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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives May 5 1888, Page 3

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - May 5, 1888, Bakersfield, California V the county official May railway time comment Iii february Tho arrival nil Ilia Ritiro of trains will be by follows train lit from san Francisco will arrive at breakfast and depart at train 17 from ban Francisco will arrive it and depart at 11 train 18 from lob Angeles will arrive it 11 end depart at train 20 from Lou Angeles will arrive at breakfast and depart at Phillips has returned from Sun Imiolo after a Long returned to the City a few Days Cream Cream Cream fresh ice made daily at Young stallion for an la seen at Tho Buena Vista stables for a few ap21tf just received new gloves and at Neiderauer Charles Kerr and miss Jennie Kerr on for the City where they will reside int Lio of who has Iwon visiting Beard for a week returned Homo tuesday to to Moores restaurant when you want a really Nice Well at a fair Lri St class White polite and attentive Lle Lono of san who has been spending a couple of months herewith her re turned Quine last sunday judge Brittain loft for Arizona hit wednesday lie went for the Imp Polo of attending to some important Legal bit Hinss and will return in about a warm weather is when you dont feel like cooking dinner on go to Moores and got a Nice clean Well served in a Pri vate who died Here last had been in the county since residing most of that time near the Southern to was 78 years of How Many Are suffering with shattered completely broken Down by the ravages of disease if taken at tie proper could have been pre vented by a single dose of frees Ham Burg All Tho owners of property on the West Side of Chester having agreed to extend the artificial Stone Side walk to the court Houtho it is now in order for the supervisors to improve that Valu Able piece of real estate by extending it along the front of the same and around the annual election of officers of the Alert athletic Chip was held last wednesday resulting As follows Willow Millard Borg want Blodget directors Jame Willow and there Are fifty one names on the list of preliminary work of the subdivision of Beales ranches is proceeding As fast As it can be engineers Are employed surveying Tho sources of water proposed irrigating ditches and establishing the Sites of about a week ago representing a Syndicate of Boston arrived Here to look Over the la we have wince Learned that to was highly pleased and proceeded on to in Job Angeles to con Fer with the real estate agent in hands the property has lie ii placed for to Lovoto considerable space to a letter residing Thih town and county which recently a poured in the Herald of los Tho while n resident of the live in a Distant and thin will account for and Bohm excuse for Home Trilling inaccuracies of statement in regard to this but on the whole it is far More truthful than the work of travelling newspaper correspondents usually and shows that the writer is clout observer and More than ordinarily dire Ful in bin investigations and in his relation of things he has saturday evening mins Heleno Levy was tendered a Farewell party by Mishev Rothii Llowell at the residence of und the evening was spent in social enjoyment and at 11 Oclock were Shoho present were and Mph Ile Leno miss Teresa and Mien Nellie miss la Ortense Mihret miss Lottie miss Siphie miss Bertha the i Hho Bull critic attached to the Fresno in his comment on last sundays proves conclusively to the raiders of that Puper that he missed his and that reporting sporting events is not his the result of the contest shows that it was above the it was hardly generous to slur the visitors from makers fled and the country they came from because they carried Oil the but our boys Are in a larger they do not mind this Little exhibition of spleen of their Fresno friends Only in to far As to feel regret that they Are so sore they could not help showing it about Iziu badly cleaned we expect to soon see the Fresno boys Here when they will have an Opportunity to Home knowledge in Tho Art of entertaining we also assure them they will not lie dubbed Jack Nihil ill hath from to Alkali last while in san 1rosident of Tho Fowler switch canal telegraphed Tho superintendent to shut Down the head Gate and turn the water Back in Tho this strange at this season of Tho year when the ditch should be kept doing service to its full was made be cause of Tho decision of the supreme against the company and in favor of Lei born and denying Tho Farmers Tho the is its getting and a dish of Moores Home made ice with tastes democratic primaries will take place for the of electing Dele Gates to the county convention to to held at Bakersfield on the 12th the new state series of school books have arrived at Maudes Book first 20 cents second 35 cents third 50 cents advanced 