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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives May 22 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - May 22, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern May Bounty pu3usheo eve try saturday publisher viv4m pi1 inv but i can not youre Well bred both on the i mothers and the not a lad in find to he maybe Btu i warrant j could j with All i but it wan i Roun and didst care a bit for would j Fri f take i it up kid answer we red Star Trade ilk her Qugh Fure and to i if i thought Hli Prood i would him Bill aim free from Opeai at Iii a Biff n f Ifill the n i tin very m i in l tinier Pritis tin whittled uni i in n i tilt with till of i Len of non in Favard Viii Lynx Ruddy of lire and i Altim and i Toni Ihorn i Wittic w roof ilk or i lion i and n to Luis a him of tli1 window of Iii it View of it forty Nero ild a bib Nway fruit the Village kurd to to a Jorent Totok from it was Koparan cd by n in to Middle of it a us Liturgy tin to Yubi which a lion like dark Trio try in us Coninx Ami Der fild ii Lentint to Len of thu trait a in Witry Protin Bly tip Tail by of Thi till Fovini in Tai making them practical Gar Laie and paper hanging a s next door to Smith the on 19th Milste Chris formerly with h made Cofia fiks and taken a Long Gascon the Clister 18th retail dealer in pure Patent and on Tuioti in Little ii to t till Letl View Lull in in ind hit i Rod of the Only and it win to j her her t in liked any Abl to keep Krief to Whin he and Kitty did not Hii Iii lit All without Witik aii thin in Tho huh t tin lid carefully luf Kud and put her where Sho had found had Willie Allan 1 her next proceedings to would Hurt und for the her half up before 1 proceeded to Tiu where Aleek was butty Puli Shimik the harness of tin Iloe torn which happened to be kept at i i ii Herolf Sui in in the armchair in Tho sin plainly j mild by look and woo though Hor Clumsy did not Luck tins inclination to to possessed none of spirit of gallantry pm i which might to have made him Quick to thu Kitty eyes wer n to watch t1tt i have been h 11 l u a Frond m t a limit Kitty in a mod to a Iii nuni nut lie 1inii n to a i i a on on in Willii it Nill in Torii wit Lii if and he v i to h 11 in i Ali fill unit to Timve made him Ali Lela Lohi i own for ill let Kitty eyes wench fun Lull kill Tyr Little Nunn to twinkle with Ami Homent her i Fortune Liti Lar i own Lier Uhuad admin looked in with the Hare him in thu of the bul nil feb ont jacks perform Iii it to it ane will Liin Phi Nure at tin Coti Simi we in tin in bus time re it tits fur in Hud a i to but you lire two sly hotel earlier and solicits mnj17lf Chi is the Tiisik Delio fitful Ilace of resort is now Njmen in tic and in wet smut Dmit tin Chico Forn Little to Icen Nelun in the the Bowling Alley in made of and is of hip Ulyst and the shooting gallery in aim very the very i invt it liquors and cigars import id and will no ways la Kepi at und in jains will inn vivid to toilet window prescriptions accurately Otico of and Doc Arlington Ryphe rooms Ark Well per Day from go to firs class liquor cigars constantly on hand at the polite and in Vecty professional a took sky and Alvin a attorney and Hall Ding a Jonnel of James French i would inform the Public unit i have i Kappii Thih hotel and am now conducting it in better a talc than any such a niness Iirth Evor been done in tills county no person Mider Stairl tie of a hotel fur part of tie country better than i i i have it tinted it rooms in Galtes everything Board by the Day or week at reasonable Fine and cigars at the miso Jjo tary Obeiter Smith a attorneys at Oft Wjk civic Stein nest door o Matron Comileta Chhout mint of All Thi Litcht hts Lyrl no in my country Tolki of him i ind nut Lii than unit r i 1 and if you ii nary h to find i hut tin Alco mrnpl1 right or would he Dir Hii a Penny will Kii from tin truth that in Hal Iii Ltd Inisher in Why a mild Kitty Likiak his Abelof they were but marrying nut in what advantage i Thuro weii4 i nut was u Puli Lidid Man und lid Hail not ins fathers spirit and whim a worker and wry caroful3ttoo care Home for Nheiva Hii full air Only keen Puiul he Henril us a and m to a Piirto in if Ortto that Imd 11 hard time of with her threats Bih Lul run in Rmah porn of i her Yut i i 4f0ifwil to and in her int nut in Olvid to by Atli find Voln Wlna Nulud it it not Natl lion h in her Lover tired flu Lintt for Lutr for to Uili and rate him will for one Winter Itie Frau a Neh Lio rink non it to which Hud Ikumi Sint by unite input mid nil it Buie