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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Mar 22 1884, Page 4

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - March 22, 1884, Bakersfield, California In Al ont Toty us state in thu of kit Raj or sum Clara Dir i town of mini top it Linn Bat your Rte pet fully Hezzel fim in Thuo Norl i r aka great English remedy la ill fluted to he of ctn in of or n i Poss Aston of Amsl of the a Acyl of by Vrh no t and and to until the of an if Hli All Nero foiling i i the expert and und is Nus Cepil bin on Mode of a in known in Bow Antu f of Ime to thai Hie of mite we web talking about or Ftp j an motor my dinner in we thai of Fri Whf j t ton by Toci Bart tha i bowl of in gites j Cotos Lunan from Hove in treatment Young Wen and mime mini Are toe Fri in it of fits Youthful in r non Rock Imp Dull fined of Trow t it anal Vifot and j in Man Rirl Noi of p to forfeit for a of kind vital Hohto Batik under and will t not for anything or inn Lono i the of Flam to he met in it in Misti alter Vatu will for Cosa Nniro Irviv l him rather wish Irir h0 whatever Truty tax tight about Tbs Gorge vim Alwn to cat o invited All a few tolling Nam that f it of for Lay at upturn win be wow Are till la a Vind a f it for pamphlet Anil of a Nellom new awl an1 8ample bottle free lib it atone it fitly verify t few my Uhrin Tho Jiin reit kid Xiv Bill Alt f Klancy and ill Adduci latter wan Prince like to Honor Rufca Ion of Liis of Errath d Tea tin will Only a told int Ciliate Firlit i hint it lint Jet in pay Mij or to to r i or t mid Blihor m Iii fair la Var in Rill i in 3 i rpt Lunin it or Liri it to nil lln1 ii a ppr of nor he Hrisi Midk of Tuitt i in of be tin Leolden of now Ali Inanc of Tom ii body of Simp and the your Pali Lonert or Nuit to firm a uni hot Toi of Tow tint 1 Mil in the said by Din t rift Sivi twin mind Lvi Iliria Daiil that 75w War wry my Hospital Rexfe Riecke in of two ind him Lula rot t nil Pri Nln ill f l of Din f pc Conri the ill Iati Imp More in Yimin tin with ii i Ira Rii Ely avid unto Hili Intel in the f Hie Lite wine rt4mftiio Xii Niehr of am in nit i Ilia of he own Cru no will any in bulb d to priv la Neil ii of inf Lis for the cot laity o Kern Nold he Exira pwt bled in of it ibb office of the olt fkr Bald Superior to state Haiir Oft info tend win tour Ellotte von required to appear to Bringm yen by plaintiff in Superior court of the of of and know eur the of Tod Therrin Feti Diya 32 Range 21 Knitt of met Rritt hasp Stuj Meridian tinally i do not to or t Havo in Impi i claim Only to Len Anil Nicosi Manl thoroughly info Nih in my diseases of Iii m in Hii Kiive All applying it civic my Lin rat Mil c to nor Vint 4th but Tow 81 a ii Ilin imn g you i 1 Tom no that american get very May i what your my thu to a princely any tit in fully f dont be Tunilo to Tho arvant Rob b Tuy you the 1 give toy Nhury to my Tho Bogl Libino Wax to Overwyk Loci Bluit b i did not Hoar tint Awranta Novim Ului Lii mime 1 Pali to a it i uni Tfirn tie Iii id Pilipi Ali Fiul Day it Fin tin Nutini of r Anil it is Fri Kiln r n in in in h i Iii Mill Iii Bol act 3 11 Cimon in k i mull Dand do As at no 82 in tic of Tow Flay of after the of Yon of thin if nerved within Donn to if served Ilse where within or judgment by default to taken against accordion to Hie prayer of the Mitt notion ii bran Fth to obtain and Corm of lib court but Ida of Mony existing Bott ii plaintiff and drfsemn1 tint and for the euro and in Tody of bom about Hie of the marriage Between plaintiff and Blomn i last Rolt Freo w the a formal i Imd n Hora that Jim pal Over on j Iii make it in Ema jump until tha Multi i to Rondo it in Ono the to formal Hnat Lar and Bini j j feet f Hoyit Immiti of Thryn pack Lott pin Tofit in a i i Drova n the Honnet stage that in mail ii nigh u will four Duit Stirt the will any mid thu Roi of Rirl Troj but it talking of Hoium Wim Len in for null in lm1 a Lioma hint every wound up by trying f jump Over lib own old Lui itr1 ii id Tho Lulu so Uldall Uttmi Tho reformed the re inn Napoleon Man keel nil Tho fun Rutt Divara