35 the Republican state convention convened at Sacramento on the first the proceedings were a delegation to the National convention was elected that will support Stanford for the presidential pastor of the episcopal has gone to he is in poor health and Hopes that change of scene and a sea voyage will restore while he is gone clap Ham will reside with her relatives in Cheyney Nowell Are a firm of surveyors and Draughtsmen who have recently established themselves Whoso professional card appears in this they have already done a Good Deal of work and Given they have the Best and most approved instruments and Are energetic and thoroughly educated in their pro Iowa prohibition and the recent interpretation of the prohibition Laws by the Federal courts has Given Rise to a new instead of saloons transportation agencies Are springing up in every town where it is possible to receive liquor in All Mianti tics from the Hogshead Down to individual drinks so Long in compliance with the they come in original the Fresno Democrat has been materially improved in api Warance and has commenced the Issue of a Large sized and Well conducted this supplies a want we has been pressing in that enterprising City for some two dailies have Long been Isuf Lucient to properly represent its phenomenal growth and at least so it appears to observers at a All the streets North of should be opened to to open at is an imperative the county is very Ioor and the Suhs visors econom but if they feel that the county is unable to stand the expense of opening All these streets and can Only of Iii one it should be 22d it would involve the least expense and would be most convenient for nearly All the numerous herds of hogs and flocks of sheep which go to Skinner for shipment come from the and it is annoying to everybody to drive them through the built up portions of the we Learned with much about a week that who was characterized As a directory had been arrested at Fresno for person i chg an officer among the chinese and collect ing taxes from that innocent and confiding and held to answer for his alleged Conrao in the sum of this estimable Young Man spent several months before he concluded it were Good policy to remove to the More growing and enterprising City of on his arrival lie landed around a card on which he represented himself As the Secretary of the and stated that he had been sent Here by him to collect facts and remix acting this to use in some of his contemplated literary it seems that soon after he severed his connection with that lie announced that he would devote himself to preparing a directory of this county combined with an account of its agricultural and other re the whole to be admirably adapted to direct Tho tide of Eastern immigration hither Ward and to be an incomparable guide and handbook for investors and notwithstanding his Superior qualifications for the task and the deep and abiding Faith some of our prominent citizens have in the capacity of strangers and new Spawr Reid tors of the City for such he was unable to obtain the trifling Advance of or which be required As preliminary to an undertaking of such in ii Orzanco to our real estate owners and Kern o Bakers Duld and log angelas editors same solid and substantial growth so noticeable in the financial affairs of the county at Large is also a conspicuous feature in the growth of the county seat of Kern while there has been no Boom in com Mon acceptation of the there has been a steady increase in property values in As Well As through the the last two years town prop erty has gone up at least one Hundred Ier while the irrigated and cultivated lands in the country have increased Cor an air of Prosperity pervades the town that promises to develop into a Gil edged Boom As soon As the time which is not far away every business Trade or Industry appears to be prosperous and not the everlasting credit business that has so crippled the Large wheat growing counties of Tho san Joi Umin Valley never had a foothold in As it had More certain and varied she has never had occasion to Curry wheat Farmers from one year to another to Tho injury of both Farmer and Tho exclusively Grain producing counties further of Tho great drawbacks to a rapid growth of Tho towns in this county has been Tho Lack of Large and the Large land holdings in the Best and most productive portion of the time Lias when a new order of things is to take place that will usher in an audition to our who will occupy our county on Small fruit farms and thereby multiply our resources and Trade after the style of los Angeles county and her of who has been the proprietor of the great Ella Costa and los Al Grants for thirty us Well As a Large body of Railroad lands All lying in this county and lapping Over into los Angeles county and a sprucing an area of some four Hundred thousand acres has resolved to abandon the Stock and after his subdivision has been