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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives May 8 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - May 8, 1886, Bakersfield, California Kern May Swan published every a sturday publisher and hit advertising to f i r t up r f to in ill Ivul Llly m u but j find a realm Cleofo f i Iii Hyth two hymn thru who him thu Liim pm i win t fur nil of a nth once i Iki a clan n Irre Eri in was Pitrus to of him of Var Iii rink we passed Tel j our driving with the and to Fox Iviam w tiny re of h Wim Riih Ilif Neil Oti Retif out to at i full blood Ihl i july into i in it h Imin iry u i Iii or Neirink it ii few 1 n Lis b i i Idit tin Neil i Rifkin Imi pay Rivil i tin with ii jul t the ii tin h Lofun h1 Iii of loth this a Hud to Primi it nil Iii id la in i it r t in t 1ivish mul to Inkil oni n whih Hal r Whf thir Jan to of in Iii Nair id a or owl of i Nankin p file inh Lay Thi i i i i and lure and thin Lorini their into tin Iii nil ii f Pur Wigint Pronin Tinin Virlor of Chr incl Iii Man Al Millir Chester Istle season of is at thu Oil Chester for the and Ile Tail Deal Eli in a pure Patent Tiik Iii ilex i k Nanri n run Lily in Nir 11 Liuch h Thithi tin ill Iii ill nil ind live racy f mid in infill of re m or which mid Luy mul Uhter mail Milf it Ivry Jinso m t in Iii Lin n mint or to Lis Lin until Teliin i of thu Uliuli Ami Iviry ii to ind in i i Liin Iii of Vurn i Niue Izill i Jiun evil till ill Wist of till us him Iii Kipilii up Iii in Iliad in he Uil Taki n Rai Idilio in Frum t h1 a pupal Yusu line fish mul i j Ivity in Liml Irrish Vii nil we Hunt tin Manalli St mid n inf Liy n it he i i in w i i n net with n Small u thu of he it Iii i ihcii1 i or neral mount if inuit or Ovir ii it Ili Inhar or Hal n inn hive Upun the Camp was a is Viall Rrt Lucr of lir 1 in fit it u put whirr n Torrin ill of ii i in tin a filth Lati who no at 111 Larni i Dpi it tin i Micil ii imm Wen inn Tui Hal i in ii Nii ulna imiii1 i i ii i Grade for the vis n Street opens Ito Adobe All Kimn of new we i ii jul itch Uirl Dono in toilet window proscription accurately Nice of and Iloilo James professional Arlington Luie rooms am Well cd mfrs per Day from is 50 o a firs class liquor cigars Conet Nutly in hand it Tho Raj Ito and attendants in Thuiy Taudino a Jannol if French or All Wall looking nil Ihli mid j h mum do Larrol birr in inter Ulitt to siiini1 r parody of in to up n t h a pm Iii nil on which ii Iii in Iii tin1 this to mul Shtil they will Drin Lii tuner i hi1 i Iii Uhi n Thi Ratini u in Hind v tin1 having in mid urn to placidly Kirin dial by Chr and n in Muiir of to look it turn in i Renini Len Linin it on in by Thi i his of not liar up f in Only Rcd this mid a Lucli a Ifni hut cocky of mid Lirui with Jim a Lark As or Rico roof party inn a trim for him Ott tin liar rid Rose from him and Hullo ii Iho Ivory in spin of a Nairn nil Trinu of which i to Len pins a wily Hon und la mud Runold n lie by Kinai Patun with tin Iconium As con order nid the for nine Nulty of ii Mil Crow Hur nil pick the picture frames Etc lors shoeing a Inch the Ami satisfaction if my a keen Valley Ami Haslet Ilii Ishol hat nil into Iii Iutin tin Rochr Ramo i tin that the Joko j too tin1 of jobbing and repairing Diqiu ill ii Mil ii jul at i Ioka notice Metalic and Wood caskets of All a on orders in till Liri inches of prompt Noti to anti i Annil to none in Kout Librn California it hts Lin Iid tin liitln1 air Annil Liim Wiite skilled and unskilled male and foil Ion an Nyiah lunar loot Patti cd j of All Cirii Ikhil at test tinhiirn1 or whistled past our i hut so Iii of tm1 Inoru j Clow Dili 411 t ii a in i i f t club and in thir of to m or foil m ment Flam comlus of Fli Wir Conri Nissly a Tho Sank urn Len Nih who Ami unum not Ami in i a Brit in the latter in a rail Len at tin1 at Ami Iii Wildi sunni lied Olf to their j him Mill upon tint Ami into Ripe Tor any form drum his Silky their Het Weon the Ernid and Tino Hjort of Clon Nupuf the Ilay duly Tom in at portion fell nil cup Knop