to world could Pru Hon Fokd Tho Erwin in Dkins Acra in Sulci ups ally for him in in vant of knit Leaf Tobago of Crown in Tow Oomen roof North Tolx to Luis tint a Imit in Bill Durham Thor Xvi u i null f Ron Tia Wimet Nail la Usu kftiptror1 is no Jioio y Jurand u uie Bent Ever rift Ixl in tit Lex of her vol Ihn it tilt the Fosana Illaci i Hull Durstin want Luni by Jam stun ill Sun ukr to thu 0mrt of in to iwo of fort Hiti Liat taif Hull Ham brai Ift u Umade from twin i fwd thai worm Lynh liar Liari to Harco a the and All Havn Koth wet Lieut Tho Toul Dinar of the Nim in in Liim Fin to to Novi tits to Wpm Iii in Oivin in Best t i tinn in Neil i lie ital War of Tuluii lilith of in if mull Ila Iii Vitili Wurt d it Ilic ii elks 20 carny in doctor Linn a vegetable Many Ilia Hord under lieu y v pm i r fun id of in Incisi inf lout oot27lv i aim i no in in ii Kally Lii Tini Lily Evdil t Iii h Lor of Hie my an Clil fleas i in he Bigej w Fie to sin f m i Nair or Jornt Lii tin main boots in to Oruku of the very in Iii tiring and n lit Ginn Iii Lii Vine Rii til 1 a Enlil Volly iian Iii Llop Tialii unit i uni fun ill full in my line1 of Ordry life sin tin to p Miu Mill no i liifurmtnri1 land lab ont Chat Fuhrig Sirj tit Iseih Iier Ehy Oil Entiat tier Viz Joseph ii 1i11 Nollice of his to to nil proof in of Lili Flonoi Cattad aim Wen re final entry thereof it the thirty Ron Iliad no of Teliin vim Het Ciro the ship Errol of in Livirt the clerk of his it kith monday of fur the sw4 of and se4 of of Kliors Tenn Iilda 25 38 mid Narinch Lii following is Trio Mph Ariel Kirn Calif t 8eh Viz a lower All of train Liiri Lor tin now tru training of nine in this Ixl Jimeka wiil in Over look it n jmj reon i Havn Levitr Iwen any nod 1 Emmot to any Onn Wiit i Morrot Tom a Lilly it it Inonu Ikin i i Avn of taxi real i Woiln Nunilo it Zipor Wal Licul with Lwirt walk up four or Ivo fat hot a Vire t k to her j Wir wit if tort Ianul j Well known that it Wiy at Uio Sikut Pitnof Perm duo to or mutter Art Tota paint Only in Iron Muir of own Tom no i n morn work a Tiprien Tho runt to non Sliu when in ii Bor own i 1 k1earny Troat Alt car Ohio my Ali Caius by with will lie mid Meri and run til Choc 5c Chain b Tatenco Een i Bench Ami the of Lonton 21 mat no Lintzen 19 Chain net t o n and Twenty one h u n d r o to t h i 1c Lii Liik nor 11 Lii Tylour 34 Olianis to Alaji of up upon tie ii Munda of wilful desertion on the in Ellior gun and of Hati Tinl Dran nil of Shioli ii mom fully Teton in the complaint on Fife heroin to which reference ii and Yon ure hereby not fled that if Antt to und answer tie bid complaint u it Lxiv req nerf the mid Pinin Liff will apply to tin court for the Relief demanded in the Al Van tinder my band and Teal of the Tor court of the Suito of in nod for the county of this Isth Day of Jin in the yen of Mir lord one Tholund Light Hundred and Seal i attorney for fcba2m 78jb Titi Arhip s3 25 Knat of the i Rutilo and Meridian j i Ilai of dim Sulu Miton j ii l May us to Ilic has Onuki Toone a Gen fral n adaption fur thu in the layer Beer of in Tif r i Quality than it hns Over ectorr Anil Tom in mip Puiul Nili thu t of la Juurik and the howling Alley and shooting gallery will will to or t Milter Long fi10m j or in Ilik ii lit Hin Leitoi j Jilin nov j by of j weak nor Privat of tiny kind or clip recur Winch it us Hitaka Iuno Saiu to Mirvle Tho Ciri Iii try Lalli Iskaf f to laity i sixty who no mlle Ino Irico Imit Vinitia ii Iii by to c3c3is Cho Tor and Loti dr1i6s to Coith lastly on hand select Stock of toi3uet articles and fancy Etc or Ilii Nini mul u of the in Liin i to u Llu Mitiu Iii fur in Timur u my in Iii Zintl it All Minimi or Llu will 1m of j ii Linn Gink i n and Urc Many non Wyllo Iii i i f Tell Plum i initial l car in i Isis Mill 11 Lite Thuiy of thu Lull limit ii in i mid to r a Janu Ironi ill ii u h in m i j Iii i s no 11 s i which Aro kept sunni ii Day and Ivil Bacn improved and now is Trio input und Ali uni of Rigort in the Sikur nit for nil fit Lily and d promptly on receipt up in it meat the Attef Tiosh of and Umi pub Llu la it Tutu u Ijlal to