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Kern County Californian Newspaper Archives Mar 22 1884, Page 3

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Kern County Californian (Newspaper) - March 22, 1884, Bakersfield, California Tow my at omit Staa from to the of a Beulaa Macj to Phillips end in m of to Flen Bernardino w18 to waged next Fitts to if ased is is mid Sre Ordale to id fare thursday Tot witty seat in Fatte Atlas Foft the Pelee it Mefa key Hanl it Spato Nezuh m As fair end Robe Sabend tet wherever a it Lief it frosts were Ofa cd Friday Anwar Atri Ell Ai Dorys drag abet Mthm for fire for be place in april Aad Baanan it is not a libel to com ment on the rat Wessof a Penta to wow left bar ads night for president of the Peoples bail Way company of arrived Ben thurs Reed Baa an far recovered me health that be was Able to Tike Bis departure the Early pert of this week for of Hall is Here looking after Tho estate of Bis Tbs Isu sea easel the entire Kepu Wlasny ticket was elected it us Road Dps elect Lon held in Turyi Vollje on too i7tfa Kelly arrived Here Friday morn he will bold Moraine and evening ser at who left Bare about six months Baa purchased a residence at a Renoo and u now practising Medicine Hack uni Bors a Sweet Bolar and win Aem Noea Are spoken of by Eastern papers is Poett Bly Dinge room Eom Peti tors fur the Louis Bree Ken Ridge has been elected As est Blymn to fill to Vic Spry that existed i the District oomph along heroes and Mirl Poss to slate irrigation of lord at ill Versyde on to uth has in of High water and damage to the a null the uth Tho ssi ulant land agent of the Southern Picabo Railroad will be in Bakers Fjald on next the with for Tbs purpose of closing the eau of More Railroad Tho Board of supervisors of Fresno at a meeting hold on the Fulti id opted a series of resolutions strongly endorsing and approving the action of governor Loneman in calling an extra session of Tho we Call attention to the valuable sheep dip advertised by tale a it Baa been need with great Success in thu county and those who have benue Litel by ii commend it Patricks which occurred ust Mon win by Many of our Cut Len of Irish but there was no Pullo re opt a Brt Luni and Suomi a fal Bell that took place at the Central la the Ayers Cherry pectoral possesses far reaching Aad powerful Healing qualities which per use will demonstrate in any Case of Throat or lung while lie soothing and restorative effects Aro realised at thursday the team of which be bad left Only about two Mont a tied to a hitching in and duly took fright and ran after pulverizing the buggy and enjoying a Good they brought up at the Slaughler pen and Weru Jereb makers Fine new at waa opened for business last As announced la the Nauru asian of the 8th and the occasion Wabi itch by a grind Bill and the affair is described by tin local press a having been highly last one of our enter prising and progressive Farmers and Alook brought 17 Way of the a very Una Foar year old Sla teen bands which he of Hie Crow noted importers and breeders of blooded Stock to bin Joe Oln last a passenger train hot Sumner for los it waa the brat my Muolo Atlon Between the two placet that bad bean bad la thirty the damage to the in the Southern part of the by the Isle was probably la too Low an Cati mate to put upon it trains Are now running to a newspaper pariah de san Lute in ban Diego the damage to the California by Mbeni Baa been axe Nilve portions of the work have been under the the paper referred to dose not believe that it can be put to condition for trains to it for eve Era months to the Fresno of Tow ugh eyes the surveyors of the peopled hallway Hava crossed the River and Are now surveying the Road la Fresno they will get As fsr a this place in a few the san Vraa Eiloo Jsck Aitt is authority for the state meat that the work will be by Sun at Berkeley Aad Okelu and that 800 Miles of the Road jul be ready for Nee la us next eighteen Tow Day at get Foft Weix coloured men with three arrived Here from they by us Northern u average can the we Are Fleish to begot along to be a called abroad that there is agree Oval of Hubl feat in Feis Samiy that adj to bul cd to Tad Tomt the Mann Fedr Noum of Xera Donnly Ruml Tutte of four of in of we la us itt who Quinn to Buttra Uvea n Piti to us tit Gnu 0ottcd Tiute Uhm be Bond Ulitt in me put of Kern and Tho extent put of my toll oboe to Esie Odi so room Tom met flue fatty or Marenty a left Long to or it fit for of mow Tat us be Ami Frfd eat for of of Rah a sat the Psoas inter viewed about divided on the knee la Riiber trait or watered by it is or Flint Lilli use july for irrigation if irrigation is which is doubt end been opening for film lies is no in us Byrds is to form a Community every member taking up lend for blot Elf and Aid ing in the development of the me pram a Creel Kara River in subject to or