und Phy Sical if ii Lavril to Coli Serol Plouh cd kidney Piid Anbu Heulur and Vari Oil other dans Crous or jail Tiro produced by Ayers Sarsaparilla i the and Alfratis reliable j 11 is so Vleet an thit it from Tho svs Uin nud the Kii Urcil of i Seuss i Anil at us same time it in liquors and vitalize the in Storius action to the vital organs and Thoun Tiro this great regenerative Medicine 1 remix mail of the Penu lne Lynn things with yell or Mil thu of potassium and my other of Pound Misenti locally Coin Fornichi i to the Nii dual and Tho Best runs tacitly ayest8 As an absolute cure fur ill div Iris caused by Ulvi tation of i t in und Nuy Ohio for like fleets Are is the cipro and give me a Call Dillon liner Ani m 19th and a tidy broke t Hay and Grain for the very Hue Central of Tiik 1 to Vijh tie Tomt thu Iio Ubu will be in firs class hotel in n nmn Nair to inert Hie ii probation of nil runs int tie Tubolo will to with nil my Ini Ruut und Iho kindle in in Art in thu Ihmi the Louiise huh been mid Mill of French Tulare Ken meetup their ill or any visiting and 10 in writing Broth com in Good a Tsudik Justice meets at their Hull monday evening in each Colt of melt can legion of mis Letim of Anncil Nileeta thu lint third Teilh Iii eve Ning Sof each month at i heir Hull it band of Hope Jacob Asher Trihus in cont Hunt i on tie night approved plus in for health and it Iwuh nil thu no darn Convoy ii uhf in their Lull Inott in Buri lir sit Eleaih for Olio lie t the 1tni that cull be in the thu Bent Cooks and Linn in from the Bill Kieril Purl of 1 Tii Luru thin in ii Roper Iliicev in leave thu it in Point hand of month every hut Irav it 2 Oclock it the Redden cd of on k incr tie school mine Blacksmith and Pirn d in leave thu 11 m Ino Jio Iii Boeg Wardt Mccoord and Roii Teh by it Niue i cite a Lola j be beit find Ino it conv Nii Nelv i c i tie Public while in respectfully Racimo Mihlo and Jacob is As ral tur Lam 1 mall of j the lager to r it Ever n Fere Anil tin Wii i the very Eliji Icil of Bowling Alley salted French Jean to Tiik in Ayers no Aye Ananij Tkal by Dru Isol Les Lur shoot Itig Lii Eli up Nin Niue May Anil i kit b kit Only improved and now ilium Anil k in flirt put Opi t of of Utton Tion of Tom Public lint this hotel been refitted and in How pre Thorno wide Bacon l arc the Tiht crunch Riwk ill tit part of thu a bump Loii nil in it plied with Trio Rich of Olga Rudd in in Jordans mus Juru of Anatomy Market Ami to and won iriv it i try i Iwilta and All lit up Lily 1 Ninel Canth a tract opt Ioelu Adobe h All Kiuda of new work and Tepa Ihrig Dune on Short horseshoeing a the Lowitt Iii i give me a Jed Taij with All u5t f for advertisers can learn the exact Cost of any proposed line of advertising in american papers by addressing Rowell newspaper 1o sprugo now Bend Lor
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