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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives May 15 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - May 15, 1886, Bakersfield, CaliforniaPm sait Fornuy every saturday publisher and or iwo Hii advertising 10 5o in War Lii in j air in in Ali Putell and erupt upon the fat Elf it Barnfi while nil the her noun find Oji Ilu a portly of the ill Spinu it Lime for thirld Tri Iii Tor we i at mount with we it Oral it the the mini Kiili Fukei by a oui although a Papiri n certain quiet name fusion in the in i Joy Robin Del ii in thru Ivas k inn fur which h Niillo Iio heart to about i Uii Veu wind Ivr n on the he if i i Iii Liu a r i Piini Nort on him Oiin Pelno Jothi Way without Lalton any notice of that drunk and More card on Avo Hunt no objected in of the crowd Lintl l left nmn North any and h Isiaih to Xii i ironed like Chiy n Ulinai More Dye want to Iol have in t or in mail or in Adam i Thi aii with n of ii Meh showed tin1 to Kern May 19 you wooden in the rear of the which win fur and purely l t i ii nor Only Liuigi of a proprietor Luh Tiv Iii in Ifilio Pilate of 1 Bli Iluk rum n loin j module which a Lirt lock mid Iio each end of tin i Uil Tinin i Al Loiuis Mpa Cipiti i u who n tin m i in in Imp Werft Cleard to til whole of rive were heaped it a one and no in no to Niaki a very f air Ion of a it win Well that tin building a of such j i morn Iii was the which Ever i occurred in tin annul of Jefic Kilius at 111 it was thought Hull the population was hut a Little Mullic Loii showed that thu was not Mikule and Phillips on n Iii Iii and not returned As and Ili Unash to have in Liik u very ii anti of ten Claih Metal Muter his lie ids feeling i i Iii Hie a roil to Trolle with these thru the whole of u h Clent Reil and Inch other addition i to their toilet at he Wau Ulerid in a Aln Milinn line ilium t he Ciny pathway d up to Tho Interior of Tho building had Luck prove did with and the with in Wax Xii Indino it the door Towel Cornitt in cried each can Ini up youll loud this la Kish 11 Murn Uirt work in any Yuuzo done heave your in this barrel out Alt door Yin you can pick them out you Cutie out Lull it int Hie think in Curry weapons into Tiu Iii Kim of ills wins Roui Pleil Ami lie fore the Lini of tiled there was a strange assortment of kit Ivan and la Ronnis in i when All had ii humbled Tho wore shut mud Tiu Tiu and Ali last which was even performed it minis tint what hit Anil the room yet Iho listed with Penry Pali Kuiv wis a Mixi of Novelty in the Wulah had Tut to Home la entirely Othern were win fled Back l in to niether lain and of Attr a Cound n Winch wit Ouhl Bitcol by Tho uninitiated it the cud of Cir ten by of Maui Wiidik that they Bompa thud with Iho of no Iii Lienen could Intro Bishu cd a murmur of when Kellas looking 16wn on from Huros Trum of Bonan Liti Hal himself with care Honor of the Luj wore a duct cell Stirt Roni t die Walt of Nina pair o h i in 1ai i m n i to my m and we noticed an he spoke a heavy revolver in his and Truitt of another protruded from h i am Arr nil and you Are if me it you Morwin or Speaks he is a Man if i not harm you for in Yon with n it Lxi of contempt which in tire Fri for Many airing do know who it a that Yon you know who it u has bean upon Yon for is n Par and k that be and and two there of into my Hulln with your Gold Sci would to member of the who Down Vic fore Thi Clerc Eye ind the a softly i Avion of the Hull in in hour they will cd Cir of any and i you und not follow or you Kin Inoru your u this Dreir behind when the Tunit up i lock on lie and be then you May Kireak your Way out us Behl you 1 i Ivino More to say to you except that be the most set of thai Ever tool in Sithid time to incl new mentally this opinion the to Sitf sixty were Thore it a trip that if we made n null him it the Cost of fight or of hut cd wild much n Rush he without ii til attempt it with out Iollah liar dmello that he would tire was nothing for it it i rec it for inn Ufir Hiya Perl up his Down from the Mill covering with to the door behind and Len in Pill Tiro Isikli we heard of tiie and Tho hoofs nit i galloped i a marked that an Riith for been a rare thing if the Iii Ido up for our temporary during the half Nemi whim heard such symmetrical find