in a its i degree than any Stream in the Abnee that occurred in67 ind were undoubtedly caused by tend Large bodies of on ibo sep Mountain loosened by the rain my Ltd Down into the River bed Aud the int of water behind that finally swept them caused the the evidence of ills w regard is almost there is poem Llesly no fear of so great a to be As the must of the he Vleit Rale on Leas from such Panaes the and that portion of River that flow Between the ridges of the highest by Torii Are bordered by dense forests that Fleet Nelly bold Back the vat quantities of Esler that otherwise would suddenly Nih into for lumbering f orests Are were it otherwise we would be liable to every favourable sea a they do in Loi Angeles and the to Tara mento during the site storm prob twice is much rain fell As during the referred and the River merely ran tank full and Oceail Ned no inconvenience or us tatter it would mean treat sex peeves Aad Moe agitation to very Little it were Worth toe powder to pot the Deane rate party of tvs state out of end to Letoee forever the Gnu total who shown by that Tottey were in Willimin to Pat be a timed on Neputy Ondr three roster anti of us to which mum Ami thit they stewed with of Mcberney the unjust Bur they Imp he on the the opinion ofor from the Post by be was of Moat or prof gawd to be in doubt to the govern Ore we dam in calling an extra lie depended upon Bow won id act on the a troed be d that Tow aeon Lily the of the hat he vital in the my airily of the if Iii Blatner not Paw Mea Suree to the people it would insult in the lose of the Haile of California to the democracy in the president us from bolter of times Are Good in that Tobii b due to the fact that he mines Are ing and tint it b definitely eau Lilliand that tiny Are Pun Manmit in their which imparts Genoul fueling of All the princ Lisl mines have now own pros peeled far below the water level and t maintain Riah nem end thin will soon to the bold Long of More Mulli and Tom putting in of heavier and Mure effective pumping Mie Alnery a Well is to costly soil ext Olve in Tho who every body Here in kindly is in Tombstone Walling for the enhancement in the value of Bli Mininc sure to take that will justify him la Selling oat so opting a life of Eam and quiet is he b yielding somewhat to Thi impression that be is growing of Yean that Vicinity Lisa been Ivond with abundant of Riina and it b now a tin clan grating Imago Ai fir a we can Rotam in the event of some temporary obstruction of the River Channel in the damaging freshest would probably not occur Bare once in a my beat Bat altering hmm to pc Moi Ufa web ooze pure to make it Eri Oettl that the Railroad from Aube to to a tears sad b a intimate enter Prlia that part twon mean in Ibe pm it Wal tap one of the most Ruh end offer Tlle Stdio a every foot of which Aill Beh in that a Railroad to transport its Rufeh prod Oeta to end m Broad to have one sooner or that anti Ochab destined to Becot Aee railway terminal polut m also self evident if it if we not it will be contrary to he Hwe of Arm Roe ret and tie exp heme of to Wurl provi that intend it the Bead of dark water Are sure to grow into prominence in time and m hit used by tale and Ani we do not believe Anito Eti will prove an exception to this Stab Ita Beil and it it further to Dent that the pin factors of Tab Road Are not wasting their me and in nuking begot Hting for i h t of locating if Almy do not mean the do not sek for a Dollar to and Ilo nut ask for a Dollar on the it Etc until fifty Miles of the Road b built and tin True in the recent cues in Tulare county Riper unlit received a severe and deserved it seems absurd even that in attempt should have been in the Moorta of this to Estain Inch a it can never obtain Here that water May note directed from a Stream unless returned undo clubbed in Quantity and uncontaminated before leaving the premises of the Parson so diverting like belongs to the first up Propri tur to the extent of by or in the de Gree that be applied it to a beneficial this principle carried out to its logical conclusions will care the water of All Tho streams in the state to be la such a Way As to do the greatest Good to the greatest or All the Good they Are capable and the exper Ienco of a thousand Yean has Nero developed any other tin i will apply to the wants of countries where irrigation it one Mori Coroner was Friday that a Deid Titan had been found on the rail about ten Miles from a Omner in Keleme a wrestle while acting As a stimulant of the neither excites nor irritates them was Long Stree supplied by Hoe Tetteris Tom this flue medi Eim exerts to Reno Iitto degree of stimulation non thew or wll Hoat producing Tod is fir bettor adapted for the purpose to bin unmet located exc Tants often resorted and Kindred Are cured by Jot my by aft drag fete and a Terlly furniture dealer and after now the Dan Cytlou know