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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives May 1 1886, Page 1

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - May 1, 1886, Bakersfield, California It Kern May event pull Thor id oco hit advzm7iiumc j i in r Jufu u ii in u to i Kiawu j of the Polar Fallt in a Tatumn Ami a prong through thin part of the anti cd nub from Ortli Cluj pm Bay to the a carom of Arctic and Snow not fall very heavily during the Winter time proper and it is claimed by in that Evet the Spring and autumn known for who h lev have to ecu no Unow Falls Al Uli during any other tiny of the year that distinct fail and Spring snows Are by the Hummer on one i jul Atelj r and re tin Winter on tin of i it Gnu nil tiling for the men who in half n envelopes which us k if to unify fill from liquid hid a hiked a rms the writing of lawyers and men in Public life in the hardest Theofil Cine have Tostru Sorli they urn no accustomed to write in Stich hallo oven in the directions of a let they employ Many abbreviations As Naku thru Torvas almost unintelligible to any but a skilled Posto Allce merchants and bin Kara write very Oft Cire but they Are by no Means an Bill an the lawyers and bin ten tin worst fiend Hump to u the Fri Iii in ii inn i free from Etc tet and Cheater 18th or i l i i of to ii Tiitu tin l i in till Iliin an n for l of no my ii Lii Iii unti in Jim promptly Pih Tim and it Spich of i icily up the if n j Ulyir Plain tin i or the Thod copycat Bank in tha temperate i hold Thi film of the of tin i a Ltd 1tntci and n tin Thi would the in to urn of the texture of la would he for in thu Arctic it frown by the Ini Jiuu cold and packed by the Kales until i it la half any on Llic Road to pure mid n foot of which View t to of he to Luigi o Tiv by i Froni tin to the while ii in in ring to Luigi the lust from Hilr to tin Ali our i Ithodas of will Manv Soonim be Prufig Urcil which heat tin air than the solid objects and in Williams should exclude open obstruct a Railroad train More than Lehr fulfil 11 different sex Anil an upward of the my a stud Krill surf an1 for 1 body Niichi tin lil Nuller Northern had in and Hii Liny ii id Huc the of i Inisi Ernil Foi Illuri in and Talon no Acyl pc part in now and in will who per n Mot Nisi tit if 11 which will Corn Iii Bill do Rule of critic to hint of an party Roku Pompil of Hiigli ii in for n Rio i hilarity or Ujj Miyei of Hinn tin subject of Diin Cint of i inulin new York a from Ali prison the Iii Invof a Piper by the in the in to nor Iho Edillor Siviy it shall our Endeavor to irv Melam in Iii and enmity in ii o i h Iii la nor Iio moist Sou we dirt of Oviand it Hull be Thi of the prison to in Miia Pri soil Talent and to nod Amin All within our in Liik Forth our tiny theotto our Home ii and and i hi1 we i Niodia and Nuat Aln in Ulici and Ixl we shall Tine i in r every Euden Vor to n new line1 when curried out will in n great credit to und in Honor to our the paper Prei United under these it runic circumstances h very to the and will Toni Tiare favourably in tone and mimic publish i of Iuliu the Pron Ness York thu a Kutchon in Tiu though senator Palmer May Havo Home smell from who there in no Danio Sirof Iii any from his this Lori led in the fourth tinder the and it is titled out in a Way that would Delight the soul of a Western lie la Hai a Ninon about eight feet to Bijj arid three feet and Ita Ca Meity in its the Kitchen at Tho while tills has a Hake oven Al tin hide of and there lire ii Iron ii lacks for baking in the body of the ration the Hearth in front of the ran Jjck is of coloured and for fear the Cook take cold the room in also heated by steam at the left of Tho Kitchen is the also on the fourth it has stationary wiil huhs lined with and each of those Lehi inks n spigot of hot Ami cold dumb waiter to Dickens int Hoy Laiu from the dining room to the u n Kalavity i the Munir pal of Iris have i under a plan for sup flying railway to the Pru Pohnl is to run up rope lines from four Ivi ints by buy Simund the in such i that Ihu rope a Iurii Uji Side of Ihu Hill will wound us by Baine Linder and Saino which pay off Mirope of tin Riim unit neeiid1 on the this Myslim has Lnch already tried Ulni the line which runs up in the height of Ruix Liusho and of born and it in Plain that a considerable de under the most in Dill inuit a cured by employing a ablation Ury engine Ink Cai of Tho i Lark Bantu of lift of a committee on appointed by Tho now York Library club hum made a report recommending Tho preparation and Exchange of the Necin Holty for such action painfully and the reasonable a Enells Are Hellevi the most at is the feat Ruof these prospective blacklists in that they will contain the names of promo not and wealthy citizens at Woll an than the Oiw Cire and those unable to gratify their literary