irm and ii Ilner inn i the drowsy am the enough to in Var alter All Riu Lra Knoll net to work Lido m i built with twin Jini Itcik Ripi Diry j finding Al no with the More Tho of Kilimi Patina Wai tin Riith orderly of the thu Little Man formed n of Lions head used after Mcthom Liwally up annul by Ohleh inns Dir Elivd marking with a Hail pin Oil the exact Liy Tho Amo of the or Limilla Drinkin at Ohleh he nil descended the imply i tomorrow had at the he renin liked in his quid tin Roii rail of two Olill Luik it or l Mitinia ill com name at the my verse of i lie n while Broiher i the apocalypse with crop Pilor in a Rel to Mien stus Niy which piece of which i Hail Hon convert i into a he walked away with nil was us cry the air m a Man has in tint Hoen a third it an i rift Tini Ito j w11s it revolution to Rought Hail Short Muil ii lie a lift to Ito Oil tile Lii tiie time Hviid to if youre Annin a Piil a lieu Ami tin if Miu Jalc to a tuft Iirvin fid draw Whon he Miuki Iii is Noiin it u it h Nutzie Liat with to All in tin Hisim verried i by the sinn in the town in april Toner it inyl4 Hill Wius it blow l la Linn us lnciliii1 i Sling i Iii tin Couch Van i Iii Tho Mimi w in in i m Iii Peml t n no Iii leh wore nut and my ii Ai fat he Eliise 1 re mid Ollerer the in a if i i into one i upon Ilir the out Iii chill to Jialih mid uni boy Lilii to the Tain speech and in Tanir it of All the i i Onie from and an Nniro u Tonky As Long w lie Lull in Mick 1 i Altor la Iii annul i it in at tin1 Arnm Liling Hll a hand r lot ugh than Suditu lit by i Xii tin1 if the ii in of Lynch ii Lviv Tho in li1 Roadt Loii when Mif came i1 wik Almini More a idly and More 1 in Parson Cariuda his principle into Pri 1 have seen an j Fima Suine worker in this i Hisle in and j upon the Heap of fed j which the of Tendell j drawl the j at ih1 comme Kucment of the new i in a most earner Anil impress hive my Trio huh it were especially to the ill an Hmidi Niame a rare unionist j was i Asi passing the Iloh j ii Mil to Marvel at our state of and rumours of it went As far As and excited Tiuch i Kings evil the name formerly Pivon to Sor Fula Dicaino of a superstition that could to cured by a kinds the world it Wiser that scr Fula run ony or Liy a Tomro Xiali Purifica Tion of 111 if this is the Ilii Aie its Tail after its in lire und Iii soul if allowed to 1011 so Romulous Ca Kalnev Tuluii Ulyir Ami Vari Ous other dangerous or fatal arc produced by flyers any Vuirl k there were Points our which vide him especially tilted for to of work Hui he hid a m l at same Lime it to Enli iel vices would nil the rely Riidu have no on Chiei insult haul act Iii id the vital or Iris Mil i ital Liesy Iii tin of his so firing in better in spite his then was n of the then Hie Atiim in and thai he i xviii had Icart Tuduy known the he on the j mul of Unal he is Lii our with my Cam in an Able i s i the i and used to l i n i for hours in Ivr Fiot when the of the an i me at the the would put u am at the Timil for 1 la is he w n a eve i to iiii1 list ii plump in the Kivist tin Lew lie up he it As till he unit or is an absolute cure fur ail d by ii ution of if iinu1 i Iny i Iii Rients Ivl it the Mill in tin1 Ayers Ayer analytical by All to now of axed Roaix and is the Al it inline House Kirn the table is supplied with All the Deli Earich of the Flea and con Isarua with thu Hilali Pricill ii oubs of a Biak can noted with Tho wine can to obtained the Thoi Cut Lii hers and Fino convenient Oard and Liode Jiter Iunus Ulm of mtg d the Pullio hint i have thin hotel und Mil it in better be limn any Anch Ibik Ever Bifid in Nonin thin county no Piwin finder stun is Ilin of a hotel Purt of Ilie Ilii try bettor Thui i 1 i Hitu Reli Tuil it rooms in Galtes everything i Oil by Tho Day or week it Reno Niblo Fine liquors and cigars at the a Xiv i to Toney Jund y and counsel Kern a to Toney and totally Coli Fornino Chester Smith 1 tto Ineys at office next door to Mutton nun 30 tit Exchange Ilou Civit and Soli on nil univ principal Ritua of Trio United it Chuml and do a