when at Inot id tilt Iii the door Oil its All of both rangers and treas ure had nor have we Ever ii unlit Kluht of either Thi Olio or tin Oiler Lino Ioor True to him Lay shot through Pinhead across of his ii ply thu Nuh Nyrl had is upon the Camp the instant that i Hud been enticed into the Mur red the loaded up u a null cart with and vol Tift Wuy Ishii Iii wild Faith ass the where Thuy were joined by their wily in Lih recovered from and a nourishing ill Are not in und morality is at u it an has been held lad by upon in Litrun xer who Cham cd to Nimark in inane a ii would be to Hiiva mime form Contr Mitnit Antory vib a outside of Rauhi Tifton no lieu of tiie Ini mriiam amount of time the and Lii Caboot Are compelled Wwite almost fell it writing no taunt Are Cointa Rattely fret from this when out the Rasile of or and Hub Cabinet it ii almost the a Kizik of at Ali White and the him Pel cd to some or Ottier he would have us refuse the i or at the room is made of All Ufuti Ruph to tiie me Pilch Littva Lurnz on his Liln Ilsk and uts them there Giitl Iii Kent Oclock i when he minus Tach one fit the Jirout and Tenn carries the pile to Barry for Slevc Sandh Tho nicely Over the font taken up pen and dashed Olf is name in rapid manner and to the then Tho doorkeeper carries the pile Tho president Durler hour Kunu Reilly writes Al a number of Ani in Iplie on Small with words on one Cor them re sent away by mail in to Linin Didis of requests that come throw if Inch same Soni one to the president that he let one of i Dierks write in hut in no Iii lit Nihill ii Lulu to r hand and and it Dot not Luik to my so the change never free from Anil at tin in Uitti k y ill to Savji Tou Katli he Story of Yuloo cd the history of the Vonlee family Rea is Loki n Pasi of an Oriental of value wan prime min ister of the k wan cursed Illi u Relief icons a conspiracy to the i ruler and to Crown instead tin i who Zilic tied this Yulith not wind of tin whole Alfair and disclosed Ihu plot to Prince Kin Wirf clapped into n Dungeon to Lau there until his Papu then his turn Ali went bin Yulee 1 was tin a Owooh Chr caused her wit i her baby boy to Thrno to i you us in he was waxed he i i t miss a for reasons now forgotten their wus thu tid Clity and charms of this hebrew Jarl to de 11 Allied Washiington Irving that he re lated her history to sir Walter lie painted and immortalized her lit in Youni and i in turn wedded a miss of the Pairoj ii Mic of the veins of this Feni oration of is Mii idled the Hool if of and of ill Crinion Chris i there m o 11 son Neil Oliree one whom ranks unions the Ureal i and boars Ihu name of Imori Dii a Luil glister 18ti la and retail Uealer in Patent toilet Winikow a Courntey of and Doc j t t James i 01 All Wall looking picture frames Etc jobbing and repairing uni join Good Hyth and at of Smilay inn and Only Pitisi Hie inhabitants limit year to comi London tin memory of tic or liw a Tilic which Enthor to the r null Kicin aii Istik i United Stu Tom Cli Scutro Tribuno a will Buford Tinova cd Sun Doyle in ont pile from u n Chinise House servant employed by one family in san i in Mumic sch twin of Llie the with their inimitable Rick of taking life it its have invented methods of homemaking which involve the least possible expenditure of labor and tin French peasant or the italian Lic Wood caskets of1 in Osdorn in nil i of Nult i i Sci pro input Hearse Acrond to minion hoi Theiu California Lichtl with the family inti Liik his and not Lille to in tint Kii Fllch j lie hit upon tin following novel lie applied to a Friendly neigh vomit write from Diri and address n letter to his j he Taniuk Tho mine with Horn for j the Pii Proie of from a few Days Bison his departure the lady of the House Clia Iccil to into and there upon the Enlil a a Eucalid letter add Rossie to think inn its presence Thiro to Bonn oversight on part of Chip in not properly de she opened Tiu Anil on Reudink Dis Toverud Tho Truo Siuw Ardesh of the Ite labor skilled Anil unskilled male and the mib Tanco of he has j his Kitchon for Hix ii in of All id at Onje by cats in Hui id yet the pity that is spent m upon the wretched creatures who live in i a s such holes they do not live employ Mons san Francisco in to lieu they Only Tarry in them until Tho Sun Blell Shine out each Tho Middle