Jim Hoinig Voird it i Nuovo Rivitt of whih Tho foil liter and h to Lunil Whyl trick and silvering tin never before Hud Sie Inid i True and nil Loyal Kitty into Hli car Tho Story of iut Ivor lot Lilin Komi Tho but in not i if youll but Fth ill Kitty ill Livo 1 and and for is no for Buldoy i think ill Tkv i1 i Yeti to writ ipod just what he want for in to Nirry you und Viry Tybik to Llo would Jolim fwd to to Luar Roi with for not but thu to Iii if do you Ive a Loti id to Tak Iliin it just of thu i Stoulil do to Hijii whist Willie youre Iii 1 Loki Sty ii Othius but Gnu would Levai Davv me for t bit i Lily i no we Imi Urton like that whenever the old bark of turned Ami in Jureit k1 Liu away and Leti what to you think of now bail 1 wish it was by you lire u said what on Earth should in be for kind o Jelfo would you i Iii Hore if you Sandy As Long ii Iii in Lacus that May be Twenty a cars Hunck will be and us for youll toil and Moil and mourn till thu Jay hairs and youll his Money when youre fist Mijoy Iii that the Lookout for a woman u notion to Tuy ill not deny youve hit Kab in at Tho keep Iii n country Tho Hinds the Money to i if i Hud fathers having now i will looking picture frames Etc jobbing and repairing Donin Good style find at Hli out notice Metalic and Wood caskets of All ii Vivis on orders in All Anim his of Given prompt Lacarsi i Cunin f none in Southern California a calf ate labor skilled and unskilled male and of id fin it once Liy Hansen my Kern Valley is now Roaix and is Tiik lending Liou Aufu Kern the is supplied with All the delicacies of the sea and compares Wii i the Hoimes of a Bais is connected with the whom can be obtained Tiu choicest liquors and Fine convenient Hoard and Lulfing per 00 i Uoo Iii per and use nov her Summit i am now pleased to announce to the Public Tomt my hotel in completed and filled All left the Calif Ohluk will recoil Educ no 00 66 employment san Francisco icky Louir Here past the id Tot i u Platco nearer the the lads to nit y a i id you would be upe i quit of hut Here s if in ill be in the and i Helix to to to Teil his Tanie until Wake Neil in Tho nitwit by u thing that Lud never in lilo Dull it to his attic where win ii Kiili Atla Iii re Forvil to n moderation and Lud not und yell Rue a life Louie i e Nutry Man it laight Tito but after hell Juci ii iut the work and a t it y 1 1 ii m Heth i Lake it in we can to kit i i Hull to if i were n Man like do you know Wlms id do i would make a blk try to kit these mime savings mid if you wore Jules and Clever enough Thnoyd never Cutie and you could change your name and gut n new Ive thought o but the old Odds Ower i Beli ovo he wears the key of thu Biji Chest always around has if that All your i know where to got n would you not be Aleck folks might Call it i that the Money is mine As much As for Ive worked Hardi Eit for and theres n lot of it i and he make much noise about he disgrace the name by Ink lug it a and to likes you in much that he soul diet seek to get you into bad would be Murti la got hold of us i Liat t Horny in which thu Elope ment was during the not few Day the almost Contant and even Shiv we Adam was and poor thai his Niece had Willie Mil from any Nur conary but be cause of the weighty i Luul Given if you want a bit said Kitty to Willio Allan one Lake u turn in the i fort Aero about j he had no Cli Auoe of asking her mean for there wore to he bait to himself a Shes i Sharp is that mean a Good or in and went in to Gioio than a in the Public although ii shut on Aleck did Iii Lake and a that to its weary to to walk into said so Tho less i have to Carr tie that to take Iii Well a Litzy of tiny for a ii Ell you of Kuil tin its All Tii ii pity i1 could nor opus like lit Llo Ami youll to Lake it with just falling when the fun tinted w huli Way Tony Taki Indio blown i he i Iii by the the by la single thru Nuh Tho a Mil until Tiff Highway was Aini u Imus puh to get Tho a word till they reached tin Wirich Tho Wui i then i j i Iasi the take Havivi Teilh any Coll to Hen Ken All our in twin Hii Binchi form Rev curried i by us under the Avlo and Ikuji cof Tonj Stix on twentieth in tie town of Ken hindu a april myl4t Kings evil Namo formerly Given to scr Fula because of a superstition that it could to cured by n Tho world la Wiser and knows that scr Fula can Only be cured by a thorough Purifica Tion of the if this in the do Serjio Cape Timatea its taint through generation after its earlier symptomatic developments Are Cut mucous to purulent nervous und Fhy steal if allowed to con hero Ulous Ca Kli Luey