tastes in a legitimate the fact that such Are in the hands of Overy together with descriptions of the class of which suffer at the hands of the individual Klep Tobibio supplemented with the names of suspected and that duplicate lists Are exchanged Loveon All the Puljic will doublets have an excellent Tho fear of exposure and Public Ity will Nave hundreds of books annually in each Lii enlist will do duty As an Uble and Kii orally efficient policeman for the Library when it is in Les lies the hallway Riith of Thi railway cars of Russia Are Anion the commodious in they resemble ours rather than ment earn in use elsewhere on the Conti nent of hut in the aisle is self ted to one so the seats on t lie will accommodate three hide by and on the but Lii is especially convenient when tin car is not crowded in the end doom of the instead of open ing upon the Lead into u Small enclosed whence doors open out at right and Boon for the poo Plu who Alvo on nud around a it Liik Vii vol a Wuhl acc Linen of thu native Virgin Lin entered the other Day id asked Trudil for sonic lol Mcco and sugar Al a prom Iii to pay in six i in what do you Imson your Cape cat or being Ablo to pay in that time j though it in very o the since in bad menu scrip the in dotted i mar be taken to rep or even Beriji Pustil n what in re lot let Liliu a Tiu the i what die compositor Al pres can not Oinita Iii that the n and u in Mintlo hut Yueh have hiked the not that the t be in Iii on was Tho prompt to Smilar to that it in or else ropy formed after the fashion Meh in j1 catch any a it Rosmore or hop inc w to i Voirol seventeen of wit i u in senior on Tho no Randy Phu Refeil up in n holler r the fur to git Luil thu i be omission who Chi with Favot 1je Kot Moo Vawl liar a woman wis in Disu Uiso and Al Cong from some crime she had committed thu win travelling in u and at u try tin and 111 us Willil went l tin with Skull us Ali end of in Wii la woman ii i our u ill n of i la a ii men Ruh up Ali women entry pm n Cairn bin a surgical operation was performed at youve Nanour new which proves that lockjaw will noon be regarded As a curable heretofore 75 of the patients have in the present instance the sufferer was a who had sustained injuries to the head resulting in Home of tin treated Trio wound with Hydro chlorate of cocaine and then covered the nerve Centeria at Tho the Man enu roly recovered the use of his Chicago ail Kiilan Putin of a South Yonkers Bunda school teacher was trying to explain to her class what conscience but had some Dill culty in making the scholars what in that Small voice that comes to you after you have retired at night Sho at i quickly said our of the Bright Little what is said the proud that her explanation had been to quickly atm Kaarti a null i Nous the of n Sci Salon tin London the of u Iii ii the the the Lay of tin Inonu i and am Ilni ire of a of Ioui of leap it when tile and i Miles on a deep it a will stand season a tub 1880 old Chester for the Grade for the fish Blacksmith nineteenth Hyrcak oppo ail Ailtie All Kiledj of now work Anil Linno i horseshoeing a prices tto lowest Anil Hatifi faction if give me a gallon Ile Tail pure Patent toilet window or encryptions acc Rotoly Neil Duel James is now opened again and is the dint ii Imu Kern the table Zibil pulled with All the Deli Cacir of Tho Rea and compares with Tho High priced Honaree of the a bar is connected with Tho where can to obtained the choicest liquors and Fine convenient Hoard and loan in per 00 Hoontis per will nov mtg Arlington the rooms Are Well charges per Day from 80 to firs class liquor cigars Annh Tantor on mud it the polite and g Atte Miuta in emmy harping a pm in family Wili Amu All kind of canned cigars Lii Poeih put up especially for s in tits Arlington Eph constantly on hand in Low uht Merkel Ratch and Twenty the it Ter will make o tin of seven aii i ii ail h inn Lucio tin v inti Dir Kiev May u is end error to All this and lrc88iugs for Scad in is it renin in eff cot and in easily mixed in applied in a col i unlike or other it increases the growth of who mini Idalih Tho Neil greatly Adin to thu it it Jyh in curious Foi Al Init every i Huang internal and external that no cup Are subject hell fcbii3m Han aioazar9 Rel ills of be Hullt i and Milkint a in might i Tinc rtt i fur Little recreation in the the Bowling Alley is of new Ali ii Neil i Tif Skoot inc gallery i 1 Ilo Viry 1 he by Init of j liquors and cil Jahs 1 i in Rte i Iid will Hilu Pink j n a paid in in the our Buli ton Toni by v letter t do j Tut Trio use of Llu mid Bochun Orfit for sni Oil j Wal him Sioui Giulei of and de Larlus Thrett ii was do Tolvin Rubuls fitments Oil his hair Hal Laler la that for the at tour Rabitt mine is 1 Junt Ilert Kittil in Iii you editor u aii to whistle Down Sui irs Lor ill Smith s Smith Krupp inc into who pay you u Lille Cuil