class italians Havo their a a perhaps but thy bulk of their meals arc taken at Tho neighbouring or served by the omnipresent As tilt have not to Ivo Chip know Tunit she am or the wealthy their Winter Pul Ali n Chi u Kee All in to vices Are in Neh of exquisite Art treasures Mercia Itin Minnied on by Whilo every summer by the lakes or the Keu is a Rural la Nii rih win Milne him in to of to Man had Hii prised his Little she had a new properly prepared and us dressed in close imitation of Tho Ori Blifil and loft the letter where she had found scribed a anally Tho Date of his intended return was and a answer re Luzim secured ills return departed hence and sure the last mall brought Ihu wonderful letter from no Whon he receives the an which promptly his Lazart will swell with Pride and and importance among the Circle of he in huh native Home la duly in reused by his forum go correspond Loir Nuil it was nil Lee Thill i from Neuth at the time Hie my Tiro in u flow which Auvo the i of who Sal a Imit 1vrt put you in the right rut to you i m he i Miknel hard out window for Nisi and with these than i you can make up any y i t Tuexi int Vine be that wont pm Siembor my to in Rno Tiitu and revolver Lau out on Kun incr your d to re write out our in if n Man of 3 he the doors Loc Lve to Crout auth tit pc m1 ill tire Ali i ii i an1 i n i i i 1 v i i Oil a very Noi itly a revised old wimp Timir a clean Collar of n Black and an old but nicely silk walked into a crowded Down the other he had every of in Mhz u Wulstan Liikal which n Faoa of closely i Miniea or who skim Tho of wins i Biilly and Viu Viivi Yin Tho he Drew from his a Little Imi per Liui he u a Villi Siusis ut1 great relish lie i assets the Uris Iid quirly Pei it present later Shoki Iii i lid Iii More bet Kolsut and Var re til t is i s1no a can looks w Turbo Llonch wife does not make her Kitchen the Pivot around which the machinery of Home life thu Kings evil was Tho name formerly Given to scr Fula because of a superstition that it could to cured by a Kings Tho world la and knows that scr Fula can Only be cured by it thorough purifier lion of the if this is the disease perpetuates its taint the Ouirt generation after among its earlier symptomatic Are cutaneous to our Blunt nervous mud Phy Sical if allowed to con so Romulous Ca lil Duey Ulm liver Tubor Sulur und Vari Ous other dangerous or Qutul Uro produced by line kor n Lunan Clil j was a Little Shaver of nud Cine Day 1 import Ned my father for some Money with which to buy lie was talking with a gentleman at the but he put his hand in his pot but and pulled out a i Viiu it to me with the in Junction to spend but half of it Ami to Hrinik the other half 1 took the but How to obey i walked Ulon Over the mat Ter until i arrived in front of a when a Bright idea struck boldly for i know the 1 As boldly demanded that he Cut my in two he the ii my strange mud i told him he latin Himly told me that i could have it halved lit the Candy store i to ask the i i six vim id it All in us r 1 a s now again and is tiie list of the table the Deli Cecli h of Iho Noa comp Iruh with Thi lion Nua of a in Contr Alfil with the where can i Obi Sintil the Clio fit Law Nero nud Fine convenient and Lio Iliani Ier l to Jinx Milr Oil Ltd in family Ittah of canned oigae3 tobacco up Copf Icib Foi 1iimily is Tiik Arlington Block Rake la constantly on hand and Kullnat Uin Ruet Talib Caps Arlington the Uoo is Are Well cd biota it Day from 50 itj2 firs class liquor cigars on hand at the Pylilo and in to try handing a Jannol of French iwo in inform the Pali he Tunit i have leaned to Lily Hokl and inn id it in better Tjie any Iii inn Linn Ever been Ili thin county no thou Tiu r Quiren Uliari of 11 hotel r this Piirto of Cine try bettor Teliin i i i have it rooms in Galtes everything Hoard by the Day or week it Rean Nablo Niton Fine and Jibran at the Summit Tam now to announce to tie Piialii that my Llo tul a Colin plated Puiul tiled with to Afija and All modern Civik Jik a John Eveleth Walters 19th professional a a to Toxey and coun8eloratulw Alvin a tto Junky and Counselor Law Kern rotary ruin i Ofick Chester Smith a ttoj1ney8 at office m next door to Catlton All Ordein left it Tho Carufo Iulian will receive duo jell vol Flournoy at m nth o m buy 8nn a san m Ritj Merv