us louuwi4ui 19th Tab Tutun Tow Silun of to Kent powder la by Tho Itan ii thu fro dam Thuarl from any ii Lutkin the giant Hakius vow lilt Anil about Nero gig than Muir Binil of it Tkins a wet to leu to Lulu oust of giant Takino i to dial two Jay and Imus your try the Kecty Board and Prii Poilu sausage corny corked twid of not balls to pow Deh Jui Luiu Toltl no of attic of Ita Klok ii retail by in Twidt Tot to Tel que Winiy of Ai homemade Bacon and Lam o tar Nibia Lyhl Tictin up cubic Tooji As of jul take notice he uksts Hii eat Eveh Jaue Tom Bur in Law Ulm Wlllie this Anil for Palm Una us Arjil Italy fur t fur id work Iii 8cml 10 n Nti for Neil Siwill a Neil Yon u Uhli Uhli 1 of of that will Pui in tiny in of Marc in Iii in u Tii Aii Ever la Minghi it n we will in non work nil inc Lini or in Thi work in a dip Roll i ill Tell vol Vitlar ill ii you Ihil null Ironi 50 i Iii to livery to Iii nil o Cuil in Vav ii the thin i Viii to nil will Motif line us will Toimil silo Jiny for ii Iii Ille milling 1ull port Nam will to hindi by when of Jive of Iii whole Tinio to Tom a fruit Hicom i Init in blurt Jailil Ranii Haik bin in Tiwi great strength Mino remedy Aki Kiive tonic in i it of nver Twenty and it Jules nerve ii mid 1liynloal Hijii Winil prime to Piilini Iii 01 Man How incr or from win liver Cini in la tic the the Llop Ronol and physical Anil Al Hill it a loan in Nalumol i Titi Uji ii the in vol Juntura i billeting Kwh sch with tin1 in in in Tractive to Ellb Inin Dunnil in n mini Olill k1dnm t this Mali Iriti Fumii the offt Fly of Youthful or n and cd tulle 18 1rirc sign per or in i with full Girrat Totich Mill f Htun Pitroni in any Utonn re Riipi f to be i Mil Only i kea1inv Kim Linith Truilly by or in a flick Iii Piiru i relict Pai Jungim Urc frown lid to Pill Only Tincler n Tiik Voltaic Belt will will 4 do Caliolo Kalv Mill in Irful thirty Wilny to nun or old who Natii Itil with Loilit Viii Lily and and Kin Zirul and can ploti1 of mid inti ily vigor Adercus us rink in incurred to girly ditch trial in Nelly Cash is Iacino tub highest a Price Kwh to Sun alter Caratus tic aka i will run ukr Tim of coi Talat Pur Ujiro to nil trial to Svca but contain or any to1 but a Htit Thrul in Dii or nineteenth in o i to team in sin boar of two and to do Good work Bevoli to at a fair company Cann Titsa subdue Al iut for Marsolf patronage Hay and Oraina for Attlio wry John Comitia i bojsamiyauutt1 j Ideal of Bolln wanted for of nil Llu of Ilic tin unt Dir Tolian our twin rtt Mellini Inok in Irwin Iii to All Intilli cent want any one can a Annii u Uko Tori re Hail Cut Book Bend Nix and rep Civ a costly Box of Koodin which will i kelp you to morn Money riot by away than any tiling m thin either from Rerat the Hornad Road to Fortune opens before Tho Abunal Necly at once address 7uni 1 Ann a off a 99 ont flt pay Iliff Witoly no capita Iii not if Yon wan Iii Semat we Ipoh per Nina of either Yong or can Ryske Groat pay Alt lie do they with Ftp Olulo Wonlu for Janie Ultra to fort trial bottle will wild n trial lint o Llu to allow in Morll Rei of u any our in Hillid n Hini Inu com Minim strictly celebrated at Bank Exchange hot lunch every Day from 11 Oclock 1 m auguts John apr Prioto 19th Eake Bueno tits saddles and bridle sued Wiir Chantl Eracli year a Jill kith Over irl Iolo pie for or if Waly now to Ati o thing you or lava fun these Uoka Oil lain inform Aulii glean we from Tho twi kete of the Road any free to any Weresa upon receipt of the let hear Wool i would in form the people o Bih Conn to that i am now running ii Montgomery above stable in Floc la slyly under my new Vialou and have Purl Mil Locum Luc no of kick a Call and see for i ii ill i i ii Iloa Ihl u ii ii Hutu All k or of nil Khz 8w4 till of e4 of of Acra Toft delinquent the Kern Nivell water and rating comp any location of principal place of la delinquent on the follow ii Deno riled in account of in vips on Trio 2d of Tho amount it Tho of Trio respect Leo a follow of to Shartt a Tel 25 94000 29 4000 and in accordance with Law and in order of Trio Cloird of made on the 2dt Day of shares of