incl put this vast body of land on the this will open to settlement a Hundred thousand acres of arable land adapted to grapes and sup plied with abundant in addition to the vast Domain that has been one of the largest and most profitable Stock ranches on Tho Pacific coast for the last thirty Haggin and Carr own something like acres of Choice agricultural every foot of which is susceptible of the highest cultivation to the costing fur Nish an excellent article of water for Domestic and lire with a pres sure of seventy seven the Pavilion Ami opera House Are the principal places of the Kern River flouring run by furnish flour for a Large territory with a surplus of Thorp Are three Church buildings the methodist and episcopal with one or two Church organizations who have not built a place of worship the fire consists of two Hose one Hook and ladder company and one engine and Are said to be a Well organized and very efficient there Are five three four variety and fruit one one six two Furni Ture three tailoring one two five Blacksmith and Wagon live livery and feed one one soda eight general Twenty four saloons and drinking and some five or six paint and car Mentor and shoe the town also boasts of three weekly newspapers ably conducted and liberally Trio Kahn county the Pioneer with Republican proclivities the Kern county and All eloquent champions of the resources and opportunities of their the ice of the Trokee ice com i any and rattling establishment of the Fredericksburg brewing company is an extensive establishment and ably Man aged by Joe Tho tattling establishment of the Philadelphia Browing company and Ico Deriot is also ably con ducted by one Street car line from the depot at Skinner to the courthouse in this City is in successful while a double line of busses also find profitable pm leaving Overy fifteen among the society organizations represented Here Are Tho Odd fellow knights of legion of knights of Honor and native sons of the Golden the i eighth of the trigger sporting club was lately and is now fitting up and furnishing elegant quarters for meeting and entertaining their the objects of the club Are to protect the assist in Tho improvement of the game and fish entertain visiting sportsmen and promote social Intercourse among the marksmen of among the organizations of Bakersfield there is perhaps none More Complete than Tho baseball incorporated with a capital Stock of those Jolly and expert amateurs on the Diamond Field build Ais John wac Laniuli Luxor boor is on shoulder braces it or Uryl drug pure spines for mid preserving fruit it dry Rye drug homeopathic remedies at Drury drag varnishes of nil kinds at or nays drug fresh Shaker roots and Cebrat Drury drug fresh fish Ivory Friday morning it Borgwardt accords Butcher highest Price paid for bolter and eggs at Dorg Warto meat mail orders promptly attended to a Drury drug Tonko your prescriptions and family receipts to or nays drug largest Gro test Plonske buy Rno n new Winter hot it Oost you dont need to Send for your Dacua goods to san Francisco when you can get nil Wool 40inch now of dildos at 50 month a Yard at t a Fine Lino of indies trimmed for this Gonsou just it popular at Paul t to Tho labourers of Kern have brought for you nil you need it Price that will Hnit your Paul if 3011 nut a Good Bingo or you can get it at cos Mats livery Stehlo it everything go to the photograph gallery on healer next to Drury drug Anil have your photos Nelson and Bailey Aro then to attend to All your wants in that copying and enlarging give Lisa a few those who no not supplied will take Tho t berries and All kind of Ugri u11u till i i cultural this vast tract of land own their own that arc fitted up in Good and a credit to Tho Vinu they take great Pride in entertaining has acres in Alfalfa and some 000 acres in vegetables and this firm has a payroll of seven bund and they Are supplied with fruits and All kinds of Garden products from Tho this princely firm has Over fifty thousand inches of waste water running Down Korn River that they nor their neighbors above them Are Able to Are now getting their lands in such u he Mac they Are ready to receive applications for the Purchase of a body of developed and irrigated land for Colony subdivision and Proi Stablo occupation at to this May also to added the magnificent and colossal landed properties of Aix which comprises acres of Choice fruit and farming with productive qualities capable of supporting a population of their visitors from other towns with True Kern county 1 had omitted to mention Tho fact there some live firms hero whore handling real besides a half dozen Curbstone brokers who always have a Section or two in their Vest wicket on the most reason Able there Aro also Home three or four abstract a franchise has been granted to Williams for a Street car line to to pro pelted by either horse or Cable Power from a Point about u half mile