is the of near the Point Sand be i mod Send up for three John Buckner was sentenced last thursday to three years la the state prison for Bur he a a of in Irp and sneak to Elssi who the Back doors of at that hour in Tho morn log when the mile members of tto is tally have Aad the women Are Busy or May Atno be for the in Rome of begging something to awl of Soleil ing if in the ease of tie in Hamit of this it happened bit a was unobserved and be accordingly embraced the Spott Nulty to look for after overhauling Thunga including the of Termi he to the amount of so and a clock which he at tempted to Wirry away in a Watt r about thu Lime he was detected and Hie arrest followed with the Delia Ilins above in due reliable commission As each clipping season and Harvest approaches our Wool growers ind look Forward to whom they will consign their pro both the Wool and Grain grower have Many hardships to contend with and More than Ordinary Matanee should to afforded them to place their Wool and Grain in Market to bring the Best prices Holme or Hart of bail Francisco Are men of Large ire thoroughly acquainted with the Wool and a attn Marketa and whose facilities for band Long All consignment of Greslo and produce is second to no Bouko in tha lately started to to found that i he Man hid been run tue Cir wheels Over the body lung la from Bea d to cutting it into pieces and mangling it in a frightful Noth ing Wai found by which the remains could be but they were evidently those of a Johnng and to hid probably Toon steal ing a he on the train that left there any on a be gathered the pieces together and brought them into town for he held no in quiet Asho Demtd it an unnecessary sex lilt at unclaimed letters remaining in the Lia Merifield for the week ending March 23d v w John to Tirol of Mim m it f 0 l jul p we d m u a Chas rank m m m Ueo to obtain my of Theta Lehr the applicant must fall fur advert lied riving to Etc of the if nut cil Leil within one month this will he sent to the dead letter office at a firs class druggist will Iowa in i commend to ills in Tomera pure mid reliable there in not a to Roggist in Dili Griat country who not Reou Menil drown sin Purllue and dind lion Nellh iodide of As the rumbly out u curing Morv of Hilt kidney Corint Lention Thau any other lev or and kit Nuy remedy ask your Drill unlit to show you Tiu fur Muu Pron owl on Eich and us no Remter for tie liver Anil the but Browns tills i Terling Ren Cdr ii Lold by ask him of its a Complete assortment Ovall of Tho latest styles of furniture and Wall picture jobbing and repairing done in Good style and at Short notice Meullion Wood a Yakata aval of Sill always on Hearse second to none in Southern Osl fornia la always kept in Readi do st on notion with the Bosun eat t med to Supply neatly ror Nahed rooms for by the Jota of or it u be place in real j 0 and e m Crocker to Clias of Wiy for ditch through Section twp 80 r 27 Chas a Bailey to h h Seaton Beolk 25 and n h of twp 29 r 21 we for Gulou to e m of Seit of Neh or we twp 29 r 27 and interest in Mccoord Hines to e m k of Prospect about Huiner of kit uvello waa among oar Ali tors the he states that work on that has entirely Oneil and it Tiari a Dull Tim Mill and other App Lincea for mining Are of great capacity and the most perfect end in the and a great loss is i Ennd by the As Well a by their lying Idle thai ugly Legal that to be never but Tow Grasing and farming pro Aseeb in that part of the county were never and those interests Aro although the be elation of mining will prove of material injury in utter local the James propel Etreal of the James hotel Oslo in offering to everyone throughout the land a Irinel Hon Leof syrup of free of Chiron the Fig Hyrup company in fully thai it were Lolly to do i if the new remedy did not greater Merit than my Oiler or Lolo Ever offered is a Tiru fur Oil Lon Siuss Ami but knowing that every will coup in the one win takes it of in and nuke another for Leuila for the it moly which in do Tine to income ill they to try Drury is agent for oldest Wool commission House on the at Nylon is i Luxl to the in Kotlier of Ilia old firm of Moody k Irtoli of Bun thai firm was n us Lilii d in the total clip of the Bute Wax they make Liberal Idi Ancen on ind All Nhim n u Kent to Vliem Reue Ivo prompt and careful they Are Bright Young Peerooa Tab state obey Are part of to Moo Tauoa of Dolored to often mow Thi lexus Lauru will meet in on monday ind be Cuip need As lol Lowi sen 32 8 demo Curallo 63 16 demo tic joint 91 29 democratic words fail words fall to sea twp 20 r 97 a j italine to w i Tyk riot 53x124 Block in the town of biker fit b Brodek to l Block in i to town of w 8 Adios to l Flor Refeld and 8 lot Block in the town of thursday a pair of chinese merchants hired a team and Spring Waggon at the livery stable of Fin i to go on the North Side and collect some due on their