and liver tubercular and Vari Ous other dangerous or fatal Are produced by Ayers Lithe and always reliable Rit Jimj it is so cd Lect Ual an alterative that it from the system hereditary Anil the Kindred Iio Loiis of Duff Tiemit and at the Himie Lime it a riches and vitalize the restoring healthful Ion to the vital organs und rejuvenating thu entire Hilt great regenerative Medicina Eton Poich of the pc inc with Yeu uie til the of Joti Issum und and other ingredients of great to care Fiille and scientifically Coin its for Nula is acne idly known to the medical Piid the Best physicians constantly Ankum exc Ivanoe Iio out and hold on thu principal cities of a aimed Una Puiul do a gooral banking business in oct27tf Chester and di3alek in All kinds of Carriage Triin ii a Ilea to Call und examine my Monde and before he Dirik the Kern Island Duvall 19th bowl no shooting Kallwey and Cool Chicago absolute cure for All disease by the Vitia Tion of the it is to reent d to to High est far beyond any other Prepa Tiou for which effects Are and u therefore the As Well As Tho first blood purifying Modi la the Ayers ii ajor analytical ibid by All Price putties also All favorite of liquors and j Aprl City hah Ueo Ketly 1 11 Atid Umi for Tho Sam Nul i the lager i ii r than it cur been u the lir dip Ali 1 Mih lilo of b Alley shootii1g nil Wipt running Zuj night have i Iii Biilly Ami now he i in Titi Nio it Bent Nurt in liver put up Rel in family with and Kinda 0v canned of Gaes liquors put tip a specially for family hew adj coi Fornatle and All Modem give me a John Eveleth pc prof Walters 19th tu1e Hildino and turn tube of 1bia hotel in entirely now throughout and no butter can to Hurt in this special can by made for Board unit Roui uti fur a Fortuin in nth of Mhoo flt flour nov attorneys at Montgomery san Wal a san offlec802 Montgomery and Hoo Jim 27 physicians and in the Arlington Keech constantly on hand and oils at the lowest Marmot tips Ani give me a in Medicine it bup Gelty vat thu quo eng of the Lloyl col Lckes of Phy Niclaus and her Menier of the Irit Iii medical Munoa Llimo fold nut society k of Kehn of meets at Ali eur Cutlo every wed no u Day evening at a Ojonen ing Broth Cru in Ood Utu Diimig invited Jan Ltd meals 23 Beds 20 the City bakery to attached to Trio above where Fermi Bro till can ii Wynn lie will be do Levored to every Central t Ihfe of the Central Rohee Lully Mio Hacib to huh Fried id and Tho travel inc that the Iio Ubo will to conduct cd As a fies class hotel in n manner to moot Tho approbation of All ick Simund transient Tim to nolo will be Blip plied null All hid Market and the single or in Are furnish us in tie Hgt the Iio Ubo hat been remodeler and a Aullma nor lift Union Anil feel 19th b Cark asks and Hadduk Hirtes always ready for Amin alb broke to Hay and Grain for the very bus ii Boeg Wardt Mccord French Tulare 19lh veal and will Katuls of salted Jacob Asher in Contti duct de on the most approved for health and it Iwuh All Tiu modern Eon Veri Lensch in their Moat ii proved it Lian for one Hundred that Jile Jobu Pelicci with the baht that can Boob lined in thu Bent Cooks Aud attendant Are tin for Pennon from Tho Southern part of Trio Tii Lare Thih Jyh thu proper Pluto to leave the it in the Point from Winch Good Road in ditto to Al purls of if Farinh Rou Frh by Winch it May be licit and most conveniently Trio it Iblis wbon6 patronage is Jenpeo fully hol Citi will Iii id the Cliar Geu Reab unable und mar22tf Jacob French Baker o w Miotk event to newly at their parlor in Brothers invited to and Bakersfield it minted a Cotinga of ten May of or next preceding the full of the Moon of each i meet at their Hall i urday lilting end mourning Brothers in Good hta Dlug Justice meets at their Hall monday evening in each week of american legion of Jils Conneil Meota the first and Mouth at their o band of Hope band of every at 8 Oclock at the residence of of k your the school kiss Blacksmith nineteenth Street opposite Adobe h All kinds of new work and Jie pairing dons on Short horseshoeing a prices the lowest and Mati faction give me a Jean Homo made and and everything Romul in a ii climb a Geidans of Anatomy Market Call to the attention of Tiu Public tint thin hotel j Batty ii thoroughly u now pre part to Arul boil doru utter than the table Pur to hive Betat French in the Hon Ihorn part of lid a Good Bur Upp Tho Hud food card with advertisers can learn the exact Cost of any proposed line of advertising in american papers by addressing Rowel v
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