South of the present depot at to the court and on Down through the it is said the Southern Pacific Kail Ity Road company proposes to build a new and other improvements just South of and that the plans and specifications Are ready for the prominent among the new improve Iii incs men we Are pained to finally abandoned it and transferred him As to have to a More appreciative and Liberal we Are loth to believe that what is told of this useful and accomplished in the now scene of his Bonifi cent is and look with Confidence for the Unno nement that it was a m addition to the elaborate system of water ditches from Kern River and the magnificent Artesian Well development in Kern must be mentioned the great storage reservoirs that will soon to built on the site of two Mammoth reservoirs which by nature is fitted for occupation with but Little and arc thought by Many to have some time been used for that purpose by Tho As Tho ground bears the appearance of having been some time thrown up and used for storage of Tho Survey makes the pipe line from Kern River but eight and the ditch line eleven Miles in the capacity of one Reservoir would be in round numbers Gallons and Tho other this would furnish water for Tho Weed a magnificent tract of land of some ten As Well As a vast expanse of High land laying North and Northwest of this this colossal scheme will guarantee enough and with what is already to water the entire Valley parts of this and aside from the new school House to in to too Stirn n of Good old Standard family it Cin tit ii t i highly us t is truly Marvel of the Ami no Lumsie Lionil Abouli to without h dirt Unla a Well a cures skin and til Al Inry Ait Octal bile i nil Envor end foul mul Verr tilt Mithu by Mike on r by a unordered it in a Cino Fig Ftnat cout Nylon Ami an run acl Mim a Nudy for jaundice mul h Purl re Trio the it Mach and Nadgir Eltho whole tit tout a delightful Imit Meill Lnu for Trio Nunry Ornal to it for Sale by All druggists and base Ball Tho Bakers Flekel giants went to Fresno and played the first championship game of the both Lumsey and Withington pitched in Good but Tho latter had Tho better sup and the Forest City team won Tho game by Superior a leading and base run the features were Whites throwing und Yuns base tub q i i u 0 0 113001 u and numerous Nice dwellings and cot is the masonic Temple building just this Beautiful two Story Structure Cost and is a very conspicuous and commodious the second Story is occupied by Tho masonic while Tho first Story is occupied by the printing and stationery House of proprietor of Tho Kikin county the first floor of this extensive establishment is devoted to a stationery store 26x00 feet with the com posing room in the Tho Concrete floor and is appropriated for Tho and other mechanical appurtenances of one of the beat appointed and Best supplied printing hous Sinthe san Joaquin it is Maudes intention to Start a daily As soon As the occasion demands the building is Lars class in As is Maudes and both to and the Trio most thickly settled counties in Tho United r 4 1 1 3 0 0 4 u 1 2 3 u i o a u u in u 0 010 0 4 0 1 1 8 g 0 i 0 0 9 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 0 u 27 20 a 2 0 1 0 2 3 401003 41 1 0 14 3 4 00000 4 0 0 0 0 0 300000 3 0 1 0 1 17 1st 3 00040 3 1 0 4 0 0 3 i 1 27 26 8 first Bra on Baker Atleed first Beau on called struck Lumsey left on a Kenfield two base Faa aed White time of Bender by 133406780 make it one of and profitable i have omitted to mention Tho location of these two monster receptacles of the vitalizing fluid that will stimulate to activity the dominant energies of the most productive soil on the they Are situated on township w Range 0 and some six Miles East of this at present the lumber Supply of this county comes principally from the coun ties North of but the Day is not far Distant when to Wilt have lumber enough from our own mountains for Home con sumption and plenty to spare to our As soon As Tho Santa be company gets its Road Over the Tejon we will get some Relief from the Tolia Chipa but our main dependence is from Trio Beautiful and lofty Pine Forest on mount in township 28 31 this Forett is situated some ton Miles North East of Pampa As the Bird and some Twenty two Miles East and six Miles North of this this immense body of Fine Timber can be readied by a Road from pump station at an expense of and a company has already been formed to develop this magnificent enter the soft sugar Pine in this Forest is particularly adapted to fruit and Raisin boxes and Fine finishing with Tho foregoing the build ing up of an Inland town that will vie with san Sun and perhaps Tho charming capital and intellectual centers of Pasa Dena and Ulve Side is a certainty if to do not eco iwo this City now boasts of a cosmopolitan population of and notwithstanding they Havo not incorporated a town govern it is of peaceably disposed and orderly a town