return they attempted to Ford the River at the old the horses gelling into Quicksand were Tho Wagon Ami harness were afterword recovered in a damaged Anil it that the were of tint Clam judge Hoffman turns Loose on our ignorant coolies without com racer or so that the owner will probably net nothing but experience for his lost court people is Jehu information for of guilty and defendant to three yearn imprisonment at ban q that Jacob an indigent i Ines id the Case of the people it ass been discovered that John clerk of the supremo is Dellol Entla in the sum of it is re that lie has made it Job work at ban for Anorico prices at the Call and examine our repairing i Lugo rented a portion of Tho store which Virgo express Nullo is and i am doing a general repairing in Tho Way of jewelry and hewing All work and my charges do not exceed what in in Eastern toe attention of the travel tuft Public to tie fast that her Are now making it in All except for regular in Rama Aud and nor Are Blu in supplied Ettli the Best the Barbei and us cooking and in1 died ill the work of the under the immediate and Clow Inper Loiou of the Landlady Ami thai Atten quiet and goo it order in All to Lungi to free of a Penona wishing to Meritano a great that will tie tevely cure con coms bronc Lii or any to Villon of the not and Unnica to fall at store and trial bottle of new Dis covery for which will show you what angular will the but Alvr in us world sores fever Etc mind and ail Akin Aad posit Only Eurn it is my proper Ieler of Teraun Osiab from Thom relieved by Bis med Mafa m and to a Ginarn turd to give Parr teen Aalf Sexion Money Prole is cents per or for sate at bar naps dreg per Box Muse aae i far Price the town apply to of d Octor oat Prtrt leave of to state that he a two the 1st of to Cor Tho beat always reliable t warranted 1 Froat inflamed rare cub and Ohl cured at once or by Rel toiled by your tint hive wars pity plus Vil Salve in Only 26 pasture for san one and half mile to duh on known a for apply to John on the the san Jose will make another visit in a few d Tva he ill the new Stylos and new instruments agent for the new Davio and Loyal 8 Oiher sewing bed the new Zitver Kement of Paul gal tee and will eee another Nason Why he u go Iii tit of kinds of sewing to tue us now Impe and can Ned fail for Cain at Louo Kum Fords fruit Kern East out learn and he Elvaa Tor Aale apply to Fettel Orono and cough at Stock and Selby of for the benefits derived from Ayers having been afflicted All my life with Geror my system seemed saturated with in came out in and Mattery Over my Carter states that he was entirely cured by the use of Ayers and since Discon tin lung its eight months he Baa bad no return of the so Romulous a baneful infections of the blood Are promptly removed by this unequalled Altera Pbyk Parkd by sold by All dog Guiti six bottles for store to the Ismea ply to a Tike Jon f renin options and family recipes to Drury drag the City brewery is now running night and houses for apply to a new 8 sold on the instalment oldest and most reliable Home on the Stabl nihed in tincent4 growers Aad in we claim our seeds Aro to test their great feeling sure of making a permanent customer of every Pur we Hill Send by on receipt of one 20 packs Choice vegetable or 20 packs Choice Flower mow ton our illustrated valuable Book for every Farmer and it contains a description and Price of Field Clover and tree seed mat to All 607 Santome san fabl66w q go h o o commission Yefto hats Tad agent for the Sale of hogs and All a Mdse of live wholesale agents m Coopers Steep digit advances ii aade of 403 mint Domety Bam st Cir Toath san Chester 18th Lauio Lial and retail of to Amy the Banner absolutely Union bakery and bread poked twice a Dai Horning and the Only bes Tarrant in heals so extra dishes gotten no to Freska atom try mar Berle lodgings 26 Leba Ames All am and imported of Call and examine the great reduction in s our we Are not Selling to Are not going to we Are not marking a few Staple goods in Plain figures to catch the Public and then making it up on something we Are not giving the pub Lic bait by resorting to such Flimsy and worn out excuses As retiring from but we Are receiving a Fine assortment of Spring goods consisting of the latest novel ties in dry and fancy ladies and gents furnishing we assure the Public that we shall continue to give them genuine bargains on a live and let live so Long As the Liberal patronage of the people of this county justifies us in remaining in Patent me dictum toilet akpwctd0w Olieff Aree Srauly Oflahe of die of sheep men to and by the exol Lent a Range Mettle and Oft Fob be Obb going the hotel has Reoe Nuy been no vital and end the to and dipping its Leaf plenty of ii prong Wagosh and Horem ready use Ana v5 w 230 and 232 fart Ficat eed toed Calivas Serwan up
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