rooms 27 pr21 Ririe ii Wildino and furniture or Al this Hontol in entirely new and no can he hurl in this Puciul can to made for Board and Rozum Lor curtain Lungeli of meals 25 Beds 23 the City bakery h attic had to Tho us no where of Rcch brei id cud a Wuyu lie Anil will to duh need to ovary Centra Uii i an ii Ere Foi 1 in i Iii the Tel to Terni wins Are the of an example set of a Small scale by tin italian Noverio Drew from his Ose Rivitt pocket Mont six or Neveu that of scud Pevin Littuma Okam of which he ship of a the of in with Al the of Tho National in was nil to in the place who had a i drip from the paper t k a i and Miro it no girly thirty were sold a Foru the Nice started for the thai new May lie and always reliable it is so elect in it f Rud Lentes from the system Locroi luny und the Kundred Poidom of die Ash and at the mine Lime it on Richei my Vitt Lizes Iho restoring healthful nation to the vital Cir new und thu Cuiru regenerative Medicine is composed of the rent Luc Ijo Durat with yet non Titi the Imti tin Tif mid Anil other Ingvi Lionti of treat Pound com its formula known to the und the Bent Phyia Imus Cun stoutly ayes us us dont huf v id Tel Lvii the id while a a Gaudy i slow Ciru Atli of u Coa at u re Cut it Turu in a Clophia by a prominent the to Civian said it takes n prodigious Ani Tuii of id n layer i to ii thu Greavu of the would make n layer Only Ono of an Aiu it old Lake years to bad Lidi feet Utu toll a l o oui in ii a will c if it is the hit Tilers in ii i Seirin durin Wen Annii Burn u u wry Wisott comi Urc of Tut Puiu Jiuu la absolute cure for Al caused by Tho Vitia Tion of the it is to the High est Pruul Kublo fur ii Pond tiny our preparation for which like Cal cow Are Cialini and therein re Tho Well us Thebes blood purifying Uidl in the Ayers cipro and give me a Illif Union Liveri Anil feel 19th and uni kit ready for Anin Lii broke to Hay and Grain for the vory Bem j Boeg wahdat Mcgordy 19ib Ami Ull salted or Iii prop Vetois of the Central Al Rob plot fully Nonoi Inck to Lin Tho trunk if Tomt Tiu House will to d a firs class hotel in a nmn nor to meet Ihu App dilation of nil Vuk to miking the Tubolo will be hip Pliml with nil the inure i und tin Hii Ikle 01 in am furnish Ltd in Bent Tinl Niibo Lian been and Jii Ulutu French Tulare Jacob Asher new is cont Luct i ii on the up Roveti plus in for lieu Ltd and it him nil Tiu us dam Cim Vun Levi eco in their Zikik unproved la Iiah Lightc Luib fur one Iii Adnil the i in supplied with the baht Tomt can Leob Guinid in Tiu Tiu but Coolin Hill from thu Iii Tihoni part of tin to lure this u tin Plute the it in Tom Point Fri Iii which Ioil radiate to nil Piru the Oil Erizik by which it indy be Hunt and la tit Jln Public Ali our Iti will Lind to cd Mrgich unil Murrit Jato French Jean 1c Lebleu Tuua to till to Utitia tinn tint Liim Ili ital i Livic but ii Clit cd unil in Homo made Bacon pared i butter limn the Lucile in pair Excel Leiyiu and Iii i i Komi Dizin Pun it Llie a Rourl ii Pleil Vith the of Luik Irmild in i Porti o Iru Vicli Najj j mud iced vac Tyor analytical Sulu by All druggists Price six Boule fur museum of Anatomy is Market i 10 Ash to us Lieuw Wiki in rail Ari 1rivaln j Iii Idla Usu All ills stud Lur Neil Day j Lvi full Ilia Semans and i the Jisc Chi and fifth toy ii Coll each of and Rittir Musher of the British Ime Ideiil old two Sitf 8oc1kty k of Kehn of Iii eth it Elmir of male Verj wed Neil Day it Biot Heru in Nood thud Iii invited to Jan Elf 8 q w Roth us cry at their Perlor in Iho bin Herh if Vito to w i and f Tsutou of Ali Roday of t Wood of Kern moot at Muir Hull Vurr Saf urday i biting and to Jour Iii Rothern in Bood Nandina jubt10e meets thir Hill monday ovo nigh in Oach wok of american legion of mis Tuitoo Joii Iroil moots Tho firm and third each Mouth at their Hall at band of Hope hand of Iii Etc Overy saturday 2 Oclock at the n hide Nutof of k Muir the Schuol pm shh a Black s s t h Niolu Cath a Tricot oppo Ulto Adobe All kind of now Hork Puiul Dodo Whon horseshoeing a Iri ooh Tho smut Atnel Hallit function ipri5 of Jive me a advertisers can learn the exact Cost of any proposed line of advertising in american papers by addressing Rowell newspaper 1o Spruce new tend for Loo Fage

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