As can to found on the stockholders of the building Are entitled to a great Deal of credit for their enter prise and another line building adjoining the Odd Fellows lately erected by Maude and is mite an addition to the and furnishes airy business Ollices quite in keep ing wit i the present the now hotel building just started by Tho Southern hotel local will to a and probably one of Tho most Complete and ornate Host lories on Tho Road from lob Angeles to Han the plans and cations Aro from Tho firm of Milton Ald san and Trio con tract of building has been awarded to work has commenced on the excavation and will la pushed to completion As Fust ii Tho contract Price is for the main among the prominent men who have hied responsible positions in Kern i will mention a few who Many of your readers will recognize of among those who have done their share toward Tho development of Tho county Ami the Formant of Tho Trust imposed on them judge who bus been a resident of thin county since for Many years county who Cumo bore in 75 general District attorney since judge formerly judge of Tho a Pioneer for ten years county u Pioneer Tor four teen years connected with Tho and for Many years county Utallah the present Sheri who was born in this acid who was the Riloff this county and one of Tho Best specimens of natures Nobleman und american manhood Tho resident partner and manager of Tho Haggin Carr in also a Well preserved specimen of Tho Pacific count energetic have done wonders in the Way of development under Adverse real estate r Hudnut to we 29 in Block in Judd Rita Jules Gardnel to a p lot 29 Block Alex Corley to 1 8 in Block Cloudey lox Rodey to o 0 and 7 in Block Rodey John Evor loth to m Lota 20 and 27 in Block n m doll to Mary l Bollt int in Sec Tnp it Alex Sodoy to f w Rodey lot 7 in Block a lamas to j b of Nesi and Beh of Neh Leo two 28 r 0 v Stacy o e v join Obj Sec Tarp e v Joyce to mrs a m mchcnry8s boo twp k mrs a m Mchenry to a o e v to too to a 0 e l Warner to Jonathan of bw1 gee twp b same to Maria kolt8m of Eoo twp Bamo to Jasper Kolleh of Wii of nah of wt4 of neti twp e u Holms to Lime mining 0 u Dunbarton 8 l acres in i of n Sec two r Godfrey Poirior to Mary p Sec twp 11 r Trio following patents Avo upon recorded during last month u h to Chan f of Plato of gala to Frank p j to c of be4 Phillip uandallnw4 p m l5ryantnw 34 Dallas w it macmurdo8w4 of a Nonhof Walter u q 4 of and n w of be a of he Fol of ii i o e o i 8 w 4 Milam of ne4 8 m Judd Psi state of Oal to m a of bw4 of nli4 and Beh of 18 l Lloyall a o fre Munn h j o Hames All a i 3027 that Highway of the Broad la Ever o Stormy Thor yet blow the winds Ever to and rile the Waves Ever to acumen must Man the Good tourists will Bravo the and commercial trav Elers and buyers Muir Vult Tiu Cut res 01 foreign Niile and Eliut atrocious together with Colicky if tons mid much inward loll in cml Rod when Lynst Auorb St much lit Lora would have fortified the voyagers list nil in Luct till salts mid veto ran acquainted with Irnita Tyve value of this ext Mulino Paul calves is daily opening his new Slock of fall and Winter goods comprising the latest styles of dress fancy boots and ladies and gents furnishing which he has and will be sold at the lowest Cash if Jon wish a Large fall and Winter Stock of firs class goods to select from we have it at prices to please Paul James Mayer buggy the vehicle of two the Farmers merchants the most Best finished and most durable medium priced vehicles Over offered in Send for full illustrated 69 and 61 Elm Lightner 0 08 02 use of Tho the superintendent at proceeded to Tho head Gate and did As some one unknown to the following behind him and As soon As he had left raised the Gate and let Tho water last saturday there was an annual meeting of the stockholders of the the action of to Cor was endorsed and Tho Tendort ordered to again shut Down the we understand that the water is running again in the ditch this morn ing As though the order had not been i undo and but by whose help to do not it is very probable the water will continue o run for this what the result of the decision will be no Man can to May have Lively times yet Ijo Forti Tho water question is settled in Fresno Tho Maderas owned Tho season at suffering defeat in the bunds of the Home team by the on sided score of to Borchers and of Tho and occupied Tho Points for the Home Madorum no protest this and it will have to be played Over of the i sulks have no claim to this Tho Star Battery of the leaders in Tho race for Tho California league the following Are the names of the players and their positions for sundays game at i Long Price paid for b bin Moat it la True that among the various society organizations there is u noticeable absence of and and an unusual number of there is still Moro Security to limb and property in the City of Bako Rafield any hour of Tho Day or with one night Throo con stables