general banking business n Loans nct27tf commission Conners skeet a Lipini Pooler Ihu cheapest Anil Nuwt i Flie Livi Jure fur blah 405 Monh Tomory san ii afle Testai Irazat Liet Weon Varan cd of lion and the Vest til into ilm that i have apr Neil tin nil will run it us Sunru it am r4 he b 9 in far isly Luth asm All kinds of canned cig aks liquors put up Osyf Riahy fur family Lyat i j rpm it of Besoin a now to the and without a dont Poco fur a Little Rue Ruami in the the Bowling Alley in made of innpl1 Toul of tin an the shooting gallery is very very it liquors and cigars imported und will always n Ami in will i ipod t my Fth ill Tutor i o a Arlington Busbee shop Joli h of Hui a eur Tail Summit i am now pleased to announce to tin Public that my hotel in completed and filled with and comfortable and All modern hive me a John Eveleth sep file Walters 19th All orders loft in Tho Califon Xix offset Wius Procive duo el17tf Mhoo fit flour nov attorneys at Montgomery san Wal a san stint Gonier boo Nib 87 Gail 28 piiysiciats78 and in Iii Aldington Eph constantly on hand and at thu Malliot give role a Marl Ltd Ronile and sunni Dilk of Al thin Hatol in now throughout and no bettor can to had in this spoil ii Clin tin Inailau Lor Nuril und 1ot a us ruin of meals 25 Beds 25 the Sty bakery in attached to Tho ii no where for Coli lir Miil can a Livyak to and will i Dull vend every Central James in Medicine by Dollt t f the Zhc Riib and of the Lloyd in colleges of Mon Hor of the Brit Lih medical maidu drug Hirn fold id society k of Kevin of Iii ugh at their crib ten ovary wed Iii Day evening it Boj Oiin ing biotic a in Good standing to Jan Ltd and Tatol on the Nadav of or in it preceding Trio full of Taco Noou of Union Lher Diiorgi 19th and Len Sis always ready for anti Viau broke to Hay and Grain the very Pirimi Borgwardt Mccord 19th veal and All kind of salted of the Centi Ial Al Amin Ounich to Imp Hie travelling that Tho will Iju Chiuli Iutin a a firs class hotel in u Iii Ilinor to inert of ice ulnar Uirl tie to Wii will to Hiippi d with All twin inn list mul the twin file or in aril fungi nihed in Trio Init the Ichiho has Beun Roini Luleck und Iii Llull French Tulare meet at their Hill car Jav Bat urday i noting Mirl to Lii inuit brutal curb in Atud Iii just Joe meets at their Hall monday Ulm Singh in oath Welt Jacob Asher new in Al cd on thu must approved Plain a for Liu Alth and ill Nihill the Leck in their Iii Ohi improved it hint claim for one mind rail Mil Thi in i applied with that can he Nhi Ameil m the the beat Cooke and attend Niilo from the Southorn part of the visiting to Liiri Thiu in the proper place in leave Ilin it is Trio Point from Winch Rndt iut of All Parth if inc of Iii in by Winch it May and Iii met the in Ripic fully Ihnn a Iii of Amk Kincan legion of x1s Tecton Onia Iroil me cab the Fml Uirt third Tirom Lily Uvari Singh of each month it Iligir Hall at 7 band of Hope Jiani Hati Irav at 2 Oclock at twin r hide Nee of 011 k near thu a shool Mich City has Onue Ngonkr a Oen Miil Rizio Putio Mer und Duption fur the sum the lager in of a butter Quality than it has Over born Honre and thu liar in supplied with Iho Hui Cut of and the bowl fun Alley and shooting which arc kept running Day und i Jet bin and now the French Jean to the of of Ilie Public thie hotel la Rubury Tho Nimit and Bent Pla Uii if cohort in thu Beer put up exp Ruhly for Halo Riih Anil family Ime mud do i Vered promptly pm receipt of a fitted and in nou i Home Saclo Macon pared to and agent for Langbeins Spanish Job printing of Ipi Iun j neatly and promptly executed at i the advertisers i he Titi than tiny Halo in Par 1 and i can learn the exact Cost part it the a Good in rip am in u Willi Tiu hot of aijjrrhaiidiin1 porn i Inch Dri Jordans Yund Oum Nufi with museum of Anatomy Iet Market Aux How to j at list Wijt i All iary m Inni of All kind fur of any proposed line of advertising in american papers by addressing Rowell 1o Spruce new i tend foe Loop ago
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