each parcel of Rich took is May in will be wild it Tho a Floe of Tho Rooner g and v him life Corner of 10th and k Ali to Man if on Tho Twenty ninth Day of it hour Dell of Bat to pay Tho delinquent there Lom Thor Wotli coals of Addor Tiang and exit Lelauh of Seo rotary of earn Luver water and irrigating of Loco loot in r and he Rayfeld notice to creditors the and your poll Imru will Ever in Ciao for Batto of California i of nutty it m doing duly nay that i one in Tho it Notata Nii nud in and when Kii ocl in Tomt to Linn Rood m Hizir Poi Tiuli mid Knoth Tho con Lolita mud that Tho tunic in Horn in it Iford in ills auth Day of notary Eltion for the formation of b swamp land or reclamation 71 tote flow aug Stltt i nerd of Fujier Vitort f Kami hittite of ii d pit hint to ii Ali or petition for Iho of Hwi Ilni or Teclu motion and praying that honorable Marci up prove Tom Olf ully allow Tomt Tom body of land Luerul Kaftor door bed Over Lowid 1 my nud is soup to i of Slutt your Uro thu holders of lie out evict into of title Micro ban Otic Hull of hit Tut id Ixida it Hwa Tnp Anil Vir Lowid that your prep Ono to form a Lrol Ricort Lor Tho Ruoli nation of the Tomt the in Imler of Aorta of land in the old propound duh Trent in Nigut nine Iii Fred and sixty that Tom raid Lundh Aro no lated in tie enmity of Henle of fall Lornia and the Iii Tom an me Toj Tillier with Huttt Point of the number of amorim in Noli tract with Tom to Moa of the own or und Iloni grating a mild any Landu tit Luccal to private own Rah 81 Range 25 East of the Juu unt dui Blu and Meridian t in the Stipe Lilloll coot of county of bin to of in Thornt tar of Tho Fatata of v nol co in hereby Givon by Tom Nnaomi Gnadl of Ali in Etc of a Nimuel to the Orosi Linnra and nil Pera Taa liar Iii cd Ulm Trio Haid to exhibit them with the my Alary within four Montem after Tho publication of thin no to the Enid Adnil Intrator at Lite on Width a treat in Tom town of Horn a Tate of John february la land Liana owe at Furnary j notice in Betley Given the bottler has notice of Liia intention to Malto flu Al in Blip port of Hia that Naif proof be hindu Hozore Trio und Ito River at the land of Loco on april Viz Ephriam Preem Mon for ne4 of nei4 of action and h of of 25 r 17 he numi8 Tiu Foll nning prove Liefl continuing Roxie Tikoo and Clr Vallun of mild Viz of of of Kern Nin lot notice to Purchase Timbe owner u Job j b j b a we off Clion of Umlor land Omok at a Totice in hereby Given that 111 Mio Mel of Kurn ban Nied in thin full of the Melement required by Tom Bue Onu acct inn of Tho act in an act for Bale Oltimer Laud in the slate of Nevada and Welling ton apr nod Juno for the pro Liao of the of Meh of Section Louii help 29 28 in Kern a Loti land in alleged to be coldly valuable fur its 1irnoiib claiming nov moly any part of Laid Lanill Are rebut hold to file a Utah mount of Auch adv Ergo claim in Trio land off Loo during the sixty Day of not co mud of Jon Mot notice to your Petit louvre will Ever of eolian lit via of i of p being duly that Boll owe at Trio named in mad who ii Ign Lam tint lie Baa read the to ution and Ibe Ibert of and ii oru to before inn tote 2uhi a of notary estate of Raetano Bare Gan de notice 18 Belt by Oivin by ask Eit Mutrix of the of Chowpo Baroga i to to and All Corioni having Gulmi against the to feb bit them Wotli the noes tory we bin four tie Publ Coatton of Ihla notice to the expo Alix at Bur residence id uie town of earn state of to Limnio be ing tile place fur to of the of Thovald potted at Ito a a Lima executrix of Tebeka Tutto of Stetano bang land mob at vim a notice is Al Bobby Given Harlei or Aoa filed f to verb pin it Hay a Tetino my a benue i leave to Manue ror my in Emu Yajiu Lou of to Algue Una Borea m tha5p id Titio Lff Lea be Reao ind by the Wood Veo Llod of tip act of of pogrom entitled an act for me of Timber Laudi in the of Ort on Nevada and for of of we tue 20 town Asp 28 Range 80 to Peru Bioli land Tobe Clitty Valna Lefor any m tend Are is Waud to file a Slatow and term in Tho United and of
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