and two justices than in some of Tho larger towns in the Southern where they boast of a Strong police Force buttressed by a salvation army and u cold water Bako Rafoeld also boasts of u Lino court House that with All the additions and the Beautiful Park and Fence surrounding some it also has a Hospital building and jail that answers the Pur pose for the Tho county has outstanding Bonds for but has enough Money on hand to take them up any time und leave their scrip at the school lately Cost and is quite an ornament to the Tho building in very conveniently arranged for the various and is supplied with All the modern Tiv Plu Licett for and is who ably Circum Tancos and frequent reverses in to carries his age and item cml honors with a modesty and equilibrium that but few can oven an agreeable and noticeable feature among Tho representative men of in contradict nution with the men of the counties further in this Valley is a disposition to cultivate More Friendly relations and intimate commercial re lations with Lxi Angeles than they have heretofore k 1 mistake you will meet a delegation from Kern to Tho democratic Tato convention that will receive Trio right hand of Fellowship in Good and do All in their Power to promote a closer Intercourse and inter change of commodities Between Tho two counties than has Over existed the new in now la All those with thu Ira Tolash denial work he Ioulia give him the doctor imn had Twenty years to co nuut Woll and in fully prepared to do work at read Nablo of maj in at the Rubid Enco of near Liolu Airn list old a with protective Tali preventive and and Are rarely provided with Emi Kravits to the far West should Siut it As a Siil guard against seek thu Aid of thu bitters for Dys liver kid Ney and All ailments that impair Tho harmonious and vigorous notion of the vital list of unclaimed letters loom awning in Tho Baker Flold Postof Lico for the week Ond Iod May j m Francisco j 0 o q d j d 2 or mra j p Joseph k j a Luis b f Haming Hamilton co Billy j b 2 oco Frank Henry e and Dill mull Ilu Roflo f co prude Oil w Vav Joh Cifu b a j Jackson 1 band to obtain any of those letters Tho applicant must Call for advertised giving to Date of the if not Ett lord for within Ono Mouth they will 1m Hunt to thu dead letter the Visalia Delta says Tho graders of the Oast Side Railroad Lino Hugo reached and it is exacted that mils will to Laid and Tho construction trains enabled to Reitci that town by the end of Tho present the report to the effect that orations would be for a while upon reaching Porterville proves to be Jib the Advance Crow is going consumption surely to the editor1louse inform your read ers that i have a positive remedy fur the above a mod by its timely Mitt thousands of hopeless cases have been cured i shall be glad to Send two bottles of my remedy of bib to any of your readers who have con sumption if they will Send me their express and Post office my Henri new York Houghton real estate and insurance notaries searchers of 1 attention Era to Locatti state lands examined and values reported for Banks and Money to loan on Koal lands routed and rents and taxes 1nid for mfr Sperty for Sale to t office Chester near 9th Arm a Hammer Brand to Ami its important that Tho bods or use should be White and pure mine m All Simitar Sun Noea town into obtaining Only the Ann Hammer Brand or buy it in Pound or half Pound do amour name and u inferior goods Are some Umes substituted forthe Hammer Brand when bought in parties using biking powder should remember that Sola riling property to Manta of bicarbonate of one Teaspoon Fol of the Arm it Hammer Brand of or Tuadi Mark sour milk Seq Oak four Lumpoon Folsom us Best baking ing Twenty times its bedded being much us Erato ii does not injurious Sohm Terra of which Many Bak ing powders am dairymen and should Only thar re pc Hammer Brand Foi cleaning few plug milk pins by tit Anil Bee that every Pound Mckigen of Arm and Brand contains fall Ido Nom and toe u Pound peek h a Imit fled of packed in card Board always keeps pal Iii in real estate Kern to Are dealing in Ken estate Inte to Nipa and of Ummings Valley Anil have for Aale Homo very Choice property Ai bed Rook Faro in Troia 40 upward to can Noli you at from to per no irrigation we lao Ynve Novorul Fine Toek und Dairy ranches at Low if on want Dairy ranches or give ii a Call fetid u Cost you nothing to examine the Yuri our properties of Lee adjoining 00115 City has be gently undergone a Gen eral renovation and the undersigned has Beon appointed sole von the Fredericksburg tub Bowling Alley and shooting which Are kept running Day night also been Kettly improved and now the brewery in the most comfortable and Best Plano of resort in the Ali doors put up expressly for a Loona and family turn de receipt w the Kern Island Duvall 19th Bowling shooting Gall by and Chicago urn

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