in one of her charming storks testis Hinl be owls Call u hit two notes of music Lueil to Geilier with a Ariotta a quell on for the How it though we never hear Anythia of the father inlaw he Lurdy never in so Rioin or As a father inlaw with any Geuer in i Ninsi the no cation to Tho Mon u Conj at i Lemont u 1 n in Phil Del Phi by n the Hen Quioan Naid it takes n i mutter lotion t Hiyer of Coal unit the th1 world would Nii Ike u Niyor Only one Eisheh of an in Eli and Fiat take years to form a Coul Bod Loo feet Algeria the 1arnilue of is the Para liw of Hunters As far As Tinnie is during Lloyd were killed nud but it u u wretched place As Comfort of the sportsman is 1 Korein sensitive could or win wears of the ael1mtoh Barber shop sul Phylli a Elf two agent for Langbeins Spanish Job printing of avar Diwi Riplon neatly and promptly executed at the californian cipro and give me a Mart of Jonnel of French i would the Enlil in Hull 1 thin Hokl raid am w Cudne Tiisik it in better hts be than any such Len Ever been done in Tahiti pm inv in Eikon mulits nails Tiu of n hoti1 or this Purl of the country better than i i i have relisted it rooms in Galtes everything Lionel by the Day or week at can enable Fine liquor and cigars at the Mylin Summit i am now pleased to announce to the Public that my hotel is completed Neil nil cd new Ani and All modern chive me a John Eveleth Tea Ochipa Walters profession a l c a a tto Kney and coun8eloratlaw Alvin and counsel Matlaw Kern commissioned Cli Citer Smith a to Ineys at of Fajok ii Ghynn next door to All orders loft at Tho Calipo Sun jd17tf Flournoy attojiney8 at Montgomery san Wal a san Montgomery Root a 27 19th Rie and Kuhn Titre of thin hotel in entirely new Puiul no i Etlor can be Lizul in this a Puciul Arnubi Kienth can he made for Lioard Anil i Iosua for a certain length of meals 25 Beds 25 the City bakery in attack licit to the above a hero Bruil can us Vatu to and will to delivered to every Central James t onion when att feel 19th and Saddle horses Nudy for Anim a broke to Hay and Grain for the very Borgwardt Mccoord 19th veal and All Kisulu of salted Home made Bacon and Aud everything found in a print claims Eliop Jordans museum of Anat Market go and Lealin How to avoid Anil How wonderful Yon Uro Privett 211 rotary Oun Kulu tinn of in nil Rauhood All of for Neil july he of the Central Ninion Noih to his Friend a and the True lug that tie House will to conducted an a firs class hotel in a manner to meet the approbation of All Reg ular and to Anniett the table will be mip plied with All Tho Morkut and Tho single or in Are furl blood in the beat Tho Huito Ipoh Boon and refurbished Jan Lute French Tulare r a Jacob Asher 1ik Jeri lung Wjk jonht11uct Eil on thu i it Appari Vuil Plain a for i Hulln he it hah till Tom modern coup i Iii Aluir Iii it Ini provid it huh Lurhl Ciuch for one t in Wippl Ifil with the Bent that can in Ilia the Bent Cooke mid Atli Kiili Inlo Are for it Hoith from the Hunt Lien part of tin vent Iii Tii Buo thin a the Piper Ulusc to in urn Hie it in Tiu poin irom a Lucli mood Road i in Dine to All part o tie oilers ii in Intuit by a Biel it Muj in a jilt and innit tin Enlil in a Lithe pour Nugo in will Rind the Chu Rufh reasonable Anc French Jean Vve Call to the to at cution of the Public tint hotel us big Lloro Mikhly retitled and in now Ore Purd to travel Crit and hour Terii Jelier than thu table in Par we have engaged the Bent Ronol in the part of the a Good Burnup Pricil with this Hunt of Zigr Riband imported French void Yard connected be physicians and in Medicine 8uhgekt it f the and of the Loyal co Loijos of phys Jclair and tour Meuler of the but Meh medical drug Foll aug society k of of at their of Bolo every Pednea deny Fiven ingot sojourn Hiot Heru in Eood a lauding invited to Jan Ltd Baker Oach and Nakell spiked a by Aioli of to nonday of fun of who Muo Ken Mitat Ilioiu tial Over Bai to Jiny Aud sojourning Bro Ihorst in Justice meets at their Tell monday Ove Ninya in each week of american legion of Mistletoe Council Mcketo Tho Oil Laird each Muir la i choir Liall at band of Hope hand of Noeth every Hnton Rdv at i Oclock in at the of of k it near Tho Hal tool Mich City Baker Sfier has recently undergone a end renovation and lion Lor hum Mer the lager in of u better fluidity than it r Ipuma before and him War is i Palid tin choir Cut of Lilii Toiv and the bowl inc Alley and shooti1ig which tire run ninth Day Milf live duo Kready improved Anil now lir Wery in the might and Bint Paleu of rennet in who a Jer put lip Ixer tidy for Hloi Iii and family Nyu and i liver us promptly on acc Wipt of advertisers can learn the exact Cost of any proposed line of advertising in american papers by addressing Rowell newspaper advertising to Spruce new Send for Loop Uge
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